Customer Reviews: Tech Armor Google Nexus 7 (Original 1st Generation) Tablet High Defintion (HD) Clear Screen Protectors -- Maximum Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy [3-Pack] Lifetime Warranty
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on September 1, 2012
No anti-glare screen protector is 100% invisible--if you want an invisible screen protector, buy an invisible screen protector. It's affordable and it does its job, so I give it a 4/5.

ANTI-GLARE: Does a decent job of diffusing glare; this will probably make the device easier to read outside in the shade.
ANTI-FINGERPRINT: Fingerprints are less noticeable when you are not in bright light (i.e. outside directly in the sun). HOWEVER, when the screen brightness is turned down, or you are in a bright lighting, smudges are just as noticeable.
SENSITIVITY: No noticeable degradation in touchscreen sensitivity.

NOTE: instructions are wrong--there is only one layer of peel-off film, not two. Comes with a screen cloth.
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on December 5, 2012
Wow right before writing this review I accidentally dropped my phone on top of my nexus 7 :( almost had a heart attack lol, but no worries, luckily I put on the screen protector yesterday so there was no scratch or crack or anything :) now on to the review..

First of all I did get the screen protector from here but from my sisters account, so it will not show my review as a verified amazon purchase.

Overall this is a perfect and fantastic screen protector for the nexus 7, I was just looking for a basic plain and simple clear screen protector that wouldn't cost me a fortune. Best of all it comes with 3 screen protectors!!!! For the price thats a steal!!! And this is not one of those stupid water based once thank goodness.

And even though they say it has gorilla glass, remember that gorilla glass is SCRATCH RESISTANT NOT SCRATCH PROOF!!! so It might get scratch at some point, could be minor but still get scratched without a protector.


this is how I put mine on, you can try it this way if you have screen protector anxiety like i had before lol, or if you are an expert you can just do it your way.

Before starting just take the screen protector (unopened) and put it on top of the nexus and see how it looks, look at the camera cutouts, the angles, imagine putting it on (it helps).

Step 1 -
Find a room or something with the lease dust, put your nexus 7 under a lamp (i read somewhere it helps with the bubbles or something but not sure but I did it anyways) and clean the screen first with an Lcd spray cleaner, and then clean with the cloth they provided, make sure theres no small dust speck on top of the screen before applying. (If you dont have an lcd or other screen cleaners, just use a little water or something to make sure the screen is squeaky clean)

Step 2-

Now that your screen is all cleaned, dry, and dust free, you can put it on!!! The instructions say to peel a little bit and to start from the bottom and work your way through, but i find that a hassle. Heres what I did. I started from the top because I wanted to get the camera aligned properly with the protector, and i peel all of it at once so i dont get any dust on the screen when i peel the rest. I just peeled it all the way (make sure never to touch the sticky side and make sure that the sticky side always faces downward!!!! now align from the top and make sure its aligned with the camera and sensor. work your way a little bit down ( now check and ask yourself (if i were to put the whole thing now at once will it align all the way?) If yes, then just slowly slide the protector working your way down to the bottom put the screen protector down and THATS IT!!! YOUR ALMOST DONE!!

Thats pretty much it, It took me like 30 minutes because I was trying to get it all perfect. When I first aligned it with the camera and after guessing the rest of the screen protector would be a little tilted, I carefully lifted it again and then put it back down again. really simple.

I had like 4 tiny bubbles at the bottom but i just used the squigee they provided to get rid of them. NO MAJOR BUBBLES SO EITHER THE LCD CLEANER HELPED OR IT WAS THE LAMP.

So mine looked really perfect. If you looked at my nexus 7 you wouldnt even notice that there was a screen protector unless you examined the camera cutout!!!

The protector itself is great!!
-No weird rainbow effect or anything!!
-perfect size and cutouts, very precise
-crystal clear!!
-if put on correctly wont even notice its there! would seem just using a nexus without any protector,
-no distortion, quality loss, or anything
-feels premium for the price, definitely does not feel cheap.
-perfect price.
-no touchscreen sensitivity issues.

TIP - i saw some people did complain about the screen protector not being smooth.

I would say though the screen protector itself is not very smooth at first, its hard to slide your fingers, but theres an easy fix and not worth taking off a star!!

My sister uses this product to wipe her cars dashboard, and what i noticed was it made it really slippery!!! So that struck a cord in my mind, even though some people suggested using wood polish I had this lying around so why not give it a try.

the product name is (Armor All Original Protectant Wipes) just google it or view google images, and amazon has it too i think.

