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on November 22, 2013
As a Vita owner, it's been sometimes painful to stick up for the system. Honestly, considering how dire the system seems at certain points, there are times where I hardly ever touch my Vita, perhaps even for months at a time. Thankfully, the release of Tearaway is making sure my Vita will be used in the coming weeks. We are miles away from a library of classics for the Vita, but Tearaway is certainly a bright spot in the Vita library so far. Media Molecule once again has struck something special, and this time it's for Vita owners. If you had any passing interest in this game beforehand, Tearaway is absolutely worth playing.

So what is Tearaway? Built from the ground up, Tearaway takes advantage of the Vita's many unique capabilities (Rear Touch Pad, Camera, Touchscreen, Microphone, Gyroscope), warping them seamlessly into a truly unique platformer. Throughout the game's single player mode, you'll use everything at your disposal to navigate through various worlds, alternatively platforming through a brilliantly realized world. You play as one of two playable characters, off to deliver a message to the player outside of the game, YOU. Yes, you are one of the stars of the game. As you (literately) stare down on your messenger, you'll be defeating monsters, helping merge your world with Tearaway's own, creation and your imagination will constantly be on fire. Rest assured, everything about this game makes it easily one of the best games for the Vita yet.

This being a Media Molecule game, I'm pretty sure there is some about how the game succeeds on a visual and audio level, and it's amazingly successful. True to its theme, Tearaway's paper theme comes into full fruition, as the game uses its theme to construct a brilliantly imaginative world that resembles a children's book come to life. From the environments, the to the beings that you come across; it's all heartfelt, and its all Really, you really need to look no further than what has been shown in the media; it's like what happens if the world's most creative elementary school art class was given the tools to create a world that spoke to them. it's a delight to behold, and it would take a hardened soul not to be charmed by it (even my mother loved it, and she hates most video games).

Also being of excellent note is the entire universe Media Molecule has crafted with Tearaway. There isn't much of a story like Littlebigplanet, but much like the aforementioned game there is a certain charm to the characters, locations, and overall mood and aesthetic of Tearaway. With so many games trying to be "gritty", "realistic", "mature", or otherwise "darker and edgy", it's nice to see something as charming as this come along. By the first ten minutes of the game, I was already in love with it. Of course, rounding out the package is the great soundtrack, which helps bring the universe to life. Sound effects follows suit, and the sound design is very effective and fits the game like a glove.

Of course, the gameplay here is as much of a draw to the game as much as the imaginative aspects dreamed up by Media Molecule, and once again it's refreshing, imaginative, and quite ingenious. True to its theme, Tearaway is a platformer that bases its mechanics around Paper itself, with another main gameplay motif being the way your universe is in touch with the universe of Tearaway. With the use of regular controls and a myriad of special Vita features, you'll be guiding your character throughout the world, defeating monsters, helping friendly figures, and much more; all with some interesting and well implemented controls that take advantage of everything the Vita could offer control wise, even spilling over to the creative aspect of the game as well. it doesn't run out of surprises or it never fails to keep you wondering what next will be revealed, and it never feel like a chore because everything around you is extremely engaging.

Truth to be told, the game is pretty easy from start to finish, as it really isn't a game that provides a traditional gaming challenge. Instead, I would say Tearaway's spirit lies in games like Journey, The Unfinished Swan, and others in the same vein; the experience of the game and the player interaction is what truly makes it special. Tearaway's main draw is not much challenge and gameplay depth, but how it uses the Vita to essentially link the two universes together to make the already interesting single player even better. Whenever one is engaging throughout the game with enemies, friends, kings, the environment, and anything else in between, the true appeal comes from extrapolating the experience yourself and essentially making everything feel as real as possible. Few games I think of that have made me feel quite a bond between the game, and Tearaway is one of them.

