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4.0 out of 5 stars No, it's not like the old stuff... But it's not bad.
I'm going to start this by quoting one of the reviewers below (dklotusjuggalo... whose original review apparently got deleted), who hit the nail right on the head with this comment... "Of course, not everything has to be wicked, but after "Shangri-La" AND "The Calm" AND "The People," I think the Juggalos are ready to go back to the Wicked Shxt, not J singing over a...
Published on March 21, 2007 by J. Miller

1.0 out of 5 stars worst icp album :(
I will say this I love icp, they are very dedicated to their fans and their music is very different then others. This album in my opinion is sadly the worst I've heard :( although they did include a poster and patch that you can sew on things. As I said love em but nothin in the album stands out for me. Bang POW boom is the best :)
Published 19 months ago by Mitchell

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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars No, it's not like the old stuff... But it's not bad., March 21, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
I'm going to start this by quoting one of the reviewers below (dklotusjuggalo... whose original review apparently got deleted), who hit the nail right on the head with this comment... "Of course, not everything has to be wicked, but after "Shangri-La" AND "The Calm" AND "The People," I think the Juggalos are ready to go back to the Wicked Shxt, not J singing over a piano." Right on brother. And that's exactly what I was thinking before even purchasing this album. I've been a juggalo since 1997 and I still consider Riddlebox and Milenko my favorite ICP albums. They were not only the pinnacle of the wicked shxt, but also contained originality, great story telling, and production that was right on par with the carnival/horror theme.

Since then, there has been lots of material that I have still liked from ICP, but nothing that I would consider to be as good as the time frame from Ringmaster to Milenko. The Amazing Jeckle Brothers was a very good album... Bizaar/Bizzar was mediocre, but still had some redeeming qualities... Shangri-La was the first time that I felt ICP really let me down with an album... Hells Pit was an improvement, but still nowhere near the quality of the old stuff... and The Calm had a few good tracks, but it seemed like something that should be given away for free on the Internet rather than being justified as an actual release.

That being said, obviously my expectations weren't through the roof for The Tempest. I realize that ICP will never be like they were back in the day and I also don't want to be one of these juggalos that just complains that the music "doesn't sound like it used to," because I realize that artists are always going to branch into new territory and experiment with new sounds... plus nobody wants a carbon-copy of their old material anyway. So I went into The Tempest with an open mind and I'd have to say that this is favorite ICP record since Jeckle Brothers. Do some songs suck? Yes. Did they abandon the happy/friendly garbage (a-la "Homies")? No... but they also didn't make a whole album with tracks like that either. This is definitely an experimental album and about 2/3rds of the songs work. Here is my track-by-track breakdown:

1. The Sky is Falling - Just an intro, not worth rating.

2. Ride the Tempest - (A) - This reminds me of the old school. When I heard this it gave me that "yes, they're back" feeling and it has the perfect carnival beat to get you pumped up for the album. Can't wait for them to open with this song on the Tempest tour!

3. Alley Rat - (C) - OK, so this song starts off good and I actually like the verses and production. But as soon as the chorus hits, the song is just ruined. I personally wish they would never rap about being "scrubby"... lame. On a side note, that guitar/banjo noise in here sounds like something out of "Desperado" or another movie from the Rodriguez/Tarantino collection... definitely my favorite part of the song.

4. Haunted Bumps - (B) - The key word in the song is "bumps"... listen to this one in a good system and you won't be disappointed because the beat bangs! The chorus is kind of catchy too, even though it does sound a little lazy. Only J raps on this one and he basically does a good job... pretty good track overall.

5. Growing Again - (A-) - Listen to this one a few times before passing judgment because it definitely gets better after a couple spins. For me, this is an example of good "happy" ICP music. The beat is solid and the song just has a nice feel to it, even if the subject matter is a little cheesy. The chorus will grow on you like herpes.

6. Hum Drum Boogie - (D-) - This is the first track that falls completely flat. As the ninja below stated, Violent J should NOT sing... if he does, it should be in moderation on a darker song. Everything about this one just sucks.

