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on January 2, 2009
With all due respect, it doesn't appear that the other reviews of this film ever even saw it or they might give more details. Rooney and Strauss come across a mock town constructed to test the effects of an A-Bomb blast. They don't realized that, of course, and Rooney pokes around in one of the fully stocked houses while Struass goes for help. Rooeny gets caught in the blast and becomes the mearly radio-active "Atomic Kid". Most of the movie's humor involves bringing Rooney back to normal and his mooning after his attending nurse, thwarting enemy agents along the way. And there is a terrific "Oh no, not again" scene to finish things off. If you like Mickey Rooney, or just appreciate the comic style of the 50s, you'll get a blast out of the "Atomic Kid". (Sorry, I couldn't resist that).
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on May 13, 2014
This is a memory from my childhood of my father laughing till tears ran down his face.

This video is worth watching for a good laugh.....the best medicine.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to go back in time when Mickey Rooney did his magic.
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on October 2, 2015
Haven't watched this movie since I was a small child but I never forgot it. Searched for it on a whim and was surprised to find it on DVD. Watched it the day it was delivered and still enjoyed it. Nice change from todays movies.
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on July 14, 2015
This is a review of the Olive Films release of "The Atomic Kid," a Republic Studios comedy from 1954 starring Mickey Rooney. I'm glad Olive Films is acquiring the rights and releasing obscure films such as this one, but I wish they would put a little more time into picture quality. This film is watchable, but still pretty dark in quite a few scenes all the way through the film. The sound quality, however, is strong and steady.

"The Atomic Kid" is a quirky, low-budget movie that I remember seeing as a kid on TV in the early 1960's. At the time I thought it was mildly humorous, but today it has not withstood the test of time very well. Now its primary interest seems to be more as a period piece within the context of the Cold War in relation to the United States and Russia's races for atomic superiority and the exploration of outer space.

But "The Atomic Kid" does have its moments, mostly at the beginning and the end of the movie. Its the in-between parts that get somewhat tiresome.

The movie starts off with a bang (pardon the pun) as Mickey and his pal Robert Strauss play a couple of dimwits wandering through the arid desert of an unnamed Western state looking for uranium. Just about to give up hope of finding anything, their geiger counter starts to click. Little do they know that they have wandered into an atomic testing ground and they are very near a drop tower with an atomic bomb dangling at the top.

This all goes unnoticed, but they do spot a nice ranch style home and hope that they can get the owners to give them some water and something to eat. Knocking on the door gets no response, so they break in only to discover that inside is a group of manikins dressed as a typical middle class family. "Mom" is at the sink washing dishes and "Dad" is in a chair with his pipe and newspaper.

Somehow, they realize that they are in the middle of an atomic testing ground and Mickey sends Robert off in an old car parked outside to get help. Minutes later the bomb drops, wiping out the house and everything around it. Miraculously, Mickey survives the blast because he has gone into the pantry to make a peanut butter sandwich.

Soon the Army arrives and takes the radioactive Mickey and his sandwich back to a military hospital to undergo a battery of tests. When the media gets wind of this event, Mickey is dubbed the "Atomic Kid." It is discovered that Mickey has acquired some mild supernatural powers following the blast which adds a slight sci-fi flavor to this film.

And Mickey also develops a crush on his beautiful nurse played by Elaine Davis (aka Elaine Davry), who just happened to be the real life Mrs. Mickey Rooney at the time. "The Atomic Kid" was Davry's first film, and she went on to a noteworthy career in movies and television long after she parted with Mickey Rooney in 1958.

Another interesting point with "The Atomic Kid" is how its theme is similar to a Rod Serling scripted episode of the anthology series "Suspense" from the Golden Age of Television. The episode is "Nightmare at Ground Zero" and it aired on August 18, 1953 (a little over a year before "The Atomic Kid" was released).

In "Nightmare at Ground Zero," O. Z. Whitehead plays a meek little man who makes manikins used in houses on atomic testing grounds. His shrewish wife is constantly berating him for having such a "dead end" job. But Whitehead likes his job more than he likes his wife, so he starts thinking of a plan to remove her from the picture.

The Army always lets Whitehead deliver the manikins to the test houses and to position them inside. So, during one of these trips, he drugs his wife and puts her in the bed of one of the houses that will be destroyed by an atomic bomb.

In typical Rod Serling fashion, this episode has a twist ending, but I won't spoil the story by telling it. This rare Rod Serling episode can be found as a bonus in the blu-ray edition of "The Twilight Zone, Season One." Also, it can be found in a great DVD collection entitled "Suspense: The Lost Episodes." Both of these box sets are available from Amazon.

The ending of "The Atomic Kid" is actually pretty funny and draws the viewer back to the atomic testing era of the 1950's. Mickey Rooney has his legion of fans and rightly so. "The Atomic Kid" will make a nice addition to any Mickey Rooney collection, or for viewers who are interested in films made in connection to the Cold War. And for others, "The Atomic Kid" could be a real blast from the past.
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on August 12, 2013
I saw this film in my youth. It was one few with Mickey Rooney in it that I liked. It also features Robert Strauss, whom I first saw in the Jerry Lewis / Dean Martin film "Jumping Jacks." This particular film blends science fiction, cold war intrigue, and sheer comedy. It's far from a classic but charming and enjoyable nevertheless. I' glad it was finally released on DVD.
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on April 6, 2015
Arrived in time for my brothers birthday. Haven't seen this movie since we were kids in the 60's. Great movie. Love Mickey Rooney. Favorite part is the smoking peanut butter sandwich and Mickey's FAST talking. