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on October 21, 2006
If you are a serious fan of horror films or you already have the bare-bones DVD version of TCM 2 then you need to buy the Gruesome Edition now. Comparing Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 to the original or the other sequels/remakes is pointless because this film is a beast all its own. It was made to be different than the first and Tobe Hooper lived up to it. It is quite obvious that this film is camp, but thats what makes it so great. The absurdness, the heavy gore(lovingly provided by legend Tom Savini), the rockin' soundtrack(The Cramps, Concrete Blonde), and the action just makes this one of my favorite horror movies ever. The performances are completley memorable. Bill Mosley's Chop-Top character is one of the funniest and most iconic roles ever. Caroline Williams is one hell of a shrieker and plays the part of Stretch to a T. The locations and set pieces really gives this film an epic feel, especially the amazing underground lair of the Sawyer Family. The only horror fans that I can imagine that wouldnt like TCM II are those who like "serious" horror only or purists of the original. This was made for the American horror fan. I mean come on, dueling chainsaw battles between Dennis Hopper(Blue Velvet, River's Edge) and Leatherface? This is the stuff dreams are made of. The original carries the "classic" disturbing value, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 takes the cake as far as entertainment value is concerned.

The extras are great. The 90 minute interview segments with the actors/filmakers is great. Bill Johnson(Leatherface), Bill Mosely(Chop-Top), and Caroline Williams(Stretch) recall their fond memories and share great stories on this wonderful flick. The great Tom Savini also shares his memories on working on the film and creating the gore. The deleted scenes arent overly amazing, but the underground parking lot jock slaughter scene was FUNNY! You just have to see it. That and it was funny to know that Joe Bobb Briggs was going to have a role in the film. Bottom line is that this DVD is a must have. Nuff said.
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on April 23, 2016
Misunderstood by audiences and reviled by critics at the time of its original theatrical release in 1986, Tobe Hooper's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2" has grown in stature over the years. While the original is the better and more important film of the two, the sequel is actually the one I tend to watch the most. The black comedy and gore are ramped up to the nth degree in this film which caught people off guard back in 1986 as they were expecting more of the minimalistic and bloodless approach of the original film which made it so potent. The film is completely off the rails and one of the wildest rides in horror movie history.

The film was released on bare bones DVD back in 2000 but MGM released a special edition DVD edition dubbed The Gruesome Edition in 2006 which did the film's legacy justice. That same edition and HD master was used for the film's bluray release in 2012.

For Scream Factory's 2 disc collector's bluray release, they have released what in my eyes is the definitive release of the film. All of the extras from MGM's bluray including the two commentary tracks, the feature length making of documentary, deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer were ported over. New to this collector's edition is a third commentary track, 30 minutes of interview outtakes with the late & great screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson and sadly deceased actor Lou Perryman, still galleries, TV spots, 43 minutes of behind the scenes footage, a special effects featurette called House of Pain, interviews with the actors who played the two yuppies from the beginning of the film, the editor Alain Jakubowicz and stuntman Bob Elmore. Sean Clark also contributes a new episode of his Horror's Hallowed Grounds.

Not content to stop there, on disc one you also get a brand new 2K scan from the film's interpositive and on disc two for purists they included the MGM transfer which was approved by the director of photography. How does the new 2K transfer compare? It in my opinion blows the 2012 transfer away! Colors are greatly improved, the print damage seen intermittently in the MGM transfer is gone, fine detail is improved, skin tones look more natural and not as hot and the black crush seen particularly in the 3rd act from the old transfer is gone as well. While I have been critical of some of Scream Factory's past HD transfer attempts for films such as "Mad Max" & "Escape from New York", I can safely say that their new 2K transfer of TCM2 does not disappoint and looks positively amazing.

I should mention that the Tobe Hooper early short films included on the region B Arrow Video bluray release which also used the old MGM transfer aren't included in this release. But truly they aren't missed in my eyes and the ample amount of film specific extra content with Scream Factory's release more than make up for their omission.