7. I Do This - (D+) - When I heard this as the first single, I got very worried. It's "Homies" all over again with an equally "non-heterosexual" chorus. Songs like this are not why I listen to ICP. If Shangri-La is your favorite ICP album, you will probably love it though.

8. What About Now - (A+) - I love this song, straight up. The message is about how music used to mean something, but nowadays it just sucks. Great raps, great beat, great chorus. Not really classic ICP, but a great new sound.

9. Watch My Ride - (A+) - Another great tune. The first time I listened to this I thought to myself, "Who actually asks somebody to watch their ride?". But then I just suspended reality for a few minutes and enjoyed this song for what it was. Great beat, classic Psy chorus, and funny raps. Makes me think about Corey Haim in "License to Drive" for some odd reason.

10. News at 6 O'Clock - (A) - I like this one a lot too and the subject matter is perfect for J and Shaggy to work with. Extremely catchy chorus and it does have an old school feel to it. Shaggy outshines J on this song.

11. The Tower - (C+) - Many people seem to like to verses more than the chorus here, but for me it is the other way around. The chorus actually has a wicked feeling to it, where as the raps sound rushed and don't have a polished sound. Just my opinion, but either way it's not one of the album's best.

12. The Party - (A-) - I love the scratching by DJ Clay and Shaggy and the production on this track is fantastic. It seems like Shaggy's solo tracks w/o J are always awesome.

13. Bxtch I Lied - (B) - This is a standard funny ICP song. Overall I like it... pretty creative chorus too.

14. Play My Song - (A-) - Here is another great track that grows on you after a few listens. The verses in this song are the closest thing to the old school wicked shxt on the whole album... but the chorus is far from it. If the chorus was a little bit better, this had potential to be the best song on the album.

15. Mexico City - (C+) - Where do I start? If you're looking for something different, look no further. I don't even really know what to say about this one because this just doesn't seem like a sound or topic that ICP would ever touch. Rather than tell you what I don't like, I'll just say that it is original and keep it at that.

16. If I Was a Serial Killer - (C-) - This is worst "juggalo anthem" song that ICP has ever made. Once again, J should not sing... especially like this. If you manage to make it through the first three minutes or so, the song does pick up some steam. Remember when ICP ended albums with classic songs like "Pass Me By" and "I'm Comin' Home"? You won't find anything like that here. A disappointing ending to an album that should have gone out with a bang. And I can't imagine they would even attempt to perform this song live... we'll see!

In conclusion, if you're a juggalo you are going to buy this anyway, so who cares what I think. This is just one opinion from a long-time juggalo. No matter what ICP puts out on CD, I'll always love them for their older material and concerts anyway... not to mention the creation of the wicked underground! Can't wait for the Tempest tour with Twiztid!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Still The Best!, March 26, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
I know ICP has been gettin dissed a bit for this one, but I love it. I love music, all kinds of music, but the psychopathic family tops it all. Some people are saying a few of the tracks are too slow, but I dont think so. Sometimes it just makes them funnier. ICP doing a rock ballad (If I Was A Serial Killer)? Hilarious. I always liked that they could do all types of music and do it well.

I like News At 6'Oclock because its true, Alley Rat cause the bumps are great and its how I feel, Hum Drum Boogie cause I'm a perv, and What About Now? because the beat is just wonderful. I will agree it in not their wickedest, but I've been down with the clowns since Ringmaster dropped, and there has never been a CD I didn't love.
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4.0 out of 5 stars not wicked, March 19, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
the only reason i gave this cd four stars instead of five is because they keep claiming they are going to have the next wickedest album out only to turn out being happy and cheery.

now that i got that out of my system, i still liked this one a lot. it's not sub par by any means because i liked the majority of all the songs on it (which i can't say for the majority of rap out there at this point. get back to old school rap please) the reason i love listening to ICP stuff is because they tell stories in all their music. no one seems to do that at this point, so that is why i stay down with the clown and proud of it.

i just wish they would stop claiming to be extremely wicked when they only register as freddy kruger scary. so pick this album up, but discard the notion of it being wicked and you will enjoy it much more. oh yeah, and my favorite song off this album is one most juggalos are going to be like WTF, the song Growing Again. it's just hillarious and extreme fantasy and not wicked at all. go figure. the tower is probably the most realistic serial killing song they have done in quite a while.

