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VINE VOICEon April 6, 2012
The interest in 'all things Apple' has never been greater making Apple, its business practices, and lessons learned of intense business and popular interest. Carmine Gallo seeks to serve that interest in this book with a particular focus on Apple's retail and customer experience. At one level, readers will learn from reading the book, but they will have to wade through a range of 'self serving' comments and analysis that fawns over Apple with limited critical analysis. This gives the book a bit of a one sided tone to it and a bias that the reader needs to be aware of.

This book is a good general book about customer experience wrapped in the skin of Apple. Gallo often provides cursory and personal observations about Apple Stores and then bridges to other examples that have been used in other books like Zappos, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons. That does not make it a bad book, just not as powerful or unique as it could be.

The book is divided into three parts and the following chapters.

Part 1: Inspiring your internal customers
Chapter 1: Dream Bigger - Explains the focus on the best customer experience in the world
Chapter 2: Hire for Smiles - Finding the right type of people, who they are, is more important than what they know
Chapter 3: Cultivate Fearless Employees - Reviews Apple's three step process for hiring people to challenge the status quo and build a great company
Chapter 4: Build Trust - How you create an environment for performance, transparency and learning
Chapter 5: Foster a Feedback Loop - A rehash of Fred Reicheld's net promotor score
Chapter 6: Develop Multitaskers -- looks at people who are able to engage multiple people and treat everyone as an individual.
Chapter 7: Empower Your Employees - Describes how Ritz Carlton and Zappos etc treat their employees, less about Apple

Part 2: Serving your external customers
Chapter 8: Follow Apply's Five Steps of Service - A good review of the APPLE model and why they treat you the way they do.
Chapter 9: Reset Your Customers Internal Clock - the criticality of time in the customer experience and how you can feel better even when it takes longer.
Chapter 10: Sell the Benefit - Its obvious to drive the benefit, but its not obvious in the way you do it.
Chapter 11: Unleash Your Customer's Inner Genius - no one wants to be treated like an idiot, but many companies assume just that.
Chapter 12: Create Wow Moments - A recap about how Apple products are so great
Chapter 13: Rehearse the Script - It takes time and focus to get the message clear, crisp and compelling
Chapter 14: Deliver a Consistent Experience - consistency is the course of the experience

Part 3: Setting the Stage
Chapter 15: Eliminate the Clutter - simplify has been apple's greatest strength and the source of its complexity.
Chapter 16: Pay Attention to Design Details - putting customer experience ahead of cost and delviering what you want beyond what everyone else can get.
Chapter 17: Design Multisensory Experiences - we have five senses, so why to most companies only play to one or maybe two


This is a good book about customer experience. It looks at the customer experience form all of its dimensions and aspects, which is rare.

The book is wholly committed to explaining what is going on at Apple, particularly from the author's perspective and past experience. This often manifests itself at the start of each chapter with obvious examples and stories that we have all either read before or experienced personally.

The author's treatment is comprehensive as the book covers the topics of people, process, technology, facilities, behavior and experience. that is unique when compared to other business books that basically reduce success to a simple and single factor formula.


Gallo's desire to hitch these ideas on the Apple train detract from the strength, salience and actionable nature of the advice and insight he provides. While he may sell more books by piggy backing on the Apple brand, including a stylized version of the Apple Logo, he loses impact of the ideas as companies see them as exclusive to Apple.

Many of the ideas are not new and have been presented elsewhere. People who are studying and concentrating on the customer experience will find little new in the book. However, this is a great book for people who are new to these ideas, particularly when they separate the Apple branding from the ideas.

Gallo misses the core of Apple. Sorry for the pun, but the focus rests largely on the stores which are only a part of the Apple story and experience. There is little attention paid to the products, the supply chain, the development process, the technology itself all of which are foundational to the store experience. The example of AT&T stores is apt in this regard. My experience with AT&T stores shows that while they may have adopted some of Apple's practices, they do not have the product or other essential elements to make it an outstanding experience.

Gallo does not talk with anyone from Apple, so you get no idea about the tensions, tradeoffs, considerations and decisions that brought this to the market. That is a bit surprising given how heavily he tries to associate himself with the company, but its a near association more than demonstrated access to the executives and what they are doing.

Overall, this is a good book for people what want to learn more about the customer experience and see its principles in action in a single and singular company. Readers who separate out bias from the practice will learn from the book.
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on March 8, 2014
The author could have said and written the same book in one third of the pages, because most of the observations and information are repeated again and again and the writer is a very boring writer. He can put you to sleep many times during the process of reading the book. I had to force myself to finish it.
He writes like a teenager fascinated by his idol and the company he founded, but he fails to go deeper in the mind of Steve/Apple. Possibly because he never had a close relationship with Steve J. and he is only getting information from third parties and again his observations are very flat & superficial.
You will be able to find this kind of information and so much more in other better business books .
Save your money and get a book written by the person doing and implementing the creative thinking (owner, entrepreneur, etc etc)
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Unless you are completely isolated from the world of business, you know that Apple has discovered the magic formula for creating exceptional value. Most people attribute that magic to the Apple products. Unfortunately, most people have it wrong. The magic of Apple is the experience.

Carmine Gallo, the author of The Apple Experience has done a wonderful job of capturing the soul of Apple - the heart of the experience. It is not just the products, it is not just the people, the unique retail stores or the training and procedures the employees go through. All of these are important parts of the experience. But the most important part - the part that is very difficult to describe or to duplicate is the soul, the spirit of Apple. As you read this book you will come to understand the value of the experience and how that experience can be applied to any business, product or service.

