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Let me start by saying that this is my favorite story so far from the Sweetblood series. Its hero is Jackson, the hot man-whore vamp who played a support role as one of the Guardians in earlier stories. Known best for his sexual conquests and devil-may-care attitude, you'd never know there is more to him than meets the eye. But there is.

Jackson fears he is on the edge of reverting to the dangerous and violent ways of his ancestors. He needs to feed on blood and energy in staggering amounts and he can barely control himself at times. He hides his needs from those around him, cloaking them under his party-boy persona.

Arianna has believed in vampires since she saw them kill her mother as a child. But no one believed her. Now she anonymously runs a blog devoted to exposing the paranormal. Her cousin, who she is caring for, was among the sweetbloods kidnapped and almost auctioned away in the events of the last book. Jackson is now monitoring the girl's safety --and that is what puts him in Arianna's orbit. He ends up protecting her and her cousin from the persistent Darkblood threat and in the process, they end up falling for each other.

Women have always fallen at Jackson's feet, but I like the fact that nothing really happens between him and Arriana until she knows and cares for the man he is beneath his smooth exterior. I love that he is vulnerable and insecure. And she is so patient and understanding of his needs.

There is solid thread of danger that runs throughout, regarding the Darkbloods and their plans, but this book focuses more on the love story than anything else. It's one of the things I enjoyed so much about it. Oh yeah... and the sex was smokin-hot too. --Plus I liked the way that the couples from the previous books are woven into the story. It felt germane to what was happening... not like useless cameos.

Well done. 4 stars.
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on January 8, 2013
Laurie London has built-up her reputation as a red hot vampire fiction writer with her Sweetblood series and Tempted by Blood is the hottest book yet! Even though it's been months since I finished reading Embraced by Blood; once I dove in to this third installment it felt like no time had passed at all. Even though the overall premise of this series is hard to forget, Laurie does a great job of bringing the details to the forefront and then expanding upon them even further. I didn't find that the characters were as engaging this time around and the plot didn't have that sense of do-or-die about it. As a result, this was my least favorite novel out of the three.

I really liked the fact that Arianna is a blogger. Granted, this aspect probably doesn't appeal to everyone but for me, it's what allowed me to form that initial connection to her. We bonded over our geekiness so to speak. There are a number of instances where I found myself nodding in agreement because her reaction was exactly what mine would have been. Plus her blog's called Paranormalish, how cool is that? A girl after my own heart! Unfortunately, that's where the synchronicity ended. I had a hard time connecting with Arianna on any other level. She's not a bad heroine per say but she's not on the same level as MacKenzie and Lily from the first two books either.

A guardian's biggest fear is reverting back to their feral nature and becoming the very thing that they hunt, Darkbloods. Jackson fears that this is what's happening to him and feels trapped in his own skin. He can't tell anyone because it's an automatic death sentence so instead he hides his urges by playing up his whole man whore persona. I enjoyed witnessing his internal battle of wills. Laurie does a great job of conveying how close he is to breaking. I felt genuinely stressed out for him! Jackson is just barely holding on and then in walks Arianna. Talk about adding fuel to the fire!

I found the plot line of Tempted by Blood to be a little on the slow side. The first two books have a real sense of urgency to them that's somewhat lacking this time around. The story is interesting but it's not a page turner. Maybe that was London's plan. She's moved the action from the battlefield to the bedroom so instead of it being go-go-go it's hot-hot-hot! I think it was a fair trade because I'm definitely not complaining.

Tempted by Blood achieves a nice balance of blood, sex and violence which are the key elements to writing good vampire fiction. Unlike its predecessors, it's heavier on the nookie side of things and lighter on the action side. I'm giving this book a three but it's a high three. I'll definitely be back for more in July when Seduced by Blood releases.
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on June 24, 2012
Jackson Foss is a Guardian walking a fine line between sanity and self-destruction. It is Jackson's mission is to protect Sweetbloods, those with blood that attracts Darkblood vampires. Only lately Jackson is suffering more and more. He has to take energy and blood far too frequently. This leads him to believe that he may be turning into a revert. If that is true his days as a guardian and possibly on earth are numbered.