oh yeah, and as a side note, go ahead and check out the Wraith remix albums. you get both disks in one nice little neat package (like bizzare/bizaare should have been) and most of the mixes ain't half bad. from the way it looked, no one seemed to know about it, so enjoy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars ICP for a new era, a new time... and it Rocks!, March 26, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
I'm gonna start by saying ICP is growing... Growing older, growing mature, reaching and experimenting with new tunes and effects, yet still keeping a bit of their horrorfying acts and diabolical and mischevious humour along with it. But along the years, their serious lyrics and emotional vibes on everyday life, the world around us, and relating to each and every one of us has been intensified since the early jokers cards. It defineteley shows their becoming more developed and realistic in their approach, and can carry out their humor and dark comic in a broader, attention-grabbing way.

Anymore, I'm seeing more and more of juggalos nowadays, ranging from the typical scuffed up street punks, to ghetto thugs, to people right out of the farmlands, suburbia, and even everyday teenagers and adults who hold respectable jobs. And I think they're doing a damn fine job opening up the carnival doors and creating a unity between people who typically wouldn't have anything in common... in an almost near "Let's Go All The Way" feeling.

And while I feel "The Calm" may have not been their best album, it defineteley was much better than alot of music I hear out there... and it was defineteley a gateway into a promising future. I mean seriously, think about Beverly Kills, Dog Beats, and even Carnival of Carnage... good alblums, but it wasn't until Ring Master, Riddle Box, Milenko, and Jeckel brothers that the music really did take on a unbeleivably gripping and compelling tone and story. So I can see something forming here, and quickly.... another series of masterpieces. For a new era and time.

You have to give them credit for doing it on their own... and what it's done so far, it's done well.

With the post-Joker card generation and era, I think the new alblums still retain enough old, but really do a great job of travelling into a rather unknow future... There's no goal this time... no 6'th card to reach... any CD released now doesn't have to follow a beaten path, and yet, while its interesting to see it pan out, its definetely going somewhere and thats why Juggalos and newcomers continue to listen... it's inspiring, and even off track, it still feels like it's a whole if you want it to... very well balanced.

Mike E Clark is back, and you can even tell his style has changed for the new age, into a more serious approach, yet when you really sit down and listen to it, you know its still Mike E Clark, and it makes you feel right at home... theres still enough old to fill the loathing inside for all the new.

It's unbeleivable that this group has outlasted all who have put them down, and have grown even better throughout the years, gaining not only strong bonds with other great artists, but the ability to stay strong and honest to the long time juggalos, but reach out to everyone who's willing to listen on many other musical levels.

"The Tempest" may take a couple minutes to get adjusted to the first time hearing it, but a couple tracks in and your hooked.. You know its defineteley worth the wait and contains all the pumped-up and epic'isms that you've come to know and want from ICP, while still kickin' humour, and dark hate against the evil and greedy. It's worth each and every of the 5 stars that amazon will let me rate it, plus a whole many more.

I was fairly sure that the "The Tempest" was never actually going to be the name of the so-called "Storm" that was directly after "The Calm", rather a piece of the what I beleive to be the "storm" series as accordingly it passes over the lands leaving deadly yet majestic devices from the pure and relentess power of the storm which cahnnels its energy into these constructions, officially as of now appears to consist of 3 "known" alblums (you find out about the alblum titled "Eye of the Storm" if you purchase this one, a smaller EP due out in June of this year), and will indefinetely be many more than 3 in its entirety. I knew that this mammoth storm would produce something sinister and mysterious on its way, such as this ride, and if you listen closely, you can see it fits the tale perfectley... in light of the storm, things arise... deadly, but amusing contraptions that mortals just HAVE to play with, out of our own curiousity of the unknown... and each who rides or interacts with anything that has come from the passing of this mighty storm will likely be doomed. And there in lies the the true devistation... curiosity of thrill, fear and the fact that most are wreckless, careless and thoughtless about anything that may happen to them will eventually consume or kill you.

