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on August 1, 2012
Playmates toys has just released a new TMNT toyline to coincide with the new animated series debuting in Fall 2012, and so far the toys have been pretty good. While the side characters and enemies like April, Splinter, and the Foot Soldiers have been somewhat of a mixed bag, there is no denying that the turtles themselves are four of the finest action figures you're likely to find on the market today, especially significant when you realize these are mass market figures and not specifically aimed at adult collectors. I'm looking at Raphael today, my personal favorite turtle. Has Playmates has done Raphael justice? Read on!

The Facts:
Articulation- hinge/peg ball jointed knees, peg/hinge ball jointed thighs, peg/hinge ball jointed shoulders, peg/hinge ball jointed elbows, swivel wrists, true ball jointed neck.

Accessories-two sai, two sai w/ only one yoku (the side prongs), 2 shuriken (throwing stars), and 2 hook swords.


*While the figure does somewhat resemble the new animated series, it resembles various comic incarnations of the character also. Raphael looks much more serious than the animated stills from the Nickelodeon, perhaps due to the fact that the toy is sculpted with a wicked grin and pupiless eyes. The various pads and wraps on his arms and legs give this figure a very cool vibe.

*The sculpt is not only excellent, it is unique to Raphael alone. None of the 4 turtles share any parts. Raph's skin texture, muscle build, and dents in his shell and chest are all his own. Raph appears to be a bit bigger than all the other turtles.

*Not only is his weapon set pretty nice (6 blades and two trhowing stars) but Raphael can hold all of his weapons well. In fact, his hands are sculpted so that he can hold his sai like a typical dagger or with his fingers wrapped around the blade and between the side guards. Raph holds them this wa often in comics, so its cool to be able to do this.

*I have none! This guy is solid all around!

Overall: This guy is so wicked and I'm thrilled to have such a great Raphael. I love how much quality and character Playmates has put into the four turtles in the new TMNT line and I would recommend that any TMNT fan picks them up. Not only do they look exceptional, but they're also fun just to pick up and pose. I really look forward to seeing where this line goes in the future!
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on July 30, 2012
I am only reviewing one Turtle because they are relatively all the same. Make no mistake thouh, playmates nailed these figures dead on. Four different sculpts. Unique durable weapons. Knee and ankle articulation (a miracle for this line so far). Excellent paint apps and great weapon storage belts. Easily surpasses the original Turtles for me. Even thier skin feels reptilian!! Must buy for this TMNT fan. For the cash it is the best Turtle figures EVER. And you obviously would not be buying the line the unless you get the four Turtles, so no point in trying to pitch them!!
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on April 12, 2013
As a guy in his 30's who grew up on TMNT, I was stoked when my 6 year old said he wanted Ninja Turtles for HIS birthday, and these figures do not disappoint. The Raphael one in particular is great (He was always my favorite turtle). Immediately upon taking him out of the box (once my son put him down, of course), I picked him up and inspected him. Well made, lots of articulation (knees that bend, wrists, elbows, and the main joints of the shoulders and hips, plus the head), and a custom belt meant to hold his sais.

And then I noticed his hands. His right hand has fingers spaced just far enough apart that he can hold his sai in that hand with is fingers between the tongs, like he often did in the comics/cartoons/movies. Very cool.

As a kid, my favorite TMNT action figures were the ones based upon the movie - they had an interesting, rubberized texture that made them more flexible, and they were rather detailed compared to the base figures. These are like a very nice blend between the still cartoonish look of the original toys and the realisitic look of the movie figures, and I'm jealous that MY TMNT toys didn't look like this.

Raph comes with 2 additional sais, two hooked swords (all of which can fit (2 at a time) in his belt) and some throwing stars, and they're in a great gun-metal silver color of plastic. (Michelangelo and Donatello have an orange-ish and brown-ish plastic color for their weapon sets, which makes the throwing stars look a bit cheaper. Leonardo seems to have more of a metal-color to his, like Raph (making the main weapon of all the turtles look good, but the accessories of Don and Mike look silly, IMO).

