Customer Reviews: Tegan's Blood (The Ultimate Power series Book 1)
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on February 7, 2012
You know when you pick up a novel and are so captivated that you stay up all night until it's read, well Tegan's Blood is one of those novels. I read it in one sitting. It's so well written and expertly delivered that it's impossible to stop once you start. When I cooked dinner, I had my Kindle read it to me (even with that awful monotone voice). When my eyes got tired, I did the same. I just could not put it down!

L.H. Cosway delivers a first-rate Urban Fantasy tale of vampires, magiks and humans in a strong narrative voice at a well controlled pace. The characters are developed skillfully so that we receive just the right amount of depth depending on their role in the story. This is the first novel in this series - The Ultimate Power - and it happens to be her very first novel she's written. But it's obvious by her talent that she's no amateur.

So about the story...
Unbeknownst to the human population, the city of Tribane is home to a whole array of supernaturals (vampires, dhamphirs (half human, half vampire), warlocks, sorcerers and slayers. There is strong animosity between the races so the city is divided down the middle with vampires on one side and dhamphirs, magiks and slayers on the other.

Tegan is human and struggling to come to grips after finding her boyfriend has committed suicide. Her grief is all consuming. Many months go by and her friends finally convince her to step outside her apartment again and go out to a bar with them.

Feeling anxious and that it's too much too soon, she steps outside to get some air and runs into the most frightening people she's ever met. They are strangely drawn to her for reasons unknown to either of them. These strangers are vampires and they try to put her under a compulsion spell to find out what's different about her. But when she doesn't react, their curiosity is piqued even more.

Meanwhile, in need of a job, Tegan stumbles into a store selling miscellaneous items of mystery. They sense Tegan has some kind of spell surrounding her so they offer her the job opening.

Hesitant to completely trust her new employer, she seeks the advice of an unlikely ally. With her help, she finds out the secret to why she is so appealing to both the vampires and the magic wielders alike - her blood is rare and holds special powers.

And so goes the mystery of determining who's genuine and who's only out to get what they can from her.

The Characters...
Our heroine, Tegan, is so lost and tormented in her grief that you just want to take care of her. She's shy and seems to be easily led at first; however, she shows trickles of inner strength as the novel progresses. She's like the girl next door that is unpretentious and completely likeable. I found myself caring about Tegan and rooting for her to heal and take control of her life.

True to real like, the healing process is a hard one and I like that the author lets Tegan actually struggle to come to terms with what's happened making Tegan's character more believable and compelling. She doesn't forget everything that's happened right after meeting the hero of the story, Ethan. Tegan gets from Point A to Point B at just the right pace. Not once did I think this is too much or it's taking too long.

Our hero, Ethan, is the owner of the club where Tegan and her friends went. He is a powerful vampire and I found him to be a good mix of good and bad. You can see that he has the potential to be a bad boy, however, in this first novel, he was so full of understanding for Tegan's grief he showed a very caring side. He takes time letting her adjust to everything she just discovered. He wasn't pushy but he wasn't about to let her get away either. He fell hard for her even before he knew about her special blood.

There were other memorable supporting characters that are brilliantly depicted. Since they are key to the story, we get to see a little background on each.
* Loud and obnoxious, Rita tends to put most people on the defensive. She has no credibility among the city's magic wielders mostly because of her bad attitude. However, it's mainly because of their engrained bias against anyone who isn't from the exclusive all-powerful magic families.
* We are introduced to Tegan's loyal array of friends who loves her deeply and is key to getting her out of her state of depression.
* Gabriel and Delilah both are dhamphirs, however on opposite sides.
* Finn is a slayer whose loyalties seem to be still in question.
* Lucas is Ethan's pushy bodyguard who likes to stir up trouble.
* Antonia is manipulative and power-hungry wife of the Governor of vampires.

So what will the future hold?
When I'm finished a novel in a series, my mind is still spinning with what ifs and what's next. I can't wait to see which way the author decides to take this series especially in a new series where the possibilities are endless.
* Will Tegan work through her issues and give Ethan a chance?
* After all that's happened, what will things be like in Tribane? Will they remain the same or will there be some sort of alliance between the races?
* Since this first novel was setting the stage for the series, it focused a lot on Tegan. We didn't get a whole lot of Ethan's history and I'm sure there's a lot to tell. So, what will be revealed about him as the series continues?
* Will Antonia become Governor and if so how will she rule the vampires given her penchant for evil?
* What role will Rita and Gabriel play in the new world?

