Customer Reviews: Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator
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on August 21, 2011
Okay, so for this 50-year-old math teacher, this is the best device ever. Some find it difficult to navigate, but not so for the techno culture that we now live in.
backlit screen - I can now see everything clearly!
size - smaller, lighter, compact, but not unmanageable for my nimble fingers
Nspire technology way outdoes the TI-84 models (which I have always loved)
table, lists, are all the same now - switch to graph easily
geometry tools - create, use sliders to explore, discover, and generate individual proofs
probes - simply plug in thermometer probe, motion detector, and others and collect data... then do analysis right on the calc
color - just cool :)
You will have to invest time to learn all the capabilities of the device. Go to atomic learning for tutorials or TI learn for downloadable classroom activities. Don't want to waste your time? Leave it for the next techno generation to figure out...
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on March 14, 2014
This calculator is one of the best. It has clear advantages over most other calculators. It can pretty much do any action that leads to a numerical answer. It can do numerical derivatives, definite integrals, and much more. There's one major thing that it lacks though, and that is a computer algebra system (CAS). I HIGHLY suggest gettin the TI Nspire CX CAS over this one. The CAS allows the user to get answers in general situations. It can get indefinite integrals, can factor, can expand, and is one million times more useful than the CX for Calculus. The best part is that it's pretty much the same price. Not to say that this is bad, but the CX CAS is just much much better. I highly suggest that you look into it and if you have benefitted from what I've said, then please leave a thumbs up. If you have any questions then ask it through the link on the main page and I will answer.
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on September 15, 2011
I recently got the Nspire CX for school, since I'm taking Freshman Intermediate Algebra.
I really love this calculator. I got it two days ago and I'm already set for navigating the basics.

At the moment, I only need it for it's basic calculating, graphing, and algebraic functions, so I can't comment too much on the other functions it offers.

Anyway, the graphics are absolutely amazing. It's like looking at a smart phone or computer screen. Not to mention the color quality. Especially after working with LED calculators all my life, this is amazing. A plus is that you can use it in darker lighting, too, without problems seeing.

It was a little confusing to learn how to navigate at first, but there's a very nice getting started tutorial pre-installed that teaches you the basics. Now, I can easily graph and solve equations (it makes solving tri-systems so much faster!), which is all I need it for so far.

I also really love the feature to split your screen into four parts. I can have my notes, a calculator, and a graph going at the same time without having to switch between.

Another thing I really like is that you can load notes onto it. Be it from your computer (another thing, I love the ability to work on documents on your handheld and on your computer) or from your handheld, you can easily store notes and refer back to them during class and save more paper. Memory is not an issue, considering you get 115 MB.

Now to the fun stuff.
This may be a con for parents and teachers, but, like the TI-83/84 as well as any of the other Nspires, it's not hard to download simple games onto it at all. All you have to do is download a game off the internet, open it on your computer, and then save it to your handheld. I have snake, pacman, pong, checkers, and aliens just to name a few.

You can also load any type of text. I copy-pasted an e-book onto a new file on my computer and saved it to my handheld. All the special characters, punctuation, easy read-ability was there. It's like any other miniature e-reader (like an ipod touch).

Another thing is that I'm able to transfer documents between calculators. Say, my friend lost her (paper) notes. I can jut load my notes off my computer to my handheld, bring my calculator and the calculator connecting wire, plug them in, and the send the notes file to my friend. Same for games ;D

I think that the best thing is that this calculator can be used on a majority of official tests, including ACTs and SATs because it doesn't connect to the internet (without a separate adapter) or have a qwerty keyboard, so you can use all these good feature on your exams.

I really think that this was a good buy. We got mine for $200, though, because my mom added the rechargeable battery (I think this is important, because it turns on and off sometimes and it's kinda similar to a phone or something like that) and an extra warranty.

I engraved mine with my name in the case that it gets stolen, because it's one heck of a great calculator :)
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on May 8, 2015
I bought this to replace my TI-83 Plus. So far I am really happy with it. There is a bit of a learning curve at first when trying to find out where everything is. I do like the color screen and I like the lithium rechargeable battery. The battery last a very long time on a charge and it can be replaced by unscrewing the one screw to the battery door. The only annoying thing so far is the screen has a slight flicker when it's at the lowest screen brightness.

The package includes the calculator, a calculator cover, a USB to mini USB cable, a USB to wall adapter, a mini USB to mini USB cable (for syncing calculator to calculator), a CD with a manual on it and a card with a product code for the TI software. I attached a photo of all the contents and the box it came in.

I would highly recommend this as a TI-83 replacement.
review image
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on August 5, 2013
The packaging was a bit deformed, but it is more likely the problem of shipping than the seller. The calculator itself was intuitive and easy to use (if you used a GDC for the first time). For those who are used to TI-84, it may take some time getting used to, but the result is worth it. Graph processing, inputting functions, calculating definite integrates and so on uses 50% less time than the TI-84, and is much easier. The UI clarifies numbers, and the better LED screen really helps me to lessen my mistakes of copying wrong values through the use of a more natural font. SAT, AP and IB all approves this model, along with others. I highly recommend this calculator, because the time you spent typing those chunky expressions (made faster through the mini keyboard) will be saved dramatically, giving you that much-needed extra two or three minutes to finish off that last crazy hard math problem. (Not to mention the ability to "cheat" by using the graph to derive vertices directly from a given function, rather than going through the standard process of algebra) it helps you to kill all those easy questions in seconds.

