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on July 9, 2013
I first learned about Tech Armor while searching for screen protectors for my new S3 ~Sept 2012. I was new to Amazon & when I searched for S3 phone screen protectors, result numbers were beyond belief. I always used "wet" install protectors before on phones, GPS, & other screens, but realized risk, hassle, & outcome was not worth my time.

I bought 10 different product covers, all "dry" installs. I bought very cheap, middle, & very expensive. I practiced with the cheap ones & then moved thru the products. Results: I had no luck with the protectors that say you can pull protector back up for repositioning. Trashed. Wasted money. The cheap protectors are OK if you get them positioned correctly without air bubbles but they do not take abuse & soon you have nasty surface or you have sticky ooze around edges that collect dirt. No win either way.

The higher priced protectors never get positioned 100% exactly perfect or the layout is just enough off that an edge has a wrinkle or bubble. They both do the same damage & that is grow until screen protector fails to protect or look nice.

Tech Armor product worked flawlessly. First, the product is 100% perfect layout for all devices I have tried (SGS3, SGS4, SGTab2, & SGNote8.0). While my story is still on my S3 screen protector venture, I saw an option that piqued my interest and that was they offered two types of protectors. One is clear & smooth while the other is called anti-fingerprint/matte. This matte appealed to me as I have used this type before on monitors at work.

You get 2-3 protectors per purchase & as far as I'm concerned they all need to come packaged with extras. On my third try, the protector was perfect & lasted until today. I started out with the clear on my Tab2. It is a 10.1 inch tablet meaning lots of real estate to protect. I was able to work my 2nd protector to cover tablet effectively. First thing you notice is how crisp n clear you tablet image becomes.

Both films are nearly indestructible. Both have not failed on me to this day. Today my SGNote8.0 protector arrived and I decided my S3 needed a change. The clear is really clear. It enhances your display. I'm changing out my phone & tablet for family's sake just on case you wondering why I have all these "toys". My family needs them & if I'm buying, I get the new toys :-).

Anyway, my personal choice is the matte finish. The other film is so detailed and crisp. If I watched movies or player games, no doubt which screen you'll pick, but I do boring stuff like read, work documents, powerpoint & play music.

My only complaint (not really complaint) is the count of used protectors wasted. It is so hard to get them perfectly, but when you do, you want film to last and that is where Tech Armor wins hands down. You really only need one film for 1-2 years (each good install lasts life of product a couple of years). If you're as good as the YouTube gurus, one Tech Armor pack will suffice for life of your phone. I haven't tried the lifetime warranty to see if it covers being installation novice. Maybe that my next review.

BTW - I don't write reviews unless a product I tried doesn't have any reviews. Good or bad product, I hope to help others as other reviews have helped me. Its like need a penny take a penny, got a penny leave a penny. Thank you for helping me & I hope this review helps you. Tech Armor - Very good product, 5 Stars -1 for installation woes. If you can install, 5 stars and spare protectors.
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on July 25, 2013
I bought a Note to use the S-Pen. Specifically, I bought it so I could replace taking notes on paper with this, so I write fairly small and I'm writing words which I hope to put into Evernote and have it recognize the characters. While this cover was easy to install, I had no bubbles after my first attempt (which included two reseatings), was in fact crystal clear and seems to provide ample protection from scratching - the S-Pen does not flow well over it. It gets stuck, seems to have a reduced sensitivity and in general makes taking handwritten notes impossible. I removed it less than a minute after I installed it and threw it away.
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on July 23, 2013
Update, August 7, 2013:
After a couple of weeks of exposure to the oils from my hands, as gross as it may sound (it's not), the pen now seems to write every bit as smoothly as it did with the bare glass surface I had been used to before applying this screen protector, and I stand firmly by my 5 star rating and high recommendation. I now go so far as to say that this is the perfect screen protector for anyone and everyone, and once again, as far as I can see, Tech Armor products will be my go-to screen protectors for every device I have, now and in the future, based on my experience with this product up to this point.

