Customer Reviews: The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty
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on October 22, 2006
I've known Jim Marrs (not personally) as the author of the reasonably well-respected "CROSSFIRE - THE PLOT THAT KILLED KENNEDY", and also, more recently, as an author interested in somewhat more esoteric subjects unrelated to 9/11. I bought this book to add to my growing 9/11 research library, but was a little unsure of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this book.

Marrs is on his best behavior here. THE TERROR CONSPIRACY is a very detailed, clear-headed and up-to-date overview of the holes in the official story, the context these events took place in, and a likely 'big picture' overview of the entire 9/11 conspiracy. This is all perhaps par for the course with any good recent 9/11 truth publication but THE TERROR CONSPIRACY exceeded my expectations in the following ways:

The book is extremely well-researched and footnoted. I had read somewhat mixed things about Marrs's prior 9/11 book INSIDE JOB and wasn't sure what to expect with this book. Marrs writes "THE TERROR CONSPIRACY greatly expands, updates and replaces INSIDE JOB in the light of events and discoveries since 2002". Given the quality of this new volume, I wouldn't be surprised if the book was a complete re-write. Marrs makes references to events occurring as recently as a few months ago from early 2006 and briefly quotes from volumes like Webster Tarpley's excellent 9/11 SYNTHETIC TERROR: MADE IN USA, among others. There's a 30 page index (not really footnotes, but rather sources, other publications, books quoted, and URL's) that suggests that Marrs has kept up with the required reading and drawn from the best available current evidence. There's good and bad stuff about 9/11 available in print and online and Marrs seems to have made a real effort to sort the wheat from the chaff, making reference to guys like Michel Chossudovky, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed and newspapers like THE GUARDIAN. (In fact, after browsing back through the index for the purposes of this review, I feel smarter already.) With all the available material out there on 9/11 conspiracies it'd be a worry if someone didn't take pains to only use the most respectable sources. Marrs seems to have been aware of that danger and has chosen his carefully.

I also didn't notice any mistakes in his overall analysis. THE TERROR CONSPIRACY is the 9th or 10th 9/11 conspiracy book that I have purchased, and some of them have been better than others. Marrs makes his case more efficiently than Michael Ruppert does in CROSSING THE RUBICON, and avoids egregious blunders like the blanket dismissal by author Sander Hicks of anomalies surrounding the Pentagon crash in THE BIG WEDDING. There's also no reference to `In Plane Sight'-era nonsense like `tubes on the airplane hitting the WTC', which I found in the otherwise passable book 9/11 REVEALED by Rowland Morgan and Ian Henshall. I've been reading and joining the dots on the seemingly ever-more-complicated events of 9/11 for about 4 years now, and I thought Marrs had done a good job of coming to many of the same conclusions that I had reached. (Does this means I'm biased?)

For the curious, a breakdown of THE TERROR CONSPIRACY, (a chunky, nicely printed 482 page book with no illustrations, but good cover art front and back), is as follows.

INTRODUCTION (13 pages): Marrs discusses what lead him to write the book, and notes how the original publishers from a few years ago developed cold feet for the project

PART 1 - THE EVENTS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 (169 PAGES): Marrs sequentially covers all the events of the day, from the hijackings to WTC collapse, insider stock trades, Flight 93 and more, in a good, detailed and well-written overview. As Marrs writes, "This independent timeline is based on the best factual information now available, not on the `official' timeline that has been shown to be inaccurate and even misleading". This is a useful, one-stop guide to the whole day.

PART 2 - WAR FOR OIL AND DRUGS (82 pages): The context of events before and afterwards, with thoughtful discussion of PNAC goals, Cheney's financial dealings and Bin Laden's role as a useful patsy.

PART 3 - THE 9/11 BACKLASH (88 pages): In one of the more interesting sections of the book, Marrs thoroughly dissects the post-9/11 laws passed and later behavior done by the Bush administration, with the Patriot Act put into perspective as part of a larger (well-documented) effort to reduce civil liberties.

