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on September 3, 2014
Ok people. This is not a fancy kit at all. It's a very good single fish home. No couples, no babies. Just one sad, lonely fish.
My current fish resident (Goldy, the Goldfish) has been there for two years. She loves it by herself as she killed her cohabitant
when we first got the kit. The kit has an air pump and an led part. Each has a separate power cord. If you are really concerned about
the number of cords it takes to power something.. than just don't plug it in. That's not recommended though as your fish would probably die.

If you keep it clean by changing the water, rocks, filter, filter holder and led parts, than you will have a happy little goldfish. Now, for my goldfish I keep it fully cleaned every 10-14 days. That's probably a tad obsessive but I worry if the tank starts getting cloudy. Would you like to drink poop water? Probably not. If you keep it clean, then your fish will probably live a long time. Most fish deaths are caused by improper feeding and cleaning. You can't be lazy on any size fish tank. Don't jump to a bigger tank if you can't handle this one. It's a great beginners tank.

I also use Bowl Buddies after I replace my water with clean water (before placing the fish back in the tank). They seem to help a lot.

Good luck with your single fish.
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on July 26, 2012
I bought this tank for my newly purchased betta Kane. It caught my eye at another retailer and I grabbed it. Setting this tank up was easy, it looked nice and Kane seemed to like it. Now to the.. pros and cons list.

nice looking
strong air pump with provided splicer/air gauge

kind of small, only 1 gallon
the LED light is in the water, and there is no shut off option for the lights short of unplugging it
very little room for plants or decorations once you put the filter in
filter door is flimsy, kept falling off..

oh yea.. AND MY FISH DIED.

Now, his death is still a mystery.. my cat had a wet paw and he was gone. The clear lid sort of snaps into place on the tank, nice.. and it was firmly on. However, the 'feeding' hole is exposed with no cover, and is over 1 inch in diameter. That leaves ample room for a hopping fish.. or hungry cat.. to cause problems.

The filter lid is only held on by a flimsy hinge and kept popping off.. no biggie, but kind of annoying. Also the filters need to be replaced like every 2 weeks, which is a little often, but needed.

the LED light is beautiful, it really is.. also makes it next to impossible to see your fish unless they glow in the dark. It does take up a fair bit of space in the bottom of the tank, so makes placing plants very difficult to say the least.

The air pump is strong, super strong.. so strong in fact, I had to keep the pressure dialed down on both the airstone/light and the filter to keep poor Kane from getting thrown around his tank.

All in all, I'll probably use it again if I decide to get another fish. Right now I'm sort of fed up with it and the whole vanishing fish ordeal that I might look into something better, or at the very least.. tape over that feeding hole to keep my cats from getting nosy again.
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on May 17, 2014
As other reviewers have pointed out, the bubbles & filter current in this tank are just too strong for a Betta. And given it's 1 gallon size, there aren't too many other fish you could/should use it for.

One thing I haven't seen anyone else mention is the fact that the instructions say you need to put the air pump & valve assembly 1 foot ABOVE the water level in the tank in order to avoid water siphoning into the air pump. There is a whole section of the instructions with multiple diagrams explaining this. Your other option is to separately purchase a "check-valve" to prevent the water from getting into the air pump.

Everywhere we planned to put the tank didn't have a good place to raise the pump 1 foot higher. When running it a few inches higher than the water level for about an hour, I could already see little water drops creeping up the tube.

My other complaint is the amount of tubing & cords involved for such a small tank. Even if you were using it on a desk (which this is the perfect size for), there are 2 tubes, a valve assembly section, the air pump, and 2 electrical cords to plug in. All of the "extras" take up about at least as much space as the tank itself!

