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on March 5, 2011
This product was non-stick for the first few uses, then gradually got worse. I would say a non-seasoned cast iron skillet would work better. Save your $$.
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on May 12, 2011
I gave it a one star because I couldn't go lower. Food sticks to it worse than a stainless steel pan. The company said for me to re season the pan. I did both pans exactly as they said. The food stuck. Redid them twice more.Food still stuck. If you cook eggs, you will have to submerge them in water for about 30 minutes to wash the stuck on eggs out.They must have used silicon spray on these pans to make the commercial. I tried using oil,butter,and pam with the same poor results.The pots have 100% satisfaction guarantee except it will cost you 30$ to mail back the 40$ pans. Seems like a scam to me. Do not buy these pans.
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on May 5, 2011
I don't know how the pan really works, but I had a negative experience with the company itself so my review is regarding this.

I went to their website and put this pan in my cart. It had me enter my credit card information, and then I clicked next, expecting it to go to a page where I could confirm my order. It went to offer after offer, trying to make me upgrade to more pans. Finally, I got sick of it and exited the page.

A few minutes later I got a confirmation saying that I had purchased not only the pan, but a "free" gift which I had to pay about $7 shipping for. I did not want that, and it never gave me the option to reject the gift so I called the company immediately and told the woman I wanted to cancel my order. She tried to get me to but the pan without the "free" gift, but I said no, so she told me she would put a note in to cancel it.

About a week later, the pan arrived in the mail, and I noticed that my card had been charged for the pan and "free" gift. I called the company to say that I had cancelled my order, and that this should have never been sent. I told them I did not want to pay the shipping to send it back because I, first of all, did not confirm to order it, and secondly, cancelled it immediately when I saw that it had gone through.

She told me that the computer says I cancelled it on April 5th, after it had been sent. This is not true, because I called 5 minutes after I received the receipt in my email on March 30th. She said sorry, there was nothing she could do, if I wanted I could send it back and get refunded for the price of the item but not the shipping.

I ended up filing a claim with my bank and giving the box back to the post office as a "Return to Sender," so that I wouldn't have to pay shipping. They ended up refunding the entire charge (which is why they get 2 stars instead of 1) but if I had not been so determined to not let them make me pay shipping, I could have easily paid $20 worth of shipping charges for something I didn't even commit to ordering.

P.S. I hate writing bad reviews. I only wrote this so that other people don't get scammed like I almost did.
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on June 15, 2010
Seasoned as directed but did not make food slide around like the commercial. Food STICK but cleans up easily with damp cloth (may require a little elbow grease).

Don't know what they did in the commercial to make everything slide around but in my kitchen it don't work that way. I bought it for that reason and the high heat capabilities but no matter what temperature you cook at, it will still STICK. Maybe they used a non-stick spray before filming the commercial and didn't tell us.

I give it one star because it's easier to clean than my old non-stick pans.

If you want a pan that is easy to clean, then this pan is for you but if you want a pan that's so non-stick the food slide around, keep looking.

By the way, this price is an intro price. If you want more be prepared to pay over $100 per pan and pot for something that is not as non-stick as you may expect.
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on January 2, 2012
Brought it because it was guarantee non-stick. It worked at first, but after a week, the food started sticking and now there is a black residue covering half the pan, which I have tried scrubbing off but doesn't work. Do not buy this pan!! It's been 2 weeks now and the food sticks to the pan and the black residue makes the pan sticky.
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on November 7, 2011
I was sucked in by the infomercial. It took months to deliver the trial pan. I carefully seasoned it as per instructions. within 1 week of use 1/3 of the surface turned black. no amount of scrubbing with a sponge can remove it. the handle became loose within 1 week as well. after 1 month of use scratches appeared in the coating. I used only plastic and wood utensils. This product is basically crap. stay away!!!!!!
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on June 27, 2010
The weight is actually better than I thought it was going to be, but it certainly doesn't do what it says in the advertisement. I followed the directions carefully and seasoned it, but everything still sticks. You still need to use some kind of oil. It cleans up pretty easily, but even so I would pretty much charge them with deceptive advertising if I could be bothered. This pan is going to the thrift store.
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on January 3, 2012
I seasoned the pan very carefully according to the instructions. The pan worked fine for about 2 months. One day food started to stick to the pan. I tried several times to season the pan again, but it didn't work. The bottom of the pan is stained brown and everything sticks to it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 26, 2011
The sales guy at Walgreens tried to warn me about this pan. I would not listen. It was only $20. I only wanted it for a dedicated egg pan. The sales guy told me to get another pan, the one I selected was chipped. They are not suppose to chip. About 75% of the pans were chipped or had a spot of greenic stuff missing on the rim in the stack. I should have listened....