Tearaway truly does let you express yourself creatively, which alongside the sheer joy of playing the game is its true strength. Depending on how artistic you are, you can collect confetti to unlock millions of unique little accessories, camera filters, and other such things to further provide a creative and unique way of manipulating the world so that you desire. Even better, you can even bring your own works from the game into your own; print out models to construct your own craft-able items. If you're so inclined and creative enough, you can probably even construct your own Tearaway world. Rounding it out, the online component let's you share your own creations, as well as view what the community has chose to share as well.face

All in all though, there is just too many little things that I noticed that made the game for me, not to mention that this is definitely one of those games where you need to I really do think this is one of the most refreshing and joyous games I've played since Journey. Ultimately, I think that this game is so unique that you simply just need to try it yourself. Rest assured, the experience is absolutely worth taking, and its refreshing from beginning to end.

As a Vita owner, I can safely say that this game has made me all the more interested in my Vita. For me personally, Tearaway easily is the best handheld game I've played all this year, and overall a big bolster for the Vita's overall library regardless of personal preference. The Vita still needs a ton of work until it can be called a viable platform (sadly), but Tearaway assuredly is sending the Vita's library in the right direction; more developers need to follow suit and see what a talented developer can do with a system like the Vita. Rest assured, if you were interested in this game and you own a Vita (both of those), pick it up. You won't regret purchasing it.
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on November 23, 2013
I always wanted to like LittleBig Planet, and as the product listing specifies, Tearaway is from the makers of that series. Something kept me from getting into LBP, despite my multiple attempts, though I can say that I am not experiencing the same pushback from Tearaway.

Like LittleBig Planet, Tearaway is a game that lives outside the box, requiring players of all ages to engage in many ways, not merely by hacking, slashing, and button-pushing. A significant part of the game play requires use of the rear and front touch panels, as well as pausing the game action for the player to make items from virtual construction paper to decorate various characters and other things along the journey. Many decorations are included, but if something isn't, just make it. These decorations work much like LBP's stamps, and can also be used to redecorate one's own character.

Other fun parts of the game include taking photos of plants, animals, and mummers (the people of the world in which the game takes place), and optionally uploading them to share on the Tearaway site, Facebook, and Twitter. Some specific photos even unlock paper craft projects that can be downloaded to print and construct. It may not be edutainment exactly, but it's one way for parents and their kids to spend more time together.

Game play isn't especially difficult, and the game is very forgiving when it comes to players who aren't the most adept at defeating the baddies. If you realize that you've missed something important, it is easy to go back and replay a chapter to get it, if your goal is 100% completion rather than simply finishing the game. However you choose to play, you will find this an unusual, unique, and highly entertaining game that is fun and appropriate for the entire family, from the hardcore gamers to the grandparents to the young kids.
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on November 25, 2013
Media Molecule's TEARAWAY, though being short, has enough charm and gorgeous UNIQUE DESIGN to make you feel all warm and fuzzy and whimsical with its quirky soundtrack ([...]

There is no other game quite like it, everything is made of paper well except for You!

It seems to throw new Puzzles at you every other minute, which are solved in a flash, you wont linger to long looking for secrets either. The game utilizes every PS Vita feature, tilt/ dual cameras, touch/rear touch, microphone it's packed with variety in such a small package.

There is only a Story Mode in Tearaway, which is a huge letdown with Media Molecule's history of endless fun with the Little Big Planet series. You'll be beating the game in about 6 hours but the trophy challenges might extend that fun a few hours, levels are divided into "Bookmarks" they each have information on what items you've collected. I don't have it unlocked yet but it seems like it is an easy Platinum Trophy to obtain too which will make Trophy Hunters happy.

You can create costume pieces which is fun but can only keep about a dozen pieces at once, you'll have to delete the pieces to make more, though you can save costumes once they are done, no idea how many costumes you can save yet only created four, as far as I can tell you can't change the color of Iota's face or body, you can get rid of his face, his headband with leaf stays, the editor is too simplistic wish it would allow you to fold pieces and have a side monitor to show you what you are drawing since your finger is covering up what you are doing as you draw it.

