Customer Reviews: Tha Carter II (Explicit Version)
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on December 18, 2005
I wasn't a real good fan of wezzy until The Carter came out. Now i'm lovin lil wayne. I'm lovin The Carter two. I can actually say all twenty tracks on the album is off the chain. Wezzy keep on doing your thang. I'm now offically your #1 Fan. Wezzy Baby!
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on February 2, 2006
Lil Wayne has been around the block for quite some time now. He's seen the good times and the bad times with Cash Money. Having gone through the departure of in-house producer Mannie Fresh, many thought that spelled the end of the Cash Money crew. But that's the last thing on the mind of Lil Wayne and company. Like many other obstacles that they've faced, Cash Money weathered the storm (including Hurricane Katrina!) So the release of The Carter II is a new beginning not only for Lil Wayne but Cash Money as a whole. And with outside production and a new outlook on life, Lil Wayne shows and proves on his latest effort.

"The Mobb" and "Fly In" start off The Carter II and are surprisingly good songs with their East Coast production. "Hustlaz Music" is another banger using the East Coast sound, as well as the enchanting "Receipt" and upfront honesty of "Feel Me." "Lock And Load" with Kurupt (not sure where he was on the song ...maybe the chorus?) is Lil Weezy's solid attempt at rocking a West Coast beat. He does the same on "Weezy Baby" and "Get Over" (both featuring Nikki), blending a Dr Dre-type beat with some funk elements as well. "Mo Fire" is a reggae-tinged jam that Lil Wayne pulls off with a modified, slower approach that most aren't used to hearing. "Grown Man" featuring Currency doesn't have the greatest singing on the hook but the lyrics by both rappers and the cool background music make it tolerable. "Shooter" actually has Weezy rapping over `bluesy rock' track that is reminiscent of a Lenny Kravitz song.

The weird thing about The Carter II is the fact that the almost all the songs that have the Cash Money sound are the weakest tracks. "Fireman" is probably the only acceptable tracks with that type of production, with "Money On My Mind" and "I'm A Dboy" featuring Birdman both lacking any appeal at all. "Best Rapper Alive" is not only untruthful, but the rock-n-roll riffs make it more of a Heavy Metal track than a rap track. And the background sample on the song "Oh No" makes you say just that....Oh No!

It's nice to hear Lil Wayne over beats that actually complement his style rather than those that overpower it. True, he has a few songs he probably could have scrapped to make this a guaranteed sell for all rap fans, but overall he did a good job of mixing genres and being creative with a track. I think that's why I enjoyed the album so much, and why I think you will too. The departure of Mannie Fresh looked to be the end of the road, but it actually turned out to be the start of something good. Even though I've never been a fan of Lil Wayne, he's actually proven to me that he's the real deal with The Carter II. To my surprise, I'm actually looking forward to his next release for a change.
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on December 14, 2005
If you’re looking for a CD to buy as a gift for someone that enjoys rap music, this CD is definitely worth the money; the recipient will not second guess why you bought this CD instead of just burning it.

I'm in college and I generally listen to everything. I enjoy listening to quality, well produced, creative music. That being said I personally have never been a big Lil Wayne fan, but “Tha Carter II” has changed all that. His music was decent, but I would much rather spend my money, and time listening to Jay-Z, or Dr. Dre. Seeing as how Jay-Z and Dr. Dre aren't making records anymore it’s been hard finding a new CD that’s worth listening to from start to finish.

Lil Wayne's new Cd "Tha Carter II" is refreshing to say the least. Lyrically he shows he’s one of the best, up there with Nas and Eminem, and most of the lyrics you'll find to be quite catchy and singing to yourself. Songs like "grown man", and "receipt" are very laid back, while "Fireman", and "The best rapper alive" will get anyone's blood pumping.

What make's a quality album, to me, is something you can listen to intensively or just have in the background; with this album you can do both because it is as well put together as anything Jay-Z(Another self proclaimed "Best rapper alive") ever did. For anyone who feels they’re cognitively complex, you will learn that Lil Wayne is just as smart and gifted, at writing music, as anyone can be in their respective profession. A good CD to ride around with your boys to, or lay back in your room and chill to.

