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on October 17, 2001
This new "Ultimate Edition DVD" of Terminator 2 Judgement Day, one of the biggest box office smashes of all time, is truly The Ultimate Edition. Unless you get this outside of the US (which I did) you have two disks. One disk is the movie (THREE versions of the movie, in fact), and the next disk is all the special features. And it takes DAYS getting through every feature. I mean, three documentary, 8 trailers and TV spots, an entire script, interviews that you can access separately, and 52 chapters of behind the scenes footage, from makeup to visual effects, from editing to restoring deleted scenes. There are so many special features, this is what DVD was made for! You can also look at the original drawings of certain scenes, awesome!!!!
However, I find the real highlight of this disk (or disks) to be the movie itself, I mean WOW!!! You get three, I repeat, three, versions of the movie. One is the original theatrical version, featuring no cut out scenes (the worst), the special edition, featuring 16 minutes of additional footage (second best) and the Extended Special Edition that you need a code for (the best) which features 18 minutes of additional footage, as well as an alternate ending. Here, now, I will give you a step-by-step description of how to get this extended special edition. I'm sure most of you people reading this know how to already, but this is for those who didn't know this version existed, or don't know how to get it. What you do is, you go to the features menu. It'll say "Theatrical Version" and "Special Edition". Click on "Special Edition". Then, you highlight "Play Special Edition" and type in (you may have to type ENTER in-between each number) EIGHT TWO NINE NINE SEVEN (8 2 9 9 7) and then, the "Go To Theatrical Version" option changes to "Play Extended Special Edition". This is the definitive version of the movie. I believe that every single little, tiny scene that they cut out is in this version. Well, thats the code, now back to my review.
The picture and audio on this disk are SO awesome, you won't believe it. Crystal clear picture, and sound so loud that it's like you're in a movie theatre. The additional, restored scenes are remastered as well, and slip perfectly into the movie. If you haven't even seen the film, you won't even notice these scenes put into it. Usually, on additional scenes, the picture is dirty and shakes. Not in these added scenes. And, to make it even better, the scenes are presented in 2:35:1 widescreen anamorphic format. Yes!! Just the first disk makes this DVD the ultimate edition!! Also, there's an audio commentary by 26 members of the cast and crew, however, this commentary is just interviews put together to sound like a commentary. However, there's a noticable glitch in the theatrical version, due to the commentary. Well, if you watch this commentary on one of the special editions, you'll notice it's the same commentary as the theatrical version, but they talk about deleted scenes as well. You may, also, notice that they continue talking about the deleted "Dream Sequence" at the hospital, when it goes into the next scene. So, now, when you watch the theatrical version, you'll notice that the beggining scene with Sarrah Connor watching the tape from six months ago, the beggining of the scene is cut off!!! Oops! Well, that's forgivible. Now, the second disk (or the second side of the disk) has lots of special features. The three documentarys include "The Making Of Terminator 2 Judgement Day", "T2 More Than Meets The Eye", where they talk about deleted sequences and the reason they were cut. The last is "The Making Of Terminator 2 3-D Breaking The Screen Barrier", about the making of that 3-D terminator ride. I loved that ride (yes, I went on it) and this documentary is really interesting. The rest of the features, well, I'm not sure I kinow all of them. Maybe YOU should discover all the features on this disk. If you own the previous DVD release of T2 (which had no extras), then trash it and get this "Ultimate Edition". You WON'T be dissipointed.
If you found my review helpful, please be sure and vote for me! Thank You Very Much!
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on September 24, 2001
OK If you go to the menu, where it will say "Play Theatrical Version" and "Play Special Edition", using your remote control, type in (you may have to press enter in-between each number) 82997 (that's EIGHT TWO NINE NINE SEVEN). Then the "Play Special Edition" option will change to "Play Extended Special Edition" and you get two more added scenes. One where the T-1000 searches John Connor's room, and a different ending set in the future!
Please vote for me if you found my review helpfull (PLEASE!!!)...
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on February 9, 2011
This review is not about the movie itself or the special features on the blu-ray disc - there are many other reviwes who already covered that part. For that I gave the movie the rating of 5 stars.

