Customer Reviews: The Abyss (Special Edition)
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on January 5, 2010
Great Story! 5 Stars
Great Actors! 5 Stars
Great Director! 5 Stars
Great Sci-Fi Movie! 5 Stars
Great on DVD? NO, NO, NO!!! Zero Stars!!! Non-Anamorphic, Non-16x9 Widescreen, Very Poor Video Transfer onto DVD, and Not on Blu-Ray yet? What the #$%*! We are living in an age of HD 16x9 TV's and this, one of the great emotionally moving Sci-Fi movies of our time is placed on DVD that is formatted for a 4x3 Standard Definition TV's? You have got to be kidding me.

Hey James Cameron and Paramount or whoever is involved in the process of bringing this great movie to DVD, WE WANT THIS MOVIE IN 16x9 HD Format OR if you won't do that, how about a regular DVD in 16x9 Format/Anamorphic and why don't you throw in a remastered video transfer while you're at it so WE CAN ALL enjoy this movie on our 16x9 Widescreen Plasma, LCD, and LED TV's and Projectors!!!

What a shame.
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on January 27, 2004
"The Abyss" is one of the most intriguing Sci-Fi/action movies to have ever been made. From the very beginning of this exceptional movie to the end, for the first time viewer or for those that have watched it many times, it is a highly inventive and an ultimately captivating movie. Although there have been many movies made about events under the surface of the ocean, few can match up to the intensity that "The Abyss" is laden with.
One of the more intriguing aspects about the edition of "The Abyss" that I'm reviewing today or any other version that contains both the original theatrical release and the Special Edition with twenty eight minutes of additional footage is how the whole tone of the conclusion of the film changes between the two. This is not something that I wish to go in to in great detail; suffice it to say that the Special Edition gives a whole new meaning to this classic movie.
From Ed Harris to Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio to Michael Biehn and all of the other marvelous actors that performed in this film, they all deserve high praise for their collective efforts in creating this Science Fiction classic. It isn't too often that Ed Harris or Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio gets the lead roles in films but in the case of "The Abyss," they both proved that they were quite ready for such roles.
In 1984 first time director, James Cameron gave millions of movies fans just the first taste of his directing talents when he burst on the scene with "The Terminator" which started a run of extraordinarily successful movies culminating in "Titanic" which is one of the highest grossing films of all times. "The Abyss" was the third in this run of incredible movies and arguably the most intriguing of them all as the script, while being science fiction and adventure is "that much more" inventive than the rest of those films. In addition to James Cameron's exceptional talents on this film, the musical score by Alan Silvestri makes "The Abyss" that much better, greatly enhancing every scene!
The Premise:
Welcome to what appears to be the mid eighties or early nineties and we have an American nuclear submarine that is patrolling an abysmal trench in the Atlantic. Their tracking something that is going faster than anything they've ever seen before and suddenly they lose all power as the "thing" goes by; a minute or so later, all power is restored but it's too late, they slam right into the abysmal wall and the ship goes down, fortunately for them, they get a beacon off before the bridge is consumed by water... Some twenty odd miles away is a deep sea oil rig operation with a control ship on the surface and an underwater station at about fifteen hundred feet below the surface. The US Navy comes in and wishes to send a SEAL team down and use the station and the crew to find the sub...
What follows from there is one of the most intriguing, captivating and enthralling Science Fiction films ever made that only gets better every time you see it and if you've never watched it before, you will most certainly be blown away by what director James Cameron created in this film!
I highly recommend this film to any and all who are fans of Science Fiction or fans of very good dramatic films with a "splash" of Sci-Fi in them. {ssintrepid}
Special Features:
-Theatrical Version
-Special Edition with 28 minutes of additional footage.
-Audio Commentary for both versions.
-Collector's edition 12 page booklet.
-Bio's for all of the actors, director and several others.
-DVD-ROM content.
-60-minute documentary - "Under Pressure: Making the Abyss."
-James Cameron's complete screenplay.
-Multi-angles of pseudopod sequence.
-3 DVD-ROM games.
-Extensive storyboards and original concept art and more!
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on June 6, 2007
Dazed and confused!!!!! I feel like I am in the Abyss!!!!! What happened to the Anamorphic? The box cover even states anamorphic? What is Fox up to? I was so excited that all of the advertising for this edition stated anamorphic, but I was left so violated when I discovered that I had yet spent more money for the same version that I had on the 5 star edition. Fox please have someone check this stuff before you fool the public!
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on June 5, 2007
So disappointing! I thought this would FINALLY be the anamorphic dvd we've been waiting for, but... NO! Strange that so many "different" versions of this film have been released on dvd without the anamorphic addition. A HUGE amount of dvd buyers now own hd tv's and home theater projectors... the anamorphic aspect of a dvd is of significant importance to us!! I love this movie... what a total shame.
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on June 20, 2007
Non-anamorphic widescreen and no 5.1 dolby digital sound...what a joke.
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on December 10, 2007
This review is NOT based on the actual movie which is one of the best Sci-Fi flicks ever to be seen. However, how can they advertise that this is anamorphic 2:35 aspect ratio, WHEN IT IS NOT?!!?

