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on December 10, 2011
Just got one of these shipped all the way to Austria, was worried for a couple of days that the voltage and cycle frequency difference would be a problem, but it's absolutely not so. In the meantime I exchanged emails with Audio Technica's service center and support, and got a prompt reply that it's a DC controlled unit, meaning that if it's not a 120V current where you live, a simple voltage converter is sufficient.

The sound just blew me away, I put the unit straight through a test of fire by running it into a professional audio interface with direct monitoring (no AD/DA conversion), and from that to a pair of active Genelec studio monitors. To top it all, I fed it "The Headhunters" by Herbie Hancock. All I can say is wow. Super clean, full sound from the preamp in the unit, very good signal to noise ratio (barely audible hissing and crackling between tracks, not really perceivable when there's any kind of music going on). Let's see if it runs this well over time, so far I'm very impressed. Five stars.

BTW, if you check out the negative comments, some are talking about "how short the RCA cables are", and some are talking about the unit's "low volume". That's just audio ignorance running high around here. It comes with a pair of cables with which you can make an extension in two seconds, and the "low-volume" is because it comes with the pre-amp turned off. All you need to do to solve this "problem" is use your fingers to flip a switch in the back of the unit to "line" instead of phono. And if you complain that "assembling" the unit is difficult (putting three pieces together before running it), you're just beyond hope.
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on February 6, 2010
You really can't get a better turntable for this price. It wasn't broken or cracked when it arrived, it was easy to assemble, and it sounds great. For under 100 bucks that is more than I expected. The other cool thing about this turntable that is not in the description is that it's easily upgradeable. The turntable comes with a ATN3600L stylus. You can replace that stylus with the ATN3600DLX stylus for even better sound quality and performance. You can also get a better belt for it too but I haven't looked into that yet. It's not going to get any better than this until you hit about the $300 range.
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The AT-LP60 is an excellent first turntable for anyone looking to get into vinyl and it's a decent replacement turntable for anyone looking to get BACK into vinyl. This is not an audiophile TT, nor is it appropriate for DJ use. It's about as simple as it gets, but that's part of what makes it appealing for the novice or the casual listener.

1) Setup

The setup involves plugging the TT into your receiver. That's it. Virtually every turntable requires you to balance the tonearm and set the anti-skating weight, but the LP60 comes ready to play right out of the box. It couldn't be easier.

2) Ease of use

It can be tricky for some people to cue records and lower the tonearm gracefully onto the LP surface, but that doesn't matter since this is an automatic TT. That is, you press a "start" button and the tonearm automatically moves into position and lowers itself. The "stop" button raises the tonearm and returns it.

If you want to cue a cut on the inside of the LP, there is an up-down button that raises the tone arm so you can move it manually to the correct position before lowering it again.

3) Sound

The sound is serviceable. For many folks, the difference between this TT and a more expensive model may be negligible. I bought this for my sister who doesn't have a lot of records, but wanted to experiment with the medium anyway. There is a general lack of detail when compared to more advanced Audio Technica models, and there is not nearly as much nuance as you get with something like a Pro-Ject or a Rega. Those are in a different class, but they're also at least three times as expensive.

The good news is that the LP60 really conveys that analogue essence - that indefinable element that continues to draw listeners to this ostensibly out-dated medium. It's not the sort of gear that will make you notice all sorts of details that you've been missing on CD all these years, but it does a good job of bringing your old records back to life allowing you to rediscover your music collection.

4) Build Quality

Everything about this TT feels somewhat cheap, but when you factor in the price, it's actually a good value. There are plenty of similarly-priced TTs that have inferior components or are

5) Pros

The price is great, especially when you factor in the built-in preamp. Because most receivers and preamps don't come with a phono preamp built in, most turntables require you to purchase a dedicated phono preamp to get a line level signal for your receiver. Without a phono preamp, the signal is too weak to simply plug into your receiver. Audio Technica includes one. It's not great, but it does the job.

The setup is as easy as can be, thereby making this a great choice for the vinyl novice. The build quality is better than most at this price range. Yes, everything is made of plastic (other than the platter), but it feels a lot more solid than similarly-priced TTs.

6) Cons

There is no way to adjust the anti-skate mechanism or the downward force applied by the tonearm, so if you have a record that skips occasionally, there's no way to compensate by increasing the downward force. I also bought my sister a new copy of Portishead's "Dummy" and we were both disappointed when the new record continually sent the needle flying out of its grooves.