This review is about technical issues some users and reviewers seem to have (which included myself)

I think I figured out what the issue with the disc not playing on certain blu-ray disc players is - here we go:

First let me explain that several movie companies (Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, ... etc.) at times offer a feature on their blu-ray discs which is called "BD Live".
BD Live is a special feature which offers additional online content, accessible from the Internet through your Blu-Ray Disc Player.
Usually this feature is optional and you can access it through the Special Features section on the disc or it has its own category on the disc menue.

However it means that your Blue Ray Disc Player needs to be "BD Live ready" to be able to access that content. So the first thing to check is if the blu-ray disc player you own has the "BD Live readiness"!

Well, my blu-ray disc player is a Vizio and does offer BD Live - so far so good. However when I tried accessing the BD Live feature on various blu-ray discs (e.g. 'Sherlock Holmes', 'Terminator:Salvation') I always got a message from my player stating "no storage media available"...

It took me over three months (until yesterday) to figure out that the error message practically meant that I have to put a Flash drive in the USB port of my Vizio blu-ray disc player.

Once I had put a 2 GB flash drive in the USB slot the BD Live feature of my 'Terminator Salvation' Blue Ray disc worked.
And be warned: It takes minutes for the features to download from the Internet if you have a slow Internet connection like I do (DSL)

After I was successful in getting the BD Live option to work I returned to my T2 disc, which refused to play in the past and simply locked up my player, ready to give it another try.
Voila! This time the disc played and the features are really awesome and stunning!

So the crux with the T2 Skynet Edition is that usually the BD Live feature is OPTIONAL (which makes sense, since not all blu-ray disc players offer the BD Live access), but in the case of the T2 disc the BD Live feature is MANDATORY!

This means your blu-ray Disc Player needs to have two things for the disc to work (= play):

1) The Player needs to have the BD Live readiness

2) The Player needs to have a storage device (such as a flash drive) connected to the USB port. (I don't know if there are possibly players on the market that have storage space internally, mine doesn't)

If you don't have both features your disc simply won't play, which is a shame and a stupid concept on the part of Warner Bros. They should have made the BD Live content optional or at least offer a bypass option.