On a final note, Lil Wayne very cleverly sends a message out to everyone who doesn’t feel he’s a great artist by saying “And to the radio stations, I'm tired o' being patient/ Stop bein' rapper racist, region haters/ Spectators, dictators, behind door d*** takers/ It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us /I want to throw up like chips in Vegas / But this is Southern face it / If we too simple then y'all don't get the basics”(how real is that?)
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on January 16, 2006
Lil' Wayne's 4th album, 'Tha Carter', marked a huge lyrical jump from his previous 3 albums, and his work with the Hot Boys. I'm not sure what exactly sparked this improvement, probably some combination of maturing as a man and MC (you have to remember Wayne was VERY young when he signed with cash money, he was 16 when the Hot Boys debuted) and just working on his writing and flow.

Lil' Wayne is now back with his latest offering, 'Tha Carter II', with the absence of Mannie Fresh, one of the key players in making 'Tha Carter' such a good album. I anticipated this would really effect this album negatively, considering Weezy has never worked without Mannie Fresh altogether, and because Mannie Fresh is just a great producer in his own right. As I expected, Weezy is on point the whole album, but the production here is much better than I would have thought it would be. The Heatmakerz ('Tha Mobb' & 'Reciept'), T. Mix & Batman ('Fly In', 'Lock & Load', 'Grown Man', 'Carter II', 'Hustler Musik', 'I'm A DBoy' & 'Fly Out'), The Runners with DJ Nasty & LVM ('Money On My Mind'), Doe Boys ('Fireman' & 'Hit Em Up'), Yonny ('Mo Fire' & 'Oh No' with Matlock), Big D ('Best Rapper Alive'), Robin Thicke ('Shooter'), Deezle ('Weezy Baby') & Cool & Dre ('Get Over') all contribute beats in place of Mannie Fresh, and do a great job for that matter. The 'Fly In' and 'Fly Out' songs are sort of a continuation of 'Tha Carter's 'Walk In' & 'Walk Out', with 'Carter II' being the 'Inside' of this album. All 3 tracks have the same beat (as did the ones on 'Tha Carter') which features a great piano loop, and an orchestral part that increases in intensity as the verses go on.

Lyrically, you definately get more than you would expect from Lil' Wayne, but he still has a ways to go to become an elite MC. He's one of the best in the game when it comes to punch lines & metaphors, and he has proved that he can carry an album, but he still needs to work on his subject matter, which is largely uninteresting and pointless. Another thing Lil' Wayne has greatly improved over the years is his flow. He has perfected his trademark sloppy southern drawl, into one of the most original and interesting flows in the game.

'Tha Carter II' finds Wayne even more mature musically and lyrically than on 'Tha Carter', and I think this is why I would give the edge to the sequel over the original, which I loved also (But, 'BM JR' still might be better than every song on 'Tha Carter II'). But still, I highly reccomend both.

Top 5 Songs (In Order):

1. Shooter - A remake of Robin Thicke's 2000 song 'Oh Shooter', and it might be one of the dopest songs of 2005. Very original production, stuff you would never expect to hear on a rap album, and this is just a song anyone with an open mind should love.

2. Fireman - It's the popular lead single, which often comes off forced and cheesy nowadays, but the great production and some of the best and catchiest lines from Weezy make this a banger.

3. Feel Me - Probably the best song lyrically, and just overall one of the best songs on the album.

4. Best Rapper Alive - Love the production, and another overall dope song.

5. I'm A DBoy (Featuring Baby) - Great hype song with the drums sampling Eric B & Rakim's 'Paid In Full'. I don't like Baby as a rapper any more than the next guy, he has a decent flow and goes well with this track.

Worst Track:

Mo Fire - Mediocre beat, annoying hook, and just not a very good song.