That's been my theory on how it will follow out, and as I've mentioned, the "Storm" is still happening, more deadly and disturbing rides and vices will rise as the storm rips through the lands, and that only those who can face their own fears and respect the dangerous realities of life will survive, just like those who are smart enough to get out of town before the hurricane hits. It's human interest in deadly things, and the all-to-soon fate that may follow if you snooze and abuse.

It's fresh, its f'ed up, it's inspiring, it's here... "The Tempest", and its awesome.

Do yourself a favor, don't listen to anyone dissing it... They're either fad juggalos, trolls, or haters that have allways had something against ICP. Listen, and listen hard, and you won't be disappointed... it's ALL still there homies.

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE STORM IS FINALLY HERE, March 21, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
Finally ICP's new album THE TEMPEST is finally here, after all the delays and waiting. So with out further adue, here is my review. P.S. MIKE E CLARK returned to produce the whole album.

1.THE SKY IS FALLING-after a little intro before the song hits of an alarm going off to signl the storm, then a beat driven by a nice piano kicks in and ICP start doing their thing. Their flows on this on are a little switched up to fit the beat, but other than that their flows are on point. this song is basically introducing you to the cd.5/5

2.RIDE THE TEMPEST-this song is off the chain mainly due to the to clowns who switch on and off with each other semlessly. This song is kinda bouncy and entergetic, and the beat is laced with a quick tempo. The verses are excellent an this track, this song is about what you see on the cover.5/5

3.ALLEY RAT-the beat for this one is great, it kinda reminds me of some old 80's stuff. Also the verses on this track are great, the flows from J & Shaggy are amazing. Also the hook for this track is great, I would love to see a video for this song. This could easily be a theme for all Juggalos & Juggaletes out there.5/5

4.HAUNTED BUMPS-this track surprised me alot, mainly because it is such a creative take on a topic that all rappers rap about, systems. Basically this track is about how the supernatural are responsable for J's amazing system. J kills this track with a killer flow, and the beat is perfect for all speakers out there.5/5

5.GROWING AGAIN-this is one of my favorite tracks on the album, the concept for this song is great. J is constantly growing while Shaggy stays the same size. J and Shaggs do a great job on this song the story they tell is great, and the beat from Mike E Clark is great, the guitar during the hook is great. I recommend this song to every body out there.5/5

6.HUM DRUM BOOGIE-this is one of those funny little sex songs that ICP has been known for. This one in particular is great, this is another favorite of mine. the beat for this song fits the fun style of the song really well. this is another great track.5/5

7.I DO THIS!-i'am not sure but i think this is a single for the album, and rightfully so. The hits just keep on coming one after the other, this is defenintly a fav of mine. this track in fact may be my favorite song on the album. The guitar influenced beat from Clark is excellent and of course J and Shaggy come more then correct on the verses. i can't compliment this song enough, this is one of their best.5/5

8.WHAT ABOUT NOW?-this is a track that all of the game needs, this track is basically about how about "everything was so much fresher in the past" to quote another Psychopathic release and that everything now a days is just rip offs of the past. This track is more then worthy of listening to.5/5

9.WATCH MY RIDE-this track has a hard instrumental and a funny concept behind it. It is about people who are so cocky and concieted that they actually tell somebody to watch their ride for them. So you know that ICP is not down for that. Shaggy plays the regular guy and J is the car owner, this is a funny track.5/5

10.NEWS AT 6 O' CLOCK- this track is about how the worst show on tv is the news because all they show and talk about is bad things. the beat is nice and the flows are on point as well on this track.5/5

11.THE TOWER-this track is amazing, mainly because that is what happened here in Texas at UT in Austin. So this story is real reconizable to me, and the lyrics are great. Also the beat from Clark is dark and amazing, this track is a classic for sure.5/5

12.THE PARTY-this track has a nice bouncy yet hard beat to it, and a nice story behind it. This track is all about Shaggy going to a party and challanging the dj to cuting contest, Shaggs cuts on this track are great. This is another highlight to the album.5/5

13.B**CH I LIED-this is another funny track from the Clowns, this track is about J just straight lying to this girl just to get some. And even while he's with her lies about all these things, another great track.5/5