The book is well written, very easy to read and contains lots of interesting stories about Apple and other brands that have made the commitment to creating engaging customer experiences. You will gain some extremely valuable insights which can be used in any business to separate yourself from the competition, to enhance the customer experience, to make your customers your ambassadors for your brand, product or service.

At the end of each chapter is a section labeled: Checkout, which gives a recap of the most important points covered in that chapter. Some of the points are in the form of questions to ask yourself about your business. In one chapter there is a check list of things to consider about a retail business. Basically everything matters, the attention to detail in the Apple organization can be described as fanatical.

Mr. Gallo goes into great detail to explain the five step process for engaging customers that Apple uses in their retail stores. Recently I have seen some banks, fast food restaurants and other retail business trying to copy parts of the Apple process. As the author points out simply copying parts of the process has no value. "Merely explaining and communicating the experience to employees will not differentiate an organization from its competitors. Successful organizations need to embed the experience into the corporate culture ..."

"Cosmetic changes don't matter if you have people who don't like their boss, don't like their job and can't communicate with their customers."

It is foolish to think you can read this book and just implement some of the steps and create an outstanding brand like Apple. It is a matter of changing the culture of your business. The blueprint for creating an outstanding brand is completely contained in this book. "Customer service is not brain surgery. It is simply common sense, courtesy, and the desire to treat everyone - customers, partners and employees - like family.

The book is an excellent guide and inspiration for any business person wanting to create magic in their business. Focus on the experience, not the product or service. Pay attention to detail. The entire organization must focus on "...creating a magical customer experience that enriches people's lives."
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on March 13, 2015
I purchased the book to see if I could take some of the ideas that Apple uses to train their employees and give their customers the perfect experience. I restructured a lot of my business based on the information I received from this book. I highly recommend it for any corporate executive, business owner, and it works really well when I consult with non profits organizations too.
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on June 11, 2012
A visit to an Apple Store is quite an experience. While not every location is as visibly dramatic as Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York City with it's impressive glass cube, Apple Stores are always located in the most fashionable retail locations. But what is it about these stores that can make the most die-hard Microsoft or Android fan want to buy a MacBook Pro, a new iPhone, or an iPad?

The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty by Carmine Gallo is the third book of a "trilogy" that includes The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience and The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success. The focus of this title is about the inner workings of Apple's retail stores, which generate more revenue per square foot than any other retailer. But Apple hasn't reached lofty revenue goals by focusing exclusively on revenue. In fact, the Apple retail store concept was widely ridiculed almost immediately as the first store opened in 2001. Instead, the focus of Apple's retail stores is "enriching lives". Apple understands that customers don't just want to purchase a computer. Customers want to know how to use a computer to achieve their goals.

A key lesson that Apple learned in the development of their retail concept was to look outside of their industry for inspiration. So instead of looking at Gateway Computer, whose retail stores were permanently closed in 2004, Apple instead looked to the Four Seasons Hotel.

And just as Apple looked to other sources for its inspiration, so has author Carmine Gallo. So while Apple's logo graces the cover and many of the book's major themes, he also profiles companies such as AT&T, Lush, Starbucks, and Zappos.

The 256-page book is organized into three parts: Inspiring Your Internal Customer, Serving Your External Customer, and Setting the Stage. I expected the book to focus on typical retail concepts like selling skills or product placement. But I was surprised that Mr. Gallo devotes nearly 90 pages to Inspiring Your Internal Customer - your employees. Hiring and training are a big part of creating the Apple experience.

At first glance, it might seem like this book is only relevant to people working in the retail industry. But I'm an IT professional that helps non-technical users as part of my job. I found a lot of the concepts directly applicable to my job and recommend the book to anyone who needs to provide superior customer service, regardless of industry.
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on May 3, 2013
A great insight but often repetitive experience of how successful customer liaisons can be attained by companies, large and small. I definitely would come back to companies that use this way of communicating and treating customers.

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on March 21, 2012
"....visiting an Apple Store is a religious experience. Religion gives meaning to people's live, and for millions of Apple customers and thousands of employees, the brand gives them a sense of meaning, providing deeply emotional experiences that improve their lives"

"The principles in this book work for Apple, and they'll work for you, too. I'll show you the parallels, but it's up to you to adopt the techniques"

On these points this book delivers admirably. After writing The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs I think it is safe to say that Carmine Gallo is an expert in all things Apple and this book delivers just as the others have.

The book can easily be broken into three distinct parts. These parts are inspiring the internal customer, inspiring the external customer and finally setting the stage. One of the great features of this book is the questions for those business owners and entrepreneurs who want to go deeper into the content. For instance, Chapter 9 is titled Reset Your Customer's Internal Clock and provides three questions, the first goes as follows:

1) Review all of you customer touchpoints. Are you and your staff greeting customers warmly? Are you making them feel as though they have entered an organized, helpful environment? Are you letting them know how long it will take to address their needs or answer questions? - Pg. 121

The Apple Experience is a great read for any person who is merely curious about Apple's methods, those who own a business and everybody in between.

Recommended for anybody interested

Highly recommended for anyone in retail and/or with a customer satisfaction driven culture.

*Leave a comment below. I love feedback!
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on March 17, 2015
I'm a big fan of Carmine! He organizes, translates and presents Apple's brand experience in a clear and cohesive way. This read is essential if you plan on elevating your brand value and inspiring greater customer allegiance.
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It was a pleasure to read The Apple Experience by Carmine Gallo. I will now look at how the best companies provide customer service, right along with how I will notice how other companies could do it better. I will also challenge myself to provide amazing experiences for my clients and customers from the day forward.
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on January 6, 2013
Not being an Apple user I hadn't really shared in the "Apple Experience" This book does an excellent job of chronicalling why Apple is THE most successful Retail chain PSF in the World. It's all the about the CUSTOMER, Stupid!
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