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on January 30, 2006
I suffer from depression and anxiety. Like most Christians, I kept this problem to myself and acted as if everything was OK. That was until I crashed and became so full of anxiety and fear that I could no longer function in normal daily life. I could not sleep, could barely eat and could no longer take care of my kids or go to work. Thank God that my pastor counselled me and told me that it was OK to take medication. We went through some intense counseling to get at the root of my fear. It turns out that I have a lot of abandonment issues from childhood that I had never dealt with. However, I could not have gone through that painful self-analysis and healing of past hurts if I had not been on medication. Plus, I needed to get back to work and get my kids back. Even on medication, I am still dealing with daily anxiety. When I picked up Dr. Hart's book, I could hardly put it down. He is right when he says that Christians suffer needlessly from anxiety disorders because "worry" is viewed as a sin. However, he goes through scripture and shows how the bible is talking about normal worry and "what if's". When the bible was written, people didn't suffer from anxiety disorders. Life was about the pace of a camel and today people are living at the speed of a jet plane. Anxiety disorders are a recent phenomenom that has resulted from the great stress that has been placed on our lives. We need to get rid of a lot of this stress and this book tells you how. Dr. Hart believes that counseling and medication work together. A person can't make difficult life changes if they're always on the verge of a panic attack and can barely function. Medication is a temporary solution to get your "happy hormones" back in balance while you make changes in your life. I no longer feel guilty for taking Xanax. He even has a whole chapter on how to get off Xanax without going through major anxiety. God Bless Dr. Hart! I finally have hope that I can be healed of this anxiety.
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on February 18, 2000
This book is a wealth of excellent information about anxiety and panic disorders. The first few chapters cover the workings of the brain and how these chemicals work together or against each other creating anxiety or peace. Later, the chapters talk about how to balance those chemicals, effectively overcoming anxiety and panic. His thorough coverage of medication is also very informative. I recommend it highly!
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on May 17, 2009
Hart presents a thorough and comprehensive book addressing the causes and effects of anxiety and panic disorders, stating that "anxiety is now the number one emotional problem of our day" (p. v). Hart approaches the subject from a physiological perspective, as well as from emotional and spiritual. He offers clear explanations for the causes of anxiety, as well as an array of treatment options.
Due to the fact that Hart believes that anxiety is partly caused my chemical imbalance in the brain, he supports the use of medication; He promotes the use of tranquilizers as well as anti-depressants. Although Hart spends a considerable amount of time describing the necessity of anti-anxiety medication and the various types, he also informs the reader about how and when to stop tranquilizers. Due to the highly addictiveness of tranquilizers, he stresses the importance of gradually stopping in order to prevent major withdrawal systems.
Hart places a major emphasis on ways to promote the brains production of natural tranquilizers. Many behaviors, mostly connected to the flight or fight response, will either reduce or enhance the natural tranquilizers in ones brain. He writes about how such things as stress, conflict, and insufficient sleep all have a negative effect on natural tranquilizers. Therefore, in order to enhance natural tranquilizers, Hart points out the importance of rest and relaxation, stating that "If anything, we need rest more today than ever before in history" (p. 123). He recommends doing deep relaxation techniques as well as maintaining the principles of Sabbath rest (p. 124), in order to rejuvenate the body and mind.
In addition to medication, Hart recommends Cognitive-behavioral therapy to help clients with the emotional aspect of panic disorder. He believes that people with anxiety "have distortions in their thinking...(which) give rise to a cycle of fear...and triggers the panic attack" (p. 61). Therefore, Hart stresses the importance of changing ones thinking habits, going so far as to say that, if this strategy is not included in the treatment, then healing will not move forward. "Every anxiety sufferer must learn new ways of thinking and develop methods for changing their former thinking patterns" (p. 111); Hart writes that if a sufferer of anxiety does not do this, they will depend on medication the rest of their lives (p. 111).
Overall, Hart offers a wealth of excellent information about anxiety and panic disorders. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some real answers to their many questions about this so common modern day problem.
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on December 6, 2000
Dr. Hart's assessment of panic anxiety disorders hits the nail on the head!! The book gave me the necessary information to get on the right track. The book is very well thought out and Dr. Hart expresses his Christian perspective on these disorders. The book is a must for anyone suffering from panic anxiety!
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on December 8, 2010
I was a little disappointed by this book.