Arianna Wells watched something terrible happen to her mother when she was a child and no one believed her. She grew up believing there is something more out there and now she searches for the supernatural cataloguing it all on her blog, Paranormalish. Arianna's recent investigation into the disappearance of some missing teens puts her on the radar of not only the Guardians but the Darkbloods as well.

Jackson's routine check on Arianna's Sweetblood cousin saves them both from an attack but how long can he keep them safe from the Darkbloods and himself? The heat rises between Arianna and Jackson and it's impossible to deny. Can Arianna and Jackson save each other from the darkness that haunts them or will this be Jackson's final mission?

Laurie London continues her alluring Sweetblood series with the ravishing Tempted by Blood. Tempted by Blood is a bloody good bewitching novel! I'm in love with Jackson Foss! I'm a sucker for a good tortured hero and Jackson is sublime. His battle with his needs and wants is edgy and exciting. Arianna and Jackson turn Tempted by Blood into an emotionally satisfying and galvanizing great read. These characters build a beautiful relationship. I cannot get enough of these two. Whether they are fighting or making love they are outstanding!

Tempted by Blood really sinks its teeth into the reader and doesn't let go. The high stakes action and sweetly captivating romance draw the reader in with its magnetic pull. Jackson with his dragon blade is drop dead sexy as he fights Darkbloods and when he gives into Arianna's charms it is hot hot hot! Arianna is a formidable woman determined to protect her cousin while uncovering the truth about the things that go bump in the night. I like that Arianna doesn't shriek in the face of danger. She is a fighter through and through just like Jackson.

The plot line of Tempted by Blood is thrilling. From the spooky Devil's Backbone to the dark and scary dwelling where the climax of this stellar story takes place Tempted by Blood is filled with hauntingly realistic settings. I'm completely addicted to this series and its unforgettable characters. I couldn't wait to read Jackson's story and I was not disappointed. I love that during the story I got plenty of interaction with my favorites from the previous novels. There are some really great aww worthy moments. Like I've said before it's not necessary to read this series in order but I definitely recommend it. The countdown to Santiago's story begins now.

Reviewed by Miranda
For Joyfully Reviewed
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I have been looking forward to this book since the first time we met Jackson! He really stood out for me in past novels and I relished the opportunity to be in his head. He is currently struggling with life because he fears her is reverting to the violent ways of his ancestors. He tries to play off his fear by letting others think he is a player, but really he is just getting energies from the women he meets and not much else. He battles control every day and worries that he is on the brink of becoming something truly terrifying.

Arianna is a human who lost her mother to vampires at a young age and has never forgotten what happened. She only saw shadows when the attack happened, but she is convinced there is something paranormal connected to the event. She has grown up believing in the paranormal and runs a blog feeding into these beliefs. She is also watching after her cousin, Krystal, who unbeknownst to her is a sweet-blood. Arianna meets Jackson when he comes in to save Krystal from some Darkbloods trying to capture her.

Since Jackson is used to women just falling at his feet, I liked that nothing really happened between him and Arianna for a while. Once they do finally get together it is hot, but I liked the slow build between them. I also adored how Jackson was trying so hard to make everything special for her and he did not want Arianna to feel like just another girl. He wanted things to be different with her. It was very sweet.

I also loved that we got to see characters from past books come into play here. Laurie wove them into the plot perfectly. Characters we have come to know and love came back as critical influences in the plot not just useless cameos. It was nice to see Laurie use their strengths to move the plot forward and aid Jackson and Arianna in their journey.

The threat of Darkblood is always running through the background, but the focus of the story really is on Jackson and Arianna, especially Jackson's journey to try and discover who he truly wants to be. I did like the danger that was there though and it did keep the story exciting. There were quite a few revelations about who is behind the Darkblood attacks and what they plan to do next and I will be interested to see that explored in future books.