This is my theory gotten out of my personal experience and I hope it is helpful for buyers of the blu-ray disc to avoid frustration over the issue!
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on September 8, 2000
This is the most feature packed DVD I own!
Terminator 2 THE ULTIMATE EDITION DVD actually has 3 different versions of the movie; the original theatrical release lasting 136 minutes, the special edition version lasting 153 minutes and an extended special edition clocking in at 155 minutes and 43 seconds which is accessed by an "Easter Egg" discussed below.
You can access the extended special edition version by selecting special edition from the menu and then entering 82297 on your remote's numeric keypad. You may have to press "enter" after each number on certain DVD players. An easier method is to just select title number 3 from your remote.
The picture quality and sound quality are top-notch on this DVD and it is my top choice for showing off my system to friends and family! It includes Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, DTS 5.1 ES and Dolby Digital 2.0 mixes. The EX and ES designations refer to a new standard that includes a sixth channel of sound that is designed to emanate from a rear center speaker. I have a 5.1 setup, so I couldn't test this feature, but it's nice to know it's there.
This release comes in two formats; either a DVD-18 disc or two DVD-9 Discs. The DVD-18 is a double-sided, double layer disc and contains the entire 6 hours of material on one disc that needs to be flipped and the DVD-9 is a single-sided, double-layer disc which has the material on two discs. Don't worry, the content on both versions is the same. The two disc version might be preferable for DVD changer users. Due to manufacturing limitations with the newer DVD-18 format, the DVD-9's were created to better meet demand.
One really cool thing about this title is that the trailers for Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS play according to which audio setting is selected. These are nice to demo your system with! Also, the THX trailer at the beginning was customized for T2 as a bonus.
If you love this movie, get this version now! It has enough bonus materials to warrant a purchase even if you already own the previous release on DVD. This is an awesome special edition that betters the Laser Disc special edition at a quarter of the list price! There are English and Japanese trailers, 700 storyboards, a 26 person audio commentary, making of T2 and T2 3D featurettes and DVD-ROM material as well.
Last, but not least, you get "THX Optimode," a tool to properly adjust your home theater audio and video settings for optimum enjoyment. I recommend Video Essentials or Avia Guide to Home Theater DVDs for critical system adjustment, but this is a great tool for free! To access "THX Optimode," select "Sensory Control," click your remote's left button and click on the highlighted THX on the endoskeleton's skull.
This is a great DVD with my highest recommendation!
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123 of 140 people found the following review helpful
on October 30, 2000
As I opened my box revealing a shiny outer metal casing for this DVD, I knew I was in for something special. This "Ultimate Edition" impressed me even before opening the plastic wrapping! Soon, I slid off the metal T2 casing revealing a beautiful 2 disc DVD package. The graphics on the outer casing and on the discs themselves are quite creative. The booklet is also impressive....30 pages of photos and interesting facts concerning James Cameron, his crew and the film. It also has a detailed list of the chapters and a list with information on the restored footage. far I have a huge smile on my face, and I haven't even popped the DVD into my player yet. By the way, if you plan to keep the booklet inside the DVD case, make sure you close it tightly! This booklet is so thick, you'll have problems keeping the package closed! Anyway, I finally pop in Disc 1. The animated graphics are terrific! Disc 1 contains the theatrical release of the film, the special edition with restored footage, and the magic "easter egg" ending. It also gives you an assortment of audio options including Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, DTS 5.1 and Dolby Surround 2.0. You also have the choice of audio commentary by 26 cast and crew members! What I thought was really great about the commentaries was that the name of the person talking is shown on the screen with their credit, so you always know who is talking without getting confused. That was a pleasant surprise. You also have the choice of English subtitles and "Mission Profiles", which are biographies of many cast and crew members. You can also jump to any scene you want with an impressive "timeline" graphic. Being THX certified, this disc also contains a THX set-up. lets talk about the DVD. I decided to watch the "Special Edition". After a very impressive new THX logo, I sat back and watched the film. Instantly, the sound was top notch. If you have a subwoofer, you may have to make sure that anything hanging on your walls are securely fastened. The remastering job on this film is amazing. The stereo separation, the ambience, vocals and music all sound incredible. This film really set a new standard for sound design when it was first released, and this DVD compliments the sound department to the fullest. You are thrown into a surround sound environment that is addicting and thrilling. Even those with simple 2 speaker set-ups will be happy, but those with advanced surround systems will have some explaining to tell the neighbors. This DVD is a great test for your system. A true audiophonic, stereophonic thrill. OK...enough about the sound...what about the picture? Well, the picture is also superb, with incredible detail and beautiful deep blacks. Color saturation is beautiful with deep blues throughout the film. The transfer is incredibly clean. Can you believe that I can STILL see the wires suspending Arnolds motorcycle as he jumps into the canal!!?? (Chapter 21, I believe.) Anyway, the widescreen presentation of T2 is definitely the "ultimate DVD experience." **By the way, SLOWLY type in 8-2-9-9-7 in the main menu AFTER you choose "Special Edition". This accesses the secret "Extended Special Ediion." (different DVD players may require you to press 'enter' after each number, while others may not.)