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on April 1, 2006
This second volume of the 2003 TMNT animated series introduces us to the character of Casey Jones. In the comic books, keeping with the satire of sheltered and inexperieced youth raised on tv and rock n roll, he is angst ridden and vengeful not b/c a loved one was murdered by criminals, just b/c he watches too many cops and robbers type movies. Hilarious irony. Here, we get a character, not entirely unlike that, but with an important difference: his father was killed by Purple Dragons. It may take away from the play on hollywood action films, but it is a different angle to explore his character (albeit an overused angle; which was the joke behind why he had no motivation in the comics) and continues the trend of weaving all the characters of this show together into a mosaic universe as opposed to the kaleidoscopic one of the comics. Again the adaption of the books (this time Raphael #1) is superb. After loosing his cool during a sparring session Raphael storms off (yes, again) and encounters one, Casey Jones, who has even less self control than he does, and he feels obligated to behave as an agent of balance for the two of them resulting in the expected and anticipated fight scenes. This episode is a real treat. There is dynamic animation throughout this entire piece and the addition of the Purple Dragons and the other TMNTs to the plot only adds more players to the action scenes.

The second episode, "Nano," concerns an artificially intelligent nano-robot (nano technology was being used in plots in the current TMNT comic book) that develops his own emotions and labels a theiving louse as "dad." Nano, eager to earn his surrogate father's love, foolishly commits crimes for him and gains the TMNT's attention when they happen upon him in a criminal act. This is an extremely popular theme in sci-fi, hence the character himself is not very original, but he is nevertheless affective (used here as a metaphor for peer pressure, naivety and what one will do for another's acceptance and love, in particular a parent's) plus he has the neat ability to appropriate metal objects (with no espoused or apparant limit on the size), break them down and reform their mass into any shape he chooses.

The last episode on this disc is an important one: Darkness on the Edge of Town. It reveals plot points that will evolve over the course of the season. After all the mystery Shredder has been shrouded in in his first appearances we are finally thrown a bone and it is an intriging one to chew on (especially for we older fans, making us wonder how the mythology of this character is going to differ from his previous incarnations.) Yes, I know it has been revealed in Season 2, but I write SPOILER free reviews. Thank you very much. Plot concerns a black out that prompts the TMNT to enjoy skating above ground unnoticed; a rarity for mutant turtles apppartly. They happen to catch the Foot also taking advantage of this black out to rob a musuem of a rare sword. For what? Watch and see...

The extras are a retread from volume one save a new and insightful interview from Peter Laird for the unitiated concerning the episodes herein.

Again we are given a paltry 3 episodes (my reason for giving this 3 stars), but at the used market price it is worth it. Hopefully Funimation will wake up to the peanuts these things are selling for used and realize they will have to do a better job in the future.

Cartoons 9.5/10
DVD 6/10
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on July 20, 2004
Casey Jones is a hockey mask-wearing vigilante, who has lots of heart and very little self-control. The episode "Meet Casey Jones" starts with Raphael losing his temper, and almost seriously injuring one of his brothers during a practice session. Raph gets out of the lair and goes topside to clear his head. He comes upon a mugging being done by members of the Purple Dragon gang that is interrupted by a hockey mask wearing (of course) Casey Jones. Raphael winds up saving the Purple Dragon gang members from Casey's wrath. Eventually, Casey and Raph recognize each other as ill-tempered kindred souls. The start of a beautiful friendship.

The next episode "Nano" is where April meets Casey Jones. April displays a more than passing interest in Casey, until Casey makes one his stream of consciousness statements, and an argument between the two of them ensues. There doesn't seem to be an etiquette filter between Casey's brain and his mouth. After being introduced to Casey in the first two episodes of this tape, Casey is absent from "Darkness on the Edge of Town", but the placement of this episode maintains the sequence of the series' stories.

Although these three episodes are grouped as "Meet Casey Jones", Casey is not much of a factor in "Nano", and doesn't appear at all in "Darkness on the Edge of Town". The consistent theme in the episodes is technology. In "Meet Casey Jones", the Battle Shell (a refurbished armored truck) is in action, as well as the Shell-cycle (a motorcycle) Donatello made that is used by Raphael. "Nano" is a technological antagonist - nano-bots with a hive mind - the Turtles battle, and where the Turtles again use the Battle Shell and the Shell-cycle. "Darkness on the Edge of Town" is a techno-smorgasbord, with the Turtles using night vision goggles with built in telemetry, the Shell Cells (cell phones/walkie-talkies), and a hang-glider. The Turtles using this level of technology is from the original animated series, rather than the Mirage black and white comics.

