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VINE VOICEon June 24, 2007
Picking up where Volume Two left off, The Addams Family - Volume Three ends the series with the show's final 21 episodes. The 3rd of 3 cost-friendly volumes, The Addams Family - Volume 3 is a 3-disc (536 min.) set which features Full Frame (1.33:1) video; English, Spanish, French mono audio; English, Spanish subtitles; plus extras. Though The Addams Family (and rival show The Munsters) only lasted two seasons, decades of syndicated reruns helped to keep the show alive and popular with generations of viewers. Today you can preserve this classic B&W series in pristine DVD format. Here is a list of episodes contained in this volume, plus a list of extras:

1. Gomez, The Reluctant Lover
2. Feud in the Addams Family
3. Gomez, the Cat Burglar
4. Portrait of Gomez
5. Morticia's Dilemma
6. Christmas With the Addams Family
7. Uncle Fester, Tycoon
8. Morticia & Gomez vs. Fester & Grandmama
9. Fester Goes on a Diet
10. The Great Treasure Hunt
11. Ophelia Finds Romance
12. Pugsley's Allowance
13. Happy Birthday, Grandmama Frump
14. Morticia, the Decorator
15. Ophelia Visits Morticia
16. Addams Cum Laude
17. Cat Addams
18. Lurch's Little Helper
19. The Addams Policy
20. Lurch's Grand Romance
21. Ophelia's Career

Special Features:
* Commentary: On "Morticia, the Decorator" by Stephen Cox, author of "The Addams Chronicles"
* Commentary: On select scenes by Thing and Cousin Itt
* Bonus: Tombstone Trivia on "Cat Addams"

Two Snaps Up!
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on July 27, 2007
I so loved the Addams Family growing up. I will always consider the Addams Family America's True First Family no matter who is in the White House. This final season of the Addams Family is truly awesome. I really must give the studio responsible for releasing this series credit. Most studios tend to so completely over price these old vintage collectible gem's that most people pass them up as being way too expensive. Most folk find overpricing of old series an exploitation of the mostly older folk for whom these old TV shows hold the dearest memories.

Most people know that these series were made way back in the 1960's when the residual rights for actors ran out long ago. Even with the cleaning and other incidentals that come with re-releasing a series gone so long the often Huge Preniums most studios demand is outragouse.

NOT SO with this whole Addams Family 3 volume Set where the average per Volume price was kept to just over $20 each. With all the post production cleaning it takes to get a quality DVD set of an old series out of mothballs and ready to be enjoyed by future generations $20 is a pretty good deal!

The Addams Family are endlessly funny without being the least bit tasteless or vulgar. The mother and father are not disfunctional they are just plain straight up normal weird and what I wouldn't give for parents who loved their kids but who were just plain weird was their only quirk. The core message in the whole of the Addam's Family is Wierd is Beautiful because too often what society deems normal is too a prison of mind body hope and spirit. Normality is a good but too much of even a good thing is not best for all concerned thats the message I got from the Addam's Family growing up and it has served me well indeed!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 24, 2011
The Addams Family ran for two seasons on ABC, from 1964 through 1966. Perhaps to generate greater sales, MGM Studios (now in bankruptcy) decided to break the two seasons (64 total episodes), into three "volumes". Volume 3 contains the last 21 episodes of the second and final season. Splitting the two seasons into three volumes was not the best way to package the program, and fans should consider The Addams Family: The Complete Series, which generally costs less than the three individual volumes.

John Astin stars as wealthy Gomez Addams, a lawyer and dabbler in the stock market. Carolyn Jones is his cultured wife Morticia, whose hobbies include raising carnivorous plants. Jackie Coogan is Uncle Fester, a strange fellow who can power a light bulb by sticking it in his mouth. Blossom Rock is Grandmama, a harmless witch. Ted Cassidy is Lurch, the butler, who entertains the family by playing the harpsichord. The Addams' children are played by Ken Weatherwax as the adventurous Pugsley, and Lisa Loring as the gloomy Wednesday. Thing, the disembodied hand in a box, is an adaptation of a most unique Charles Addams' creation. Only hairy Cousin Itt, was not created by Addams. The program's main theme was that the Addams were a loving family, but with a very unusual lifestyle and attitudes. Producer Nat Perrin wrote for the Marx Brothers, and there's a lot of Groucho Marx in Gomez Addams' personality and mannerisms.

Some of the highlights in Volume 3 are:

Gomez, The Reluctant Lover: Pugsley has a crush on his teacher Miss Dunbar (Jill Andre). He copies one of his father's love letters to his mother, and slips the note to his teacher. Unfortunately she thinks that Gomez is the one that is in love with her, causing great concern for Morticia. Jill Andre's back gets a severe workout, as Gomez bends her spine while romancing her. 5

Portrait Of Gomez: A complicated story has Gomez trying to get a driver's license, so that a well-known photographer will take his portrait. With the family in attendance, a clueless Gomez gets behind the wheel, and takes to the streets.

Christmas With The Addams Family: Although they have a fondness for witches and dragons, the adults try to show Wednesday and Pugsley, the meaning of the spirit of Christmas.

Lurch's Little Helper: Gomez builds a robot named Smiley to help Lurch do his job. Unfortunately, Lurch gets a little too comfortable, as the robot takes over all his tasks. Robbie, the robot from the film The Forbidden Planet, appears as Smiley.

The Addams Policy: After Fester sets the stuffed bear in the living room on fire with a flame thrower, the Addams contact their insurance man to try and get it replaced.

