Isn't This Technically Impossible? Every year only one tribute could win the Hunger Games. That means in 25 years there would be 25 winners. At the quarter quell only one can win again. So wouldn't you then kill off 24 of the surviving 25 (unless some districts won more than 2 times and had more than 2 people to choose from). As a result, wouldnt there be only 1 mentor left in all the districts every 25 years? From what I can tell from the books, many districts may not even have enough tribute for the quarter quell. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but it seems like there should not be as many mentors/survivors as there are if there was a quarter quell every 25 years. Anyone else get caught up on this when reading?
asked by Megan on November 4, 2012
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1) You are slightly over thinking it
2) There have been 75 games in a span of 75 years. A LOT of mentors who survived made it. An average person lives about 80 years. So there's about 60-50 mentors left at this point in the book. That's plenty to hold another game.
3) All the quarter quells are different. 1st quarter quell - The citizen voted on who went. 2nd quarter quell - twice the amout (48) tributes entered (Haymitch won these games) 3rd- Tributes were chosen from existing pools of victors.
4) Each the of the districts have won enough times to have at least 3 victors
Isabel answered on November 6, 2012
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I don't think you're over thinking this concept, however there are a few points that you're missing. Assuming every Quarter Quell used past victors, yes, you would be correct that the math doesn't add up because realistically more tributes from District 1, 2, 4 will win (Career Tributes) so other districts with fewer winners would not have any surviving winners, (assuming each district had at least two winners to begin with.)


The 75th Quarter Quell is the first one that uses previous winners. The second book is subtle about the fact that they do this so Katniss is forced back into the arena.

The previous Quarter Quells were:
(25th Annual Hunger Games aka 1st Quarter Quell) The citizens of each district voted who went into the arena.
(50th Annual Hunger Games aka 2nd Quarter Quell) Two boys and two girls from each district were reaped.

So, while your theory makes sense, the books explain that the rules of each Quarter Quell are different each time therefore Panem would not run out of tributes after each Quarter Quell because according to the book, the rules for each Quarter Quell are different so they would not implement the rule of only victors returning to the arena.

Hope that makes sense.
victoriasueno answered on November 23, 2012
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