Customer Reviews: Texhnolyze: Complete Box Set (Classic)
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on October 2, 2012
Before I became enlightend to enjoy many different genres of anime, the word "anime" to me used to signify edgy, controversial, and usually violent animation coming from Japan. Shows I saw on grainy video tapes imported from Japan had a "cool factor" in their violent edginess and being so counter to mainstream entertainment.

Recently watching this series brought all those old feelings of what I originally loved about anime so many years ago. From the opening credits with tecnho music, you know you are going for an edgy ride with this show. The most striking aspect of the series, especially in the beginning is there is almost no dialog at all. The first handful of episodes are almost completely visual, with no more than a few lines of dialog spoken by a few characters. This makes figuring out what the heck is going on rather challenging, but I believe that is the intended fun of this show - figuring just what the heck is going on in some other altered world without anyone giving any expositional dialog. The animation is done by Madhouse, which is worth mentioning on a show that relies so much on visual style to carry it. As usual, they do a great job creating excellent detailed animation in this show. My only complaint is the limiting format of DVD...kind of like looking at a work of art through a screen know it would be even more beautiful if you could see it without the low def obstruction.

As for the story - I hate giving spoilers, and to be honest trying to summarize a visually told story like this will not do it justice. I will give a high level impression that this story is about a man's rage against those that wronged him & against a society he lives in that has gone down the dumper. Our protaganist is not a hero, a good guy, or even someone who resembles a functional person. He is a lost soul who only knows one keep fighting even after the writing is on the wall this way of survival will be his downfall.

Ultimately this is a dark tragic tale. There is graphic violence, but not excessivley so. It is not a feel good show. If you are down with that, this might be up your alley (or gutter). Personally, it was like an old school breath of fresh air after seeing too many silly "booby" anime shows these days.
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on January 10, 2013
Texhnolyze is one of my favorite anime. It was the promise of incredible entertainment like this that convinced me to start watching anime in the first place.

Texhnolyze is science fiction, but unlike typical science fiction anime, Texhnolyze is brutal, gritty, realistic, and serious. There aren't giant pilot-able robots, alien races, or girls with unnatural hair color, but instead a story filled with themes such as man vs. machine, human greed and selfishness, and the beauty of life. And while these themes have certainly been explored before, Texhnolyze sets itself apart through its artistically rendered emotional, cinematic power. This is a work of Yoshitoshi ABe after all.

The plot chronicles the anarchistic collapse of the underground city of Lux, where three factions vie for control. The Orgono, a mafia-esque group of businessmen and political leaders that use armed thugs and alliances to control Lux, the Salvation Union, a union of middle class laborers who oppose texhnolyzation or the use of mechanical limbs, and the Racan, a group of rebellious youths who hang out at local bars and cause general mayhem for the other factions. There are many characters that make up this story, but Ichise, the quiet, seemingly apathetic ex prize-fighter is the central figure of this tale. The pacing of Texhnolyze begins rather slowly, and during the first couple episodes I had to force myself to watch it regularly. I know every anime reviewer claims that after struggling through the first couple episodes the story REALLY picks up, but I'm not kidding, this one really does!

It can be hard to appreciate the emotional power of those first five or so episodes if they don't seem to head anywhere, but trust me, they do! And after the eighth episode, the overall pace of the show really picks up. I think another stumbling block for some people is the way the story is told. It reminds me a lot of Blade Runner, in the way in which viewers who want a complete picture of what's going on need to not only listen to what the characters say, but watch what the characters do.

This one of my absolute favorite series, and if you are someone interested in science fiction and beautiful, artistically unique anime, then Texhnolyze is definitely for you.
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on June 23, 2013
No fan service or happy, bouncing boobs in this one. There are many aspects that makes this an adult only anime: graphic violence, incest, political backstabbing (nothing I would like to explain to a child), other sexual content. The story unfolds slowly and jumps between characters and time. There are some very Japanese aspects to this anime that may puzzle or bore some. The story raises more questions than it answers, and stayed with me for days after I finished the series. I will go back and revisit it later.
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on September 5, 2014
This is a wonderfully depressing and dark show. If you are looking for something involving philosophical ideas and the dark side of humanity then look no further. This is a story about a man who is truly alone in a world where humanity has reached its final days and how he dives head first into his doom along with the rest of the human race. This isn't a show for those of you with a short attention span. Many people say that this show is awfully boring because it is extremely slow paced. Which is absolutely true. But it's not a bad thing if you have the patience to see it through to the end. In fact it's a great thing because if it weren't as slow pace as it is, it wouldn't have had nearly the same impact as it does in the end. I am a pretty dry eyed guy when it comes to things, but this teared me up, there are few shows that can bring out strong feelings of loneliness like this can. Don't let that turn you off, because this is a show that I believe we all need to see and understand.
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on December 10, 2014
I love series like Serial Experiment Lain and Ergo Proxy. So, when I heard about this anime and knew that it was by the same people that made SEL and EP, I just had to watch it. First thing I noticed is that It's definitely slower than the other two, it's probably the slowest series I have ever seen (anime, live action etc...), and it also darker. The animation is great, and I wish more anime had this type of style. The OST is really good and fits the series very well, though, it's not my favorite. I love how this series pretty much leaves it to the viewer to determine the meaning of it, and how it doesn't actually explain much to you. It's a series that requires you to use your brain to understand it, and because of that, I don't recommend it to people who have low attention spans, and or like shutting their brains when watching something. Again, it's a very dark series, much so, that I would advise adults to not show it to kids. If you like psychological, dark shows, and don't mind it having a slow plot, I would definitely recommend it to you.
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on March 13, 2013
this anime proves that technology is our greatest strength and greatest enemy. The war, the politics, the desire, it is all a constant struggle and this anime is a great window to that reality
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on August 5, 2013
I just gonna warn you, Don't Expect To Understand the Story. The art's incredible, the tone is dark, and the series is very cerebral. The story jumps around alot and is pretty fast paced, but the ending is a complete acid trip , which makes following the subplots all but irrelevant. Still extremely original and haunting.
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on July 3, 2014
This anime has some wonderful features, but at the same time it is very slow to weave its tale. The first episode has no speech.

I very much enjoyed the thought-provoking anime series Monster and Ergo Proxy, but Texhnolyze is a whole different level, like Logan's Run and Soylent Green compared to 2001: A Space Odyssey. If you thought Ergo Proxy or Monster was slow, avoid this.
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on January 11, 2013
this anime is a great dark sci-fi show it is part end of the world,part bionic man,and part bloodey battle. this is allso a thinking man's story no dialog for cver a minute after the story opens this is on purpose to let you take this darkworld in. i thought this was very good if you like sci-fi,anime, or action i think you will like this itis very much it is allso a story. about the human spirt as well this is dark and bloodey so it is not for little kids or the squimish.
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on July 9, 2013
This series is 1 of the most interesting and Darkley-hauntingly beautiful animes ever.If you are looking for something that will stalk your memories for some time this is your elixer.
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