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VINE VOICEon May 4, 2007
When I received this book by Anthony Destefano I can't say I was very enthused to read it. The title for me was pretty offsetting and I had a totally different idea of the contents of the book then the actual contents of the book. The title invoked for me the idea of the "Name it and claim it" theology bandied about by some Protestants, especially some on TV.

The actual book though is quite different from what I expected. The author actually disparages "Name it and claim it" theology and has produced a very worthwhile book. The ten chapters in the book address each of the prayers that author says God will answer starting from "God, show me that you exist. The book is filled with realistic and practical ways to address God in prayer by outlining why these ten petition to God will work.

Prayer is not candy-coated in anyway and Anthony Destefano does not offer cheap grace. Instead whether he is talking about knowing the existence of God, dealing with suffering, forgiveness, generosity, etc he is able to relate it in terms easily understood. He also does not make the mistake of making prayer merely a method and that the point of prayer is that we are talking to someone and that someone is God as a person.

Throughout the book he uses examples form St. Thomas Aquinas, C.S. Lewis, Fr. Corapi and many others to drive home the points he is making. I learned reading the book that he is also a Catholic (in fact Fr. Frank Pavone was once his parish priest). The book at times does make some specifically Catholic points when he is talking about the ten prayers, but for the most part he is obviously writing to a general audience so this is a book for pretty much anybody.

His writing style is quite enjoyable and I found myself reading large chunks of the book before putting it down. Better thought is that the book is practical on a day-to-day level and you can immediately start thinking along the lines of taking his suggestions. Sometimes you can read some fact over and over and then one person can take that knowledge you already had and make it usable. This is exactly what Anthony Destefano has done.

I hope this book is as successful as his first book and that it will receive a wide audience, it is certainly a book that deserves that and I think it will be extremely helpful to many persons whether they might be fallen-away Christians or others already well along the journey of faith.
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VINE VOICEon August 1, 2007
DeStefano's book is very readable, and it's remarkable how well it covers some of the most difficult questions we have about prayer. "God, show me that you exist" is the first prayer he talks about. I've known of several agnostics and even an atheist who came to believe because they humored someone who persuaded them to pray for this, even though they were sure they had not a shred of faith.

The common thread through all the chapters is that God desires that we know Him and worship Him, and He will always give us the grace to move closer to Him if we sincerely ask Him in prayer. He will increase our faith; He will show us what He wants us to do; He will give us the courage to face difficult situations; He will help us to love our neighbor. If we cooperate with His grace, He will not let us down. To me, that was the message of the book. By taking one chapter at a time, and really meditating on it, we can not only pray the right way, but also know in our hearts that God is there with us. Working through the book one chapter at a time was a great experience for me. At first I meant to read straight through it, thinking I wouldn't find anything I didn't already know. Instead, I found myself stopping at each chapter to let the meaning sink in and to pray for understanding.

I realize this is a very subjective review, but with a book like this, I imagine everyone's personal experience will be different. Some of the questions in the book will certainly apply to everyone. I've spoken with quite a few people who have read Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, and every single one has gotten a lot out of it and was glad to have read it. In fact, I've bought a number of them as much appreciated gifts.
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on May 28, 2007
I first thought this was gong to be one of those quick fix, self-help prayer book's that I would have to trudge through a bunch of errors on what the bible says about prayer and what God wants us to have, but I found it to be a book that puts prayer in a more universal aspect and helps the beginner to find their prayer compass, and those of us who have been praying all out lives, a fresh outlook on the purpose of prayer.
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on June 8, 2007
This book really explains to a wide audience about WHO GOD IS, and how God's existence impacts our daily lives. The author does a phenomenal job explaining, through these 10 prayers, the loving nature of God and why we are drawn to a relationship with Him. This book has changed my life.
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on May 8, 2007
It reads quickly-- like his first book. Actually, it is better than Travel Guide to Heaven. More incisive, I think. Good Book. Worth the time.
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on February 8, 2008
In my life, there is not one book that I have read from beginning to end TWICE in a row prior to reading any other book, until I read this book.

It has such an excellent way of explaining situations in life with stories and examples and more important to that, short prayers are shared that aid us in turning to Him who cares to listen, cares to help us, and cares to be with us in our walk of life on this earth.

Anthony has blest us with this book and I highly recommend reading it and living it, by praying with what you have learned from it.
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on June 26, 2007
Excellent for those who have doubts, who want Faith but it may seem unreachable; and for those times of stress when one could plunge into
a permanent and unrecoverable depression and path of irreconcilable bitterness.
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on December 6, 2007
The author uses great examples throughout the book. I am using it in a classroom setting. The size of our class has grown, because of the subject! My church buys the books for our class members, and the members want to buy more for thier family and friends. Great product!
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VINE VOICEon March 30, 2008
This is an amazing book that should be read by everyone.

When I say that it should be read by all, I do not mean just those who are Christians. This is a book that has life changing potential for believers and unbelievers alike. Prior to reading this, I thought that it might be one that is pushing the so-called 'prosperity gospel', the 'name it and claim it' nonsense. I am glad to say that it is nothing of the kind.

The most relevant part to those who are not Christ followers is the first chapter. It focuses on a very simple prayer: 'God, Show Me That You Exist'. This is something that can be said by even atheists and agnostics if they are honestly wanting to pursue the truth. One would have nothing to lose by praying this, and if he/she is sincerely seeking, an answer will be forthcoming.

Unless one is a believer, it is unlikely that he/she will pray any of the others. That is fine as the first one is certainly the most fundamental and critical.

Beyond the first one, every other chapter focuses on different areas of life. These areas include such things as wisdom, suffering, forgiveness, and many other critical areas.

Each succeeding chapter continues to build on the foundation of the first one. They are all really superb. The author has done a great job of footnoting the entire book to give one a quick Biblical references for all of the points made.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. I believe that it has the potential to be life changing for virtually anyone who reads it. This is too good to read through in a hurry. It should be savored, pondered, and prayed about.

I highly recommend it!
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on April 8, 2008
This book is so amazing that I bought 10 of them to give as gifts. It is very simple to read, nothing too deep that you really, really have to read and re-read to understand. I have read it twice because, believe it or not, I think it has made me a better person. I know I will read it many more times.
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