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31 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2013
Alright Guys, I wanted to spend some time in this book before I reviewed it. So here is what my impressions were; First let me start by giving a bit of background. I am not a novice in the dating world. I'm in my mid thirties and have dated a lot of women conservatively probably into the 550 - 600 range since high school many years ago.

I would say that most of what this guy wrote was pretty spot on. He seems to have the initial contact and flirt dynamics, through text down pretty well. He knows about the "push and pull effect" in a beginning level relationship. However, he seems to be very poor in actual relationships from what I can gather. In other words, the book is useful to attempt to navigate the online dating environment and trying to get you to the in person meet and greet point - which in and of itself is easily worth the cost of the book, and worth reading.

Especially for the young, inexperienced guys who are really confused by women and how they respond, or fail to respond, I would recommend this book to establish some basic rules to play the game by. Just understand that this is really only useful for initial contact and attempting to lock down first and second dates.

This author seems to be stuck in the player phase of dating, which he will eventually grow out of with age - But he is still young and has more to learn. This isn't discounting what he suggest about being funny, not being over eager to throw your heart at girl you haven't even met in person yet, or coming across as needy. He is correct in all of his advice on these topics.

For transitioning into actual relationships? Yeah, this book will not cut the mustard, nor was it really meant to. I would definitely get a couple of other books on the subject. I would probably recommend "models" by Mark Manson. It sort of picks up where this one leaves off. Lets face it, first and second dates get way old after a few years don't they? Use this as your online openers to make contact, then move into the next phase - the one not covered by this book.
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32 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on January 24, 2013
I was a little skeptical about this book but bought it and read it in 2 days, took notes, reread (I needed help) and applied. It works, his advice while seeming at first read 'game'ish', works once applied. I'm a late 30's recently single guy and this book has paid for itself numerous times. He not only explains what to be texting but the psychology behind why you are texting it, like it or not, but once you have success with it you will like it. Well worth the price of a round of drinks you'd spend with some girl you have no chance with.
My first review, and I had to get off my iphone to give it.
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25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on April 20, 2014
I was looking for some good ideas to make text conversations more fun, more appealing. What can you do differently with short text messages to spark interest? For a Kindle book with so many good reviews, I thought the price was reasonable.

My first mistake was not clicking "Take a look inside" and reading a sample. The very first sentence is, "I am better than you at texting." Ok, fairly large, uninformed assumption, but go on. His reasoning for being better: "I started texting in Asia about five years before it even arrived in the US (sic)" - which gives what advantage, typing faster? - "and I understand the dynamics of relationships like a chef understands alcoholism." Um, what? Chefs have nothing to do with alcohol. So you...don't understand the dynamics of relationships?

Since I purchased the book, I reluctantly read on. The author's grammar, punctuation and spelling are written at a remedial level. And he uses profanity throughout, often in derogatory terms about women. (He says 'b-tch' twelve times. While he is often trying to be playful, this is completely disrespectful to women and to the intelligence of the reader.)

Here's an example of one of his text messaging conversations, from which you are supposed to glean some sort of quality communicative approach:

"Cherie: Hey Mike you going out tonight?
Me: Going out with Lacy
Cherie: Oh...going out with the cougar
Me: Jesus Cherie, you are such a b-tch!"

Why any girl wants to engage in conversation with this guy is a mystery.

What's truly incredible are the sections indicated in the Kindle edition that apparently several others have highlighted. Like this section, highlighted 276 times:

"You see, the important thing is always portraying confidence; of course we are going to say the wrong things. Of course we are going to screw up, but if we accept this as inevitable and don't really give a s***. She will sense that confidence and feel nothing but attraction."

Where's the rest of that, "...if we accept this as inevitable" sentence? Oh, it's over there, after that period.

While there may be a point or two in this book about a guy displaying confidence by not apologizing or that you shouldn't text someone the moment you get their number, it's difficult to filter these points out because the book has such poor grammar and punctuation, it's unreadable. And I'm not sure what type of person would be receptive to the author's example texts but it certainly isn't anyone with any class, self respect or post-primary education.