** OK...let's talk about disc 2 which contains all the supplemental material. The opening graphic animation is really great. This animation brings you to the main menu. The main menu is subdivided into 3 sections...."Information Programs" which has 3 featurettes, "Making of T2", "T2, More then meets the eye", and "The making of T2 3D". The second section, "Visual Campaigns", has a "Teaser Trailer", two "Theatrical Trailers", and a "T2 Special Edition Trailer". The thrid section, The "Data Hub", has all other supplemental material. This includes 574 still frames of the final shooting script, original storyboard sequences, a bunch of video sequences including videos of James Cameron, the co-writer, the effects designer, stunt coordinator, interviews with cast and other crew members and a BUNCH of other stuff that will keep you watching until T3 is released! The "Data Hub" also contains an impressive graphical behind the scenes story of T2, or you can choose a video featurette with behind the scenes footage....both very impressive. For you PC people, you can also watch the film while reading the script and looking at the storyboards. You can also link to online T2 websites. I won't ruin all the surprises of this disc, but I recommend you to experiment with this disc...there are a few other surprises that I won't go into detail about. In conclusion, I want to applaud everyone involved in the making of this DVD, especially the Creative Supervisor Van Ling. It is simply one of the BEST DVD's available and gives everyone a reason to own a DVD player. Much time was spent in producing this package, and it is worth every penny. Full of surprises, top notch audio and video quality with THX certification, and an attractive outer case too! This is what all future "ultimate editions" should be compared to, because "Terminator 2-The Ultimate DVD Edition" is why DVD was created. I recommend this DVD to EVERYONE....especially to those who are DVD fanatics, fans of the Terminator films and/or James Cameron, or you simply want to 'show off' your home entertainment system. Buy this DVD package and enjoy!
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89 of 102 people found the following review helpful
on August 30, 2000
After nearly ten years T2 is still snappy. And with this new DVD ULTIMATE EDITION, you can't really go wrong. If you already have bought T2 on DVD before this release, you will not feel cheated if you buy it again... because this one is the complete package. As for bells and whistles and added value, T2 is a ten all around. Excellent menu interfaces (level by level inside SKYNET HQ), a host of extras that will keep both DVD and PC/DVD ROM owners busy for hours on end... and I mean hours (from script, to movie(s) - three in all, to 700 storyboards, inside MAKING OF's - the film and the T2 3D ride, audio commentary - and on and on and on...). Also, it comes complete with a metal slip case... real metal, real nice, and very cool... and I mean cold (when I bought this the other day the stores air conditioning had chilled the slip case to ice cold... my hand fogged it up when I was holding onto it). T2 ULTIMATE promises and delivers just that. The tranfer is sharp (the images in the film are very clear... very percise and dead on). The sound, very visual when you have the right system (and even if you don't - it's still very nice). One of the best packages out there... highly recommended. PLUS! - we have an EASTER EGG, for those of you who don't know what that means... we do have a hidden MODE to play with. It's an extra run of the film (making it three in total for the disk). It's the SPECIAL ADDITION, but with the FUTURE CODA scene replaced at the end. For those who don't know the FUTURE CODA scene and why it was cut... you'll have to review the DVD and movie. To get to the E.E. follow these instructions:
The hidden alternate version is 156 minutes. It contains the Future Coda ending and the cut of the movie is the special edition. To get to this third cut of the movie, click on Special Edition from the main menu. Highlight Play Special Edition and press 82997 on your remote. The words The Future Is Not Set will appear in the right hand portion of the setup screen and the left eye of the Terminator will light up. Now you can click on Play Extended Special Edition. If this does not work try 8 enter 2 enter 9 enter, 9 enter, 7 enter to achieve the same effect. Or, press title 3 and it plays the hidden alternate version.
There you go... you've got it all. Enjoy.
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67 of 76 people found the following review helpful
You have internet capabilities on your blu ray player. I have a Sony BDP-S300 player and the same thing happened to me that happened to another reviewer. A screen came up from "Skynet" saying that you need a 2.0 player and the blu ray player I have is only a 1.0. The menu finally came up and I selected the Special extended directors Cut(more on that later)and it started to play until it got to the studio canal screen and at 23 seconds it did not move. So it is the blu ray player and not the disc. I repeat: NOT THE DISC BUT THE BLU RAY PLAYER. Proof of that is then I took the disc and put it in my PS3 and it work perfectly due to the fact that it is hooked up to the internet.

