Customer Reviews: Tex Avery's Droopy - The Complete Theatrical Collection
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on June 21, 2015
Please note: they are NOT restored. These were taken from Turner Broadcasting prints. The original negatives to MGM's pre-1952 cartoons were lost in the 1967 MGM warehouse fire. Aside from that, these cartoons are absolute gems of the animation industry. It would have been even better if it was a "Droopy & Friends" set, which would have included the complete Red Hot Riding Hood and the complete Screwy Squirrel. Now if we can get Warner Archives to release the rest of Tex Avery's MGM and B&W WB cartoons on DVD and/or Blu-Ray.
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These are all of the Droopy cartoons made between 1943 and 1958. Only the five made from the 1980s and later are missing, but this is the theatrical collection after all. I applaud Warner Home Video for releasing this collection uncut and simply issuing a disclaimer about the ethnic and racial stereotypes shown as being wrong then and wrong now, but to omit them would be to claim they never existed. This is unlike Disney, which buries all offensive material in the backyard so that nobody may ever see it, fearing chaos will break out otherwise, and thus underestimating the public's ability to take matters in context. As for the audio and visual quality, only the earliest cartoon, 1943's "Dumb-Hounded", seems to have any noticeable problems in the video throughout, and "Out-Foxed" had some problems in places. However, the audio came across just fine in all of the cartoons. The colors came out looking quite vivid compared to what I've seen in these cartoons on TV in the past. My absolute favorite will always be "Homesteader Droopy" with the Western version of Droopy's wolf nemesis taking his hat off frequently during the cartoon after each bad act he commits and solemnly saying "sorry ma'am but it's the law of the West!".

The 20 minute documentary which comes with the set, "Droopy and Friends: A Laugh Back" was quite interesting. Apparently Droopy WAS Tex Avery, at least personality wise. Physically the two couldn't have been more different - Avery was no 120 pound weakling. Like Droopy, though, Tex Avery was a man of few words with a laid back way about him. Included in this documentary are interviews with animator John Canemaker, Andy Heyward, and cartoonists Don Dougherty and Scott Shaw.
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on August 7, 2015
Droopy, the old cartoons of the early/mid 50's I grew up with and loved.Tex Avery was a genius of his time doing things in animation that no one else would.By this time Disney had already salidified itself in animation, but MGM was still on the rise. Avery's over the top animation was unheard of and in all the MGM films you can see his animation style that later others would adopt and you get to see again in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" The first disk of the Droopy shorts are all that I recall and remember.EXCELLENT with the same over the top, absurd humor I loved in my single diget years and still enjoy today.The second disk however is far less likeable.A falling out between Avery and MGM left the Droopy series far less likeable(and often recycled) thus pushing Avery onto bigger/better projects and greener pastures. Still, It is animation history worthy of acquiring in my opinion and at least the first disk you can/will never grow tired of.
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on June 27, 2011
I've always been a huge fan of the old movie shorts that migrated to TV in the 70's. Most people know Bugs Bunny and Popeye better than the old sad hound Droopy, but for some reason he's long been a favorite of mine.

This series is just wonderful. All 24 shorts gathered on 2 DVD's and ready for showing. Nothing was cut, although Warner Brothers does have a disclaimer at the beginning of each DVD warning that the shorts are a product of their time and include some humor that might be considered offensive. Frankily, the modern movie comedy that has tons of toilet humor and vomit is far more offensive in my mind than the scenes found on these DVDs.

This is a great series. Some of the jokes are rather adult, but much like the old Warner Brothers shorts with Bugs Bunny, the adult jokes will rarely be caught by your average five year old, and even if they do, a show like Desperate Housewives has far more adult situations and comedy.

If you love cartoons and comedy. This is a great series to add to the library.
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on March 2, 2015
Tex Avery is my favorite animator. His sense of humor, timing, and sheer outlandishness are on full display in these wonderful cartoons, which have been restored and look beautiful. Best of all these cartoons are uncensored and unedited! These are the only Tex Avery MGM cartoons currently available for region 1 (North America). If you have a region free player (capable of playing region 2) I also recommend the Tex Avery Limited Box Edition 5 DVD set which includes nearly all of his MGM cartoons. It's a French import but the cartoons look good and include his very best work. I wish we could get a complete Tex Avery blu ray set one day. That would be spectacular.
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on December 9, 2015
I enjoy the overall set very much, and it delivers what it promises. However, I was always under the impression that the "Red Hot Riding" episode would be included in this set, and it wasn't. Only later I realized that it was not actually considered a Droopy cartoon (only a Wolf cartoon).
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on May 30, 2007
The DVNR tranfers are horrible and this set is not completely "uncut". "Droopy's Good Deed" for example is edited and missing the entire scene of Spike saving a black woman from the log cabin fire. My associate has a complete copy with the woman saved by Spike in his animated film collection and shows it to friends on occasion. Too bad WB did not try harder to use original material sources for this set, such as a "red" lion title card print for "Droopy's Good Deed".
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on May 10, 2016
Since the spring of 2007, all 24 original theatrical shorts of Droopy have been on DVD in this authorized collection. Even if most of them are unrestored prints, they're still a laugh riot to behold, in Tex Avery's own unpredictably wacky style! Bonus features include a retrospective on Tex Avery's past and career, and a gag reel from the shorts in this collection! Since this collection, very few of Tex Avery's other MGM shorts have ever been on DVD, but many are seen on Blu-ray with volume 2 of the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection, all unrestored prints. You never know what or who Droopy will face next, but he always comes out a winner somehow! His legendary sadsack voice was shared with 3 soon-to-be toon legends, not just Bill Thompson, but also by Tex Avery himself and Don Messick, Daws Butler's close buddy! Even if most of Tex Avery's MGM shorts never came to DVD, this collection alone is a landmark, alongside the Academy Awards Animation Collection in 2008! Too bad these collections have never been equaled due to the economy going down the commode. You're sure to enjoy this collection yourselves if you don't already have it! "You know what? I'm happy. Hooray."
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on May 19, 2007
I have waited many years for a comprehensive DVD collection of Droopy cartoons to appear. Until now all that was available was a badly-burned bootleg set with faulty sound and color. Now, thankfully, the long wait is over. "Tex Avery's Droopy - The Complete Theatrical Collection" gathers togerher all 24 cartoons, completely uncut and restored.

I give this set 4 stars due to several shortcomings. The cartoons were processed with DVNR, which blurs some lines on some frames. While this in no way renders any cartoon unwatchable, it is noticeable. Also, while the color is excellent, the film clean-up could have been a little better. Finally, there should have been more extra features and commentaries. All in all, though, this set is essential, and well worth getting.
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on August 25, 2013
I will be ready to purchase a set of Tex Avery's Metro Goldwyn Meyer cartoons, after leaving Warner Brothers, after his dis-agreement with Warner Brothers' animation producer, Leon Schlesinger, in the closing scene of "The Heckling Hare".
Right now, I stay awake overnight & watch what Boomerang televises. I have seen "Symphony In Slang", "King Size Canary", "Magical Maestro", "Swing-Shift Cinderella" & "Red-Hot Riding Hood" (just to list a few of his most popular shorts @ MGM) overnight, I would like all of the Tex Avery MGM shorts be from his very first, "Blitz Wolf! His final two at MGM, Tex Avery and Michael Lah co-directed, their titles are "Deputy Droopy" & "Cellbound"! I AM IN SINCEREST HONESTY! I am a numeralogist aka mathematician, 17,820 equals 45 x 396 & 36 x 495, also. [0123456789]
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