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I purchased this product (Tenergy Centura C Size Low Self-Discharge LSD NiMH Rechargeable Batteries), because I wanted to use them in my Mr. Beams MB 980 Motion-Sensing LED Ceiling Light. Previously I have had good experiences with Tenergy Centura AA and AAA cells, which is why I decided to try those C cells in the same series.

Those Tenergy C cells are advertised to have a capacity of 4000mAh. Most name-brand rechargeable C cells in the US market have capacity similar to that of a typical AA cell. For example, the Energizer NH35BP2 C cells are rated for 2500mAh only. Higher-capacity C cells are available, but usually at a much higher cost. For example, the Maha IMEDION C cells are rated for 5000mAh, but cost nearly 3x as much as those Tenergy cells.

I have tested a pair of Tenergy Centura C cells, using my rigged-up Maha MH-C9000 AA/AAA Battery Charger. Here are my findings:
- Right out the package, the average remaining charge capacity is 976mAh, or just 24% of the rate capacity of 4000mAh.
- After one charge/discharge cycle, the average capacity improved to 3832mAh.
- After another charge/discharge cycle, the average capacity moved slightly to 3848mAh. The spread between two cells is very tight at just 40mAh.

The above behavior is very similar to that of other pre-charged batteries I have tested, such as the Sanyo eneloop AA. In contrast, ordinary NiMH cells will take many more cycles to reach its final capacity. Therefore I'm satisfied that those Tenergy cells are indeed low-self-discharge type. The fact that they arrived with only 24% charge could be because they were only partically charged in the factory, just like the case for Sanyo eneloop.

Bottom Line:
My measured capacity number is about 96% that of the rated capacity of 4000mAh, which is well within the measurement error of my setup. So far I'm satisfied with Tenergy's capacity rating and its 'low-self-discharge' claim. As of this writing, the Tenergy Centurs is priced the lowest among all higher-capacity C cells I can find. That makes it a great value.

A note about charger:
Most low-cost charger (for example, the Rayovac Platinum AA/AAA/C/D/9V Universal Battery Charger) can't fully recharge NiMH cells greater than 3000mAh, even though they accept C and D cells. You'll need a charger that specificaly says it can handle high-capacity cells, such as the Tenergy Advanced Universal Charger TN190.

[Update on Dec 20, 2014]
After two years, the four Tenergy Centura C batteries are still working just fine in my Mr. Beams Ceiling Light. I only need to recharge them once every 3-4 months, depending on the season.
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on October 1, 2013
Got these for use in a battery-powered solar bug-zapper. The device came with Ni-Cd cells, but with the batteries going through either a partial or a full charge-discharge cycle on a daily basis, I thought those would soon die. With these cells, I gave them a good refresh (discharge + recharge) twice, and replaced the cheap Ni-Cd cells. These are much better! The blue light from the zapper is still on when I go to bed. These have great capacity, and really do hold their charge over time.

I also have another set in an LED snake/work light. They are dependable enough to have replaced alkaline C's, and allow me to recharge after a moderate use, to be sure I always have the full runtime for a job or if the power goes out. I charge them in my Powerex MH-C808M, and give them a refresh after a couple recharges, or if they have been dormant for awhile, to keep them fresh.

These are most comparable to Sanyo Eneloop in terms of low-discharge (though not quite as good), but have a gigantic capacity.

These are worth the expense if your need is for low self-discharge, large capacity, durability, useful lifespan, and reliability.
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on March 23, 2013
Lucky me, I got the defective batch as I ordered 2 of the cards and one of four batteries (Recommended by NLee he Engineer) will not charge when the other three are charging in my two month old Tenergy Advanced Universal Charger TN190-4 Channel AA/AAA/C/D/9V Ni-MH Charger with LCD Display and USB Power Outlet that was also recommended by NLee the Engineer- even if I change its charging location. The only way is to charge it alone and even then it does not fully charge.

Buyer beware as I am not the only consumer who took a chance on the Tenergy instead of getting Maha PowerEx MHRCI2 "C" 5000 mAh IMEDION "Ready When You Are." Rechargeable Batteries (2-Pack) to get the job done. If you are able and willing to gamble on possibly getting a defect in order to save some money, then this is your item. Personally I needed a dozen more of the C cells for my home and am planning to save up for something else. Best of luck to all.