Very deceiving. Says 2 discs but you only get 1, and the other disk with the extra features is great. It says we get it, but there is only 1 disk. It does not offer the wide range of audio it claims it has, but worst of all is them saying this is anamorphic 2:35, when it is not. Great movie, but who the heck can stand to see HUGE BLACK BARS and just a small sliver of the actual movie? I have a 62" HD Sony which is AWESOME. But watching this movie, even on such a big screen is intolerable. Odd is at the very beginning it is fine. But as the movie starts, you can see THE ABYSS is cut off by the HUGE black bars and then NO ANAMORPHIC 2:35!!!! One of my favorite movies of all time and I can not even stand to watch it. a 62" screen and 90% of it is taken up with huge black bars with the movie playing in the middle on what looks like about a 4 inch wide screen. Zooming does not help as it eliminates part of the black bars, but then you lose a huge portion of the picture which is worthless. How can they advertise this as they do, but be so wrong about so many things? Furthermore, with DVD's, once open you can only exchange for the same title. You cannot get a refund or exchange for another title. So, you buy it under the assumption it is what it says it is and you get what it says you will get. Only to open it and find out it is not even close to what was advertised and you are stuck with it. I am shocked they are advertising this as they are and not delivering what they are advertising you will get. I took mine back to the store and told the manager that IT IS NOT WHAT IT CLAIMS IT IS...even had him stick it in a dvd player to see for himself. All he could do is offer me another copy. No refund and no exchange for another title. How can they lie and then not give a refund?? How can they take one of the best movies ever and ruin it as they are???
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VINE VOICEon March 21, 2000
Few other "Special Edition" discs get you as intimately familiar with a film and the film-making process as this new DVD does, though the laser disc collector's edition of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY comes awful close. Now you fortunate DVD-player owners can get for about $30-$40 dollars what we laser disc owners shelled out $100 for years ago, plus more. A heart-pounding movie, beautifully and intricately shot under nearly impossible circumstances (it wasn't nicknamed "The toughest shoot in film history" for nothing). Part military action thriller, part love story, and all impressive, THE ABYSS SPECIAL EDITION on DVD gives you both the theatrical version and expanded version of the movie (even the laser disc only had a one-version option), documentaries (the longer one is not to be missed), and enough bonus features to monopolize your entire day. It can really take the whole afternoon and evening to see it ALL. Granted, at 171 minutes the expanded version is a bit cumbersome at times, but by then you are so engrossed you don't mind. We've all seen good-looking special effects movies undermined by a so-so script or lame acting. But THE ABYSS delivers where it counts -- solid performances and an often tense script. This is the version to own. All other versions and formats of this film pale in comparison - even the expensive laser disc version. For what you'll pay for this disc you get much more than your money's worth. This collection sets a new standard for discs with bonus features. And if you enjoyed THE MATRIX for how it took full advantage of your surround-sound system, this disc will also please. Make sure your subwoofer is turned on.
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on July 6, 2000
I couldn't wait for The Abyss Special Edition to be released on DVD. I already have the Special Edition Widescreen released on VHS in 1995 with the 10 minute featurette on the making of The Abyss. But as soon as I bought the DVD - I went home to watch it. You can choose to watch the theatrical version or the Special Edition with 28 minutes of additional footage. The commentary is visable via subtitles in the black bar. Which is great. For anyone who hasn't already seen this movie - it's an action-adventure/sci-fi/romance. Basically it's for everybody.
Ed Harris play Bud Brigman, the toolpusher on an underwater drilling platform designed by his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Lindsey (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). A US submarine sinks near Cuba & the Navy enlists the help of the workers on the drilling rig in a rescue attempt. Four Navy SEALs are sent down to supervise this mission. Headed by Lt. Coffey, played by Michael Biehn. Too bad that Coffey suffers the effects of HPNS and begins to go a little over the edge.
All this and oh yeah, there seem to be some unidentified underwater flying objects. Of course only Lindsey seems to see the & Coffey thinks they're Russian.
This movie is full of conflicts, romance, action and adventure & is one of my favorite movies. This DVD is just full of extras that I haven't even fully explored yet. Just a few are a 59 minute documentary on the making of The Abyss as well as a 10 minute featurette. There are stills, cast historys, storyboards and anything else you could ever possibly want to know about this movie. This is a must buy DVD. 20th Century Fox takes it's time and puts out first rate DVD's. The Abyss, Fight Club & Aliens are just a few examples of this. If you do enjoy The Abyss Special Edition - try these others.
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on January 30, 2001
If ever there was a movie deserving of all that DVD has to offer, this is it. The Abyss was neglected upon it's original theatrical release and it was only the later released special edition, restoring (and completing) the finale that gave this sci-fi/romance masterpiece the attention it deserves. If you have only seen he theatrical version and dismissed it as "ET underwater" or "Close Encounters of the Wet Kind" then you owe it to yourself to enjoy this movie the way it was meant to be seen. Beg, buy, borrow, or steal this DVD to see the Special Edition in crisp clean digital picture and mind blowing sound. The bonus material will keep you busy for hours including the one hour making of documentary as well as nearly 30 chapters of information on every aspect of filming from casting to the restoration. Each vehichle/submercible gets it's own chapter as well as the famous wave sequence and a truly amazing (and sometimes humorous) look at the creation of the pseudopod sequence making use of DVD's multiple angle feature to allow you to switch between storyboards, raw footage, in process effects shots and the final footage.
Aside from marveling at the amount of care and detail that went into making the film, the special edition also brings even greater resinance to the love story- the true heart and soul of The Abyss. Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio have never been better. Watch the special edition movie on disc 1 then dig in to the ultimate DVD treat on disc 2.
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on June 5, 2007
This is a disgrace Lenticular means a different box cover. this is the first and only version of the movie. Get the 5 star collection.

The same this for all the 6-5-07 fox releases. The Dummies at fox did not even notice that on predator is DTS but the new fancy cover say D.D.
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