Customer Reviews: Terror Train (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]
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on October 17, 2012
It can be a challenge to review Blu-ray releases on Amazon. Theater reviews, VHS reviews, DVD reviews, digital copies - they often all end up under the same collection of feedback. I tend to rate the films themselves with the initial star rating, and cover the specifics of the medium I am reviewing in the body of the review. So, considered alongside the other films of the slasher genre, Terror Train is easily 4 star film, in my opinion. If you appreciate 1980s horror and understand the mechanics of film making at the time, this is easily one of the better entries of the period. The Blu-ray from Shout! Factory, is, however, a bit disappointing when considered alongside some of their other recent releases. I would probably give the disc three stars. It is worth buying, but if you are trying to decide between this movie and Shout! Factory's recent releases of The Funhouse, Halloween II or Halloween III, Humanoids from the Deep or Piranha, I would place this title at the back of the pack in terms of overall Blu-ray quality considering all factors. It's a good transfer, but not among their best. . .about three stars out of five.

This transfer features a 5.1 HD surround track. Unfortunately, the track is very front-heavy, with little real surround. A few early scenes have some nice ambient low frequency sound of the train in the background. . .but it isn't consistent. Some scenes have better audio than others. The first half of David Copperfield's on-train magic show has both decent audio and video. This leads to my next point: the video, sadly, is also inconsistent. There is a fair amount of damage to the print that has not been cleaned up. Scratches, blotches, hairs, etc., pass through the image throughout the film. They are heaviest during the first half. Strangely, some scenes seem to have significantly less and appear cleaned up, while others have more. The final half hour or so of the movie is particularly good. There are still a few minor marks here and there, but nothing too serious. It is hard to tell what has been touched up and what has been left alone, but I do have the impression some damage must have been removed, especially late in the movie. Shout! Factory's recent horror Blu-rays seem to be all over the place in terms of the amount of restoration. For example, Halloween III is over corrected, but scratches and other visual flaws are largely removed. Halloween II looks great and was clearly given a lot of attention. . .nor was it over-corrected. Yes, the quality of the print has a large impact as well, but that clearly isn't the only factor, given the types of inconsistencies. Terror Train's print damage appears cleaned up the least of the titles I mentioned, but keep in mind this transfer also retains a much closer look to the original cinema quality (including nice grain) than, for example, Shout! Factory's re-release of Halloween III. In addition to the main feature, there are some nice extras, including an interview with the film's music composer and the original trailer, among others.

I recommend this title, though with this disclaimer: I really wish Shout! Factory would make as much effort with all their releases as they did with the stellar Blu-ray re-release of Halloween II. If consistent their releases will sell better overall and the company will create hosts of loyal buyers who appreciate being able to view and hear these classis at a level not even available during their original run.
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on February 16, 2014
I was born in the 70s and my little kid years were spent in the late 70s to the early 80s right in the middle of the slasher film craze that Carpenter's classic Halloween kicked off in 1978. During that time Jaime Lee Curtis was given the title of scream queen and every major and independent studio seemed to be churning out as many slasher flicks as possible for a quick profit; including such classics as Prom Night, Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, Nightmare on Elm Street, Silent Night, Deadly Night and all the many sequels that followed, but the one that stood out more than any for my little kid brain was 1980's Terror Train starring the aforementioned Ms. Curtis. I saw this flick uncut on cable thanks to the perfect storm of irresponsible parenting and easy access to the cable box. Now as an adult I love this flick and marvel at how my imagination ran wild considering how low tech the effects were on this picture, but also the story is not bad.

A group of medical students play a terrible prank on one of the freshmen and the results are far from funny. A few years later their celebrating the new year with a costume party on a train and someone begins picking off each member of the group. They quickly figure out that the kid they played the prank upon is seeking his revenge, but they don't know who he could be on the train.

The transfer of the pic is not bad (then I don't think low tech horror pictures get the same treatment as award-winning movies) and honestly I just enjoy it for the cheesy effects and the twist ending. Plus the acting is good for a slasher flick. Academy Award-Winner Ben Johnson (The Last Picture Show), Hart Bochner (Ellis the coke fiend from Die Hard) and magician David Copperfield co-star in the picture and deliver good performances considering the story.