PART 4 - HISTORICAL PRECEDENTS (59 pages): The Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbour, various deceptions surrounding the first Gulf War and Operation Northwoods are all discussed, along with Bush's dismal performance as President prior to the 9/11 attacks. Marrs ends this final section with a thoughtful conclusion titled `What Do We Know Now?", which wraps up his arguments. I think his earlier CROSSFIRE book ended in a similar effective manner. The aforementioned 31 pages of sources and a 15 page index follow. Bear in mind, these listed sections in the book proper contain a lot of extra stuff that I haven't mentioned in my above glib summaries. The contents page of THE TERROR CONSPIRACY is quite long and all four parts of the book include lots of useful subchapters on different topics, with Marrs keeping things consistently readable, interesting and well-observed.

Purchasers sympathetic to 9/11 truth should also note that THE TERROR CONSPIRACY has a special, surprisingly valuable bonus essay at the back - THE PENTAGON ATTACK PAPERS, by researcher Barbara Honegger (26 pages). I hadn't encountered this before (though it does seem to be online if you search for it), and Honegger makes some sharply observed points that were new to me. The bottom line is that THE TERROR CONSPIRACY is a surprisingly solid, well-written, and well-researched overview, and probably goes into my top 2 or 3 books on the events of 9/11. I'd recommend it as a purchase and can't see how many people would be disappointed with it if they buy it.
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on October 6, 2006
Do not trust this book. - I am quoting from the book itself. The author insists that you take no book written by anyone including his at face value. Do your own research. That being said....

There is no better book with which to begin that research that the "Terror Conspiracy". If you are already a student of 9/11 the first section of this book may appear a little tedious. You might think "I know all this, lets get to some new information"

The author is however buiding a solid factual foundation that will support the rest of the book. If you want to know the full story find it here. By the time the reader gets to page 169 she will realize that the author had methodically built a solid case that completely crushes the government's story on every level.

David Ray Griffin's excellent book "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The Christian Faith and 911" speak much about the facts of the event itself.

After Marrs convinces the most skeptical who have read up to Part II the book now delves into the history of US state sponsored terror and the full background of the evil that has infected Washington today.

I recommend getting this book as soon as possible while you still can. To those who think this is all "conspiracy theory" just go read the text of the PATRIOT act and the Detainee bill that just passed. It is now legal for the Federal government to "disappear" someone it doesn't like for any reason or no reason at all but merely on the say-so of one man.

Read this book and you will know the true nature of what was just rammed through congress and this book will give you insight to what it all means to the people of this country.

Congress has officially repealed the Bill of Rights. Don't beleive me? Good! I don't want you to. Find out for yourself. Wake up frmop your drooling stupor in front of the Fox News[sic] channel and do your own research.

If you do not accept the premise of this book, great. Read it anyway just so you know what people are thinking. If you think you support the official conspiracy theory then read this even if you want to debunk it. Who knows, you might learn something O'Reilly, Hannity and Rush missed.

Like all of Jim Marrs' books this is exceptionally well written and quite gripping. Marrs backs up up everything with factual and documented evidence.

