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on July 11, 2004
It was an excellent idea to make a CD companion to the book "Inner Temple of Witchcraft." A lot of the meditations in the book are longer and involved, and having it narrated to you is a lot easier than straining to remember what you're supposed to be doing during a meditation. The production quality of the CD set is very good. Penczak has a good narration style, and the music is unobtrusive and mood-enhancing. If you are working through the book, then this is an excellent tool to help you on your way.
However, I had one big problem with the CDs, and that's why the set only gets 4 stars instead of 5. Rather than having each meditation with its own track, all the meditation exercises from a chapter are lumped together as one track. So, if you want to do the exercises singly instead of a chapter at a time, you have to hold down the skip button to get where you want to be on the CD. Needless to say, this is not exactly conducive to a deep meditative state. This can be overcome by some computer editing, but if you don't have the tools or the patience, then there's not much you can do.
That annoyance aside, I do recommend getting the CDs as well as the book if you're going to be working through the meditation exercises.
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on September 24, 2005
For those who are skeptical of just about anything coming from Llewellyn, I have to say that, if they continue to release EXTREMELY HIGH CALIBER material like Christopher Penczak's Temple of Witchcraft series, then they will fully redeem themselves as publishers.

Though I share the concerns of other reviewers about the lack of separation between sets of exercises on the CDs, after listening to several tracks I now believe that the exercises were recorded that way for a specific reason. The series of meditations and visualizations, as recorded, afforded me a rich experience that has helped calm my mind and increase my focus within the first three days of receiving the set!

For example, after the initial relaxation and counting-down induction, the first "set" takes you through 3 (or four?) sets of simple visualization exercises. Afterwards, he counts you up from the meditation state to full awareness and grounds you with a light chakra sweep and clearing affirmation. Each segment begins and ends in the same calm, balanced and safe manner. When I experienced the exercises for the first time, I appreciated that he didn't short-change the coming-back-to-awareness sequence at the end of each meditation, like some meditation recordings I've heard.

If you're considering the companion CDs along with the books, I would consider this a required item to purchase along with the books. Keep in mind, the CDs are a COMPANION to the books--they're not the audio version of the entire text, just the exercises, which comes in very handy if you don't want to have to work on your meditation trance while balancing the book on your lap.

Many, many, many blessings to Mr. Penczak for his excellent soothing voice, caring and warm reading, and the top-knotch level of the work on this CD and all his books.

Bright Blessings!
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on March 19, 2003
I have been reading mr.Penczak's "the inner temple of witchcraft"
for about a month and a half.I found that in some of the meditations I had trouble trying to concentrate on how to perform it and trying to remember what the book said.So I was lucky to try out the great cd companion set.My first time listening to the collection was wonderful.Mr.penczak has a great voice for guiding you through meditations and the background music fits well with each purpose you take on.From candel meditation to psychic traveling it has been the best cd set I have ever listened to.It goes best with the book for the full understanding and background for each meditation,but I think would be great even on its own.Surely the best medative cd set I have ever used.Not only that but his book "THe inner temple of witchcraft" has been excelent also.I find his writing style to speak deep into my mind where it stays and its clear history of
witchcraft was nicely explaned.A great buy for anyone weather
you are new or have been practicing for a while.
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on June 19, 2003
This is the best book on witchcraft I have ever read. You want find a bunch of spells and incantations here. What you will find is the foundational information that everyone needs before they pursue the more advanced aspects of witchcraft. This book opened up doors for me and has greatly made my path much easier. I could have saved hundreds of dollars on books if this one had been available when I first became interested in witchcraft. There is alot of garbage out there about witchcraft and it can be difficult to wade through. This book is the best of the best and can be a great tool in aiding you along your path. I have highlighted and marked in this book and I continually go back to it for reference. It's not one of those books that collects dust on the shelf after being read.
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on October 24, 2005
A must if you're serious about working with the Inner Temple material. The book is an incredible learning tool by itself but the CD's really add a new dimension to the work. I routinely use them to refresh my studies and help my psychic development.

I was fortunate enough to also take the Witchcraft Class I with Christopher and still find the CD's very helpful. I would encourage anyone who is really interested in this topic to purchase both the book and CD's AND to take his class if you can. I've been VERY IMPRESSED with all three.
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on July 7, 2004
I can't express how wonderful and helpful this book has been for me. After utilizing only a few of the first exercises introduced, I began to look forward to my "witchy time" as the highlight of my day! I've been studying witchcraft and Wicca for several years but have never had a teacher, and this book almost does the job of one. It provides basic information along with exercises that are not only easy to do, but which yield positive results very quickly. I think of this book as the "missing link" between learning witchcraft on your own and having a teacher - it's the next best thing to having someone guiding you.
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on June 25, 2004
The Inner Temple is a book filled with exercises, to teach, guide, and help one grow into what they wish to accomplish. Christopher Penczack's companion cd's are filled with his angelic voice, telling one how to accomplish many things I once didn't think could happen. He teaches instant magick, and lays the foundation and the roots of where witchcraft came from, while allowing you to decide where you wish to go with it. I highly recommend all his books, they aren't just good if you want to study witchcraft, they are good at helping you learn about yourself, and gain insight into how to live a better life, and love the life you live..
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on April 23, 2010
I have tried to meditate for years, very devotedly, in many ways. I have always felt guilty and frustrated. My mind moves too fast, and no matter the venue or endless attempts or commitment, I have always dreaded meditation. This CD Companion changed all that. I put off trying it, but when I finally did, I was so sweetly surprized. It leads one, swiftly and surely, through the meditations. My mind followed along easily, as did my body. And it is like training wheels! You may not need it forever, but it sure is a wonderful way to start!
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on December 23, 2011
I enjoyed Christopher P's book immensely and love that he created a CD companion with the meditations. However, I found I almost never use it because of the way the meditations are lumped into one section. I can understand why he did it that way (somewhat) but I still find it extremely frustrating. If I find I have to skip something or go back it completely ruins the meditative state I'm in. It's a shame because out of all the books he's written this one could really use the CD companion!!! Overall, if you are like me I wouldn't bother buying this... I've only attempted to use it a handful of times and finally gave up. (I do highly highly recommend the book though!!! Just not the CDs to go with it.)
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on October 2, 2014
I really like this cd set and wound up buying the cd's for all the books I have of his. I have listened to half of this set so far.

My only complaint is once you get further into the exercises it begins by repeating the previous exercises as well. This could just as easily been made up by you in a play list. Because it is already all made into one exercise it means you either fast forward or sit through what you may not need.

Also some of them throughout all his books and cds wind up getting pretty long. This doesn't make it easy for someone who doesn't have 30 or 45 minutes to sit through it all. And you can't skip through it because then you miss the aura clearing and all that. I speak specifically of the chakra opening exercise. It's 30 minutes, and it takes 20 minutes to get to the chakra part and everything before it is important, but takes a long time to get to. My level of concentration doesn't hold for that long. I go into the deeper meditation level fine, but it only lasts about 5 minutes. I wish there were an exercise before that one just for you to expand the amount of time you can do it.
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