The bad: Dr. Hart spends a lot of time hawking his other products. It seems that he feels the need to constantly remind you that he has other items available to purchase. I am also not a huge fan of his "happy messengers" and "sad messengers" terminology. While there are parts of his explanation of the biological causes of anxiety, he is too eager to dumb it down. Lastly, there is little in this book that is cited as research. He tells the reader a great many things and says "most therapists believe" or "doctor's agree" but he never gives you a citation or a footnote. It isn't that I want to spend my time reading through all of them but being that the book is a bit dated now, it would be nice to know which research he is referring to.

the good: I enjoy Dr. Hart's holistic approach. I like the fact that he includes spirituality as part of the treatment regimen. I am also thankful to see him stand up to the out-moded and mistaken idea that you can "tough it out" in these types of cases and that using medication is not a sin. Too many people live lives of needless suffering because of prejudices that should have died out in the dark ages. Kudos Dr. Hart.

That being said, I was given this book as a gift and am happy to have received it and read it. On the other hand, if I were asked to recommend a book for an anxiety sufferer I would first recommend Edmund Bourne's Anxiety Workbook.
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on April 30, 2002
I read Adrenaline and Stress first and I liked that book too. This book is different although it does reference Adrenaline and Stress several times. I would suggest reading both books for a more complete view of the issues of Anxiety, Stress, etc.
As for this book, I have taken away several suggestions (many are common sense) and am putting them into practice. What makes this book so good is Arch Hart's descriptions of why certain suggestions will work and how they affect the brain, body.
Thank you Arch for another great book.
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on February 10, 2008
I've studied and read a lot about worrying/anxiety, but had never before thought of some of the ideas in this book.....they were very, very helpful to me in my battle against anxiety.
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on June 30, 2014
As a successful professional woman who has done well in most aspects of life, I really worried that I was "losing it" when, out of nowhere, I began to have panic attacks. The attacks caused me to feel weak and flawed and afraid. This book reassured me that I'm not going crazy and showed me how my Type A attitude and my stressful lifestyle perfectly set the stage for panic attacks by saturating my body with cortisol and, therefore, diminishing my body's ability to produce its own calming chemicals. The book also reassured me that it is ok, if not advisable, to take medication, at least in the early stage of treatment. Before reading this, I thought it was best to "white knuckle" it through the anxiety, but Dr. Hart carefully explains how medication can provide a necessary break from the anxiety of anticipating the next panic attack so that you can begin to learn cognitive-behavioral tools for changing the underlying stress-inducers and lifestyle factors that are feeding the anxiety disorder. This book is full of useful information. I truly recommend it. Quick note: there is Christianity-based content. While I am a Christian, I think this book is still useful for non-Christians. The information is very helpful.
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on September 23, 2015
This book has been a tremendous help. I have never battled anxiety until now, I am 41 years old, and have been told it is directly from stress. There is a lot of confusing information out there. This book helped me to understand what was happening to me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. I was afraid of medicine and this book gave me the understanding and freedom to accept that form of help until I can recover. It also taught me how to make life changes necessary for my complete recovery. My husband is a pastor and I am a teacher. We work together to counsel people with various challenges. This book will be placed in the hands of anyone I encounter who is suffering from anxiety, depression, and/or stress.
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on May 10, 2014
"The Anxiety Cure" was a life saver for me several years ago. I took Archibald Hart's words "to heart". His practical teaching (along with counseling) helped pull me out of a time of deep anxiety. I'm mailing this copy to a friend who is now in the same "boat." Before Christmas I gave a copy to another friend. I saw her in Walmart today and she said that it helped her also. I highly recommend it.
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