Wake up America while you still can. Read this book NOW, then go to Google video and watch "Terrorstorm". Do it TODAY!
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on August 31, 2006
It doesn't matter which side of this issue you stand (someone seeking the truth vs. a mindless, spoon-fed sheep), the fact remains that Jim Marrs identifies holes, discrepancies, misrepresentations, lies, omissions, etc. in the official 9/11 Commission Report that should bother every American citizen; enough so that they are motivated to investigate further. If you already subscribe to his conspiracy theory, then this book is a no-brainer; I'm sure you'll enjoy it thoroughly. If you don't buy into his conspiracy theory, then do some research after you read this book and formulate a better theory. Regardless of where you stand, every intelligent person has to admit that the 9/11 Commission Report is at least 50% fiction, if not more. It's just a matter of common sense. A simple review of the facts is all it takes (and perhaps a reasonable understanding of basic conceptual physics). If you aren't convinced by the obvious, then I recommend you put down this book and get back to the flock; I'm sure they miss you. Don't submit a review discrediting this book just because you don't agree with the author's opinions or conclusions (or his previous books). You'd be wasting everyone's time, including your own. Doing so would be a clear indication that you missed the point completely: (1.) Be angry that you were lied to. (2.) Be angry that your civil liberties are being systematically stripped from you. (3.) Seek out the truth. It's as simple as that. To quote the first sentence in this author's earlier book about the JFK assassination ("Crossfire"), "Do not trust this book." He goes on to say that he has simply collected and presented evidence; you be the judge. If you read this book and still wholeheartedly believe the 9/11 Commission Report, then I'd like to discuss with you a proposition wherein you transfer all of the money in your savings account over to my savings account. It's a matter of national security. Really. Trust me. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's required by the USA PATRIOT Act, so you better get to it, my little sheep. If you love America and the Constitution as dearly and passionately as I do, then seek out the truth. This book is a good place to start.
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on September 29, 2006
This book should be REQUIRED READING. Many people I have talked to think that I am some Democrat trying to unman the Republicans when I mention a conspiracy for 9/11. If they have even an average intelligence, they should be turned around by page 150 as they read Jim Marrs account of 9/11, before and after the fact. I think they are afraid to go against the party line, especially in Texas, to submit to the evidence of such a cover up. Jim Marrs' book should straighten them out--that is if they are not afraid to read it.
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on March 18, 2008
Jim Marrs is an investigative reporter who specializes in conspiracies. The Terror Conspiracy summarizes many of the suspicions about the U.S. government that have been around almost since 9/11 occurred, such as what did the Bush administration know and when, what actually happened at the Pentagon and at the World Trade Center, and what really happened to Flight 93. He also describes the Bush family involvement with the Saudi royal family. But for Marrs, the real conspiracy involves a government control agenda that goes back to 1947.
''The Terror Conspiracy is made up of four parts. The first is a lengthy section on the events of September 11, 2001, that highlight inconsistencies with the version of events promoted by the government and the media. The second discusses how oil, drugs, and war drives American policies and interests. The third deals with the loss of liberty at home after 9/11 via the Patriot Act, Big-Brother-like use of technology, and anti-democratic government secrecy. Finally, a section on historical precedents traces a pattern from Pearl Harbor to the Gulf War, the complicity of the news media, and bungled intelligence that spells out the larger conspiracy of control and vast economic profits realized through fear and intimidation.
''Marrs writes from a libertarian bent, suspicious of everything the government does, seeing insidious intent behind something as seemingly transparent as issuing Social Security ID numbers. Sometimes the connections seems spurious and the argument rambling, but buried in Marrs' wide-ranging speculations is his contention that the U.S. military was responsible for the destruction of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
''Despite suggesting too much by way of government foreknowledge--and "real" motives focused on power and greed--The Terror Conspiracy is a thought-provoking look at American foreign and domestic policies since World War II. A loosely organized argument that loses its way again and again, Marrs' premise still should cause any thinking citizen to reconsider where the country is going and how we have gotten to where we are.
--charles Rammelkamp
Mysteries Magazine issue #20
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on January 9, 2007
It is so frustrating that so much is kept from us by our own government, and when we do come across some interesting things, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it! I read that on July 4, 2001 (of all dates!) OBL was admitted to the American Hospital in Dubai as a patient for his kidney problems, stayed 10 days, was visited by the head of the USA CIA on numerous occasions, and was let go on July 14th -- certainly before 9/11 which was obviously in progress already -- but AFTER President Clinton signed an arrest warrant to pick him up anytime/anywhere before he left office -- and we let him go. I'm not saying that it would have changed 9/11 but at least we would have had him in custody -- now we have nothing -- and by the way the head of the CIA in that part of the world resigned shortly thereafter, under duress I am sure. So that does that say for us????
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on September 12, 2006
"The Terror Conspiracy" incorporates "Inside Job" along with a lot of new material. "Inside Job" is now out of print although some copies may still be in circulation. In any event, everything in "Inside Job" is in "The Terror Conspiracy", updated, expanded and in the context of a much wider ranging book.