While I usually frown on having to double (and in some cases triple) dipping my favorite films, it is more than worth it in this case. The new 2K transfer looks positively stunning and the new extras along the previous extras make this release truly definitive. Dog will hunt!!
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on September 4, 2000
But not the one they said they were putting out complete with commentary, deleted scenes, some deleted scenes and gore put back in the movie, still galleries and all that stuff. Maybe its on its way, I hope.
This is the only sequel worth looking at in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. Its sloppy, cheesy, funny,overly done and its fantastic! It rates nowhere near the original TCM's level so if you havent seen it yet don't go in expecting something that tops the first film, a sequel never could cause Texas Chainsaw Massacre is just something thats impossible to make a sequel to.
This is a very odd movie. Taking place years after the first one its about a airhead DJ who's 24/7 horrible 80s music (in TCM?!! the first film the music on the radio was just strange guitar diddles that were timeless) station records two 80s stock characters-college party dorks complete with 80s sunglasses getting sawed up by Leatherface while driving on tape. As you can see from the start this movie bears no resembalance to the first one even though directed by the same man. This film is a gorefest that was not meant to be taken seriously as a film or as a sequel yet it angered a ton of people for being unrealistic and comedic. There's a chainsaw fight at the end with Dennis Hopper vs Leatherface so.. I can see why if your a stiff neck "serious horror only" types who couldn't understand why Evil Dead 2 was so stupid (and didn't see it was being goofy and over the top on purpose like this film is).
There are some great performances from Jim Siedow who returns from the first film as Cook (or Drayton Sawyer) only not as serious or menacing but still does great job. Bill Johnson as Leatherface is good too, he's not Gunner Hansen Leatherface either, this is a totally different looking and acting Leatherface thats not even scarey (like this film is actually supposed to be in the first place), this man does a fine job creating this Frankenstienish character. Dennis Hopper is well, Dennis Hopper (armed with 3 chainsaws). And then there is the real star of the film, Bill Moseley as Chop Top, Hitch Hiker's twin brother who was in Vietnam during the first film. Tobe Hooper let this man loose on camera with him improvising 92% of his scenes and the ones with Jim Siedow. Those two together are comic genious! Jim always complaining while Bill hops around with a half crushed corpse (could it be Hitch Hiker?) mocking him and Leatherface just standing around running place to place as Cook yells at him. They're almost like the cannabalistic 3 Stooges!
There was a ton of awesome footage cut from this film before it was released. Some very long gorey scenes were cut thanks to the MPAA and others cut or trimmed for pacing thanks to Cannon Films. Thats why it seems incomplete, we don't even get to see half of Tom Savini's wicked gore work he did. There was VHS version released last year with some cut scenes in horrible quality at the end, not all of the cut scenes either. I hope that Tobe Hooper pieces this film back together and releases it on DVD
Write Tobe and beg him to! Also if you loved Chop Top as much as I did go to Bill Moseley's website [...]
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on July 18, 2012
Most people don't realize what a genius Tobe Hooper really is. When Tobe Hooper created the original "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" in 1974, he created a terrifying, horror masterpiece that set the standards for slasher films to come. Tobe also realized something that most other horror producers never figured out; you can't sell the same movie twice. That's why many horror franchises continued drop box office sales lower and lower with every single sequel they made. Tobe realized that audiences get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. He knew he could not top the masterpiece he created, so he created another form of masterpiece. "Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2" is an over the top thrill ride that will entertain you from begining to end. Whereas the first TCM provided shere terror,TCM2 provided thrills, excessive gore, and it's own brand of dark humor. The film is pure genius, and provides an epic conclusion to the events that had unfolded over a decade earlier.

The amazing thing is that this was truly the end of the series. Tobe Hooper ended the film in such away that it was impossible for any of it's characters to return. "Leatherface: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 3" failed to explain how Leatherface returned for another movie after being killed off in TCM2. The only film in the series worth watching after TCM2, is "Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2004)," the remake. Another thing worth noting, is that Tobe Hooper has a way of creating colorful characters that stand-out and sell the movie. The sequels that followed TCM2 all had very bland characters. Chop-top steals the scenes as much as Leatherface in TCM2, and who could forget the Hitchhiker in the first TCM. So do yourselves a favor, and check this movie out.

