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on May 20, 2012
This grill is one of the best I have used and owned. We have used it multiple times camping already and it works with regular small propane bottles and with a converter hose and our 20lb tank as well. It burns evenly, and the control knobs work very well with no slack to them at all.
The wind screen sides and back lock well together as well allowing a great wind block when needed. This grill doesnt burn through the propane like I thought it would either, which is another bonus.
The construction on this grill is very well made and should last several years of camping abuse from our family!
I wish it would have came with a carry case, but it's in a plastic tote with other camp cooking items so no worries so far.
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on September 9, 2012
I purchased this propane stove several months ago and have been camping with it 4 times. I wanted to give it a proper work-out before giving a review. It is easy to set up and easy to use. While it doesn't have an electric igniter, the pan rack is tall enough that slipping a long-nozzle lighter under it is super easy. It stays lit, even in heavy wind. The burners are completely heat adjustable. Many of these portable stoves have two settings: off and full-blast. This one really goes up and down in tiny degrees, so you can adjust from very low (warm) to high. I managed to boil a large pan of water in less than five minutes!! I am VERY happy with the quality and the price!
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on April 28, 2012
I've used the similar (and pricier) Coleman stove for many, many years. Sadly, it was stolen recently and I didn't have the cash to buy another. I was pleasantly surprised to see this one on the market and decided to give it a whirl.

My folks and teen son set it up without me, and although they needed assistance setting up the wind shield, it was very easy. Just a couple minutes later we were cooking vegan hotdogs on one of the burners. 8)

The only thing I didn't like about it is how difficult it is to light one burner after you already have the other going. We had to take down one side of the wind shield and it was still rather toasty on our fingers. Be very careful, or just light both burners at the same time.

I can tell this sturdy stove is going to be a staple on our car-camping expeditions for years to come.
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on October 20, 2012
I bought this stove for emergency use. Well, I have an emergency. the kitchen is being remodeled and it is going on to the fifth week. Now I have a chance to use this stove for real and I have to say, it is a thumbs down from me.

Let me list some pros and cons and I will summarize my experience.

The wind breaker is definitely a pro. However, since I am doing all the cooking in the garage, that doesn't matter.

Two stove heads do come in handy when you want to speed up thing. I like that.

Wide space for two 10" pots. Love that.

Love the latch. I know it will rust over time but for now it is a good feature.

The flame on one of the burner is not even. And it burns yellow instead of blue. That means it will blacken the pot quickly.

No electric start. I didn't think that was a big deal until I have to find a lighter to start the stove. It's just a convenience issue.

The gas adjustment knob is not smooth at all. it wiggles and does not hold it position. So when you turn to low flame, it will "bounce" itself to a higher level of flame. You can never get a flame at the lowest setting. That really sucks.

No carrying handle. Need one.

the grill that the pots sit on begins to peel after the first use because the heat is too hot for it. it glow red hot during cooking. not good.

Overall, the stove works as a stove, meaning it creates heat for cooking. But the quality of flame is not good at all, at least for one of the burner.

I would not recommend it.
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on September 27, 2012
I decided to pull the trigger on this brand instead of paying $100 for a glorified Coleman. It worked great even in moderate wind. The wind flaps on the side fold down if your pan is too big. The only down side is that you have to light it manually. If you're too lazy to light it, you probably shouldn't be cooking anyway.
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on February 8, 2013
Received this item about five weeks after order on 1.4.13 for $39.99, and received after a long wait on 2.07.13 due to supply shortage.

On removal from printed box, first thing that happened: a supporting foot fell off - no serious problem since a black plastic snap-on binderclip holding onto sharp metal edge, so I squeezed it back on, and maybe later will glue all four in place against loss.

Next noticed paint chipped off at corner shoulders revealing bare grey metal - no serious problem since I can touch it up with some black spray left over from a gate painting job.

Opened the lid and next noticed lid will not stand or stay up unless side wings attached. These two wind vents take some doing to get them held up onto sprockets, since when one hooked the other slips out.

Next noticed a serious looking brass pipe in a sealed plastic bag under cooking rack - pulled it out, which meant I had to pull grille out of its holes, then had struggle getting steel prongs back in - solution, bend rack up slightly across middle. Then thought what a good idea rack does pull out to allow for cleaning flat surface around burners where food will spill and stick. That brass rod joins propane tank to burner, though took me a while to figure out how to connect these three items - since in Manual nowhere did I find instructions or mention of this connector. I read Manual before setting up and understood that tank attaches directly to stove - yet when I vigorously tried, this method failed, since tank lip needed an additional fraction of an inch cut out of metal opening to fit through to an awaiting spigot.

