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on March 19, 2005
Most people acknowledge the existence of UFOs, and therefore of an extraterrestrial presence in our airspace. Many believe that humans have been abducted, examined and forced to take part in unexplained medical experiments. Many also speak of "space brothers" and of ET visitors who are here to save us and our planet from war, poverty and ecological disaster. Why are they really here?

If one accepts the premise that there is other intelligent life in the universe, one must ask why these entities would expend tremendous effort, energy and equipment to reach our earth. If we look at our own history as an example, and we ask why humans have expended effort, energy and equipment to visit new worlds, what do we learn? Did Columbus come to the Americas to share his peaceloving spirituality, or his knowledge of technology? Did Cortez bring peace and prosperity to the Aztecs? On a more modern note, does Wal-Mart bring economic security to communities and small businesses?

What has always been the fuel behind expansion and exploration? Unfortunately, it is usually the strong seeking to exploit the weak - for their land, their water, their oil, their workforce. Why would ET be any different? Do we think greed, empire-building and power-seeking are strictly human traits?

But there must be good ETs up there, too, you say. Yes, just as there are good humans. Are the good humans the ones who exploited Africa for gold and diamonds, America for land, wildlife and other vast resources, Iraq for oil? The wise and the spiritually advanced do not violate other people's sovereign rights by visiting their lands with no invitation, by kidnapping their citizens or by stealing their resources. But they say they are here to help, you argue. Of course they do. Do you think they will tell you they are here to help themselves?

This book is a wake up call for every human on earth. Columbus is coming back, and this time we're the Indians. Read the book. Learn what we can do to help people realize our earth is a gift, and that we must protect her from those who would take her from us.
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on May 5, 2005
Anybody who has sifted through the cornucopia of books that attempt to shed light on UFOs and the ETs who pilot them knows one thing for certain. There is loads of confusion and nothing close to a consensus viewpoint on why the ETs are here and what they want. This is a breakthrough book, recieved by Marshall Summers as a series of briefings from a group of benign ETs who have observed Earth from a secure location within our solar system. The Allies have endured attempted subjugation by the same "Collectives" of resource explorers who are now abducting, studying and interbreeding with hundreds of thousands of men and women around the globe. Simply put, the human race is being discovered by a race of ETs who are very self interested and very skilled in the art of persuasion in the "mental environment." For humanity there is no hiding and no turning back. The ET presence is growing day by day, week by week. and it must be met with sobriety and no illusions. The time has come to establish human sovereigny. This book will reveal to you why this is so.
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on April 21, 2005
Wake up!!!

The book Allies of Humanity tells us that while we continue to ponder whether we are alone in the universe, speculators from several cultures in the Greater Community are on earth considering how to exploit our planet and it resources--including humanity--for their own purposes. Our ignorance is their greatest advantage over us.

An empowering Teaching has been provided to us, facilitated by the work of author Marshall Vian Summers. The Teaching unfolded in his books reveals Knowledge to the reader. In the books Allies of Humanity Volumes 1 and 2, Wisdom From the Greater Community Volumes 1 and 2, Greater Community Spirituality, and Steps to Knowledge, we are given information that we need to grow into the stature that is required of us as individuals, and as a race.

This Teaching is ancient; its truths are universal. When the need arises, as it has in our time, Teachers of Wisdom in the Greater Community adapt the methodology of teaching to the world where it is needed.

Knowledge as it is known, and Wisdom as it is practiced by the mature races in the Greater Community, are our first best defenses against the persuasion, and the pacification program, of the opportunistic speculators who want our world.

You are called to receive this gift that will mature our race. You who want to make a real and lasting contribution to Life, here it is. Here is the flame; light your torch and prepare yourself; there is Work for us to do.
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on March 29, 2013
I feel that Marshall is sincere, dedicated, and devoted. This review has nothing negative to say about him. What I found, however - and it took a good while of immersing myself in his work - is that these supposed allies are very tricky fellows. I found them to be - my opinion, only - dark beings posing as Beings of Light.

I'm not here to try to convince anyone. Each one leads his/her own life and makes their own choices. I'm just sharing mine, so please take it for what it's worth. There is nothing more important for you than following your own guidance, your own heart - not someone else's.

In the end I feel they have an agenda - one in which it's very important for us to take on and be aware of our very junior or lesser state. We are the "newbies" on the galactic block, so to speak - that is how they clearly and strongly portray us. Well, to me that stinks from the start. We are not these human bodies or minds, my friends. We are, one and all, great spiritual Beings - beings of Light, ourselves - just not all fully awakened to that, yet.