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend this picture as a fine example of the slasher film/scream queen craze and recommend you watch it with the lights turned out. The only thing truly scary in the movie today is David Copperfield's late 1970's helmet hair, but I do not recommend showing it to a six year old. I believe it would still freak out a small child.
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on May 23, 2015
Not your average slasher flick!!!! This was one of those download a torrent see how it goes thing for me. And upon watching it I noticed that this packed a stronger punch in the creepy department than most of these slasher films from the late 70's early 80's. The setting really makes for a claustrophobic ride to terror and the whole everyone's in costume adds a real who dun it vibe. Without trying to give anything away there's also an amazingly demented aspect to the film as well. For fans of slashers from the golden era this delivers that and more. Scream factory did a great job transferring this to high def. I enjoyed the special features but kind of wish there were more. But overall a great buy at a great price!!!
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on February 12, 2013
This movie is suspenseful not because you don't know who the killer is, but because you don't know what the person looks like. This is your typical slasher movie with blood and suspense. Plus it has Jamie Lee Curtis who is best known for running and screaming while defending herself from crazy killers. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out the killer's face. You find out the person responsible has had issues before and is extremely mad. If you put a mad man on a train with a bunch of people he wants to kill then you get a death ride of madness. I really enjoyed this movie, and fully recommend it to those who like suspenseful movies.
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on July 18, 2014
Terror Train is perhaps one of the early 80s slasher flicks that really put Jamie Lee down as THE Scream Queen of the decade. I am a big fan of Jamie Lee and her work in movies, mostly noted for starring in Halloween (1978). That movie put her on the map in terms of female roles in horror movies. Terror Train is just one of her roles in her early days as an actress. Of course, it probably is not one of her best roles, but neither is Prom Night, another early gem. The movie takes place on a train with all her college coeds bidding a "Final" New Year's trip to usher the last remaining months of their time together. After a freshman prank goes "awry", the victim awaits for his ultimate revenge on the Seniors that did it. They are "tracked" down one by one until Jamie Lee's character finally realizes who may be the killer. I loved the music and the costumes, but this is more of a suspense thriller than anything. It's not scary and not that bloody. They did a decent job with the menu and the extras, but the actual film they used to do the bluray was really dirty and I was disappointed in the transfer.

All in all, good to have in your horror collection just for the extras and how it got made. The music made for the movie was great.
If you want a good clean transfer of the movie, I suggest you get the Fox DVD version. Add that to this set and throw the dvd this set came with out.
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on May 12, 2015
I love this classic movie its one to own if you love Jamie Lee Curtis the teen scream queen of the 80s however the quality of the movie brought to blue ray is not as perfectly clear as Halloween on Blue Ray, that is amazing picture .. they tried to clean this up making it clearer but some parts it works others is just like the original DVD view.. I suppose some movies look better in that grainy look..
but all in all its just a good movie to watch on movie night

If you have it on dvd then dont worry about updating from DVD to blue ray
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on March 20, 2013
I've wanted to own this film for some time and when I found out about the collector's edition blu ray release, I had to buy it. If you're a fan of this film or at least a fan of this type of film, you should really enjoy this one. The transfer to blu ray is excellent, however I'm slightly confused as to why it's called the collector's edition. Collector's edition seems to imply something more than just a blu ray and dvd copy of the movie, along with a few special features. In fact, that's my only real complaint here. The special features are...ok. Nothing spectacular like I expected from a "collector's edition." Just a few recent interviews with some of the filmmakers, and to my disappointment, no behind the scenes "making of" featurettes.
But overall, this is really a solid purchase from one of my favorite offerings from the "scream queen."
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on September 27, 2014
It's all about mood. Stylishly shot by Kubrick DP John Alcott, Terror Train works best as a lucid nightmare with its dream logic current. It has more in common with Italian Giallo than it does with American 80's slasher flicks. Neither a grind-house nor an art-house, Terror Train is a something of a curiosity. The craft is unusually strong here, the pedigree of actors somewhat high and a palpable sense of claustrophobia and tension works its way onto this train. Some real effort went into this production. It's a scary, atmospheric ride.
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on August 29, 2013
Terror Train gets deluxe 2-disc treatment (1 BD & 1 DVD) in this release. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) traveling on a train that's not going to get to its destination. Considered a classic slasher film in the company of Friday the 13th, Halloween and The Burning. It's about a class of students on a train that get knocked off. The film comes across as very claustrophobic, intriguing affair. The famous David Copperfield was able to do his magic on-screen in one take for the filming of Terror Train. Audiences didn't respond the way they did to his later performances but it is still impressive stuff for a slasher. Some decent acting and death sequences. There is almost an hour of extras on the Blu-ray. The second disc is a DVD copy of the movie.

Special Features: 4 Interviews, Still Gallery, Trailers
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on March 14, 2015
Well here we have a horror movie from 1980. Keep that in mind, people, 1980...that is so we don't get too critical. It is your standard 1980 horror flick, thank you Jamie Lee Curtis. A group of teens did a prank on a pledge at the start of college (sound at all familiar?) he loses it etc. etc. 4 years later the gang hires a train to take them for a party trip but dum, dum, dummmmmmmm, they begin to get bumped off. We have the usual cast of characters, regular girl, trampy girl, snooty boy, snotty boy's best friend, the bad jokester etc with one really inexplicable bit of casting, David Copperfield is on the train as a magician? Bad actor too. Anyhoo, if you can't figure out who is doing it, shame on you! I had it in the first half hour. If you want to flash back to a simpler more bloodthirsty time, go of it. Just don't expect too much.
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