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After a terrifying accident in space, Spencer Armacost's schoolteacher wife senses that Armacost is not the man he was.

Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron
1 hour 50 minutes

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The Astronaut's Wife

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Genres Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller
Director Rand Ravich
Starring Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron
Supporting actors Joe Morton, Clea DuVall, Donna Murphy, Nick Cassavetes, Samantha Eggar, Gary Grubbs, Blair Brown, Tom Noonan, Tom O'Brien, Lucy Lin, Michael Crider, Jacob Stein, Timothy Wicker, Sarah Dampf, Charles Lanyer, Gary Carlos Cervantes, Conrad Bachmann, Rondi Reed
Studio Warner Bros.
MPAA rating R (Restricted)
Captions and subtitles English Details
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Customer Reviews

Do you really think that they would intentionally make a bad movie?
The problem is that the story failed to come up with a new "twist" to this subject to make it even remotely interesting.
The Astronaut's Wife, starring Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron was a major disappointment.

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93 of 108 people found the following review helpful By Wayne A. VINE VOICE on October 1, 2006
Format: DVD
I watch a fair number of slower paced, atmospheric foreign films that kind of stew in their own juices. I enjoy them. I also like old sci-fi. This film vaguely reminded me of Tarkovsky's "Solaris"--a fave for me. I hope that comparison is helpful to people interested in this movie.

I enjoyed this film. It took an old B-movie story (I think it was "I Married a Space Monster"), and stood it on its head while maintaining the initial point of "what's the difference between body and mind, or soul and genetics." A lot of body in this film and I think that was part of the point. Using an old, and predictable, story or premise as a vehicle is not uncommon--we all knew how the new King Kong was going to end, didn't we--so when it's done, the thing I look for is the shape and flavor of the things hanging off that trite story line, and how it all interacts with our imposition of predestination on a flick.

A hundred plus bad reviews down below--REALLY bad reviews--but after reading many of them I sense a common problem. Johnny Dep is a cult phenomenon, but he's also a fine actor. No matter what he does, he drags a large fan base with him. I think here he accidentally dragged his fan base into a kind movie that just doesn't appeal to fans of sexy media personalities. In a way, Dep's attractiveness and sex appeal work against his proven ability to be a serious and diverse actor. I never see a film BECAUSE Dep is in it, but I do often watch films that happen to have him in the cast and I frequently marvel at his performances.

A tiny handful of good reviews of this movie and I believe every one, no matter how sincere the opinion or well-argued the case--received ONLY "not helpful" votes. I tried to remedy that.
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45 of 52 people found the following review helpful By Pokemon on December 28, 1999
Format: DVD
While many critics had utter distaste for "The Astronaut's Wife," I happened to enjoy this horror/sci-fi film very much. It's a lot of fun, and it has eerie cinematography that really draws the viewer into the film. But the real thing that makes this not-so-original flick worth while to watch is the superb acting from Johnny Depp ("Sleepy Hollow," "Edward Scissor Hands") and the stunning, absolutely magnificent Charlize Theron ("Devil's Advocate," "2 Days in the Valley"). Both these actors are very talented and perhaps at the top of their generation. Joe Morton (veteran co-star of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Speed") also has a small role here, which makes it all the better.
The film is about an astronaut's wife (Theron) who finds out that her husband (Depp) has come back from space and has been posessed by some alien force. He now has plans on Earth for world domination after he impregnates his wife with his alien children. This is where Morton comes in as he desperately tries to tell the astronaut's wife what is happening. The story moves along at a brisk, yet somewhat predictable pace, and it's really only the ending that proves to have any jolt of suspense and breathless unpredictability. Overall, if you enjoy this type of genre, "The Astronaut's Wife" is well worth your time and money to see.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful By Dark Mechanicus JSG on August 11, 2005
Format: DVD
But it turns out it's just as cold and creepy on Earth, and cold is just how this chilly little Something-in-Outer-space-got-my-Astronaut-Husband flick serves it up. "The Astronaut's Wife" is a stylish, nastily clever, absolutely heartless, efficiently paced and admirably designed little gem of a horror movie, centering on the crux of everyone's worst fears: what if the love of my life is a ghoulish space alien who plans on destroying Earth?

When I was a little kid, I remember being scared silly by tales of outer space terror and body-snatching on those creepy "Outer Limits" and "The Twilight Zone" episodes. Everyone has seen at least one variation on the theme: the noble, heroic astronaut with the jutting jaw and confident swagger goes off on the Antares IV Expedition/Rocket Shoot to Planet X/Mission to the Moon, but when he comes back he's no longer himself. He's one of Them---a leering, skulking, alien horror, waiting to turn the tables on his unwitting friends, relatives, and fellow NASA employees.

That's what "The Astronaut's Wife" feels like to me: a really creepy "Outer Limits" episode with a decent budget, plus Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron. Johnny Depp is perfect as the swaggering Commander Spencer Armacost, who goes up on a routine near-Earth orbit mission with his partner (played admirably by Nick Cassavetes---see, "Astronaut's Wife" is just one degree of separation from "Rosemary's Baby" after all!) one tragic day.

There is a mysterious and inexplicable electrical surge, the mission is aborted, and Armacost goes from doting husband to skulking, leering creep in one fell swoop.

He acquires some interesting new habits as well, like spending quality time with the family radio.
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17 of 21 people found the following review helpful By Michael J. Tresca VINE VOICE on July 17, 2006
Format: DVD
Johnny Depp is my wife's favorite actor, so she bought The Astronaut's Wife from a bargain DVD bin when she saw his face on the cover.

The plot's a little garbled, but it goes something like this: Capt. Alex Streck (Nick Cassavettes) and Commander Spence Armacost (Johnny Depp) go off on a space mission. When they come back, they're different. Some kind of weird sound--it sounds like shrieking static--was beamed into their bodies. What it is, exactly, we're not sure. Let's call it "a possessing entity."

This malevolent entity wants to have children. Twins, to be precise. So Spence becomes fixated on 1) molesting his wife Jillian (Charlize Theron), and 2) building a spacecraft for two pilots. And then Jillian finds out she's pregnant! And soon, Streck dies of a seizure and his wife Natalie (Donna Murphy) commits suicide with a toaster! And it turns out she was pregnant...WITH TWINS!

Scary stuff, right?

Well, no. It's not scary. In fact, the film lingers and drags. Struggling to inject some urgency is the frenetic Sherman Reese (Joe Morton). Sherman is convinced something is wrong. He goes about it all the wrong way, of course, babbling on about aliens from outer space, harassing poor Jillian, and basically ensuring that he's a one note character, not an actually developed person.

This movie is a blatant rip-off (or homage, if you think it's good) of Rosemary's Baby. This explains Theron's pageboy haircut, but doesn't excuse anything else. The battle of wills between husband and wife is really a battle of viewer's patience. Will she escape her husband? Will Jillian abort the children? Does anyone care?

It's hard to care. For much of the film, we're not entirely convinced that there's anything actually wrong with Spence.
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