I think she got it from 99 cents or walmart or something, its really cheap.

so I took a wipe and put it on the screen protector and cleaned with it gently very gently (use little bit on the whole screen) and I avoided the camera and sensor just incase (SO AVOID IT JUST INCASE)!, after that i took a napkin and cleaned it making sure it wasnt wet or anything, then blow some air from your mouth to the screen and clean with the tiny micro fiber cloth that comes in the screen protector package. After that I tried to rub it again with that tiny cloth and my hand slipped of the screen!!!! NO JOKE, THOSE WIPES ACTUALLY WORKED IT MADE IT SOOOO SMOOTH DIDNT DAMAGE IT OR ANYTHING NO WEIRD COLOR EFFECT. NOT ONLY THAT IT DOESNT CATCH MY FINGERPRINTS THAT EASILY ANYMORE!!! SO NOW I JUST USE THE PROVIDED CLOTH TO KEEP MY SCREEN CLEAN AND SO FAR IT STAYING SMOOTH (I DONT THINK I HAVE TO REAPPLY IT SEEMS JUST FINE)!! so i highly recommended these wipes for that.

You might use something else to see if it makes it more smoother, but I am sharing my way above so at least you know it safe to do and works really well.

One of the best screen protectors i have ever used, highly recommend it, wont even notice its there!!!

I will definitely buy from tech armor again if i need screen protector. So much quality and value for little price. Cant believe I wasted my money before with stupid invishield total water based crap.

Comment if you have any specific questions. or If you want a picture of my device with it on :) I will try to help.

Buy it wont regret it!!!!
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on September 6, 2012
I bought this as I was buying my Nexus 7 online. It's not a matte type screen protector, but a clear transparent one so it's not going to reduce glare on the screen. Application was easy just like any other touch device screen protector. Remember to wear gloves or at least wash your hands real good before handling screen protector as to not get finger prints on the under side when applying.
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on October 17, 2012
I hate glossy screens. With each new device I acquire, the first thing I do is order a matte or non-glare screen protector. With my collection of Android phones, my iPad 2, iPod Touch, and several Android tablets, I have used many matte screen protectors. The Tech Armor Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector is the best so far. It went on easily with no bubbles. It is truly non-glare and makes the screen more readable in many lighting situations. Best of all is its paper-like texture. Works great with a stylus or finger.
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on September 5, 2012
Had a great experience with Tech Armor when I bought my last screen protector for my Galaxy S3. Once again their screen protector and their service did not disappoint. I watched their video and read the instructions again before the installing the screen protector on my nexus as they advised. Must read the pro tips with tape trick because that is the secret to the perfect install. My Nexus is now glare and fingerprint free. Thanks Tech Armor. You rock!
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on November 12, 2012
I just wanted to leave a quick review for the Tech Armor Matte screen protector for the Nexus 7. I have tried every brand on Amazon and these are by far the best. I am a big fan of matte protectors because I use my tablet for navigation when I fly and glare can be a pain. While this screen protector does decrease the screen quality very slightly, it is by far the least intrusive I have tried. It also does not hinder screen touches like others I have tried. If you are looking for a matte screen protector that does not leave smudges this is your best bet. Buy them, you will not be disappointed.

Now I just have to wait for them to make one for the Nexus 4!
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on November 21, 2012
I bought the three pack for my two nexus 7's. I purchased the tablets for my kids for Christmas this year and I'm hoping the screen will hold up to 5 year old use. It was easy to apply and fit the screen well. Everything lined up. Update 4 months later: great product still holding strong.
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on April 8, 2013
First off, let me say that the price on this 3-Pack is awesome. Looking locally, everywhere I checked had a single protector sheet for 3 times the pack price. Good product, great price! You really cannot beat the price point. *You should stop right now and just buy the screen protectors *

1. superb screen protection, never feel like I'm going to scratch the actual screen
2. does cut down on reflection/glare
3. retains touch sensitivity (in fact, I thought it got better)
4. what else can I say, it does its job well

1. product not quite as described; info indicates that this has two layers of protecting film, but really only has one
2. application instructions are incorrect on the site, as well as in the package
2. "bubble-free... easy application" - HA! Took me two hours to get the protector applied correctly
3. smudges/fingerprints are very apparent on the screen when turned off/blank screen; not noticeable when in use
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on December 26, 2012
PROS: This screen protector is a great fit for the nexus 7. It is thick and easily applied.

CONS: However, it attracts EVERY fingerprint. Everytime you touch the tablet it makes a mark. I have to clean it with a microfiber cloth SEVERAL times a day otherwise I can't see the screen with all the fingerprints in the way. Another issue is the application sticker, it doesn't peel off. You have to purchase a sticker removal solution to get it off, and I wasn't happy to have to put that gooey stuff on my tablet.

I plan to do some more research and purchase a different screen protector to replace it. The sticker is a one time annoyance, but the fingerprint issue is constant. I uploaded a picture of my tablet with it on.
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on October 9, 2012
I read through their site and watched the video before installing and had little issue with the install. I was able to install 2 of these in about 30 minutes with no residual bubbles. Removing the glare actually makes the screen easier to read/watch for me so I am quite happy with that result. The anti-fingerprint works well enough but you still have to wipe down the screen every now and then (it does not show anywhere near as bad as the glossy screen itself does). These matte finish protectors actually make it easier for me with the touch screen as well.

Clean the screen well and keep a piece of tape handy to pull any dust off that you will find during the install and you will be good to to go.

Now if only they would make one for my HP ultra-book so I did not have to contort myself to read that screen when near any source of bright light...
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