14.PLAY MY SONG-this track has a menacing beat to it from Mike E Clark, and some great lyrics from the Clowns. This track will be perfect listening for all those aching for some wicked stuff, another banger.5/5

15.MEXICO CITY-this track is about how they are on the run from the law so they hit the border down south and make their way to Mexico city. The verses are great and the slow thumping beat from Clark is great. This is another banger for all you out there.5/5

16.IF I WAS A SERIAL KILLER-this is one of the best songs on the album and a great way to end the album, this is a classic from the Clowns. J does his singing thing over a great smooth sounding piano, and Shaggy raps over this amazing track. The beat for this track is amazing, Mike E CLark out did himself on this one. Plus the ending chourus is amazing, this is a great Juggulo theme song. This was the perfect way to end the album. "CHOPPING 'EM DOWN" classic. 5/5

This album in my opinion is a classic, I really enjoyed this album. Mainly because it was really creative and very diffrent from most of their other stuff.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not the wickedest ever, but a thrilling rollercoater ride, March 18, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
So here we FINALLY are with the long-awaited, first full-length album from the Insane Clown Posse since the dropping of the final Joker's Card! (Sometimes I wonder why ICP even announces street dates for their albums.) Not many Juggalos were thrilled with "The Calm", myself included. Many were wondering if Psychopathic Records was a sinking now that the Calm before the storm has passed, how devastating and wicked is the storm? And was it worth the extra waiting?

I was first inclined to give "The Tempest" 3 stars. This is partly the fault of the Wicked Clowns. They have been hyping the devastation and terror that "The Tempest" was supposed to be bringing. Many (myself included) were disappointed with "Hell's Pit." Although it was not garbage (It did have some hot tracks on it), it was NOT the wickedest album ever. "The Calm" was forgettable, and for many, "The Tempest" was supposed to be the return of the Wicked Shxt.

But if you're waiting for ICP to put out the wickedest, hardest music they've done in a long're gonna have to keep on waiting. The Tempest is NOT a devastating storm or a tsunami. It is a rollercoaster ride. (See the cover) And it's fitting, because the album is more of a rollercoaster ride (ups and downs) than a ferocious storm of wickedness. "The Amazing Jeckel Bros." is a much harder album than this one is. But I wanted to judge it on its own, so I decided to give it a few more spins before passing judgement.

And I'm glad I did. I'm an old-school Juggalo (prolly since right before Jeckel Bros., I have all the Psy-related cds and dvds, been to all the Gatherings but 2, countless shows and in-stores, many Hallowickeds, Big Ballas, etc.), so the album grew on me quickly. The Clowns go solo on this one: No guest appearances from outside the fam or even from the Psychopathic artists. And of course this is the long-awaited return and re-uniting of Mike E. Clark with ICP. The production is solid. There are definitely tracks on here you're gonna want to bump with the bumps in the trunk. And every track listed is a song. There are skits, but there are 16 full-length tracks on this one. But go in with an open mind. And don't expect the wickedest album ever or you'll be disappointed. Here's my humble opinion:

1)"The Sky Is Falling"(3:39) 4.0/5 -This is the "intro" track. Here the clowns tell us the ride is gonna be fun. If you're a Juggalo & follow the mythology, then you know they're referring to Judgement Day. It's a nice lead-in track. Some nice scratching near the end, and Willoughby Rags from "The Terror Wheel" spits a quick intro at the end.

2)"Ride The Tempest"(2:52) 4.5/5 - They spit lyrics about The Tempest roller-coaster ride on this one. Of course, any ride in the Dark Carnival may cause you to lose your life, and the clowns are eager to find you a spot at the front of the line. This is an up-tempo track with J and Shaggy alternating lines in the verses. This one has a fun, carnie beat with some scratching near the end. (I really like the way they're incorporating a lot more scratching in their music.) This one reminded me a bit of "Tilt-a-whirl."

3)"Alley Rat"(2:11) 3.0/5 - I'm not sure where I've heard this guitar lick before. Sounds like something from the beach boys. This is one of those simple tracks that sounds more like talking than rapping. The chorus is sung. "I'm an alley-rat, I only wanna be where the scrubs be at." I don't know, it's alright, but I ain't feelin' it that much. Definitely not wicked sounding.