There are several problems though.
The 3D modeling component is a bit less intuitive and hard to manipulate, and lacks certain features (though if they allowed, they will be banned from being used in high school level tests)
It is hard to delete certain features (as required by IB)
In some schools, you may have a hard time learning how to use your calculator if TI-84 is the standard used by teachers. That happened to me, but I was able to catch up within a week, and me being faster than my classmates helped push me to being top in mathematics (seriously, I got 10 more marks than the second SIMPLY because I had more time to do the harder questions because of the calculator)
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on October 26, 2015
Bought this September 6th and it is now not working. We turn it on and get the message "Operating system not found. Install OS now. " It worked fine before. Where did the OS go? So frustrated. Lasted 7 weeks... Amazon was great! They gave me a contact number for TI that worked! They also offered to take care of the problem if I couldn't get a good result from TI. I called TI and they walked me through reloading the operating system. To save you all time, this is what you do.
1) go to; click on downloads and from the drop down menu select "apps, software and updates"
2) there is a technology drop down menu - select ti-nspire cx and then click on the "find" button
3) There are now two things you need to download to your computer - be sure to save them in a spot you know where to find them.
TI-Nspire™ CX Handheld Operating System and TI-Nspire™ Computer Link Software
They had me download the operating system and "save" on my desktop and then download the link software (there should be a shortcut installed on your desktop to the link software). The link software you hit "run."
4) after you hit run on your link software It will automatically bring up a window that won't have your calculator listed for you to select. Connect your calculator to the computer and turn the calculator on. Then click on the refresh button and it should show up. Select your calculator.
5) Once you have selected your calculator - go to the top of that page to the "tools" menu and select install OS from the dropdown menu. This is where you need to know where the file is for the OS. Once you find the file (I saved it on desktop and it was named Ti-NspireCX- select the OS file and then click on install OS. The operating system will now install on your calculator. Do not disconnect until is is completely installed, It will turn off and then back on again and then ask you the language, English and a few other questions. I just hit enter on all of them because the default entry was correct.
I did ask why the operating system would just disappear and the tech indicated that it may not have been loaded correctly in the first place or it may have been corrupted when connected to a computer and disconnected while updating. So it is very important not to disconnect your calculator in the middle of an update. Since this calculator had never been connected to a computer it is more likely that the original upload of the OS had an issue. The tech who helped me indicated that this should solve the problem for the long term and they would be surprised if we ever had that issue again. I am so pleased with TI's customer support. Call them if you get stuck, they are great! 1-800-842-2737
Unfortunately within 5 days the calculator completely crashed and wouldn't start up again. Amazon is great and took it back. I originally wasn't going to re order and make may daughter use her old "TI nspire TM graphing calculator" that we have used for over 2 years with no problems, but she lost it today. Ugh... I have looked all over for the old style but it doesn't look like that style is made anymore. I can't pull the trigger on buying from a seller other than Amazon and have reordered the TI Nspire CX today. Fingers crossed that I don't get another defective calculator.... My daughter insists that others who use this calculator have never had an issue, so I am trying again.
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on March 24, 2013
Works great!

This is for those that want a calculator to take them into the next level at school. The graphical interface is amazing, the functions are outstanding.

Was using for Chem 101, but this could easily be used for several higher level math classes, science, or physics. Definitely check with your professor first, some aren't fans of how much this calculator can do.

Definitely worth getting if you are considering a new calculator.
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on February 28, 2016
I've been using this for my algebra class, it's takes some getting used to and I've had to do a bit of research on how to perform certain functions, but overall it works well. There is a notes functions where you can type in formulas, which is super easy because this calculator has a keyboard. Great for students that want to cheat a little on their exams, when you can remember formulas, just being honest!
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on November 28, 2015
This calculator remains the best thing I have purchased pertaining to my school career. I purchased the CX back in highschool, while taking dual credit classes like college algebra, in order to be able to complete my homework on time. Now, this calculator is still extremely helpful in all of my engineering coursework. I'm very happy that I chose the CX over any other graphing calculator. the backlit screen makes it easy to see in any environment. The processing speed ensures you won't be wasting any time graphing or performing calculations. It's also significantly lighter than other calculators, helping cut down on a slight amount of weight in your bag as you're trudging to class.
Also, unlike the Nspire CX CAS this calculator is permitted on all standardized tests and all of my college level math classes, which in my opinion outweighs the CAS's higher performing power.
Overall, while this calculator can be slightly hard to figure out how to use at first, it is well worth the time and effort to learn, as it will save you time in the future. I recommend this calculator to any high school student who plans on pursuing a STEM degree.
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on September 12, 2014
Great calculator. Is much better than an 83 or 84 by far. Color display helps in graphing over images, touchpad can be useful. But most people say to get the CAS edition because it can do more general algebraic functions, and that is true, but I chose this over the CAS edition for one main reason: TESTING!!!!! The CAS edition is only permitted on the SAT, PSAT, NMSQT, and AP. Thats it, while this version has all of those test AND the ACT and IB. If you can use a calculator in-class and on tests in-class, then why not use them on your final exams!!?! Makes sense, right. But dont be forced to get this one because if they allowed the CAS edition on the tests that this calculator is allowed on, then I definitely would have gotten the CAS one.

-Yes, 2+2 does equal 4
-Just because it doesnt have an algebraic computer inside, it still can do some basic algebra
-Extremely simple interface compared to 84
-Color display
-Keyboard so I can take notes
-Being able to put GAMES on it
-Beautiful battery life

-No CAS inside
-There are a good amount of teachers today that still use the 84 in the classroom, so learning how to do things on this calculator can take some time
-Can't calculate the meaning of life.....

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