Now if only MGM studios will get in gear and release this masterpiece on blu-ray, and give it the royal treatment it deserves.
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on April 20, 2016
Love this movie when I first saw it and I still do to this day I was going to buy The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (The Gruesome Edition) but thought I will wait for this to come out and I am glad I did the only thing I am confused about is the The six-part featurette "It Runs in the Family" (92 minutes) on here it says the featurette runs that long but on the re release collector's edition its only 85 mins but on the 2nd Blu-Ray that has the HD version of the movie as well more extras there is additional footage so I am guessing the 1 disc is part one and on disc 2 is the additional stuff that adds up to 92 mins either way the extras makes this movie excellent would of been cooler if TCM2 wasn't more of a comedic take on a horror classic one thing I do find stupid is at the beginning of the movie the voice over says after sally told the police what happened the police went on a manhunt for the Sawyers and the house they lived in but could not find anything first of all I find that stupid cause you had the truck driver who came upon the scene when sally was running after from Edwin Neal character and Leatherface then you see a pick up driver appear and sally jumps into the flatbed part of the pickup and they take off now those two men were witnesses as well knew the route how to get back to where the Carnage occurred but long story short I realized with Horror well any movie you have to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the movie which I did
review image
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on January 3, 2006
This 80's sequel to the 1974 hit "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is actually a good movie once you set aside the fact that it is completely different from the original. Those expecting a continuation of part 1 are sadly mistaken. This wild sequel is more about special effects, action, gore and dark humor. I like this one a lot simply because it doesn't take itself too seriously and it's actually a decent movie, there is a pretty good ammount of thrills and laughs, and I like it very much.
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on March 25, 2016
Scream factory have gained the rights to Texas chainsaw massacre 2
and have reissued the film on blu-ray as a 2 disc set
Disc 1 has a new 2k HD transfer in 1:85:1 ratio
Scream facyory have made lots of effort with this new 2k makeover the picture quality does look excellent
much higher resolution than 1080p so the picture quality looks very sharp & clear for sure, No Grain or Dirt
the film looks the best it's ever looked
the sound quality has been boosted up to 5.1 master audio mix which sounds excellent aswell
the extras on Disc 1 is
extended outtakes from the IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY 84min Doco from 2006
the outtakes are Deleted interview footage of screenwriter L.M KIT CARSON & LOU PERRYMAN about 30mins of it
very interesting outtakes, Carson talks more about working with Cannon films etc
there's also Behind the scenes footage from Tom savini's archive 43mins worth
some of this footage was shown in the IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY Doco
plus Alternate opening credit scene
still Galleries of Behind the scenes photos etc
you get different Theatrical trailers of the film & TV spots
plus the old Audio commentaries from the 2012 blu-ray are carried over to
Disc 2 is the original MGM HD 1:85:1 transfer which all fans have already taken from the 2012 blu-ray
but there's a difference it's not the same transfer just transferred over
the colour correction of the film has been fixed by Cinematographer Richard kooris
it doesn't stop there, lots more new extras on Disc 2
a new special make up effects featurette HOUSE OF PAIN
which are new interviews with Bart mixon, Gino crognale & Gabe bartalos who worked with Tom savini on the film-43mins
YUPPIE MEAT featurette which is new interviews with Actors Chris Douridas & Barry kinyon- 19mins
CUTTING MOMENTS- interview with editor Alain Jakubowicz- 17mins
BEHIND THE MASK a new interview with stunt man & Leatherface performer Bob elmore-14mins
stunt man Bob elmore & Actor Bill Johnson shared some of the Leatherface scenes in the movie
Bill Johnson did the leatherface character scenes, Bob elmore did the running action scenes
& the chainsaw battle scenes
mainly cause the main big saw was to heavy for Bill Johnson
very interesting interview Bob elmore talks about how his experience on the film was terrible
the atmosphere was very tense on set, extremely hot in Texas when filming his stunt work
plus a new Horrors Hallowed Grounds featurette sean clark revisits the locations of the film with
special Guest Caroline williams talking to sean clark on his touch phone
plus the last extra on Disc 2 the old IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY Documentary-84mins worth
Incredible all this content over 2 Discs
this content makes the 2012 blu-ray seem pointless & worthless
you have all the extras plus the 2012 HD transfer carried over on this new blu-ray reissue
plus all new special features & new 2k transfer of the film
Scream factory did tons of effort with this blu-ray reissue
throw out the old 2012 blu-ray, buy this new scream factory reissue worth the money for sure
Definitely 5 stars for this new blu-ray, so much content
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on July 24, 2013
TCM II is a brilliant film from start to finish. If you can't laugh yourself to tears then, well, you just don't get it my friends. Drayton and Chop Top absolutely steal the show. Don't miss your opportunity to laugh like you haven't in a long while. Fine family entertainment!

Trust me this is a must own!
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on December 6, 2013
I think this movie gets too much negativity, its really worth checking out, especially now arrow films has given it the royal treatment on Blu-ray, the story carries on nicely from the original in the best way possible, Tobe Hooper once again directs, in many ways the sequel is better than the original, we get an amazingly insane performance from Bill Johnson who plays the role of the infamous Leatherface, the rest of the cast too is fantastic and all add to a deeply insane portrayal of one of the most messed up families in movie history, and of course a youngish Dennis Hopper playing the lead who is hunting down the family for revenge, this movie takes on a darker edge than the original which is no surprise really as it was made 12 years after, this movie thanks to Arrow films has been given a great HD transfer and had scenes restored so it has more gore than previous UK DVD releases, this box set also contains a very cool book and extra bonus discs crammed full of hours of features and bonus early films from Tobe Hooper plus more, this really is the holy grail version of this movie, a must for fans and horror buffs in general, its a great film, everyway as fun as the original, crazy over the top violence, black comedy, this truly is also a classic too, there wasn't another good chainsaw movie made after this one!! Blu-ray region B, DVD'S are region 0
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on May 9, 2016
Great sequel to the original. A lot of people thought this follow up was going to be a horror film where the intentions from Director Tobe Hooper and it's screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson was to be a very dark comedy with horror elements. Tobe Hooper still to this day thinks that the original TCM is a dark comedy instead of a horror film. But, I don't see Great Blu-ray transfer with a lot of great behind the scenes stuff. If you have the MGM Blu-ray disc, only upgrade if you are a true fan of the film. Otherwise, no need to double dip in my opinion. If you don't own the film on Blu-ray, definitely get this Shout Factory set over the MGM disc. All of the featurettes from the MGM disc has transferred over to the Shout Factory set. The picture on Shout set is cleaned up and also a little brighter. Shout has a DTS track for audio that the MGM disc didn't have.
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