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on June 10, 2009
I had ants swarming my bedroom! They weren't coming from my brand new tightly sealed windows. They were coming from under my brand new carpeting near my brand new floor vents. Ugh!

We set out Terro liquid bait plastic containers all over the kitchen (on another floor, opposite side of the house) where they we really bad and not coming from windows as well. We went a little crazy and put 13 baits where 4 could have fed the whole colony.

I didn't want the liquid filled containers in my bedroom. I imagined it spilling all over the carpet for some reason. Instead we used the 2.oz. bottled Terro to put a dime size drip on little cardboards that the box provides from it's outer packaging. Then we got in bed, praying it would help. We turned on the TV, found the channel we wanted, and then glanced back at the cardboard box swarmed with six ants already. That never happens with Combat or Raid! They were going insane like it was water in a desert! So I got up and put two more cardboards out.

The next day, I was shocked. Maybe three were walking around lost. So I ran to the kitchen...ghost town. Where did they go? What happened to them all? And more importantly, where has this product been all my life???
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on July 1, 2012
We would have a problem with kitchen (Sugar?)ants. They would invade the kitchen a couple of times a year. I tried all the external baits but none worked. I didn't like using sprays around the kitchen. This product worked great and I have been using the same bottle for years.

The best thing to do is find where they are coming in the room. The closer the better so you will not see the ant lines going to the bait. You can then find an out of the way location to place the cardboard with the liquid bait on it. Ants will flock to this location, so I like to keep it out of site up high or down low. Just put it somewhere close to the line and they will find it. They will eat all of the bait rapidly so it is important to check it everyday and keep it fresh. My type of ant is usually gone within the week and when I first started using it, the ants had lines all over my kitchen but it took care all of them.

It is designed to let them live long enough to carry some back to the nest, so I usually find very few dead ants in the room so no clean up chores. Just throw the bait card away when they are gone and you are done.

I don't write many reviews, but this product really works well for me.

Highly recommended, easy, safe, and low mess.
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on August 28, 2010
A few days after putting this out we no longer have an ant problem. I hope Terro never develops a Liquid Human Killer. We'd all be doomed.
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on May 9, 2014
We were having a problem with the small black ants that appear in the spring right after the weather has begun to warm up a bit. I found this at the hardware store, and I'm glad I did - it has worked very well.
You must use it properly though - track the trail of ants back to its entry point - where they are coming into the building. Ours were coming in under a baseboard. Place the Terro near the ants' entrance. If you notice that the Terro is completely ringed with ants, set out another one next to it - you want as many ants as possible to be able to get to this stuff. You'll see a lot of ants showing up, trying to get at the Terro. Resist the urge to kill them or to do anything - just leave them alone. For this stuff to work, you need them to take it back to the nest to kill the Queen and the larvae. If you just kill the ants you see, you will not be able to solve the problem - you must kill the Queen. When I set it out, ants started going to it and drinking immediately. After 12 hours the Terro was swarmed, one of them was even gone completely so I added more to that square of cardboard (you tear squares of cardboard off the package and put the Terro on that. You could also use other cardboard or tin foil, just make sure it is easy for the ants to climb onto it). After 24 hours the swarm was gone, and there were only about 10 to 12 ants drinking the Terro on each square. After 36 hours there were about 3 to 4 ants drinking the Terro on each square. After 48 hours, I occasionally saw an ant coming up to drink. You should leave it out for a few days at least, because even though the majority of the ants will have been killed, new ones will still be hatching from the larvae left behind that weren't poisoned in time. Now, 60 hours later, I have only seen 2 ants all day. I will keep the Terro out for another 2 or three days just to make sure that any stragglers left over have a chance to get to it. *NOTE* - some ants are looking for sugar, and some ants are looking for protein. Some ants look for one or the other, depending on their life cycle/time of the year. So if your ants are ignoring this completely, that most likely means they are currently looking for protein, not sugar. This is a sugar-based bait. Also, some other reviewers have said that their drops of Terro dried out - I have not had that problem, but it has been pretty humid here lately. It needs to be liquid in order for the ants to drink it, so if you notice that the drop has hardened, replace it with a fresh drop.
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on April 22, 2009
This is by far, the best way to get rid of those annoying household ants. I have had ants all over my house, mainly in the kitchen and bathroom on two floors for the past 8 years. I have tried buying Raid sprays and baits, but none of it worked. The ants also seem to avoid going into the baits. Finally, last summer, I decided to buy some Terro liquid ant killer, and it worked great! After a month, there were no more ants. Since then, our house has been ant-free.