7) Overall

This is a great piece of equipment at its price. A lot of vinyl novices end up spending five times this amount on a Pro-Ject Debut and a phono preamp, but the LP60 allows you to test the waters and see if you really want to get into vinyl. Yes, the Pro-Ject is superior in every dimension, but vinyl is an idiosyncratic medium full of quirks that may or may not appeal to any given listener. The LP60 is great for anyone who is curious, but not convinced about the joys of vinyl. If you have extra money, buy something more expensive. Otherwise, try the AT-LP60. Recommended.
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on December 11, 2011
A very nice "workhorse" of a turntable. You will more than likely need a receiver. This table has phono plugs in back and comes with 2 adapters with a 3.5mm headphone jack. One for female 3.5mm and one for male 3.5mm. I have my turntable running into my PC and have the 3.5mm auxiliary in jack enabled all the time so all I have to do is turn the turntable on and ..presto! over my PC. Easy for recording. There is nothing fancy about this beauty. The "pause" button is a nice touch. You can press the pause and it will raise the needle so you can leave and come back later to the same place. That is also how you pick tracks. Just press pause and then nudge the needle to the desired track. There are no "extra" controls etc.. that is what a receiver is for. Check out a cheap receiver and the Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speakers for cheap speakers. [...]
I bought my speakers from Amazon for $40 and they are a great addition to this turntable. Well built from quality materials and at 60 watts a piece. I can't recommend a receiver though. Mine is an old old old Realistic. Anyhow, this is a fantastic item. I think the rubber belt will break in the future but probably not for years. It is thin. In my opinion but still strong enough. Like I said I give it 5 years of steady use or so. A very cheap part to replace. I will place a pic of the rear panel in the product images section. Check it out if you are wondering.
review image review image review image review image
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on October 9, 2010
I ordered this turntable so that I could (hopefully) listen to LPs I haven't been able to hear for the past 25+ years. (Old turntable broke; CDs were the "in" thing at the time, so I never replaced my old turntable). I'm not an audiophile as some are, plus I have hearing loss in one ear, so all I know is "Does it sound good?" Well, I can tell you that I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of sound that I heard from LPs that are old, and some not in the best of condition.

First, the set-up. I worried a bit about putting the belt on. (Did I also mention that I'm a klutz?) However, when the package arrived, I took everything out, read all the directions first, and within 2 minutes after that (that is not an exaggeration), I had the turntable set-up accomplished. It couldn't have been easier!

Initially, I hooked the turntable up to a pair of miniature speakers I bought for my iPod. I just wanted to make sure the records would play. I put the first album on the turntable, cleaned it with Discwasher cleaning kit, and pushed the Start button. I actually got tears in my eyes when I heard the LP play. Even with the miniature speakers, the music sounded pretty darn good. However, the miniature speakers do not have sound control, so I attached a pair of computer speakers (Altec). The music sounded even better. Today, I believe I'm going to bite the bullet and hook the turntable up to the stereo component (I still have one that has Phono input). I'm anxious to see what the music sounds like coming through a Bose speaker system.

Some reviewers commented on the short phono plugs that are permanently attached to the turntable. They are short, but 2 different types of extensions are shipped with the turntable, so I had no problem attaching my speakers, and I don't believe I'll have trouble when I attach the turntable to the stereo system.

I've only used this turntable one day (but I played albums for 4 hours last night!), so I can't comment on its longevity. However, based on what I experienced last night, I believe this turntable, especially for the price, is great. An FYI: This is the first review I've ever written for a product, so that says something about how I feel about this turntable.
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on December 28, 2010
I am just a 20 year old guy who was always intrigued by vinyl records. I was looking for a really good record player at a low cost. I searched around, and this one seemed to be the best. I purchased it and received it about two days later. It was easy to set-up. You could easily hook it up to the "aux in" on the stereo, which was great. The sound is alright, good enough to listen to in your room. It's not so big and it's light. I must say that I am really enjoying playing my records on this instead of listening to my iPod. If you're looking for a really good player at a low cost, you just found it. Don't think twice.
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153 of 179 people found the following review helpful
on March 10, 2010
I needed to replace my year-old Sony so I was pretty discouraged when I started my search. I was pretty much settled on the Pioneer and was researching reviews on the net when I stumbled on the Audio Technica AT-PL60 reviews that were so positive. So I switched and researched the PL-60 and decided to buy. Don't let the low price scare you off! It Sounds way better than my Sony which cost three times as much. It took two minutes to set up to my system and my vinyl came to life again! Family, Love and the Electric Prunes never sounded so good! I would Highly agree with the other reviewers that this is the best turntable under $300!
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226 of 269 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2010
I bought this when the stylus on my old Soundesign turntable and saw that for $20 more than buying a new stylus, I could upgrade to a better record player. The player itself has 2 settings for autostart" 7" and 12" which covers most of my records. Unfortunately, there is no 10 setting. There are also only 2 speeds: 33.3 and 45 RPM. No 78 RPM setting, so older records will not play on this turntable. Sound-wise, this record player is a big improvement over the player I was using before. Unless a record is very scratched up, you will not hear crackling when using this turntable. Overall, if you want an inexpensive turntable you can't go wrong here. This is definitely the best turntable in its price range.
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on January 3, 2014
I recently wanted to get a new turntable to replace my old Panasonic all-in-one player from the 80s. I saw this was a best seller and immediately purchased it. However, after receiving the product and doing some more research, I decided to return it, and here is why:

- The arm cannot be balanced or the weight set. What you get out of the box is going to be set forever on your table. This means that in the factory in China, it's quickly set up on the assembly line. It could be anywhere from too light to too heavy, and can damage your records.
- The wow and flutter rating on this is just terrible. .25% is audibly noticeable, and it very poor as far as standards are concerned. I ended up purchasing a used Dual 510 from 1975 here in my area, and the wow and flutter on that table is .08%! The table is almost 40 years old, and it outperforms this Audio Technica by a landslide.
- You can't upgrade the cartridge: Before I got into vinyl, I didn't realize that the world of cartridges is vast and wide. You can tweak your sound to no end by experimenting with different cartridges, which is great considering the changes you may go through in your sound setup from tables to speakers. Unfortunately, this isn't a possibility with the Audio Technica at-lp60.
- Build Quality: This table is pretty shoddy overall. It's lightweight, flimsy, and I wouldn't trust it to last for the long haul. It's really a shame how large the profit margin has to be on these tables.

I'm seriously not trying to troll a product. I bought it! But after doing some research, my best advice is to be patient and look for a great used table in your local area. Vintage turntables will give you great build quality, good reliability, upgradable components, and you can get some really great deals. My dual turntable was half the price of this Audio Technica, and with a brand new cartridge it came out to around the same price. Thanks for reading, hope this was beneficial!
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74 of 87 people found the following review helpful
on January 17, 2011
This is what it is, a decent turntable at a great price. I bought it for more than the seventy clams it's currently going for, and don't regret it. I should note that I am only playing new vinyl, stuff I picked up since my last birthday. Some of this needed cleaning out the box to remove static/pops. Point being new doesn't equal clean. After cleaning LPs sounds play clean with a low noise floor. The built in preamp does the trick for being able to hook up headphones or self powered speakers out of the box. I have a set of M-Audio AV40s and they hooked right up to the turntable via included cables. You could get some cheaper computer/desk speakers and be ready to play for about a hundred bucks. Not bad.

This table also can be upgraded. LP gear has a kit that'll allow you to upgrade the needle and the belt for a good price. You can keep the ones that come with it for later use. That same place also has some higher end options for needles if you have money to burn. There are some upgrade options on this site too, just search around upgrades are out there.

The automatic play feature is nice, set a record on and hit button and you're off. If you need to manually control things it'll do that to. Hit the furthest right button and the arm moves up, hit the start to get things moving, put the arm where you want it, and at last press the furthest right button again to put the arm down (and commence play).

In finishing up this review: you get a brand new upgradable table for under $100, that's unheard of.

P.S. Do not forget, you'll wanna get some cleaning solution (on amazon or search around) so that your new (or old) vinyl will be sounding right.

EDIT 2/4/2011:

I've upgraded mine with the LP Gear upgrade kit. This means a new belt and a (supposedly) better stylus. The belt was obviously better quality, it was much more rugged than the rubberband that came with the table. The stylus was tougher to tell, it looked more or less exactly the same as the stock one. Overall everything sounds good, though of course many would argue you can't get good sound out of such a *cheap* table.

EDIT 5/17/2011

I'm still using this despite having a much *better* table that sports a Shure mx97e cartridge. It's really easy to use, so sometimes I just dig the fact I can hit the start button and go. And the sound, it's not bad at all. I mean the more expensive table setup does sound better, but it's in the nuances. For the most part this table just hits a sweet spot. I'm serious about music, but I'm not crazy enough to delude myself that this table isn't producing great sound; it does so at a rock bottom price! I do wonder how long this thing can keep things up; while build quality isn't crap, it is nothing close to the more expensive table I own. I mean the tone arm, if you can call it that, is like a drinking straw.
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