If read in this light, it is easy enough to see how inculcating that particular, rather subservient attitude in us could be a prelude to "helping" us, but also to taking control. After all, they present themselves as those who know best - right?

So do step back from what they present, here. That is my hopefully helpful advice. It is fine to read and explore this or anything - but it is even finer to do so from a well centered state - firmly aware of one's own innate worth and divinity. I don't find the Allies' voices to be that much different from those of TPTW (The Powers That Were) in all of their guises wherein they attempt to take more control from us.

Finally, some might wonder, "Why 3 stars?" For the Allies I give 1 star, but for Marshall I give the other 2. Besides, we are not such helpless, fragile things that we can't explore both the dark side and the Light ;-)

The bottom line? No one can take from us what we refuse to give :)

Namaste ~♥~
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on September 20, 2009
There was a time when I was undergoing tremendous confusion about the UFO phenomenon. I, like many people, wanted to believe that these ET visitors were here to help humanity. After all, there are so many books out there claiming that the wonderful space brothers from outer space have our best interest at heart. Many claim they are here to spiritually uplift humanity and to save us from the catastrophic times ahead. Then there is the common assumption that if ETs were harmful, they would have destroyed humanity long time ago. However, something just did not sit right with me. Something within me just could not accept these preferential assumptions. If you really start digging in the abduction phenomenon, by reading materials from Dr David Jacobs and Dr Karla Turner, it is dark and extremely shocking. People are snatched away against their own will, what is so benevolent about that? If another person broke into your home and , snatched you away and did horrible things to you, would you assume that they are helping you? No, in fact you would probably call the police to report a violation.
The Allies of Humanity sheds light as to what is really happening beyond humanities hopeful expectations that the ETs will somehow save humanity. It exposes the power of influence in the mental environment and manipulation, through what is called the pacification program. After reading this, I had no more questions, as they were ALL answered. It became crystal clear, and was able to see this UFO phenomenon with open eyes. I look back and ask " How did I not see this before? my god its so obvious!!" There is no outstanding conspiracy theory or blame here, this book gives the straightforward reality of the ET intervention, as it really is. A must read for anyone seeking for real answers
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on June 5, 2011
This book expands on and adds new information to the first set of Allies Briefings. The book gives more detail about who the ET visitors are and what they want. It explains the situation humanity is in and how we must respond. This book reveals humanity's strengths and the ET intervention's weaknesses. The communication from the Allies in this book is very compassionate and loving, which provides a balance to the startling information revealed.

The Allies Briefings may be the most important documents for humanity to preserve our freedom and self-determination as we encounter forms of life beyond our borders. What the Allies present is a huge problem for humanity, but also a great opportunity to forge human unity, discretion, and self-sufficiency.

I hope you will read the briefings and respond to them from a deeper place in your heart. Humanity needs your help so that we can remain a free and sovereign race on this beloved planet. If you discovered the Allies Briefings, you have been guided, blessed and given the opportunity to discover a deeper meaning, power, and purpose to your life.
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on August 29, 2010
Went through the books, The allies of humanity 1 and 2, in less then a week. Absolutely wonderful. I am so glad to have found the allies,they it made me realize how deep into trouble I was getting in to. I also got the third book that was coming with the other two which is step by step to knowledge, which I am following whith great devotion. Thank you!
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on June 1, 2014
Many years ago I seen a UFO and kept it to myself. I attended a UFO symposium and became very interested in the subject. With all my research and everything I read I just assumed they were here to help. After reading this book and book one, I have had a complete change of heart. I have been wearing blinders in just assuming that they were here to help. I am keeping one eye opened at all times. I totally enjoyed this book and I am reading the PDF file book three now. Marshall seems so sincere and I will continue reading his books.
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on April 9, 2011
Important to know this now before we make the mistake of trying to "make contact" with something we do not understand.
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on February 16, 2015
Outstanding book. I now have all the published books written by Marshall V Summers. This is the book I was drawn to read first, even though that was out of sequence. I'm glad I did. Everything in the book speaks to my soul. It is written from the perspective of someone from beyond Earth educating people living on Earth how to transcend the short-sighted and self-limiting perspectives we have so we will be able to respond to the Greater Community of civilizations beyond Earth that are already here. This book may have a limited audience, but I have benefited greatly from looking at humanity from a different perspective. I have the hard copy of the book and a NOOK copy. I read the NOOK version most of the time because I could carry my NOOK with me easier than carrying the larger soft cover printed version. I like to underline parts of any book that I find to be important. I used 75% of my NOOK's highlighting feature underlining important sentences and paragraphs.
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