At most, this book deserves two stars: one to match the quality of the writing and content and a second as pity for the author. But I don't pity him because he has my money. star. Add to that a big question mark as to how so many people gave this four and five stars.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2013
Having grown up with internet access and texting on a daily basis for quite a few years now, I wasn't sure if this book would hold anything new for me. However, the reviews were positive, and it was quite inexpensive, so I just threw it in with a few other purchases.

The content of the book actually went into a lot more than just texting, though. Yes, there were a lot of direct examples and scenarios applicable to text conversations, but I would say the most useful part of the book was the way the author went into detail about push/pull dynamics in the initial stages of meeting a girl, as well as the nuances of how your texts "sound". After reading the book you will come to realize that even over texts, you can come across as a confident guy who has a lot going on his life, and be a mysterious challenge to women. The great thing is, even if you aren't the best at this stuff in person, over texts, you have all the time in the world to prepare this stuff... this can give you an edge if your "game" (I use the term loosely as this is really not PUA material) is not very good in person.

After putting the book down, I found myself going back to several texts I had with women just over the past couple of months.. and seeing that I was making some pretty big mistakes. Thing is, you will never get feedback on these mistakes like you will on a real date or in an interaction face to face. There is no body language, and no immediate reaction to your inputs. More often than not, you will just not get a reply to your text... which can lead to you texting more.. until you have a) mader a fool of yourself and b) made the girl you are texting feel guilty and/or a little bit creeped out,. which just makes the situation worse.

All in all, it was a good read, and went into some fundamentals from other good books but also brought up some unique topics specific to texting such as how to make sure your "tone" is properly implied.. we all know that simply not including an emoticon or something similar can make what was meant to be a cocky joke turn into an insult, and since, again, you aren't face to face, sometimes you will never know you have made a wrong move. It's a good resource to get into the minds of women on the receiving end of your texts as well as a reminder to take your time with your texts.

For the price of a couple frilly coffee's... this was well worth the investment for me, I read the book in one sitting, and have since read it again and picked up a few things I missed the first time around. Todays social scene is all about texting, and the reality is that texting, facebook, emails, and IM's are all totally different beasts and texting in my opinion is the most personal of the 4 (and the most critical when it comes to closing a date with a girl). If you have ever had problems with girls not replying to your texts, if you think you come across as needy over texts, or if you find it hard to stay confident and funny over a texting medium, this is a worthy purchase.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2015
While this book did provide some cool examples here and there, the book could be summarized into a few points.
•don't over text
•try to make the other person laugh, but don't try to hard
•use push and pull, but oh.... There is a different book for that
•if the target isn't responding, move on.
I just saved you $4.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2015
First and foremost.... This is not only a downgrade to the mankind but another example of the lack of manliness that continues to plague the upcoming generations. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away our ancestors picked up women by talking to them face to face, not too long ago they actually called their future "wives" to be and set up a date by saying "I'd like to take you _______ I will pick you up at ___ , how does____day sound?" And like that dates were established or turned down. There was little to no ambiguity left until you were with the other person and at the end of the date it either worked out for another one or you said "Have a good night" and said goodbye.

Time and time again I see the "well man she said "Ok" in a text... I just ... Ugh I don't know what to do..." The problem is buddy, you're showing her that you're going to begin something by not actually taking the step of calling her and asking her out. If she won't return your phone call or communicate... You've got your answer... It's a "No" and that's quite alright because now.... You have other options to explore that might actually be worth your time. I know it's tough to think about calling someone you just met off the Internet but... honestly if you get her number she's already led you to believe "Calling is okay." First off, phones were originally meant for verbal use and it's a lot easier for someone to blow you off in a text message than to blow you off once they've heard the voice on the line. It's just the fact of being a human. If you assert yourself confidently on the phone it gives her a piece of mind and also greatly sets you apart. How does it set you apart? It sets you apart because 3/4th's of all the other 17-Twenty something year olds are texting her. They're texting her silly stuff and lines that technically they'd never be clever enough to use in an impromptu face to face conversation because there is way too much thought used ahead of time that it's unnatural. So when this girl does finally meet up with you again... It doesn't add up and it's noticeable for those girls with higher social intelligence. Personally, I met my fiancee on an internet phone dating app and as soon as a number was quickly received. I sat on it for a reasonable amount of time, 1 day. No texting beforehand other than "This is ____" A name is all she needed. Next step,,,, Dun dun Dun..... Drumroll folks.... Make a call. It's honestly the leading way to find out whether or not this person will hold a conversation to a degree that has you interested enough to make a plan for a date after a "brief" talk. Just be yourself. Being yourself on the brief call and keeping confident in your move will tell her "This guy has a plan, he's real and it confirms my interest yet again in giving him my phone number, I'm excited to meet him for our date." Bingo guys... If this person doesn't end up picking up the initial phone call or never calls back to make a response... End the pursuit because she didn't give her number to you by accident. No one honestly is that stupid and if she does, don't become the fool.