Lurch's Grand Romance: When Morticia's friend Trivia (Diane Jergens) arrives for a visit, she captures Lurch's heart. The family tries their best to transform the big guy into a lady killer. A rocking Wednesday shows him some boss dance steps, and Fester gives him some tips on romance. Then Grandmama mixes a love potion for Trivia that works all too well.

Among the three volumes, Volume 3 is a little light on extras, and is probably second best behind Volume 2. With strong characters, and a very particular and dark style of humor, The Addams Family is a most unique comedy. Why the series was cancelled, is kind of a mystery, as the program had respectable ratings, and the writing generally continued to improve over the course of the series. The Addams get out their mansion a bit more in these final episodes, and it's probably something that should have been done sooner, as it created many more plot options.
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on February 28, 2009
The 3rd volume was great! Just as funny and entertaining as ever. Good til the last moment. With the finnal 21 ORIGINAL series episodes and fun extras this DVD set is exallent! And now, we have come to the end of this clasic american series. But coming to the end does not mean we have to say goodbye,becuse we can always start all over agin! Who knows, you might get more out of it the second time round!
I have had a great time with this classic american series! The Addams Family truely is an american clasic, and no other version is better than the original!
From the first episode to the last, we have had a great time with The Addams Family, we all have. We have shared a lot of laghs, made new friends and gone on fantastic adventures!
The first two volumes were great, and now it's time to enjoy the final volume. volume 3.
Theese unforgetable charecters will never be gone. And so it is here that we shal leave them, and here that we shal find them agin, and agin and agin!
For as long as you keep it with you, and as long as you remember it, A classic T.V series known as The Addams Family will ALWAYS exist!
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on September 20, 2007
finally i have the third and final set of the addams family.wonderful cast as well as great episodes,with only a 2 year run it still remains a beloved and more popular than ever.the remaining 21 episodes are crystal clear and the sound is fabulous.the great part of the 3rd set is it has the favorite of mine christmas with the addams when fester dresses up like santa and gets stuck in the chimney and lurch dresses up like santa and in a deep voice says HO HO HO lmaooooooo what a riot!!!all three sets are worth getting and cost friendly.the only drawback i hate is these are double sided but what the heck i want the addams in my collection next to the munsters collection.and one more thing if i may i see many comparing addams to the munsters,all i can say is this they are both equal to me because each of them have their own acheivments.if you love the 1960's tv programs just like the munsters, addams family or hogans heroes and many others.the addams family surely have their place in the golden age of television of the 1960's
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on September 11, 2013
How can you not like the Adamms Family? You have a wacky/eccentric father, a crazy uncle, a decrepid gran mother 2 semi-normal, but frisky kids and a hot mom that clips the flowers off of her plants! These episodes are a combination of slap-stick, dark (but not morbid) adult humor, and great guest stars. The only complaint I have is that the writers were starting to run out of ideas by the thrid year in the series. (But again, what other sit-com is not plagued by this). I grew up watching these shows and still love them. However, I have friends that think the Adamms family was corny and weird and don't like them at all. I disagree with that point of view.
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VINE VOICEon February 15, 2013
Some original and fun plots in this set but it overdoes the Ophelia plot devise too much. I did think that by this time the series was just hitting its stride with some of the writing. The episodes were by and large using established plot devices without being stale. We also saw some original twists not seen seen in other episodes, for instance, actually understanding Cousin Itt's sentiment, if not his words, while talking about Ophelia's singing talent. Lurch coming to the rescue and stopping violence with a single well-chosen word: "Temper." Ah, if only the series had been picked up for another season!
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on March 29, 2008
have been a huge Addams fan since I was a little kid. I remember loving the Charles Addams books my grandmother had. (I was an odd child raised by some odd people)
This show is just so fantastically fun. I love that instead of portraying the Addams' as the weirdos, it pokes fun at how weird "normal" people are. And of course, I think Morticia and Gomez may have the best marriage ever portrayed on TV.
Get all three volumes.
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on August 4, 2007
The final volume is on the way. I can't wait to complete my collection. The rivalry between the fans of THE MUNSTERS and THE ADDAMS FAMILY will probably go on into the 22nd century. As long as it's fair and friendly I see nothing wrong with that. Because if we get vicious and nasty we haven't learned anything from these shows. These shows may have had monsters, vampires, witches, ghouls, zombies, and madmen. But they were kind, polite and very caring of their fellow man. Which show is the original concept and which is the poor imitation is purely subjective. The Addams Family is the Charles Addams cartoon panel drawings originally called THE HOMEBODIES brought to life. The Munsters is Universal's own stable of monsters put into a family sitcom. I happen to like both shows and I'm sure a good number of you people do to. However there are some stubborn, ruthless, insensitive people that choose only one and unfairly berate the other. It's very foolish to deprive yourself of great entertainment because of ignorance. The Addams Family knew exactly what kind of show it wanted to be from the very beginning of it's conception. The Munsters were a little lost at first and had no real direction. With a couple of unfunny pilots and a couple of staggering episodes it took a while before The Munsters became the powerhouse that it was. As for this dvd itself it can never be Goodbye when you have the chance to permanently own it. This is one of the greatest shows in the history of television. And now we have the chance to have it in our personal collection. I only wish the unaired pilot was included in this set. There's one more group of people I forgot to mention. The poor lost souls that hate both shows. The Munsters is better! LET THE BATTLE RAGE ON!!
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on July 20, 2013
My only gripe is the fact that company uses double sided disks for the entire series on DVD, which may be a little harder to repair or have resurfaced, and storage is a bit more challenging, but other that's the only reason for four stars, otherwise it the disks play great and would recommend this to any one who grew up watching the show or newbi fans just starting out as well as the 1990's movies.
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