Once I put it in the PS3, the Blu ray got friggin awesome. Skynet tells you that you are connected and it gives you the city you live in with area code, your email address, the degrees outside where you live and other goodies that only skynet would know. Then once you are pass that it ask you to select a version.

For everyone wondering there is all three versions of the movie on here just like the Ultimate edition. You type in the same code to get the special director's extended edition as on the Ultimate edition which is 82997. There is interactive menus as well as triva games and quizes you can do while you watch the movie as well as picture in picture. I havent watch everything yet so I cant tell you all the special features but there is a bunch more. The picture and sound is fantastic and I am glad that I waited for this version of the blu ray as it is basically the Ultimate edition dvd on blu ray. I would recommend this to anyone just know that there is a good chance that your blu ray player has to be hooked up to the internet or perhaps have all the latest updates.
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22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on May 21, 2009
Thanks to the new master, the detail is much greater on this DVD than previous releases. You're able to see small, fine, details in the backgrounds that you simply could not make out on the Ultimate Edition. That coupled with the adjusted color (supervised and approved by Lightstorm) and other improvements over previous releases; makes this the best looking Terminator 2 on DVD.

The harsh contrast found on the previous DVD is lowered to a much more natural level, which gives the overall picture a more film-like appearance. Even better, the excessive edge enhancement is just about completely gone. If those were the only improvements, it'd be enough to recommend the disc over the old transfer, but they aren't.

2000's Ultimate Edition featured a very good 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer that only had a couple minor problems. Most distracting was an excessive amount of edge enhancement, more grain than was normal for a Super 35 movie, and contrast that was just a bit hot.

For this new Extreme Edition, THX retransferred using the highest technology possible right now. They created a new electronic film master of the movie at the stunning resolution of 1920x1080 24 FPS. Basically, this new master would allow them to create new transfers of T2 for HDTV, and digital theatrical showings. This DVD is created from that gorgeous master, and is easily the best Terminator 2 has ever looked on the DVD format.

10 out of 10. BUY THIS DVD!
review image
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59 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2009
I purchased this Blu-ray recently and found it to be a waste of money. YES, TERMINATOR 2 is unspeakably awesome; YES, TERMINATOR 2 on Blu-ray is a good thing...BUT NOT THIS VERSION.


Second, this version is EXTREMELY BARE BONES: it's just the movie and 2 commentary tracks (one from 1993, the other from 2003) and THAT'S IT. For a movie with so much technical precision and BTS material found on previous releases, this is a GRIEVOUS oversight.

Third (and final), the transfer is TERRIBLE. The original film is a bit grainy to begin with, but in previous VHS and DVD transfers it was never enough to be distracting. Here, in 1080 resolution, the grain is so bothersome that it strikes me more as digital noise--even STATIC at worst--than actual celluloid texture. I get the feeling they went through the HD transfer process as fast as possible to cash in on the HD market. It looks little better than what the old DVD version would on upconvert.

Interestingly, I recently bought THE ROAD WARRIOR on Blu-ray and noticed the difference. Both ROAD WARRIOR and TERMINATOR 2 have roughly the same amount of grain in their image (and the VHS and DVD transfers were comparable), but the Blu-ray transfer of THE ROAD WARRIOR is GLORIOUS, and the grain actually accentuates the image (worth every penny); logically, the TERMINATOR 2 image should be on par at LEAST, but instead it underperforms.

So don't buy this Blu-ray release of it yet, because if history is any teacher, TERMINATOR 2 is going to receive the same double and triple-dipping treatment it did on DVD, and the next release is likely to have a better transfer and bonus features...the same thing already happened with THE FIFTH ELEMENT.
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108 of 130 people found the following review helpful
on June 8, 2003
Before you buy realize most of the reviews here have been about the Ultimate version and NOT the Extreme version. Another quick note, this dvd has 1, thats right 1 version of the movie. While the Ultimate has 3 versions (yes thats right the ultimate has more versions then this one).

All extras (except 2 things) are DVD-Rom O N L Y! Not only this your stuck with one version, and its SHORTER then the ultimate. The ultimate also has a 3rd version that can be unlocked this one does not have it.

The only good things are, the medal case art(but don't plan on puting the disc case back in the medal case it will destroy your dvd case), the disc art, and menu design.

Everything else is worthless inless you have that dvd rom, and there is no 6 hours extra like the ultimate which is great to look thru.

A must miss at all costs...
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