I hope this has helped those thinking about "What should I say"? Pick up a phone and call the girl.

**** DROPPING MIC******
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on April 29, 2015
This is a book with a lot of potential, but it falls short as a guide to help men.

In Mike’s world, girls fall in love with him, text him playfully and he has to manage those relationships.

News Flash. 99% of your readers, and 99% of men in this world, are not epic players who have women tell them “you are so cute … when are we going to F@&#” or get texts from girls like “what are you up to tonight?” or “so I haven’t heard from you in a while”.

The biggest problem for beginner and intermediate gamers is getting her to meet up with you. You think you’ve had a good conversation and then suddenly, you text her two days later and she doesn’t respond.

I understand that a GREAT text message can’t salvage a bad approach. However a bad text message could kill a mediocre one.

My suggestion: Give readers one or two ideas for what to text her as an opener so you can get her to respond and set up the date. Or provide examples of full conversations where guys are successful at hooking her over text which leads to a meet.

Instead of getting one star, I’ve decided to give the book another star because of two conversations I think could prove helpful for managing relationships. First, when the guy has to respond after the girl cancels a second time:

“Hey Jim, so sorry but that date we had planned? I can’t go, I have too much work.”
“Really? This will be the second time that you have cancelled on me and with only one-day notice?”
“So sorry, I will make it up to you.”
“Honestly I don’t know if I want you to. Now I have to make new plans. Is your time more valuable than mine?”
“Okay, now I feel guilty.”
“I honestly am not trying to punish you, but changing on me last minute isn’t cool.”
“Hey, tell you what, let me move things around and keep that date.”
“I would appreciate that.”

This guy is firm and shows he’s unafraid to lose her. Well done.

And second conversation, after a date:

“had a great time last night, you are pretty funny”
“I think you’ve affected my dating life”
“Whys that?”
“I want to find more cute med students to hang out with now!”
“Whatever, none are as cute as me”
“Currently rolling my eyes and making gagging sounds”
“Shut up!”

This guy is playful, hooks her with his second text and effectively uses push/pull.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2014
Written with a great sense of humor he made learning to text comical, funny in a good way and very easy to understand
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on July 13, 2014
I am writing to respectfully request my 3.99 back - the state can keep the sales tax. This "e-book" was pendant, painful, trite and boring. My expectations upon purchase were to be polite, understated. By the time I completed the diatribe, it failed to meet those dumbed down expectations.

The general gist of the book is: relationships are about equilibrium (teeter-totters) and texting is therefore subject to the same rules. Be clever, confident and establish boundaries and "Oh yeah and use Facebook and use emojis". My advise to other people considering is this book: don't bother. It only allows the author to continue his delusional belief that he is in fact a "relationship expert".
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7 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on September 23, 2012
The author makes some extremely good points about how important it is to be engaging, lightly teasing, even if you can be only a little funny its good. Even corny is good as long as you aren't Boring! The guys out there who think they are losing the girl because they are 'too nice' - it's actually because you are appearing to be not challenging or interesting. This book will raise your game and teach you patience to not text someone constantly and WAIT. Even if it is days. And make note of the part on tension. That's worth reading through twice and take it to heart.
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