I also conducted a test between Terro's and Combat's products. Both are liquid types that you squeeze from a tube since our ants seem to avoid traps. At first, most of the ants swarmed over to Combat's liquid, but after an hour or so, they started to go to Terro's product. After another hour, I realized there were much more ants at Terro's products than at Combat's. I used roughly the same amount of solution from both products. Weeks later, I noticed that the ants were still heading to Terro's product, and avoided Combat's. Terro's liquid ant killer works great!
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on July 2, 2014
I wrote a detailed review for the prefilled baits last year. Trust me, pouring drops on aluminum foil is much more effective than using the baits. Ants end up drowning and dying inside the baits, so their buddies in the colony stop visiting the baits. I think they get the hint. But with drops on aluminum foil, or the included cardboard squares, ants are not blocked from the fluid by their trapped and dead comrades and they can drink all day.
It's interesting, but last year on june 20th, I started seeing ants in my bathroom. This year, on june 20th to the day, I started seeing ants in my kitchen! What is it about june 20th? Well I placed Terro drops where I saw the ants above a kitchen cabinet. On day 1, i'd see maybe 100 ants drinking the poison. On day 2 about the same. On day 3, maybe only 10. On day 4, about 3 or 4 ants. Learning from last year's experience, I knew that I was nowhere near having killed the colony. Everyday I placed fresh drops on aluminum foil. That is the key to success. To make sure you're extracting as many ants as possible from the colony, you have to place fresh drops down daily. If drops have been out more than 24 hours, very few ants will go to it. It must not be as appetizing after a day, for whatever reason. Maybe it dries out a bit, maybe the scent dissipates. So on day 5, guess what happened? Thousands of ants! It was disgusting, but because of where I placed the drops, the ants were out of everyone's line of sight. I actually had to climb a ladder to see what was happening.
It's so important to be patient. Just because the number of ants drop to just a few, it doesn't mean the colony is dead. You need to see zero ants for 2 consecutive days. I'm now on day 12, and this is my second consecutive day of no ants. So tomorrow I will consider this case closed. For good measure, I am going to go under the house in the crawl space and spray pesticide near the area where I found the ants.
Don't waste your money on the prefilled baits. It may appear that you've killed the colony, but what I think actually happens is that the ants simply stop coming because they're not attracted to baits with dead ants inside. I discovered this to be true last year when I threw out the baits and placed drops on aluminum foil. Within minutes, ants came out of hiding once again.
UPDATE: I haven't seen a single ant in 10 days, and this is after i put all the food back in the cabinets. I am unable to close the hole through which they were entering because the cabinets cover the entire wall. So even though the potential point of re-entry is still there, ants aren't coming in. Terro works very well for the typical tiny black ants we have in Southern California.
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on March 24, 2015
There was a major ant infestation in my bathroom. There were ants on the floor, on the wall, in the bath tub, even in my shower head... I think the whole colony was trying to move in due to dry weather, seeking water. I think I saw 2 queen ants in there.

We called the exterminator but they couldn't come out until the following week, so I placed Terro in a tiny bowl I created using aluminum foil and my wedding ring (I used the ring to mold it into a tiny bowl). I placed it in 8 different locations near the ant trails throughout my bathroom.

I left the bathroom undisturbed for about 2 days and the ant trails were gone! There are few wanderers still in the bathroom but no more trail of ants. My husband thought I wiped down the ants because the ants have disappeared.

UPDATE: There was another ant outbreak in my computer room. Here's day 1 with the trap. Ants love this poison.
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on December 29, 2011
I agree with both previous reviewers. On the one hand, you will have hundreds of ants running for the bait, to the point where it will not only be gone but there will be clumps of dead ants left in the puddle. On the other hand, its effectiveness is suspect, as I have put the rectangular traps out for weeks and we still had ants coming in (sometimes they would disappear for a few months and suddenly be back).

I do like the liquid bait better than the traps, though. The traps are small and oddly shaped, so fewer ants will be able to get to it at a time. With the dispenser, you can add as much as you like...but I recommend not using the cardboard pads with the "apply here" sticker on them. Fill up bottle caps instead, and place them around where the ant lines are. In the pictures I posted, I set a few outside and within an hour the ants were addicted!
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on April 21, 2015
Just bought some of this stuff. I am amazed at how quickly the ants flocked to the little cardboard squares I set out with a few drops on each and started feasting on this liquid. I have about 20 ants on one little cardboard square, and about 10 on another. This after only a couple of hours. I imagine more will come at night and from the other reviews I'm pretty sure my ant problem will be a thing of the past.

Edit: It's now three days after I bought this stuff and there are no ants to be seen anywhere. None. I only used about 10 drops total so I have most of the bottle left too. I am now an official Terro Ant Killer fan.
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on July 30, 2012
When I started using this, it attracted a lot of ants to where you place it. After the first 1.5 weeks, the ants seemed to disappear, or at least show in very few numbers. Then they came back with more ant friends. After about 3.5-4 weeks, all my ant problems have stopped for a steady 6 days now. So far it seems to have done its job. You just have to be patient with it and place new drops down every other day to keep it fresh.

The box came with little square drop placement cards you rip off the box, however you can also use aluminum foil, or pretty much anything you want except your pets as a mobile terro dispenser (Although the box doesn't specifically say this, it's not recommended). You can also use this outside, but I didn't.

It almost looks like hand sanitizer in the bottle, and after few hours to a day after you place drops down it turns into this extremely sticky and thick constancy. So be careful where you place it and make sure not to get it on any surfaces as it will be difficult to clean up. Some ants will get on top of the thick drops and eventually sink into it and die because they're stupid.

I liked this product and learned about it online and read the reviews. I had the common carpenter black ants. It worked for me, just took a little longer than I had thought to get rid of them.

*Update Feb 2014* I meant to update a long while ago, anyways - I never had any ants after that last round of ant parties. So I recommend this product. I no longer live at that residence, but I'm assuming the ants have communicated regarding this product as I haven't seen an ant in my new home since moving in.
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