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on May 22, 2011
I wanter to see my daugter's pet turtle on land for once and thought this waterfall/stream setup might entice him to come out of the pool. Setup was easy and unit has worked flawlessly for several months now.

I put his basking light right over one of the flat "rocks" that covers a filter. The turtle now comes out and basks laying on his rock - something I had never seen him doing. Unexpectedly he also "plays" in the stream - I think he is searching for food but its quite amusing to see him moving shells around with his head. If threatened by a noise or movement he uses the stream as a water slide to jet himself back down into his pool.

The water quality has been good - I change out some every week but it has stayed clear and clean looking. The waterfall and stream have increased evaporation of water so I am adding more water then I used to.

Overall this new setup for our tutle has worked out very well. If a turtle can be said to look happy, then our turtle is happy. His behaviors seem much more natural and he acts more curious now.
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on August 19, 2014
We've had this for about six months now and it has turned out to be a great solution for our turtle tank. It looks great! He is always basking on the rocks and splashing around in the waterfall area. It's very easy for him to crawl up on as well. (He is only about 5 in. long) It does a good job of keeping the water clear. We ended up putting this in a 30 gallon breeder tank, which is about 6 inches wider than the viquarium itself. For this setup to work I did have to buy a piece of plexiglass and secure it with aquarium glue to the correct width for the filter to suction properly. It was a pretty easy fix, so if you would like to put this in a larger tank, it's not too much trouble to arrange.
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on December 30, 2012
Our next door neighbor recently moved out and somehow left his turtle behind. We found him (a Red Eared Slider)walking around in our back yard in late November.

Our 12 year old son was so excited and curious about this turtle that we had to adopt him. We named him "Toodie" and I must admit I fell in love with him too. Having had turtles and fish and all kinds of pets in the past but none now, I wanted to give him a good home and also teach my son how to properly care for and the importance of the "how to and whys" of making the proper habitat for reptiles. So, we started out with just a five gallon tank, filter, hood kit to see how "Toodie" would do and how our son would like caring for him. "Toodie" liked the 5 gallon aquarium but soon it was obvious that the tank was too small. So after a couple of hours of research on-line, we moved up to a 20 gallon "turtle-quarium" kit that included the proper lighting, basking area, filter, etc.

Then about a week later I asked a sales specialist at our local Petco store what I could do in order to make the turtle's tank as realistic as possible, making it part aqua and part land environment and he suggested the Tetra-Fauna Viquarium.

So I bought the Tetra-Fauna Viquarium as a family gift for Christmas. It is very well made and well designed. Fortunately, it is NOT made out of cheap is made of a heavy clay type material which adds great realism to the unit. The way the clay is molded looks totally realistic, just as you may see a small river waterfall with rocks in a real jungle/tropical area. It fit perfectly in the corner of our 20 gallon tank and because the instructions are simple and well written, I had it set up and running within about 20 minutes. I have had this set up and running in our tank now for about 10 days and the built-in, hidden filtration system is quiet, effective and runs extremely well. The waterfall flow and realism is totally awesome and adds tremendous aesthetic realism, beauty and quality to the turtle's environmental safety and naturalism. Most importantly, "Toodie" just loves it! He climbs up on the top of the waterfall and slides down in to the water below and sometimes basks on top of either one of the two "towers" formed by the clay molding.

I think it was originally priced at over $100.00 but it is a great deal at a lower price here on For the money, this is a totally worthwhile investment in your turtle's habitat and we have had numerous compliments on the tank by friends and family over the holidays!

The Viquarium unit also give you some design flexibility to your tank; it comes with a nice artificial plant fixtures that looks totally real and also a waterfall "extension" to lengthen the waterfall slide if you wish. The unit is also easy to clean and easy to change the filters. The unit uses two filters that are inexpensive to buy and replace through or your local pet store.

If you really want to care properly for your turtles or other reptiles/amphibians and have a delightfully beautiful addition to your home, get this totally unique and functional asset for your aquarium/terrarium habitat and you will not be disappointed.

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on May 4, 2014
I love this TetraFauna Viquarium for my water turtle habitat, and my turtles are loving it. Please watch my review video to see the entire setup.

My aquarium size: 36"Lx17"Wx17"H 40gallon Breeder Tank
Water Gravel Type: Crushed Coral
Land Gravel Type: Aquarium Gravel and Small River Rocks
Wall-extension Barrier: Eggcrate ceiling panel + screen door screens
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on August 26, 2012
To answer other people's questions regarding what is involved when purchasing this Viquarium. It comes with the pump & two filters, simulated rock pieces/boxes for the filter housing, pump housing, and waterfall. Depending on your pet, you'll need to provide the aquarium (20 gallon at least), peebles/rocks, moss, real or fake plants, and lights. First off I would like to say that I absolutely love this setup. It works perfectly when done right, keeps the water clean, and it is a much better environment for pet. We have a red eared slider turtle and after being in a small 5 gallon tank all his life, he finally has the proper home he needs. It took him a day or two to get used to it and all the room but he absolutely loves it now! He can easily get out to dry off under the lights or he can easily slide back into the water.