Great turtles, though, all of them!
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VINE VOICEon July 25, 2014
What can be said about the Ninja Turtles at this point? They've returned from the shadows and brought with them a great new kid's show that I personally like even better than the original that most of us are familiar with. Someone who's changed a lot since the old cartoon is Raphael, the tough guy of the group. He was basically the Wolverine of the group in the comics, but when the cartoon came around, he became the wise-guy with a mouth. Let's just say that this new Raph would mop the floor with the old one if they ever met. That's one of the reasons my daughter isn't exactly a fan of his- the dude has no problem smacking some sense into Mikey (her favorite) every now and then.

Everyone knows that Raph's the tough guy of the group, and this figure finally gives him the respect he deserves. He bares his teeth and even has a big cut going down the front of his shell, showing that he's been in some big fights over the years. All of the turtles are sculpted slightly differently from one another, but none of them have a battle scar like this. Raph is about the same size as Leo, shorter than Don but taller than Mikey. This is a really great looking figure, and my second favorite of the group. He just plain looks like he's ready to start knocking heads. Raph is painted nicely too, with a forest green skin color and olive green shell. You can store his weapons in the back of his belt, just like the others, and of course he comes with another little extra weapon set. These include throwing stars, hook swords and even sai with two prongs instead of three. You've got some good display options with this guy!

Articulation-wise, once again, he's the same as his brothers. His head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper legs and knees can all be posed. All of the weapons he comes with can be held perfectly too, and he stands up without any problems as well.

I'm really happy with how these new TMNT figures are coming along. Great articulation, great sculpts and paint work, and they're not overpriced like a few other toy lines at the moment. Get them while the first wave of figures is still around before we start getting alternate versions like we did in the early 90s.
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on February 26, 2013
I thought I'd done my due diligence as a grandparent when buying this product, but didn't realize until my grandson's birthday party that this Raphael is much smaller than the popular ones on the market right now. It was a tad bit disappointing when his other grandparents bought another Turtle that was the "right" size!
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on December 10, 2013
I was so shocked to see newer ninja turtle figures on the shelf, the little kid inside me decided to pick it up. Great figure, I picked this one up especially because it looks more like the classic TV show then it does the oddly shaped stupid looking CGI version. I wasn't aware there was a newer CGI show on TV, but it looks terrible and I loved the original cartoon show from the 80's and the live action films from the 90's. that's where its at, not this pizar looking nonsense they got today. call me old fashioned but a cartoon is supposed to be hand drawn not in a computer. nevertheless, this figure will please fans of the comic and original cartoon show, like me. I noticed there are 2 types of figures, those done in the comic book/cartoon show style, and others that looks specifically like the CGI show. if your a classic TMNT fan like me, go with these versions. they look so much better, come with correct weapons and got surprisingly great articulation for various poses. other then ghostbusters, TMNT is my 2nd favorite crime fighting foursome and these are truly awesome figures for kids and collectors alike.
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on December 14, 2013
This is almost $9 at target! While its a great toy, they are asking double the price for a very small toy. I just want everyone to know what a rip off this is!
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I'm loving these new Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles figures. These figures combine a fair amount of articulation with solid sculpts. They don't look exactly like they do in the TV show, but that's OK. The ones in the show look a bit too blocky, too CGI. These figures do a better job keeping the shape and style of the TV show characters with the stylistic choices of the 1987 Turtles figure line.

My only concern is that the paint applications around the bandanas really vary. In some cases, the red paint is sloppy and spills over onto the head, in other cases it doesn't cover the entire bandana. Because of this, I'd recommend not buying online if you can find it in stores. Collectors will definitely want to inspect their sample before buying.

That aside, these figures definitely blow my 1987 Turtles out of the water!
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on January 10, 2014
Nothing told me how big this was, the pieces were way too small for a 3 year old. This is definitely for a much older child.
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on October 14, 2013
I bought this for my grand son and he just love it. I wish they could make him as a huggable pillow.
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