Essentials by Genre: Television

Television Essentials: TV Crime

The Wire
Over the years, TV has dished up many a memorable car chase, bank robbery, shady deal, and forensic riddle. We've compiled the following must-see dramas that brought the mean streets to your living room. See our Essential TV Crime DVDs, including:

Essential TV Crime DVDs

Television Essentials: British TV

The Office
The Brits are known for many things--high tea, royalty, posh lifestyles--but the greatest export from the isle has got to be their television. The British may have a staid reputation, but their programming is hip, edgy, and wonderful. From cult favorites of the 1960s to the off-the-wall humor of Monty Python and modern dramas that put American prime-time programming to shame, we've culled the best of the best of British television for our collection of Essential British TV DVDs, including:

Essential British TV DVDs