"The Terror Conspiracy" is available now for immediate shipping. It's an amazing read and at $16.95 (minus Amazon's rather large discount) it's a tremendous value for over 500 pages of documented fact upon fact.
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on May 17, 2007
In this book, Jim Marrs does what he does best, that is, giving you a well written overview of the events of 9/11. I've read a few of Jim's other books and he is a talented writer and really has a good eye for the right balance of detail v.s overview.

Regardless of where you stand on the events of 9/11, you need to get and read this book to understand the issues around 9/11 truth movement. This book is literally 1000 times more readable than the piece of trash called the 9/11 commission report. (Which should be called the 9/11 Omission report.) Where the official report mentions World Trade Center building 7 barely at all (one footnote I think), Jim has several pages dedicated to discussing it in detail and other references in at least 7 other parts of the book.

As usual Jim highlights that there is way, way, way too much secrecy in government in general and the current Bush Administration in particular. (A sentiment to which I agree wholeheartedly.) The later parts of the book go over the fact that 9/11 has very neatly moved us that much closer to a police state and has given the executive branch of government far too much power. (Especially considering that it is the executive branch itself which is very responsible for the failures which allowed the attacks in the first place; something I have noticed that the general public seems not to be focused too clearly on. - The lack of cooperation between gov. agencies is both appalling and sad.)

This is probably the best one volume book on 9/11 that you could give someone who wanted to learn more about what happened on 9/11 (and even more importantly, WHY it happened.)
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2006
first, the strengths: marrs produces an intriguing document. it is chock

full of detail. marrs writes in a manner that pulls the reader in to the

webs which he describes. in each paragraph, he produces a cogent article of

fact or an intriguing possibility. he references the majority of the facts

that he reports. some are more credible than others, which, on numerous

occasions (though not often enough), he acknowledges questions of credibility.

second, the weaknesses: while i readily acknowledge that it is difficult to

describe a web in an orderly manner (try it!), i wish that marrs had done a better job

of doing so ... state up front the facts, innuendos or possible facts that

lead to a conclusion, state up front the premises, state up front the

conclusions. the major weakness of this document is that, while it cogently

builds each element, it jumps from one element to the next without helping the

reader to follow the changes - i would have liked numbering, introductions,

*concluding statements*. i suppose that is beyond investigative journalism ...?

marrs isn't telling the reader what to think - that's just the point - his

purpose, i suppose, is to encourage the reader TO THINK. out of the many

hundreds of arguments that marrs made, i found myself really questioning

a minority of them.

overall, this is a book that is impossible to put down. i had to keep

both of my brain cells on active mode throughout the book. he rarely

tied together events in which he did not sufficiently remind the reader!!!

(you know how in *some* investigative journalism pieces a name from

137 pages earlier is suddenly re-introduced as the piece that ties

everything together?). marrs did an outstanding job in this book.

finally, marrs (admittedly a strength of the book) stirs up in the reader a

level of passion and intrigue to call their congressman, stage a peaceful

demonstration encouraging independent investigations ... a discussion of

possible actions and consequences are never truly offered. again, i believe

that that is beyond investigative journalism and is a purpose of the

ministry of truth... i hope that he focuses his next investigation on

the loss of civil liberties of Americans ... a critical topic that too few

seem to appreciate ...
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on May 5, 2012
Another good book on proving that there are many many questions that have never been answered having to do with 9/11. If you only use a open questioning mind, the story given by the U.S. Government leaves a lot to be desired. Look at the pictures, and ask, is the official story being told by the pictures you are looking at? There are many good books and web sites giving a more realistic view of what happend on that terrible day and this is one of them. As soon as you admit that some of the story being told by the Government doesn't make sence, you have taken the first step in finding the real truth of 9/11. Enjoy.
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