Update Thanksgiving 2013: I have had these for several months now and the defective one has seemed to fix itself and charges with the other 3 at the same time. As a result, I increased my rating from 2 to 4 stars. I will be getting another 4 Tenergy batteries soon to power another hallway light for better visibility at night. Happy Thanksgiving!!
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on November 10, 2012
making the switch from constantly buying batteries to these low discharge type rechargeables. this is the only way to go! after the initial investment for a good charger and batteries you are done buying and throwing money at alkaline batteries. i have tried various brands and tenergy seems to be as good as any. with this type of product shop around and look for price and don't get hung up on name brand-my experience shows they all do a nice job of charging and powering my devices.these were priced right and work great.
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on April 16, 2013
And the quality considering the good price is very good ,,I have about four years of use of rechargeable batteries in my house only ,,,four years on no more use of regular batteries !! and I don't think I will go back to spend on one time use regular batteries again ,,these are better for the environment and also for your wallet !!! .....
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on February 3, 2014
I've been using this brand but in AA size, the AA cells have been trouble free so gave the "C" size a try. Not the same luck. My first pack one out of the two was dead and wouldn't charge. I did try another charger but still no luck. I gave them another chance thinking defects can happen and maybe I just had bad luck but once again I ran into the same problem but only with the C size, my AA Tenergy rechargeable are fine.
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on March 4, 2013
These seem to hold their charge very well. We're using these in kids toys, which are battery intensive, and they're still going strong well after we expected them to deplete given the time they've been in the toys.

They also hold their charge well after charging and before use. We charged them and left them for a month before using them. They seemed to be almost fully charged (although i'm not sure I believe the manufacturers claims as to discharge period).

A good buy for the money and well worth it if you have battery eating kids toys.
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on January 14, 2014
I got 6 of the C sized batteries. Initially the package came with two of the 6 already out of the package, but looking at the cell itself, it was definitely never used, no signs of any scratches on the bottom of the cell (where you'd normally see scratches from the metal contact pins from devices or chargers). So I chaulked it up to it being really wet and moist outside, the exterior cardboard was really moist (wasn't in direct contact with water as it was under the porch). Alright now we got this out of the way.......

I immediately charged them with my high end Opus BT-C2000 Battery Charger Tester Analyzer. It initially only charged them about 1800mah (it only shows the amount it charged), so I thought maybe they were already half charged or so. So I decided to tell it to completely discharge and recharge to get me a correct reading which this charger allows it to do a discharge and recharge. It only came in at around 2800mah, so I was a little disappointed. Then I used the "Discharge/Refresh" cycle on the charger which basically charges it fully, then discharges it fully, then repeats it again 2 more times (for a total of 3 full charge and discharge cycles). At the end I finally got them to show 3900-4100mah. So it did take basically 4 full charge/discharge cycles for this to kick in showing full spec. So I can confirm they are legit 4000mah C cell batteries, just took a few cycles to get them there.

I use them in a high power (Three C cell) LED flashlight.
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on April 22, 2014
I bought these C rechargeable batteries when buying an electronic toy for my cat. I had had great success using rechargeable AA and AAA batteries made by another company. Those batteries were also advertised as low self-discharging, so I thought the Cs would be a good and reliable product.
Only more recently have I used the cat toy rather frequently. One time the cat toy was in use for less than 2 hours and was barely working. I thought maybe I was mistaken so I charged the batteries again and got the same low play time. The next recharge I let the batteries sit on the shelf. About one week later I put them into the charger expecting them to be slightly low (3 of 4 bars charged). Instead they were as low as if I had been running them for a couple of hours non-stop (1 of 4 bars).
This is a disappointing product.
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on February 10, 2013
I got several Tenergy batteries. I was very happy with them. I always check my Universal battery charger to make sure the batteries will charge. These "C" batteries wouldn't charge in the charger.

I grabbed my other "C" batteries and checked them by holding up the 2 batteries together. I had both flat ends lined up and eyeballed the positive end. I found the positive nub / tip end of the batteries were a bit shorter than the other "C" batteries that would charge. I do not know if they were just a bit too short to fit into the positive end of the charger to make contact with the terminal, or what. I sent these back and got my refund.

I do not know if that is an issue for anyone else. I would say a great battery, but when you get them make sure they will charge with your charger first. If not check and see if the positive end lines up with another C battery. I contacted the company about this and no one else has said anything about the "C" battery not charging with their charger. I just thought maybe the specs were "off" for the positive end terminal, and let them know. The customer service is EXCELLENT! No troubles with them and they were very helpful.

You can always purchase and see if the batteries will charge. If so then that is great. If not then you can return. It is not a hard process. I am still looking for replacement "C" batteries. :0)
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