The only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 is because the filter, air stone, & lights all seem to work very well. The top fits properly & has the convenient feeding cut-out. It's easy to see the fish through the tank, no matter where he is.
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on December 9, 2015
It was delivered less than an hour ago. I got it all put together, decorated and filled with water. Plug it in and the bubbler doesn't work. Filter works, light works but no bubbles. Disappointing, but all in all seems like a decent tank for the price I paid. My 1.5yr old can't wait to put fish in it!
review image
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on June 4, 2015
I got this tank kit for a quarantine tank to use with smaller fish but after only a few hours of use I'm already regretting it. The tank itself is not bad but if you are planning to use it for a desk tank you are going to have to sink a little extra money into it for it to actually work for you. The real problem is the filter and LED bubbler that comes with the kit. They are worthless. If you buy this you will have to toss them out and get better ones. The air stone on the bubbler doesn't let much air get through and pretty much does nothing other than look pretty with it's color changing lights... which are actually in the water... I don't feel very comfortable having lights submerged in water. But the biggest problem is the filter. Not only is it too big and bulky for the size of the tank, giving your fish no room to swim, but it will actually KILL your fish if you have smaller ones. I had five Neon Tetras in this thing and in the time it took me to watch a movie I only had three left. What happened to the other two? They were actually sucked up the intake tube and got trapped in the filter where they died. Considering I have to buy a new filter and air stone now, not to mention new fish, it hardly makes this kit worth the price. If I could find the tank alone without the other parts I have to toss in the trash it wouldn't be so bad.
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on February 23, 2016
Please - read all the reviews here - then decide. I initially thought it'd be a good replacement for the old-fashioned basic one-gallon no-frills "bowl", since who doesn't love bubbles and lights to go along with fish? Mind you, this was purchased for my 9yr old son, but I digress.

Along with most of the other reviews here, the first thing the "description" doesn't mention is that the air pump, IF YOU DON'T ALSO BUY the "Check Valve" (sold separately! Did you know that? I didn't, but now I do!) then the instructions say to place the air pump 12" ABOVE the tank - so apparently I need to duct-tape/nail/whatever it to the wall above the bookshelf where the tank is placed to "prevent water siphoning into air pump" - I kid you not. Another thing to note, the tiny little air pump unit... is rather loud for how tiny it is. So for now, I'm just going to (gasp) let it sit below the tank and figure out which different filter-tank I'll get for my kids room, before I give this one away to the thrift store as a gift.

Size: Look at a 1-gallon jug of whatever in your fridge or garage. It's definitely a one-fish deal, MAYBE two very-smaller-fish kinda environment - and that's OK, it is what it is, a ONE GALLON tank. Honestly, it looks smaller than the gallon of milk in my fridge, but probably because it's all clear walls & top. It is a nice top, I must say, the feeding hole is sufficient, and the cut-out for the filter is too and I was impressed that it fit better than I expected it to.

Tubes, Wires & Stuff: Definitely not a well-thought out set-up (tubes are bulky, no where to clip them at the filter, I ended up trimming the length on mine just to get rid of some bulk) but for what it is, it suffices. The LED light is "colorful-ish", I could see about four colors... bright blue, that looked a lot like the bright green, fade to hard to see red, and then what I think was meant to be purple, back to bright blue. Again, the 9yr old doesn't have high expectations - and now I don't either.

So, in a nutshell, or in this case, a $30 fish tank - it is what it is, you get what you pay for, it is simply OK, but not what I want, so I will be replacing it with something else more substantial and less awkward and noisy.
review image review image review image
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on March 14, 2015
Got two for two Bettas and placed the side by side, very pretty effect ( put a plant in the middle and have only corners touching, fish get all excited if they see each other and it is stressful for them). It is nice to be able to leave the lights on and turn off the bubbles if it becomes too much for the Bettas
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on July 27, 2015
Bottom came with a big crack.I did the wrong thing and used a super glue for wet items. Made the bottom uneven. Should have returned it. Wanted to put the fish in and not wait weeks for the item to get back,money refunded,money to get back on card and buy again and wait longer. It's in the box unusable. Bad on them for sending cracked item. Even worse that I hoped to fix it. ..
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on April 30, 2013
Two electric cords, two plastic tubes all coming out of the top of the small tank. Very messy!!! Also no where to put the filter motor. Very messy for a desk top. Cords and tubes everywhere.
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on January 8, 2016
This tank is definitely for beginners. I thought it would be a little bigger than it actually is, but the filter takes up a lot of room. The instrcutions are very clear and as long as you follow them it will all work good. I got it to get a few tetras or possibly a couple of gold fish. I have a beta in another tank, I enjoy that tank more the filter was small and it runs much more quietly.
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