It's all so exciting!!

Bottom Line
In my opinion, this novel is a great introduction to a new series - The Ultimate Power. The author has set the stage for a great story, created believable characters and delivered it using a very strong narrative voice. There was not one thing I didn't like about this novel. I hear that Book #2 is due out this April and I can't wait to find out what happens next!!

Happy Reading!!

Absolutely Loved It!!!!!
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on March 7, 2012
Hands down, this is my favourite book so far this year. Tegan's voice grabbed me from the first page and I couldn't stop reading.

This novel is told in the present tense, something I usually dislike, but somehow it worked for me in Tegan's Blood. When we first meet her, Tegan is an emotional mess. Her boyfriend's suicide a couple of months ago has rendered her a prisoner in her own apartment. She is afraid to go outside, drinks too much, and is generally not looking after her physical or emotional wellbeing. Her good friend Nicky determines that enough is enough, and forces her out on a girls' night to the club Crimson, a Goth-type vampire bar. The vampire persona is not just a theme; the place is run by Ethan Cristescu "a beautiful bastard" in Tegan's words, and a powerful vamp of Romanian heritage, naturally. He quickly sets his sights on her, and not unlike Sookie Stackhouse from the Charlaine Harris books, Tegan suddenly finds herself immersed in the deadly world of vampire politics.

The setting is Tribane, a city divided by the Hawthorne River; I'm guessing this is a fictional place located in England given the references to Tesco and pounds. I loved Tegan's dark sense of humour and the major flirting and innuendos going on between her and Ethan. Tegan's down-to-earth nature and normality reeled me in straight away, and I sped through the novel. She's quite self-deprecating and unaware of what a cool woman she is. She's also brazen in her own way, like how she slyly nabs the job at the occult shop, Indigo. I could easily relate to Tegan and laughed at how similar our Saturday nights are: queuing to get into a club, having the girls behind her bitch when her friends skip the queue, fumbling in her bag to find her passport for the bouncers, ordering an unclassy alcopop like Bacardi Breezer at the bar... That's my basic Saturday night! If all that wasn't enough to make me love this book, Buffy gets an entire chapter named after her. What Would Buffy do?

And of course, no paranormal romance read would be worth much without a hot male lead. Ethan is strong and commanding, patient but authoritative, and he meets his match in Tegan. There's also wicked imagery running through this novel. The images of the house rising out of the ground on Ridley Island, and the carnival lit up at night with all the rides going but no one on them, were both vivid and disturbing. I did notice a few slight errors in the text, but they didn't take away from the beauty of this book which I cannot recommend enough. Tegan's Blood is the first novel of 2012 that I have absolutely loved. Bring on part two: Tegan's Return.
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on July 9, 2012
I really enjoyed this book, but it wasn't gripping. I like Tegan as a character and as the narrator; she is believable and does a good job of getting the reader to try to understand her. Some of the other characters are well developed and others seem a little flat, but it worked. In my opinion the world building could have been worked on a bit because it felt a little shoddy at some points.

The first half of the book was a lot better than the second half. The second half felt a little rushed and I didn't really feel like part of the "big climax". There were pieces of the story that were confusing for me, in that I didn't see how or where they fit, but eventually they came together and none of my questions were left unanswered.

While this book is part of a series, it can stand on its own. As I previously said all my questions were answered and the conflict seems to be resolved, however I can see how a reader would want to know "what happens next?".
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on November 14, 2014
This was okay. Tegan was not my favorite. She told everyone everything. She was strong one minute and then (in my opinion) did ridiculous things in the next.

There is pining for the boyfriend, Matthew, that committed suicide in her bathtub. I was not able to connect with Tegan and Ethan, the hero. There were limited amount of scenes with them. I felt like this book did a lot of background and set-up for the rest of the books in the series. Not sure yet if I will read the other books in the series.