I get the pan home. I wash as directed, let dry about two hours, wipe with oil as directed and place on medium heat til it lightly smoked and let it cool off before using. I used the next morning.

I used a light coating of oil before placing on medium heat. Broke the eggs and started to cook. They stuck horribly. Any place the eggs touched, they stuck to the pan. I could not even get them off with the spatula. I was able to wash them out without too much trouble. I tried again without oil, even worse. I tried with PAM and same story. At this point, I am out of eggs. I tried Johnsonville sausages, they stuck also. Where they touched the pan, they left a black residue that was more difficult to wash off. At this point, the pan went into the garbage. I would have returned it to Walgreens but I was too ashamed to face the sales guy that tried his best to warn me.

Also, the pan states it works on all cooking does NOT work on induction ranges. I have a single burner Duxtop induction device that I prefer to use.

This was the second worst pan I have ever bought for cooking eggs. The worst is the Todd English Green Pan. It stuck even worse and the customer service for Todd English was just as bad as the pan.
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on October 5, 2010
I purchase this at the orgreenic website. However the marketing strategy is very deceptive.

It is advertise at $19.99 plus shipping. There is also a free chopper and an orgreenic cookbook. During my checkout, each step take me to a webpage that make me accept an offer automatically.

The first offer was a complete orgreenic cookware set for hundreds of dollars. If I did not pay attention, I would have click accept and end up paying hundreds of dollars for the complete orgreenic cookware set. After noticing that the page offer was for a complete cookware set, I deselect the automatic offer and go onto the next page. Each page after that automatically selected a lesser cookware set offer. I deselect all automatic selection of cookware set until I finally got the one 9" orgreenic pan for $19.99. Of course the pan offer automatically included the chopper free with payment of shipping cost. I can not deselect the so call free chopper so I accepted the offer without knowing my final cost. Once I accepted the offer, the final cost was $38.

Beside the deceptive marketing scheme, there is the other character mark posted by other reviewers here on Amazon that I will verified. They are:

1. The ceramic nonstick surface is not as nonstick as advertised. Food stick on the surface. And the juice from the food will caramel and stick to the pan surface.

2. The ceramic surface is easy to clean. Just use a nonmetalic scrubber and the food will comes off leaving the ceramic surface in clean smooth condition.

3. The ceramic surface is very durable.

4. The pan stated 9" but my 10" glass cover fits over the pan thus a standard 10" cover can be use on this item

5. The ceramic surface seems to radiate far infrared heat thus make the cooked food tastier for some reason.

Because of the deceptive marketing & the sticky surface, I gave it 1 star. But the durable & easy to clean ceramic surface gave it 1 bonus star. Thus I gave it 2 stars.

10/24/2010 Update

It seems that my review of the non-stick surface was premature. The non-stick surface does seems to do its' job decently enough.

The reason it stick earlier is because I was cooking honey canadian bacon. The sugar in the honey will caramel & stick to the surface.

So it seems the non-stick surface does work, rating at average. There are other non-stick surface that is much better but the ceramic durability makes it more desirable. Thus I have gave 1 extra star from my original rating.

However I would still not recommend this product, as there are other nonstick cookware that works much better such as Safepan.
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