After attaching brass conduit, I screwed in propane tank (hand tight as directed), turned gas knob on, and using a fireplace lighter got a loud roaring flame - which I could only hear and not see in noon daylight. Stove does not self-light. Get very clear about which way knob turns for On and Off. Now I realized an error in skipping a step: I forgot to squirt soapy water onto gas joins to detect any leak. A potentially horrible mistake, doubly so - we had wind blowing and my nose could miss leaking gas odor.

Raised lid and side wings block some wind, though would work better if they could cut off air below them flowing through wide openings - as a solution I may cover the holes with strips of foil.

Stove has usage instructions and warnings on a few sheets glued inside lid - not an ideal location since a few cooking sessions will probably cause splatter enough to block out essential warnings.

Stove has no carry handle, even though Manual mentions such a part at least three times on page 1 and warns user to transport stove this way. As a solution, I can drill holes into stove's thin metal back and attach a screw-on handle.

I put glass coffee pot onto burner and turned knob halfway, then after a while it percolated nicely, though I could not see flame (still in daylight) which made futile my attempts to adjust it low. I think under these conditions it ran through my tank pretty fast by burning at a high setting. Then thought to set up a coffee service, when I noticed not enough space on picnic table due to side spread leg of brass pipe and gas tank.

This two-burner unit with extended tank takes up way more space than picture shows, because gas pipe arm extends about 8 inches out to propane tank extending about ten inches. Further, Manual instructs to leave a safe area around stove of 12 inches front, sides and back, and 4 ft above stove.

For price and usability I will keep this stove and would recommend it. In spite of minor negs above which as pointed out seem easily fixed.
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on November 11, 2012
For the price, this is a good, basic stove.

The only "negatives" are:
1. The canister has to sit slightly towards the back of the stove, so you have to use it on a surface wide enough to accommodate that.
2. The dials are not marked and you can easily have them turned the wrong way when initially setting up the stove. I prefer to have a "safety" dial where you push in and release for the OFF position to truly know the gas is in the OFF position (e.g., my propane BBQ has this feature)
3. There are 4 silly plastic clips on the bottom to keep the metal edges from meeting the surface of whatever the stove is sitting on. They keep falling off and are easy to lose.

The Pros:
l. low price
2. light weight and very portable
3. uses the small, individual propane tanks
4. 2 burners with good amt. of power/heat--- hot enough to cook fast but at a safe temperature/speed
5. sturdy "grill" type burner cover/rack so any size pot or pan can fit. If you have a large pot or pan, you can turn both burners on and place the pot/pan in the middle.
6. Nice wind/spatter guard
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on May 14, 2012
This is a great little camp stove. It is very solid and I would consider it a great value for its 40.00 price tag. I would reccomend it if you are considering it.
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on October 15, 2012
This thing is very good. It does just what the description says it does. It's a great value. Here's what I have learned from using it:

- The size is perfect. It's smaller than the bulkier 2-burner stoves, but is still big enough for a small skillet and a water pot. It fits perfectly in the bottom of the big plastic bin I put all my food and cooking stuff in when car-camping.
- It's easy to set up. And quick.
- The control knobs feel good.
- There's a nice latch that keeps the lid closed very tightly while in transit.

- The four, little, plastic/rubber "feet" that clip onto the stove will fall off the first time you use it. Just take them off...
- There's no carrying handle.
- The control knobs flow a bit too much, so that 3/4th of their range is HIGH heat. You'll end up using about 1/8th of a turn to adjust from low to medium heat. It's do-able, but I end up nudging the knob in microscopic increments to adjust the heat a little.
- It's fairly well built, but doesn't look "abuser-friendly."

I use a 6" cast-iron skillet with this stove and it works great. I also use a 32-oz. metal water/coffee pot, and it fits fine. This thing throws out enough heat to boil water in just two or three minutes.
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on August 15, 2012
I owe Texsport an apology.. the freaking connector was in the stove itself. Doh!

I had a chance to cook something on it and it works wonderfully. I'll be taking this to my remote property as my regular camp stove. I bought an adapter to refill the 1lb disposable tanks so now I have an "unlimited" amount of refuels for cheap! 1lb refill for less that a dollar. Now I cook on $3 a month, 3 meals a day. (mini, one person meals)

I'm also using their stainless steel cook-set and I'm super happy with that. Just right for one to two people.

Thanks TEXSPORT! Kicking Coleman's A** since 2***?
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