Customer Reviews: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3
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on September 11, 2012
After the disappointing Tekken 6 and the meh style of Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2) sets the bar high for fighting games. Not only does it have a roster of over 50 characters (and counting thanks to FREE DLC), the gameplay and graphics are aesthetic at best(I believe it uses the same graphic engine as Tekken 6). TTT2 creater Katsuhiro Harada listened as fans took Twitter to ask for their favorite Tekken characters to be brought back. Guess who's back? Jun, Alex, Michelle Chang, Angel, and Prototype Jack from Tekken 2. Forest Law is back from Tekken 3 just to name a few of the characters. The stages are a little reminiscent of Dead or Alive as far as being multi-tiered. The tag throws are much of an improvement from the first TTT and the tag assaults are the cherry on top! Here are the some of the modes:
Arcade - similar run through of TTT2 in the arcades. Just like Tekken 6, these are offline ranked matches. You fight through opponents until you reach the boss battles - Jinpachi & Heihachi, True Ogre, Jun & Unknown. By defeating these characters, you unlock endings for your fighters. BTW, you can have 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1, or 1 vs 2 battles.*UPDATE* There is no story line to this game. It's pretty much a non-cannon dream match(kinda like King of Fighters '98 & 2002).
Ghost Battle - similar style to Tekken 6 with ranked matches (finally, you don't have to play online matches in order to get past 1st Dan!). You can also unlock customized items for your characters (i.e. the golden matches[hint hint]).
Vs Battle - not much to say about this mode...
Team Attack - the same style as all of the Tekken games
Time Attack - how fast can you defeat the game?
Survival - how long can you last?
Practice - to polish up on combos and tag attacks
Pair Play - you can form 2 vs 2 teams with a partner
Fight Lab - you play as Combot(from Tekken 4) to go through beginners' training and play some of the most strangest(but fun) battles. The more you progress, you more you can unlock items and gain more Gs(in-game money)
Customize - you can customize your characters to you liking(BTW, the game gives you 10 slots per character which gives you many options!). There are vast options to choose from & you can also customize rage colors & fight panels (the display for you characters during the vs screen)
Tekken Tunes - so get this: you can customize the stage music to you liking. I'm talking about your favorite songs: tracks from your CDs, mp3s, all of the good stuff. *UPDATE* I've finally added some of my favorite dance/pop songs and it makes the stages much better. It's definitely something worth experimenting with!
Ranked Match - pretty self-explanatory. Play through matches to raise you rank
Player Match
To keep it nice & simple, this is a must have for all Tekken fans and hardcore fighting game fans (like myself). Also, if you pre-order through Amazon or GameStop, you'll receive DLC characters (Angel, Michelle, Ancient Ogre, and Kunimitsu - all four from GameStop and Michelle and Angel through Amazon), the Snoop Dogg stage, and the Big Bikini Bundle which has over 100 costumes. Get you copy and GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE! What are you waiting for?!
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on October 1, 2012
After having a pretty mediocre Tekken 6, and lots of unsatisfying fighting games in-between, I could definitely say that this was the best fighting game I've played in a long time. Harada-san definitely listened to his fans on this one and has made the dream game we've wanted since the original Tekken Tag Tournament.

The gameplay mechanics builds up on Tekken 6's bound moves, where you can switch partners to continue a combo. One usage is Tag Assault, where you switch with your partner to continue a combo after a bound. This puts the opponent in Rage, however, and should be used wisely. There is also Tag Crash, which you can use to break your opponent's combo, but takes away the health you regenerate. So there is strategy involved with using these. The damage is also adjusted, so that you can still do a reasonable amount of damage without having to resort to using juggle combos like in Tekken 6. It gives players the choice to play old-school along with the new mechanics. In VS, you can do 1v1, 2v2, and even 1v2. There is also a mode called Pair Play which allows 4 players to play at once.