I have loved each and every one of L.H. Cosway books and was excited to read this paranormal. I am not sure if the heroine improves in the following books.
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on June 29, 2012
This book put a refreshing spin on the topic of vampires. Great plotline, wonderfully intriguing characters and the book was FREE! No complaints here. I loved the main character. Unlike the majority of vampire books, she remained slightly fearful of the nature of vampires. She is full of sass and never comes up short for a sarcastic remark. This book easily gets a 5 star rating.
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on July 17, 2014
This female lead character is written in much the same vein (no pun intended) as the wilting, sometimes heroines of the bad romantic gothic of yesteryear. At times she actually displayed a little sense before completing a 180 in the very next sentence. This, of course, results in a TSTL heroine for most of the book. I won't be purchasing the remainder of this series because I don't care what does or doesn't happen to Tegan. Now, Rita is a different story--a charming and interesting character. The story improved by leaps and bounds when she was on the page. Too bad Rita wasn't the lead.
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on October 20, 2012
Tegan's Blood (The Ultimate Power Series #1)
I made it thru 58% of this book. And it was ok. Nothing special but somewhat interesting. My problem is with Tegan. She is not a teen. She is not under compulsion. She is told not to trust anyone especially vampires. She knows nearly everyone wants to kill or capture her. But she trusts everyone including the vamps. I got frustrated with her stupidity. So maybe I'll pick this story up another time.
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on April 23, 2015
Ok… Let’s enter the world of Tegan. Tegan is a normal girl who is going through some personal issues. One of those issues is losing her boyfriend to suicide. She just can’t cope with losing her boyfriend of 10 months and not understanding why. Eventually, well at the end, that information is revealed and she sees how and why this happened the way it did.

She ends up going to Club Crimson with her friends and meets this intoxicating guy name Ethan. Ethan is trying on every hand to become more than friend with Tegan. But she isn’t having that. I think Ethan has a lot of secrets he is not telling. And Tegan is thrown into his world, but also a world that is divided between Vampires, Warlocks, and Witches etc…

Lucus and Dilaha are very interesting. I hope we get a little more background and information on both of them. I want to see what’s going to happen with Lucus and Amanda’s relationship. If you can call that a relationship.

Wish we could have gotten a little more action, background into this story. It just seemed to have left out a lot of details. So I guess I will have to see what will play out in the next installment.

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!
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on October 17, 2014
Teagan’s Blood

This book was better than I thought it would be. I had never read a book by this author, plus it is a British novel so I was a little nervous. It was not disappointing though.

Teagan was slightly annoying at times with the decisions that she made. They seemed like horrible ones, but it wasn’t too bad. Also I skimmed the parts where she was freaking out that vampires were real because it annoys me. I really liked the character growth and development in this book. I think several characters grow a lot from when you first meet them. The relationships all seem to make a lot of progress, which I liked.

The guy was good. Every time he talked I kept thinking of him looking like Eric from TruBlood since he owned a night club. I really liked he was so protective of her it was cute. There were some fun confrontations between him and other people that were entertaining which was fun.

The plot was good. It was definitely set up for a sequel. I actually liked that she made her own decisions *****spoiler ahead****** and left. However, I think she should have gone farther. Also the map was very confusing because she said she went across the world or halfway across the world and was in England, so was she supposed to be in America or Australia? I was just very confused because I was basing the location off of language clues and the money that she used since they never say where she is, but maybe I am wrong? I just had to disregard the location because it was so unclear and confusing.

Overall I give it a 3.5 out of 5.
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on July 16, 2013
Teagan is a grief stricken middle aged adult who (little to her knowledge) lives in a city with all sorts of supernatural; a city that is divided down the middle by a river. One side is houses the vampires, the other side houses half-vampires, magic-welders, and vampire hunters.
After a few months of well deserved grief over her now-dead boyfriend, Teagan's best friend forces her to attend a new club. Here enters bad-boy club owning vampire, Ethan.
Teagan gains the attention of not only the vampires of the city, but the half-vamps, magic-welders, hunters, and the extremely creepy Sorcerer. Why? Teagan has special and very rare blood. Blood her mother tried to keep hidden. Blood that could be the end if in the hands of the wrong person.

Teagan is very likable, with an extremely fresh attitude, even while mourning. I found her hilarious and refreshing. Ethan also has a sarcastically witty personality, and when the two began to learn more about each other it often ends in a battle of wills, much to my entertainment!

While I loved the characters witty-ness, I could not rate this higher than a 3. I felt there could have been so much more to this story. The climax happens at the very end of this book - it wasn't what I expected - way to short and predictable with little action involved. I was so sure the climax would happen with a BANG.

All in all, it was a decent read for a free book.
Would I recommend it to people searching for paranormal books on a tight budget? Yes.
Would I recommend it for readers who are looking for a stay-up-all-night-remarkable story? No.
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