I found myself taking a lot of selfies and landscape pictures with the in-game camera and taking screen shots with PS Vita's PS Button + Select, the game is too gorgeous. I took so many, I had to upload and save the ones I took to make room for more, for some reason there's an in-game cap on the amount of pics you can take.

As satisfying as it is you'll be scratching your head as to why there's no extra content beyond the story mode, no level creator, no co-op multiplayer, no puzzle challenges with leaderboards, none of that stuff. I know Media Molecule is hard at work on their PS4 title [...] but it doesn't hurt to ask them for info on DLC plans which I urge everyone to do on their Facebook Page [...]
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on November 24, 2013
An absolutely beautiful and heartwarming game. So much fun to collect confetti, take pictures, and complete quests. The first PS Vita game to make excellent use of the system's various functions, and does so by incorporating the player into the story. This is a MUST own for any Vita owner, and definitely one of the best games of the year!
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on November 29, 2013
This is by far the best Vita game that I have played. I have had my vita for over a year now and have played about 15 titles, this one takes the cake. The graphics are great, exactly what I would expect from Media Molecule (makers of LBP). The sound effects are fun and the gameplay is innovative. This game, more than any other, uses all of the Vita's potential. Great game for all ages and truly a must own for any Vita owners.
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on November 25, 2013
This is a game that makes me remember why I love video games. The creativity, imagination, and just fun game play reminds me back to the old Mario and Sonic games where games always seemed original and innovative at the time. Today, most games emphasize on creating games that look like the real world, while it's impressive, it just doesn't have the uniqueness of an imaginary world. It's great how the player interacts with the world to have a customized feel. One part of the game asks you to draw a snow flake. Then the rest of the stage it snows with the snow flake you drew.

I loved Little Big Planet and didn't expect much from this game when I saw trailers, but this game exceeded my expectations and I prefer it over LBP. It's sad knowing not many people will play this great game. People would rather play the same military shooters every year instead of trying something new and original.
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on November 25, 2013
Platformer's are finally back!!! And in the best way possible! This game is really innovative and use all the possible functions on the PS Vita, making it probably the best PS Vita title, and the definitive console seller watch the trailers so you will understand! And move on pick this gem up! <3
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on November 25, 2013
wow what a fun little game! really interesting use of all the vita hardware, and just a nice departure from all the violence etc. ( i love those games too :P ) check out some video reviews on this game, it's really neat. would be good for people of all ages.
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on December 16, 2013
What do you get when even Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario) plays your competition PS game and say wow I wish I thought of this. You get Tearaway, this actually happened at E3 where people were stunned. I got to play this early this year at the gamepro expo and was surprised at how fun this is. It uses all the vita functions front and rear cameras, mic, front and rear touchscreen. And is awesome how you interact with the world you are like a "god" in tearaway where both your worlds interact. The soundtrack is amazing and it has a great art style. Theres lots of secrets and plays much like mario and zelda, and whats cool if you take pictures of white objects in game it gets colors and a papercraft origami downloaded to your personal account to build real paper origami objects from game. This is amazing and coming from a hardcore killzone mercenary fan, you will like this game no matter who you are. Even my wife enjoyed it, who likes very few games at all.
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on December 16, 2013
Wow. Simply, wow. As I played this game, I couldn't help but to marvel at the ingenuity that went into carefully adding functionality to the features of the VITA. No other game so far has caught the essence of what the VITA could do (or should do). I mean, this gem makes use of both analog sticks, the digital pad, the touch screens -both front and back, the cameras -both fron and back, and the gyroscope. The guys at Media Molecule had shown us that they know how to make platformers with Little Big Planet, but Tearway has taking this concept to a new height. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the story is quite involving yet simple, and quite literally brings YOU into the game.

Highly recommended!
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