TTT2 has many of the same modes previous Tekken games had: Ghost Mode, VS Mode, Arcade Mode, Practice Mode, Survival, Time Attack, and Team Battle. A new mode called Fight Lab serves as a tutorial to new comers to the franchise. The mode introduces a very quirky story involving Lee Chaolan's alter ego Violet, who trains Combot into the ultimate fighting robot. You go through the techniques they teach you with some hilarious mini-games of sorts, and earn money for customization. As you go through the Fight Lab, you also gain techniques from other characters that you can use to customize your Combot's moveset, making him your own unique fighter. Its a very interesting way to teach the mechanics to new players. Customization has expanded since Tekken 6 and the items cost less now.


The graphics are definitely a step-up from Tekken 6. Character models were completely done from scratch. The stages are more vivid and grand than ever before. When fighting, you also get dirty while falling on the ground, so little details like that are a nice touch. There are once again multi-tiered stages, with some having balcony breaks.


The Tekken franchise has always been one of the few fighting game franchises where I have actually enjoyed listening to their music. And this soundtrack serves as one of the best soundtracks I have heard in a long time. All of the music really adds to the stages they are featured in, and really pumps you up for a good fight. Nothing better than having a fantastic track to listen to while pummeling your opponent to the ground. And if the tracks don't float your boat, then TTT2 allows you to change the track for different stages using the Tekken Tunes. This is a very handy feature for those who aren't satisfied with certain music tracks, but really, the soundtrack is fantastic as it is. For the voices, Tekken now features more characters speaking in their Native tongue. Eddy Gordo and Christie now speak Portugese, Leo speaks German, Miguel speaks Spanish, and Lili speaks French. A very nice diversity, and certainly adds to the characters. The sound effects also make it feel more like a fight, and you feel satisfied when you get that punch in.


While Tekken 6 failed horribly with its online, TTT2 remedies that with a fantastic online play. Using a modified version of Soul Calibur V's net code, you can play with anyone around the world with little to no lag. Most of the time, I've gotten 4 or 5 bars, and very rarely get lower than that. The only disappointing thing is that you can't use Pair Play online to team with another player.


TTT2 is the best entry in the series by far. It contains over 50 characters, with more coming with free DLC, which means you won't have a shortage of characters to use. The gameplay is well-balanced despite the wide cast. There is a great load of content that will keep you going for months. Online is better than ever before, and the music is godly. Perhaps my only gripe is that there is no mini game like Tekken Bowl, but that is forgivable as Tekken is a fighting game first. While newcomers will feel a little overwhelmed by the difficulty of the game and by the veterans online, the Fight Lab does a great job at showing them the ropes. If you have been a longtime Tekken fan or want a rewarding and enjoyable fighting game, then look no further. This IS the Fighting Game of the Year.
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on October 11, 2013
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is by no means a bad game. It's a very polished experience, with a lot of depth and a lot to master. It seems to have a decent community, and the online servers are stable, with very little lag. You will of course run into a little lag, as with most games, but it wasn't a huge problem for me.

There is a lot of customization for the characters, and it has one massive line up. 50 + Characters, I believe. The "story mode" is mostly there as a tutorial, which basically tasks you with powering up your Com Bot, so it can learn more movies. You can customize this character to have a number of different character's moves. It's a nice touch, but most players already have established favorites, and will want to use those characters. You still have the standard single player modes, Arcade, Time Trial, and Survival, but make no mistake, this game is meant to be played online or with friends.

The 3 star rating I am giving is based mostly on the fact that while it feels like Tekken, it seems as though the series has become a little more convoluted with each entry. It's not forgiving to new players, and as said before, it takes quite a bit to master. Personally, I found the game to be just a tad bit disappointing.
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on October 14, 2012
Hey, if you're a tekken fan, or even just a little, you should get this. Some stages are a reminder of the first installment (TTT for PS2), even close up graphics are great, the fighting sequence just as good or even better than the first. I've heard some complain about the difficulty, if you've played TTT for the PS2, u should find last stage and gameplay overall to be a breeze, even on medium difficulty. So wat r u still doing reading this review, go get this game
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on October 16, 2012
I have been a long term Tekken fans since Tekken3~
Since the previous version of tekken. (Tekken 6)
Harada has push the game to the whole new level~
I was hardly think of any Tekken franchise can be better than Tekken 6.
but Harada has prove again! They even do better than that!!!
I do understand some people complain abt the long juggling in Tekken game.
with all do respect, I think its all depends on ur fighting style.
I definitely is one of the big fan of the juggling combo~
it makes you observe the position in the stage better. then target for the huge wall combo.
Here comes the tag combo. The tag2 is even more intense than the very first tekken tag.
There are more variety tag combo you can do. and definitely involve more strategy.
Compare to Tekken 6. The graphic are significantly better. + more characters and new challengers.
Online connection is a blessed!!! I feel a bit lag or no lag at all!!!