4)"Haunted Bumps"(3:24) 4.0/5 - Like the title says, this is one you're gonna wanna bump in the trunk. "There's somethin' from the beyond in my trunk", the Clowns proclaim. The verses are laid back, but the beat is tight. If you remember the way J rapped in "The Marsh Lagoon" on the Green Book, that's how he sounds on this one...but not rapping as fast. It's mostly J on this one too.

5)"Growing Again"(4:45) 2.5/5 - A fantasy about wanting to be big. Then growing too big and not being able to stop. Sounds like a nursery rhyme, huh? So does the song. It's kind of wack to me. Kind of a southern, Boondox-type beat. Definitely not wicked. I could do without this one. Too much singing.

6)"Hum Drum Boogie"(3:39) 3.0/5 - Begins with yes, more scratching! But then J singing again :( Man, will someone please tell J he is not a singer! I mean, every once in awhile is alright, but this is another track that sounds the opposite of wicked. This is a song sung about their balls. (Yes, the ones in their pants.) The lyrics are cool though.

{Then a quick skit for ICP's Spazzmatic Energy Sauce}

7)"I Do This"(3:28) 4.0/5 - The first single? You've probably heard this one already. This would have been a good track to end with. I like the theme of the track though: having your homie's back. The only thing is that this is another "happy" song. It's a Juggalo anthem though; I see them ending shows with this one. What's with all the drug references though? More than just the green is mentioned in this one. If you're a Juggalo who's into family love, you'll be feelin' this one.

8)"What About Now"(3:24) 3.5/5 - They start off reminiscing about the old days in this one. They're talking about the old days of music, and then they ask what the f- is happening now? This is a more up-tempo track with some cool electronic sounds and guitar licks with piano. Finally the clowns show more of some lyrical flow and faster rapping instead of singing. It's not bad, but nothing that stands out a lot either.

9)"Watch My Ride"(2:42) 5/5 - Yeah, I like this one. J raps about someone asking him to watch their ride while they go inside the store..."chirp, chirp" then they f him up: F him up, f him up, f him up!!! Finally a wicked track. Some nice guitar licks in this one too. A more up-tempo track too. One of the best but shortest tracks on the album.

10)"News At 6 O'clock"(4:06) 3.5/5 - Starts with news clips about murder and such. This one is about the "News at 6 o'clock and again at eleven." The clowns rap about the devastation and horror contained in the "horror show", "...the real wicked shxt where the wicked at!", Shaggy raps. They are talking about the nightly news of course. This is a slower track, but more with the wickedness. (Except for J trying to sing in a high-pitched voice during the chorus...please J, stop singing!)

11)"The Tower"(4:14) 4.0/5 - This one is about being a sniper. (Think "Truly Alone" from Hell's Pit at the end when J's rapping) It's a more up-tempo track with good lyrical flow. The chorus is kind of weak, but it's a decent, more wicked track. I like it more though when we hear about why the people deserve to die rather than just killing to kill. Sniping someone from a tower is kind of cowardly if you're just capping at innocent people.

12)"The Party"(3:13) 5/5 - Yeah this one is hella dope. (When DJ Clay cuts in "who's the new dude", it's referring to "New Dude", the Soopa Villainz track when Eshan & Lavel were dissing...I like that Shaggs can joke about that.) This is a DJ scratching battle between DJ Clay and Shaggy 2 Dope. Anyone who listens in to WFKO on the internet to Shaggy's show knows the devastation that this track holds. The story is that Shaggy crashes a party and challenges the deejay to a battle. Then they rip it up.

13)"B%tch I Lied"(4:08) 5/5 - Yeah, another WICKED track! Basically it's J telling a beeyatch he lied to her face and he don't give a .... Yeah, this is one you could dedicate to an ex. One of my favorite tracks on the album. {Then another skit...ICP on a radio station, telling them they suck!}

14)"Play My Song"(2:55) 3.5/5 - ICP telling the deejay to play their song. The verses are J and Shaggs taking turns with lines and repeating the first word in each line 3 times. It's kind of weak. And then J sings AGAIN "Bloody, bloody, bloody"...and in a high-pitched voice! Man it sounds gay...sorry. (No offense to any homosexuals, really.) Man I wish J would put out a solo album of only singing and get it out of his system. It's an alright track. It doesn't completely suck, but it's not hot either.