Overall, this is another fantastic addition to this series. I was looking forward to this book for quite some time and it definitely delivered! I loved Jackson and watching him go from a lost soul to someone who had someone who appreciated him for who he was. I am looking forward to the next book with Santiago which is due out later this year!
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on March 29, 2012
Tempted by blood is the 3rd book in Laurie London's 'Sweetblood' series. I have not read the other books in this series yet but I had no problem with reading this as a stand alone.

Jackson is our Hero. He's an agent who feels that he may be reverting back to his darker side. To the way of his ancestors. Reverting back to the old ways would mean drinking from and killing his human hosts instead of taking sips from them and using some of their energies he needs to survive. He can feel himself losing control and he doesn't know how much longer he can hold out. Lately he needs to feed far too often. He hides this from his peers by making it look like he's using his many hosts for sex. He's got quite the reputation ;)

Arianna secretly runs a blog called paranormalish. She started this blog to find and relate to others who believe in supernatural things. It's a way for her validate the things she's seen. It's comforting to know that she's not the only one who has experienced things that are not normal. She really cares about her readers and can relate to them and their stories.

All Guardians are assigned to protect humans who are considered 'sweetbloods.' Arianna's cousin, Krystal happens to be on Jackson's list. He's saved her before and she reminds him of his little sister. When she is abducted right off the street by Darkbloods in front of Arianna, Jackson is their to save the night.

Jackson and Arianna are very much drawn to each other. But each have their own reservations for wanting to hold back. Jackson finds himself feeling emotions that he never thought he'd feel. He becomes very protective and possessive of Arianna. To the point where he can't seem to control his temper in front of others.
There is a lot of action, a little mystery and a bit of betrayal as Jackson and Arianna try to keep her cousin safe. They also need to find out who is leading the Darkbloods advances to revert all vampires to the old ways. The trust and romance build up beautifully throughout the book. The sex is passionate and H-O-T!! I will definitely be picking up the rest of the books in this series to read!

This book was given to me by NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher for an honest review.

Reviewer for WereVampsRomance.
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on March 7, 2012
Tempted by Blood is book 3 in Laurie London's Sweetblood series. The war continues between Guardians, the evolved race of vampires who choose to protect humans, and Darkbloods, the more primitive vampires who want to maintain their heritage and culture, remaining at the top of the food chain. The focus of this book is on one special Guardian, Jackson. He takes pride in his work and finds himself protecting a teen girl who is the Darkblood's target. She is in the custody of her cousin, Arianna. Arianna works for a gaming company while maintaining a secret paranormal blog. Having always suspected that supernatural activity existed, she and Jackson cross paths trying to keep her cousin safe, and what she witnesses may expose them all.

I honestly didn't know this was a part of a series because the author does a really good job at providing back story. Jackson is indeed hott, but every time I think about him I imagine Taylor Kitsch [...]. The cover doesn't really match him at all, especially when it comes to his multi-colored hair. Arianna is his love interest and she comes off as fairly ordinary in appearance, but Jackson loves that about her.

While this can be classified as paranormal romance, there's a good deal of action, plot and tension that keeps things very interesting. I actually felt as if this book balanced the elements really well. No, it's not the most original, but it's still an entertaining read. I think fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood would like this; I myself particularly appreciated normal names and villains that are actually intimidating.

Feel free to skip this paragraph because this may be considered a spoiler, but I was fine with the book up until the ending. In all honesty it was way too "Happily Ever After" for my tastes. I was hoping for a little more grit and I felt like this book could have taken a more imaginative route. Tieing everything up into a perfectly neat bow was just cringe-worthy for me.

So aside from that one gripe, I recommend this book if you're searching for a new series. I was engaged all throughout, so that's a sign of a good read for me.

*ARC Provided by NetGalley
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on February 29, 2012
Laurie London provides us with another exceptional Paranormal Romance with her third installment in the Sweet Blood Series, Tempted by Blood!

Arianna Wells knows there is something more in the shadows of the night. Her Mother was taken by them when she was a child and she won't rest until she discovers what lurks in the darkness. She spends her free time investigating paranormal activities and writing about them, (as Icy Shadows), on her blog, Paranormalish. When her young cousin is almost captured, again, by Darkblood vampires who want to drain her unique "Sweet Blood" and sell the vials to the highest bidders, her world changes forever. The sexy vampire Guardian who saves them is unable to wipe her memory and so begins a high speed adventure that challengers her trust and her heart!

