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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 10, 2008
Clearly, what's most compelling about this book is the author's attempt to get the information out. He invites you up front to visit the compendium on his web site, which is in more detail and more often updated than the book itself is. Think of it as a kind of Trojan horse that doesn't have a lot of bite in its belly but does call attention to things that ought to be calmly considered. It doesn't have the hysterical edge that some in the 911 Truth Movement have, so I was able to read the information presented and think "Hmmmmm...." without rejecting it out of hand. I must admit, it made me want to explore further.

I found the nonfictional parts more compelling than the fictional story that follows. I get the sense that the fictional story is maybe a first or second draft that could have been much better had more elbow grease been applied; that, or an honest, heartfelt effort in the hands of someone who has no illusions about being a "real writer." In the hands of someone who would know how to treat the material, it could have been a real thriller with a movie deal in the works. As it stands now, though, it's pretty threadbare storytelling with mistakes that will make any sensitive reader wince.

I am happy, however, to have sent a bit of money this author's way. The more people we have thinking about what's really going on in our world, the better, and it's clear the author is passionate about his subject.
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on December 9, 2010
There is an amazing amount of skill (and research of proved and accepted facts) required by an experienced writer to sucessfully pull off fictionm based on fact or should that bne the other way around. The man problem with using contraversial 'facts' is where does the fiction start and end. Which parts do you believe and which parts dont you - the boundary is very blurry on many occasions. certainly not the best book i've read but passable.
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on April 28, 2011
This is "fiction" disguised as fact or maybe the other way around. Most of the issues presented here are not new, I certainly didn't learn anything new and I found the fictionalized parts really trivial. This is a low grade adventure story. It is presented as an "All the President's Men" kind of thing, but I found it badly written and at the least in need of better proofing. About halfway through I decided it wasn't worth my time, there are so many better books to read. If one is interested in factual evidence presented by competent engineers, architects, fire and police personnel, it can be easily found. Watch the films: 911 In Plane Site and Loose Change.

Also check out the 911truth websites, there is enough information to take you completely by surprise if you haven't gotten into this before. I was just a dumb sheep in the American flock until about 2 years ago, I now firmly believe there is ample evidence to show that something happened on 9/11 that is NOT stated by our government. There was no comprehensive investigation about what happened. Maybe the government is embarrassed by their lack of action on that fateful day, or maybe they have a guilty conscience about their participation in those events. I don't know what to believe about how much the U.S. government played with the truth, but I know from a lifetime of listening to U.S. official propaganda that the official story is bogus. This book may offer some interesting theories and it's important for each of us to THINK and not just accept what is told to us, so for that reason I'll give this 2 stars rather than 1.

I didn't learn anything new from this book and cannot recommend it, even for the small amount of factual data there is.
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on February 15, 2012
Here's a sweet little number that I would very strongly recommend to any and all readers whose interest lies in finding out the truth about conspiracies that seem to have taken over the machinery that runs American society and those other societies of the world in general.

The brilliant interpretations offered here strike to the heart of today's most enigmatic events and unexplainable conflicts ... unexplainable and enigmatic, that is, until you turn your attention from the surface realities that are reported by the media and peel away the outer layers of deception and illusion to confront the very often ugly realities that are lurking within their hidden hearts.

This book is essentially a gifted study about the manipulation of ideology, religion, culture, politics, science and humanity itself toward serving the ends of hidden string-pullers whose main objective is nothing short of total mastery of the world and everyone living in it. Strong stuff, but take it down like medicine ... if it doesn't kill you it's bound to make you feel a lot better
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on November 19, 2010
This is a fantastic book. I loved the style. It is a novel but with facts about 9/11 embedded into the story. If every one had read this book, the world would be a lot different right now.
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on April 11, 2010
I am interested in conspiracy theories. Can't say I believe in them, but they make interesting reads. Even if 1/10 of this is true, it is pretty shocking stuff. The problem here is that the author is trying to put a Dan Brown spin on this. The book starts out with some "truths" regarding 9/11. Then weaves those "truths" into a story. A very poorly written story at that. He even makes himself a character in the book. My biggest grievance came towards the end. It's not even 9/11 associated. The author compares homosexuality with bestiality and incest. At that point I totally wrote off any credibility of the author and his "facts". I only paid 1.19 (9/11 backwards, get it?) for the Kindle edition of this. That's probably all anyone should pay for it.
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on August 29, 2007
When I started reading this book , it was one of those that you just cant put down. I ended up reading the entire book at one time! I highly recommend this book, a must read. You won't be sorry!!
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on April 4, 2012
If you have watched Loose Change or 911 Mysteries, then you are a freshman in college and this book is for first graders. If you need fiction to sweeten the truth then this book may be the place for you to start.
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I loved this book! The author has done an utterly superb job of laying out "the facts" in a series of concise pages, and then woven a fictiional tale that integrates the facts and illuminates the reality that all Americans have been betrayed by their "elected" leaders (one must be reminded, over and over, that Bush-Cheney stole the two elections, and the limp timid Democrats are so entwined with our corrupt two-party system they dared not object).

I have read a lot of the 9-11 books and seen a lot of the 9-11 DVDs, and I would rank this book right up there in the top five across the board. Certainly Webster Tarpley's book, the DVD's Loose Change, and others (see my lists and below) are quality pieces, but I salute this author for gifting America with is work. Every American should buy and read this book, it cuts to the chase and makes clear that both our Executive and our Congress are guilty of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, and must be held to account.

I used to think that waiting for the next election would be better, but now I realize that if we do not impeach, indict, and convict these criminals, that the world will conclude that their sins are our sins, their crimes are our crimes. George Bush the Stupid and Dick Cheney the Criminal are the Benedict Arnolds of our time.

Kudos to the author for a first-rate presentation of facts and a fictional context that is extremely well presented. The conclusion is awesome, and demonstrates conclusively that We the People can take back the power because we are Digital Natives, and these criminals are Digital Immigrants. We can run circles around them. The truth WILL come out. Justice WILL be done. God Bless America, and may each traiotr to the Republic burn in hell forevermore.
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on October 20, 2007
The American Truth is a fantastic page turner!! The author has an excellent grasp of the facts he contructs the plot around. I highly recommend this book!!!!
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