I am really amazed by how smooth online fighting game can be, especially a complex 3D fighting game as Tekken!
it is definitely one of the best fighting game after SF4 and Tekken 6.
just get it. I am sure it will not let you down!!! ;)
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on November 25, 2012
The title says it all! find me another fighting game that has more realistic moves! Virtua Fighter has only a few characters (drunken master, crane guy, and shaolin guy) that move realistically, dead or alive is for boob junkies (and the girls have all similar moves). what else is 3d? Nothing beats tekken tag 2, so much content, show me another fighting game that has this many characters, with each having that many moves! Fluid animation, pretty good graphics, good netcode, i havent experienced lag, playing online is free on the ps3, ps3 is a superior controller for fighting and racing games compared to xbox360 controller. and the level of cutomization, come on, this should keep any figthting game fan busy for months! a true gem!
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on July 12, 2013
I followed the series since Tekken 2 and up. I loved each release between Tekken 2 to Tekken 5 and spent several hours, days, months trying to perfect my combos so that I could play people at the local arcades. My enthusiasm for the series soon dissolved with the release of Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6 (Wasn't super enthusiastic about Tekken 4 either...). Much of my launchers were nerfed since Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6 felt too button masher friendly for my liking. Being a long time fan of the series and still wanting to support Namco, I picked up a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I remember loving Tekken Tag and picked up Tekken Hybrid to experience the thrill of the game again. Much to my surprise, Tekken Tag 2 lives up to the reputation that Tekken Tag made for itself. The gameplay is solid, the combos flow really well, and the entire roster (minus Gon) appears to be available. My buddy and I found ourselves spending several hours on this game trying to figure out new air combos to 1 up each other.

If you are a fan of fighting games or liked any of the older Tekken releases, don't look over this gem.
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on April 20, 2015
Hello, I haven't written a review in a while but here it goes.
TTT2 is a tag fighting game by our lovely people ar Namco. First I'll start with this important information YOU MUST BUY A NEW GAME IF YOU WANT AN UNUSED CODE, if you don't you have to buy one from the PSN store and the World Tekken Federation is also closed now, but you can do the standard ranked mode and player matches as well.
Pros: -Has a new enhanced engine based off of Tekken 6
-Fun extra modes are included like Fight Lab
- Has plenty of modes like survival, time attack, online, offline, character customization
- Beautiful art style and graphics engine as well as physics
Cons:- If you buy a used copy (I bought a new copy) you have to buy the online pass
A further note, if you want to get better at this game take time to practice, mashing is okay at first but remember there is a practice mode my fellow Tekken players, this game is easy to pick up, but to get better try to invest your time into 2 characters and just put some man hours into it, there are plenty of tutorials online so enjoy!
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on February 4, 2016
TTT2 is one of two games in Tekken not canonical to the series' storyline surrounding the Mishima clan feud. Like TTT1, TTT2 allows the player to choose up to two characters to battle at the arenas with a quick switch between the two at any time. The best part of the two characters is a strike can be accompanied by an additional hit by your second character during the switch, which is very entertaining. The overall graphics is very illuminating, the lighting is a bit strong to a point. Some character alterations include the young Heihachi Mishima, Jinpachi Mishima not in his ghost or flame mode from Tekken 5 and 6. The characters also have different voice as each speaks in their native language rather than in English or Japanese in the main series. Highly recommended to any fighting gamers.
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on September 26, 2012
This Tekken is sure Fire and a must have for any fan of its genre. Keep bringing that Great console gaming. Really Really wish street fighter would stick to their 2d roots and bring another back, because tekken sticks to their 3d roots and are off the chart!
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