Initial Review:
I literally just applied one of these screen protectors to my Note 8 tablet, so at this point I only have initial impressions to offer, but I feel as though they hold value enough to warrant posting them at this time. I've dealt with several screen protectors previously, particularly the WriteRight brand universal (cut-to-fit) protectors Wal-Mart offers, and have never had such an excellent experience in the application process as I just had with the Tech Armor HD protector. Firstly, the double-sided removable layers are extremely helpful in getting the closest-to-perfect alignment possible while minimizing the risk of scratches during the application process (particularly when the time comes to remove the air bubbles after laying the exposed adhering backside against the tablet's screen; the WriteRight protectors did not have this outer layer and were always noticeably scratched afterwards as a direct consequence of using the supplied card). Another AWESOME advantage of using these screen protectors are the perfectly-written instructions. It seems extremely rare to purchase something at half the store-bought price which feels as though it did, at at least some point in its production process, pass through the watchful eye of one who speaks and writes in English fluently, and this is certainly a product which has done exactly that. They are clear, concise, and demonstrate exactly the steps you need to take to perform the best job possible, even if its your first time. If it is your first time, or if you've had poor luck applying screen protectors in the past, follow them to the letter, and I promise, you will be happy! Additionally, the supplied piece of lint removal tape (I believe the item description on Amazon refers to this as a "bubble removal" something or other, which it actually is, although indirectly) is something I've never seen before, and it works PERFECTLY! Despite all my best efforts in the past, I always managed to pack a good number of bits of lint/dust under the screen protector during the application process. A freshly-cleaned glass screen will always be statically charged from what I have determined, and it will therefore always be working against you, trying to pull loose particles in the air to make contact with its surface; as far as I know, there is nothing practical that can be done to prevent this situation. With the lint removal tape, however, as long as you can still actually lift the screen protector back off the screen without digging at the edges of it (that is, if you haven't completely applied it yet), you can stick the tape to the sticky side of the screen protector where you spot lint and dust, and easily pull the dust away from the adhesive side of the protector without altering the protector itself AT ALL! This is huge! This is the only way I can possibly think of to actually have an entirely lint and bubble-free screen protector, and Tech Armor is the first company I've seen offer this (not to say that more do not, but in my limited experience this is something of a novel idea). It was extremely easy to remove bits of lint I saw on my protector before sealing the deal and laying the whole thing on my clean screen, and it would have turned out horribly if I hadn't used the lint sticker (a.k.a. removal tape) liberally. The adhesive is also very fluid under the plastic, so smoothing out air bubbles that weren't caused by missed pieces of lint (of which there were very few) was very easy, and no bubbles remain except those caused by pieces of lint I didn't see until it was too late to remove them. Once you get the whole adhesive side applied, you probably wont be able to lift it back up, so you want to be sure to get all lint before letting go of the last little edge of the protector.

For all this good, there is one downside I see (actually feel) so far. Some other reviews say the pen still works very well with this protector; I don't find this to be exactly true, and now find it to be like rubbing the pen tip all over a piece of smooth but firm rubber rather than oil-slick glass I was working with prior to having a screen protector in place. This is something I think no plastic screen protector can entirely address (I've heard of some glass screen protectors for some other products which should perfectly mimic the original screen texture, but as far as I know they currently aren't produced for the Note 8). I would also compare it to going from writing with a fine point, gel ink pen to a somewhat dry Bic ballpoint; before, writing was fluid, but now I literally get a little workout in my forearm from the increased forces of contraction needed to drag the pen across the somewhat tacky surface. HOWEVER, writing with the Note 8 is something of a novelty (i.e. gimmick) for me at this point, as my handwriting is not well-recognized by the tablet and cleaning it up for the sake of using the tablet is not something I'm very keen to do. This gives the increase in tackiness an advantageous flipside: button-presses using the touchscreen interface are more solid, as my finger/pen are not as apt to graze the surface slightly after making contact. I do like this change, but the new inhibition to easy use of handwriting recognition is something that is unfortunate and for some people may be a deal-breaker with this protector. For what it's worth, I did write several lines of text on the screen to see if the increased pressure of the penstrokes would leave any impressions in the protector, and while I could read what I had written after locking the tablet (i.e. blacking out the screen and looking in the reflection of the protector), the marks wiped away completely with a lightly dampened napkin and no evidence of contact remained. This does make me wonder if the stylus is leaving trails of itself on the protector, as it seems there is the potential that the protector is winning the durability contest over the tip of the stylus, but enough time has yet to pass to determine if this is in fact the case. I will be vigilant in watching for such things, and in taking note of problems that may arise in the future, and will update this review accordingly. For now, you can't go wrong (unless smooth writing is VERY important for you), and I have absolutely no reservations in purchasing and recommending Tech Armor products exclusively in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you found it helpful!
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on June 17, 2013
This is a great screen protector. You can not even notice that the screen protector is applied. I also like the lint removal 'sticker' that comes packaged with the product. I did have to peel back once to remove a little dust speck and the 'sticker' lifted it off the film leaving no traces at all.