Lyrics/Substance/Subject Matter - 8.5/10
Flow/Delivery - 9.5/10
Production - 9.5/10
Overall Feel - 8.5/10

Guest Apperances - Kurupt, Currency, Nikki & Baby - 5/10 - All of the guests only do hooks besides Baby, and they dont really play much of a role here at all.
Overall Rating - 9/10 - If you liked 'Tha Carter', you'll love this. Actually, if you're a fan of rap in general, you'll love this. One of the best albums of 05. Pick it up.
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on December 8, 2005
The Carter 2 is a great album but not as better than the first carter, cause no mannie fresh but flow still fed though. Juvenile makes the hits but Wayne got the flow. N.O. stand up better yet the state of Louisiana deserve a standing ovation.
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on April 3, 2006
Weezy is killing it. i was sold on the carter of how talented wayne has become. i think after he got out from under juvi and bgs spotlight ppl were able to start noticing him. he has also grown as an mc i think this is due to his age when he entered the game. bc now he is rapping woth more depth and substance then wen he was younger. i would have to put him within the top 10 in the game right now.

Now speaking on the carter 2. this is a very intelagent creative album. there is very little guest apearances i think one from the birdman a song with kurupt and a few other minnor features. i was sad to c wen i first bought the cd that mannie didnt do any of the beats. then i listened to the cd. the production has no big names but doesnt need them it is a great produce cd even without mannie. there is realy only one club banger which is fireman, this is like the carter 2's go dj. there is maybe 1 or 2 songs that i am not all the way feeling but they are still tight. also like the first cd carter 1 they have a few tracks like the walkin were the same beat is used one 3 dif songs, its like one track has been cut into 3 and spaced out through the cd. the best track by far on the cd is a song called shooters. this song is one of the most creative songs i have heard in a long time. the hook is hott and weezy spits with so much fire and emotion. im not sure but it kind of sounds like it samples a beatles song but i could be wrong.

lil wayne definatly left everything he has on this cd and that is a whole lot. he has deffinatly earned his spot as one of the best in hip hp right now and i think is way beyond the money and ice rapper that he once was and is now one of the "best rapperes alive"
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on February 14, 2006
this album is trash lil wayne is fake he's been fell off all the tracks are week the beats suck this album was a waste of our time .and he cant rap he aint nothing without the cashmoney hot boyz .
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on December 6, 2005
I got dis CD 2day its pretty cool. US herr in STL are big LiL Wayne fans. & dis CD will leave no one dissapointed. SO dont copy dis CD its worth buying from the store Holla at yo boy from STL(314)
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on December 6, 2005
Like many people who have heard of Lil Wayne, the first things that used to come to my mind were: Hot Boys, Cash Money Records, Bling Bling, and songs with no substance. This was until i listened to Tha Carter I, his previous album. Tha Carter I showed Lil Wayne's growth as an artist in respect to his flow, style, sound, punchlines, metaphor, alliteration and overall content. Tha Carter I established Lil Wayne as one of my favorite artists. In the year after the Tha Carter I was dropped, Lil Wayne was on his grind to etablish himself as one of the best rappers in the game. He put out two classic mixtapes; The Dedication and The Suffix. In addition to this he made numerous guest appearances on other CDs. After all that Lil Wayne had become one of the most talked about rappers, and I was eagerly awaiting the release of Tha Carter II. I had very high expectations for The Carter II, and in most cases when i have high hopes for a cd I end up being dissapointed, but not this time. Lil Waynes Tha Carter II exceeded all my expectations. I would describe/rate each song, but I can honestly say that song for song this CD is a classic. I will however mention a few stand out songs: Money On My Mind, Mo Fire, Lock and Load, Hustler Musik, Receipt, Shooter, and Weezy Baby. I STRONGLY RECCOMEND BUYING THIS CD; IT IS A HIP HOP CLASSIC. Weezy Baby, the best rapper alive.
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on March 7, 2006
Lil wayne Sucks now that man use to be so hard Listen to stuff like da block is hot, lights out, Hot Boys Old Cds. Lil Wayne was Real he green. He got like 3 hard songs on this carter 2 junk.
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