The storylines for this animated series remain strong, and the animation is engaging and dynamic. I am very happy with this evolution of the saga of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
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on January 19, 2004
This is the second volume of the new TMNT series. A lot of plot points are introduced in these three episodes, including the Turtles' first encounter with vigilante Casey Jones, their discovery of some interesting secrets concerning their new lair, the construction of their Battle Shell assault vehicle, and the introduction of the mystical Sword of Tengu. The Turtles also encounter a microscopic robot known as the Nano, which leads to an above-average filler adventure. If you're a Turtles' fan, these episodes are essential viewing.
However, see if you can either rent this DVD or catch the re-runs on TV. 3 episodes a disc is a blatant rip-off. WB puts at least 4 episodes on its Batman/Justice League DVDs. Those are bad enough, but 3 is inexcusable. As much as I love the Turtles, I'm not wasting my money on these DVDs.
TMNT is a quality cartoon series. This DVD is not.
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on October 11, 2003
This is my favorite of the new TMNT volumes out, and it has Raphael and the rest of the group meet vigilante Casey Jones, who like Raph is a hothead, which causes Raph to confront his own hot-headed ways. And right after the Turtles gain this new ally they must deal with a nano-bot that's grown attached to a street-smart crook. One problem: In order to protect it's "daddy," the bot becomes more powerful... and BIGGER! The third volume has the green teens's second run-in with the Foot since the first episode, this time they have the power of this mystical sword. The DVD also introduces the Battleshell(think a hyped-up version of the Turtle Van from the first show). I think this volume is great... Mikey's still annoying, though.
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on August 8, 2005
ok first there are 3 episodes on this tape but why dooesn't the company at least put about maybe half of the episodes together??

maybe the tapes they used only take a few? i don't know anyway

the first episode on this one is "meet casey jones" and actually i think this show is funnier than the first one the turtles seem evolutionized from the old show the old show was funny but with them joking ALL the time i got kinda sick of it any way the episodes are "meet casey jones" "nano" and "darkness on the edge of town." the first one is funny with raph meeting someone as hot-headed as he is the second episode has a gigantic robot that eats everything in sight and getting bigger all the time the third one is with the beginning of the "sword of tengu" saga.
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on April 16, 2006
Ok, so the highlights from Volume two are the introduction of Casey Jones in the first episode on this disk. We also get a better look at the Purple Dragon gang as well. But I think the last episode on this disk is the best of the three. In Darkness on the Edge of Town, we get to see more of the Shredder! I think its interesting how the creaters of the show want to keep the viewers in as much anticipation as they are able. I found myself asking myself,"C'mon when's he gonna put on his Shredder armor and kick some turtle [...]," during this episode. And when you see Splinter's reaction when our green teens show him an important sword? Well, I can't say anymore. Pick this one up. You'll enjoy it.
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on March 14, 2007
i have seen the series i love it its new and has darker story line to each charcter rapheale has and edge and michaleangelo is actually funny in this series unlike the first turtles series can anyone tell me the differnace between this version and the uncut version of this dvd ive seen selling on ebay.?
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on October 30, 2006
this show is great and the old show was great by i only have one question:what happened to the old show? i can hardly stand it now when i watch the season sets!! for some reason i liked it when i was little but not now.
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on August 23, 2004
My son absolutely loves the ninja turtles. I rather him watch them than some of the other cartoons that are on tv now. I remember them from when I was young so the familiarity is there. Now I couldn't remember an episode of ninja turtles from the 80's to save my life but it doesn't matter cuz my son enjoys them and I do too. Of course he thinks it pretty neat that mom watched the ninja turtles when she was young too. Besides everything evolves with time to keep up with the Joneses. So I think it would be impractical to think that the same cartoons from almost 20 years ago would go as far as the newer ones.

(Even Mickey Mouse has new cartoons, which surely don't compete with the original but they have a new audience to sell to!)
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on September 14, 2005
ok first before i write about this show i want to compare the new and old shredder ok? first off:

1.the old shredder was an idiot he was annoying.

2.why didn't they kill him?

3.he didn't have enough armor to me,he had stupid pieces!

4.he didn't act intimidating.

darn it if they could have done the new shredder in the old show i would have liked him as a supervillian oh brother he was a total moron back then he was like a grown-up 2-year-old!so that's all and i can't think of anymore problems with the old show at this time.but the episodes on this tape are great i don't care if we don't have boxed sets now i can just track down my favorites!!!
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