PRO TIP: To help apply get a mug 1/2 full of warm water, then add a drip of dish soap. Apply to clean screen with the device turned off. Simply dip fingers and rub around the screen. Then keep fingers wet, peel backing off screen protector. The very mild detergent will allow you to touch the glue with no issues, and allows you to slid the screen protector into place - perfectly. Once done squeegee out the water / air bubbles. The screen will dry perfectly clean and invisible. The trick is little drip of soap mixed in warm water so no foam is present or made when stirring.
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on September 28, 2013
I purchase this screen protector to be used with my Note 8, since I use this tablet to show my potential photography customers my work. I needed the most clear screen protector Available, so I purchased the HD Clear version as it keeps the screen nice and clear, I would of purchase the anti glare version however it would diminish the sharpness of the screen since it diffuses the light a little bit. The install is simple you must clean the tablet screen with mild dish washing soap in warm water and then with clean water. Once this takes all of the grease off the screen you must use the stick tape supplied with the screen protector to catch those dust and lint that get attracted to the screen, then immediately place the screen protector before any more lint or dust decides to cling to your screen. Once installed you cannot even see is there. I know that a lot of people are complaining about the S pen not being read properly, This is not the case since the pen and screen are of the digitizer type and not the pressure sensitive screen like some of the older touch screens, you don't have to press the pen so hard against the screen. It takes a little bit of getting use to. I prefer to have a little resistance on the pen since it feels more like writing with a lead pencil rather than a gel pen.
review image review image review image
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on May 23, 2013
I love the screen protector! I had actually forgotten it was on the tablet because it is virtually invisible, and I've not noticed any difference in the "feel" of the touch screen response. Application is quick and easy. I have to confess that I did have to use the extra sheet provided. The protectors arrived in the mail just as we were leaving for a weekend trip. Impatient, I applied the protector as a passenger in the car on the interstate. All was going well with the first application until some maneuvering on the highway by my husband caused issues. The second protector applied like a charm (traffic had cleared a bit...ha ha). The instructions provided are clear; just follow those for a bubble- and lint-free application. The price was great too!
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on May 17, 2013
Good: Great product once you can apply to your tablet. It really works well, feels good in use.
Bad: one flap to peel off the protective film is on the short edge, so when you try to align the cutouts (also on the other side), you either miss them or you need to peel back the film all the way. When you peel the cover too much, you will introduce dirt, generate bubbles and can throw the whole thing out. I wasted one, got on the second half misaligned after removing it like 5 times in the process. Still have some dirt under it, despite all the cleaning and care during the application.

Note: no matter how careful you are, when you peel back these films, any small dirt will stick to the glue of the protector screen, so you cannot remove it anymore. Unless you can apply a film easily and aligned the first time, you will have these problems. I have done a few, this was the most difficult so far.
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on July 8, 2013
It was easy to install. I haven't noticed any problems using the pen ( Galaxy Note 8) either. I would purchase again.
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on July 6, 2013
I accidentally posted a review for another item to this one. I am so sorry, this is my actual experience with this product. This screen saver film is awesome. There is even a Youtube video that shows you step by step how to apply the film. So easy even a caveman could do it. :-) And with a lifetime warranty how can you go wrong!
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on August 28, 2013
Ive owned a lot of screen protectors in the past and usually either wind up having to reapply several times before I get it on properly or I have to use 2-3 of the protectors before I get it on.

This was the first protector I got on the first time and perfectly centered.

The film is stiffer than most which made it for an easy apply and also helped me apply with without any air bubbles on the first try as well.

The only complaint is that the top has a cut out for the 3G phone model. But I knew this before I ordered and I am content with it.

Also, I use my Galaxy 8 mostly for drawing using the Original Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 & Galaxy Note Genuine Wacom Touch Pen 8pi Stylus (ET-S200EBEG) - Black, and I actually prefer the gritty texture of the screen protector vs the slippery glass. It does feel 'exactly' like paper, but makes it feel some what closer to paper.

I recommend.
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