15)"Mexico City"(3:32) 3.5/5 - This one is talking about hiding out in Mexico City after you commit some murder. Think of ICP as travel agents for would-be serial killers. A slower track...kind of like C.P.K.'s but with more music. Lots of Mexico references. Maybe they traveled there recently? This one's kind of boring.

16)"If I Was A Serial Killer"(7:30) 2.0/5 - Okay, I thought ICP was made of serial killers?!?! The first minute of this song is J singing over it over yet? Nope, he sings all his parts on this one. It just doesn't go with Shaggy's rhymes. But the rhymes are what confuse me... "That's if I was a serial killer, but I'm not...", Shaggy raps. Haven't the clowns been killing with their axes for over ten years now?! "I wanna run with this hatchet", they sing at the end. Sounds like this one was the "Juggalo anthem", but it's a really weak track. And again, more and more singing. And this one is definitely the opposite of wicked. Of course, not everything has to be wicked, but after "Shangri-La" AND "The Calm" AND "The People", I think the Juggalos are ready to go back to the Wicked Sh%t, not J singing over a piano. Maybe they tried to remake "Thy Unveiling", I don't know. I could do without this one though.

So there you have it ninjas! If you're a Juggalo, I'd usually say you're gonna go cop the album anyway, but ninjas have been falling off with each sub-par ICP release. Some haven't been feeling them since after "Jeckel Bros." I thought "Shangri-La" was dope, you just had to be open to the lighter theme. But I agree with many that "Hell's Pit" just didn't live up to expectations. And I'm sorry, but I thought "The Calm" was garbage. I wasn't expecting much from "The Tempest." It's a good album, so go ahead and lend the clowns your earhole again. If you're down till your dead in the ground, you're gonna get it anyway, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's a good effort and there are some quality tracks on here.

I only wish J would give up on the singing already. It just kills it sometimes. Actually a lot of the time. And some tracks too sing-songy. You can be carnival-like without being goofy. Think "Murder-Go-Round". I hope ICP will cater to the Juggalos on their next release and really bring back the Wicked Shxt. If Justin Timberlake can bring sexy back, why not the Wicked Shxt? I know ninjas would be feeling it..
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dare To Go For A Spin!, April 12, 2007
William Jones (Indianapolis, IN USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
This cd is ridiculously awesome in so many ways, but not what I expected. If you follow ICP as of late you have to expect the unexpected. Nonetheless, The Tempest will peel your wig back with its gale force winds, never to be seen again. So don't look back!

It starts out with Violent J & Shaggy floating down to earth on tornados during a devastating storm.. a Tempest, if you will. When they fall to earth they gather everyone to go for a spin on the largest, fastest, tallest, steepest, and most horrifically fabulous roller coaster ride on this.. or any other planet!!! And so begins The Tempest. Flat out, this album is AWESOME! This is the first full-length album from ICP since ending their infamous Joker Cards Saga in 2004. So experimentation is to be expected, but with a twist and an old friend by the name of Mike E. Clark to add to the mix. To a Juggalo, saying that ICP is putting out a new album with Mike Clark is a dream come true. It's been 7 years since Bizaar/Bizzar dropped, so Juggalos have been waiting for this moment for years.

If you don't like it, give it another listen, it'll grow on you.

Free Stuff Inside The CD Case:
Ad for SLAM! TV (JCW on the Internet)
Ad for WF-OFF Radio (Psychopathic Records Internet Radio Station)
Ad for The Eye of The Storm!!! (All new 6-track ICP EP due out this summer)
Foldout Poster with lyrics to the Entire Album! (First time ever for ICP)

Only Cons:
They don't say the word "Juggalo" on the entire album.
I think Hum Drum Boogie & Mexico City would have been better on a future Forgotten Freshness album than The Tempest.