We enjoy watching him swim around and play now. The pump is super quiet and actually relaxing to listen to. I have some to find out that pet supplies & products can be really overpriced. Ordering this product from Amazon definitely saves compared to the $99 retail price in the pet stores. I bought the fake plants & moss at the pet store which wasn't too bad. $11 for plants & $5 for moss. But I bought the two clip on lights with bulbs & 40 lbs of peebles needed from Home Depot. Much cheaper than the pet stores! 10lb bag of peebles at the pet store was $15. 45lb bag of landscaping pond peebles from Home Depot was $3.55! I bought the 20 gallon aquarium used off CraigsList for $18. I'll include photos of my setup on the product page.

Anyway, I hope that information helps. We're loving it so far after two weeks. The turtle is happier and we're happy because we don't have to clean the tank as often.
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on August 17, 2011
The description sounds great. We got it set up and running without much effort. However, there are some features we really don't like about it. One - the filtration is so-so. Water can run UNDER that filter unit instead of through the filter cartridges. The water flow through the filter cartridges is VERY SLOW. It took much longer than I think it should have to get the water clear after adding our cleaned gravel.

What I consider a serious design flaw is my biggest gripe. We have fire belly toads in our setup. They can crawl through the space where the river bed exits the waterfall tower. And, since our tower has a manufacturing defect, there's a hole in the inside wall of the unit. One of our toads, of course, worked his way in to this hole (which is underwater, by the way) and couldn't get back out. We had to dismantle the ENTIRE thing to empty the water out of the base, pull it up, and retrieve the toad. What this meant was that we had to remove the other toads, scoop out all the waterbed gravel AND the course gravel from the land side - which meant destroying our carefully built live-moss landscape. Then, as a two person-and-many-swear-word-job, everything had to be carefully put back into place (difficult because you can't let any gravel get under either piece or they don't work right), try and rebuild our mossy ground cover and re-plant our live plants, and then add back the toads plus more water.

Our fix to prevent this happening again was to place 4 cottonballs at the corners inside the tower unit to prevent toads from working their way into the tower again. So far so good, but I can't imagine what you'd do if you had a small amphibian!

Finally, even though the filtration base makes a really tight fit against the sides of the terrarium, all sorts of debris gets sucked up against the rubber seals - I assume this means some water is also flowing beside the filter box instead of through it. Regardless, it's unsightly because there's this vertical line of debris right in the middle of the front of the terrarium glass that I can't reach to clean.

Also, there's no way to easily clean the gravel bed in the land area. I am interested to see if this proves to be a problem or not. The water portion is easy to clean - you just siphon it like you would in an aquarium.
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on January 29, 2012
I bought this as an upgrade for the one that was in my tank. It is certainly an amazing upgrade!!! However, there absolutely no possible way that this is intended for use by frogs! I had to put a lot of time and money "frog proofing" this product before I even dare to put it in the tank. With a lot of hot glue and nylon screen, I finally was able to put it in the tank. It works wonders! I definitely suggest this product to people with pets over about 4 inches in diameter, or a turtle (I don't think the hard shell could squeeze through the 1.5 inch gaps)
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on September 19, 2012
This is an all around great product and addition to a turtle tank. I have two red eared slider turtles at the time. They're both pretty small right now..maybe 5 inches in diameter so they fit nicely in my 30 gal tank. I set up the Viquarium in about 5 minutes. It's a very easy set up and the pay off is 100%. The filter itself is extremely quiet..I can hardly hear it over the sound of the trickling water. My turtles took to it right away, climbing the stairs and basking on top. I highly suggest this product to anyone with turtles that are interested in creating a cool land area.
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on June 9, 2015
My son and I put this in a standard 55 gallon aquarium for his yellow bellied slider and it looks great! Install was a snap and it fits like a glove with the included "gaskets". No Tools required.
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on January 28, 2014
Description of product could have been more in-depth. States it fits most 20-55 gallons tanks. Well, which ones does it not fit? Would of been nice to know prior to ordering because this item did not work for our 40 gallon tank which the dimensions of ours is wider. This Viquarium has to sit against the sides of the tank in order to get the proper filteration going. There is no mention of this either in the discription. I also thought that my turtle would of been able to bask on top of this Viquarium but the dimensions are too small, and my turtle isnt even full grown yet. Really disappointed that this didn't work for us. Would of been a nice addition to our turtle's tank. Hope this helps!
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