Guardian Jackson Foss has enough on his plate without the complication of Arianna and the raging desire he feels for her. Named a playboy by his peers, only he knows his cravings for human energy and blood has escalated. He fears he is becoming a revert- an out of control vampire just like his ancestors. Tasked with guarding Arianna and her young cousin, he is torn between passion and his fear that he could harm them. He is taken by Arianna's strength and courage and finally gives in to his passions. With the Darkbloods hot on their trail will he be able to protect the one woman who has found a place in his heart... not only from the Darkbloods... but from himself?

Although the war between vampire sects is not a new story, Laurie London puts an inventive spin on it that is new and refreshing. The plot is fast paced and suspenseful and the depth of the main characters is the perfect balance of angst and erotic sizzle! Although the third in her wonderful Sweet Blood Series, this book is also a perfect stand alone story. Having said that I highly recommend that you purchase the first two books, as once you have experienced this series you WILL want more of these delicious Guardians!

~Review by: Ms. Bliss from When Pen Met Paper
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on February 28, 2012
This is the third installment in the "Sweetblood" series. We delve more into Guardian Jackson Foss, known as the funny man-whore of the group. He has put a lot of effort into letting people think he is a man whore to cover up the fact that his energy and blood consuming is getting more persistent. Jackson was checking in on the Sweetbloods that he watches over when he runs into Arianna. Arianna's cousin, Krystal, is a sweetblood he saved a few months before. Krystal reminds him of his sister, so he is drawn to her in that aspect. What Jackson doesn't expect is Arianna and the feelings she evokes in him. Arianna can see shadows walking which just happens to be the Darkbloods, who kidnap her cousin and reminds her of a time when she was younger and her mother. Jackson is there and saves her cousin. They wind up hiding out in the country and things steam up between Jackson and Arianna.

I was worried when I got this book that I might be lost since it's the third installment. Even though I have the first two, I haven't been able to read them yet. In reality, this book can be read by itself, but it will make you want to read the previous ones. Jackson was super sexy alpha male with a troubled side as well as the vulnerable and insecure side. He had me swooning so hard all through the book. Arianna was perfect for him. She has sass and called him on his stuff. She wasn't afraid to see what others didn't. The attraction between them went from a building sizzle to a burning house fire. Seriously, the passion on the pages and in the sex scenes was steamy as hell. I gasped and sighed Jackson's name a few times. I have to say I really loved this book. Laurie London did a great job with "Tempted By Blood". It's a definite read. I will be reading the first two in my pile in the near future and I'm already craving "Seduced By Blood" coming out in July. London has a twist on vamps and brings something new and different. I loved seeing how a vampire/human relationship can cause dormant traits to unleash with a taste of the human's blood and the bond between them. London's "Sweetblood" series is one to add to your book pile. I would also like to thank Laurie London for sending this book and letting me review it.

I recieved a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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on February 27, 2012
When author Laurie London pens the story, you believe the world she builds is the world you're part of right now. Tempted by Blood will have you looking around you wherever you may happen to be, scanning your immediate surroundings and wondering if the handsome, serious-looking guy beside you is actually a Guardian enforcer or a Darkblood!

A newcomer to the Sweetblood series, I received the book from the author when she sent out a call on social media for honest reviews for her latest release, Tempted by Blood. There are two previous full-length books in the series, as well as an ebook novella and a novella in the 2011 print anthology A Vampire for Christmas.

Having read none of the previous books, I wasn't sure if I would find my way in the Sweetblood world, but I needn't have worried.

London plunges you right into the story, and I was immediately caught up in Arianna and Jackson's world. Arianna Wells is one of us, easily you or me. She's a woman writing a weekly blog online, interested in the paranormal, having had a terrifying experience when she was young of her mother being 'taken' by moving shadows. When her niece almost suffers the same fate right in front of her eyes, except for the timely and unexpected intervention of Guardian (and total hunk) Jackson Foss, life is never the same for either one of them.