Other than that, The Tempest is another Masterpiece from The Wicked Clowns & Mike E. Clark.

You! Run! Everybody Run!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Tempest is bumpin'!!!, April 29, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
Now, all you haters of this album, come on if you don't like it then you're not a real juggalo. Mike E. Clark provides ICP with some different funk and sounds, it's got it all-the wicked rhymes,the happy rhymes,the storytelling,tight beats,rock beats,and shaggy scratching it up. It's another classic in ICP's catalog!!! I'm going to the show in Norfolk at the end of May biatches it's gon be tight!

Tightest Tempety Temp Tracks:

-Ride the Tempest

-I DO This

-Haunted Bumps

-The Tower

-The Party

-Play My Song

-The Sky Is Falling

-Mexico City
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5.0 out of 5 stars Ride The Tempest...., October 8, 2007
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
Very solid yet different release by the Clowns this time around. No more Joker Cards to keep you guessing what's next, just The Tempest that thankfully is way better than The Calm. Now that Mike Clark is back on the boards, the wicked ones are noticeably back at home. This one is filled with songs that are sure to make anyone's head bob.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Insane Clown Posse - "The Tempest" (5 stars), July 30, 2008
This review is from: Tempest (Audio CD)
The Insane Clown Posse return for their 10th studio album. And it definitely lives up to its hype and some. It's a real roller-coaster ride (pun intended).
On this album, we hear a side of the Insane Clown Posse we have never heard before. Their new style is something I could easily get used to. It's alot more industrial and heavier than anything they've released in previous years. It flows extremely well. Although I was skeptical, because I thought it was gonna get caught in the nearly-abscent concept that "The Calm" had, but I put that aside and went into this superior masterpiece. Nearly every track is flawless.

Violent J's raps alone make this album worthwhile. Once again, he is decreasing as a storytelling rapper and developing as an underground emcee. His flow is improving alot lately, as well as his rhymes. I'm sure he could flow with the best of them. He sings a little on here as well, his singing isn't bad, but I prefer his vicious rapping.
Shaggy 2 Dope is great here too, I wouldn't consider him in the same category with J on the lyrical tip, maybe flow-wise, but he falls short when it comes to wordplay. But his raps are always great to hear on an Insane Clown Posse album anyday.

As for the production. The legendary Mike E Clark makes a triumph return. His beats have drastically improved since he left right after "Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 3" dropped. His production here is experimental and atmospheric. It sets the theme really well for the concept of the album.
Mike E Clark isn't the only producer here, though. Underground rap producer Akuma also laid down some additional production, namely the guitars, his additional production here is what I consider "the icing on the cake". All I gotta say here is; Mike, welcome home.

Here's my individual track ratings.

01. "The Sky Is Falling" (A+)
02. "Ride The Tempest" (A+)
03. "Alley Rat" (A-)
04. "Haunted Bumps (ft. Mike E Clark)" (A+)
05. "Growing Again" (A)
06. "Hum Drum Boogie" (A-)
07. "I Do This!" (A-)
08. "What About Now?" (A+)
09. "Watch My Ride" (A+)
10. "News At 6 O'Clock" (B)
11. "The Tower" (A+) (favorite)
12. "The Party (ft. DJ Clay)" (A+)
13. "B*tch I Lied" (A-)
14. "Play My Song" (A+)
15. "Mexico City" (C+) (least favorite)
16. "If I Was A Serial Killer" (A+)

As you can tell, nearly every track got an A from me. That's something I rarely do. This album is just that good. Oh, and FYI, they didn't change "The Tempest" from a raging storm to a mere roller-coaster. What they did was make a HUGE storm (as you can clearly see all the lightning throughout the CD cover/inserts) and put Juggalos on the roller-coaster and while we Juggalos are riding through the devastating storm, those corrupted haters below are being swept away. Makes perfect sense.
Anyway, I recommend this to ALL Juggalos, horrorcore rap fans and all underground rap fans. This album is personally, in my top 5 Insane Clown Posse albums of all time. Pure genius. Peace.

Mike E Clark appears courtesy of Strange Music.
DJ Clay appears courtesy of Psychopathic Records.

~ Raw hide
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