Events conspire to throw Arianna and Jackson together. Fleeing for their lives, Arianna meets other Guardians and learns the full scope of their work, the hunger they must constantly fight and the nasty new challenge that is threatening to disrupt the tenuous balance of power in this new world where humans are secretly guarded by these determined vampires.

Further complicating matters, even while taking care of Arianna and her niece, Jackson is hiding a secret that threatens to destroy not only him but his burgeoning relationship with Arianna. There is mounting evidence that despite his horror, he's reverting to the kind of vampire that no longer has a desire to guard humans, but rather to feed off them in the most vicious way possible. If that isn't horrific enough on its own, the sentence for that, if he's caught by his colleagues and best friends? Death.

Reading Tempted by Blood was an enjoyable experience. And as a bonus, I now have all of Ms. London's backlist to add to my TBR pile, with her novella A Vampire for Christmas my next wish.

Tempted by Blood can be viewed and/or purchased here:

Laurie London's website and blog: [...]
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on February 22, 2012
Jackson is on the verge of reverting. He's on the downward spiral of blood lust and needs high amounts of energy from humans to survive and he needs all this frequently. Being a Guardian and reverting means very simply - execution. Jackson is estranged from his parents and he blames himself for his little sister's death. As a result, he lives like he has nothing to lose. He's a risk taker and takes chances with his work by throwing himself into the middle of it all, knowing that his days are numbered.

Arianna works for a gaming software company and runs a paranormal blog on the side. She watched her mom die when she was a little girl, watching as the dark shadows take her mom away. No one believed her, so her heart is into running Paranormalish, her blog dedicated to the weird and unexplained things that humans can't understand. She's watching out for her younger cousin, Krystal, but can't stop the shadows when they come for her one night. Krystal is a Sweetblood, a blood type that's irresistible to vampires and the Darkbloods want to gather all the sweets and move back to how vampires used to live; taking blood freely from humans, with no concern for their lives. Krystal was in a group of sweets that were captured in the previous book, Embraced By Blood, that were to be sold to the highest bidder. One of the master minds behind that idea is back and she wants the sweets that got away.

Jackson is in the right place at the right time as he helps Krystal and Arianna get away from the Darkbloods and takes them to Alfonso and Lily's home to regroup and get a plan of attack together. We get to see plenty of the Guardians, including Kip who's still struggling to get back into his life and work. I loved seeing a little more of Alfonso in the role of Dad, it was something that I wanted more of in his own book.

The romance between Jackson and Arianna was sweet, but a little slow in building. I do like how Laurie London has created a connection between the vampire/human couples in that when they meet their "one", the human's blood unlocks a dormant power in the vampire. It's a nice connection for the couples to have and in the case of Jackson it causes a bit more angst since his new talent is often a side effect of reverting. I kept waiting and waiting for their romance to heat up, and while it took until around the midway point for them to get together, the first part of the book had a nice build up. It set the story up for Krystal, being the sought after Sweetblood and Arianna and Jackson trying to figure out ways to protect her. I liked following this trio as they run from the Darkbloods and connect with Lily and Alfonso. Jackson feels especially protective of Krystal as she reminds him so much of his sister.

The suspense plot is driven by the Sweetbloods and the Guardians trying to find ways to help keep them safe, it builds to a fight at the end with a group of Darkbloods behind the latest plot to take them. I wasn't so attracted to this plot line as I was the little moments that came out of it for our hero and heroine - like Arianna's blog coming in handy and giving clues to the Guardian's when it came to missing people and Jackson struggling to believe in himself when he's so convinced that he's going to fall on the wrong side of the line he's trying to straddle between being a Guardian and becoming too addicted to blood and energy. It was the little things that came out along the way to final fight that I was more interested in than the actual fight itself, which was resolved fairly quickly.

This was an overall nice story for Jackson and Arianna and I always enjoy the addition of the side characters both from past books and characters that we need to know more about before they take center stage in their own books.

Blog rating: 3.5/5
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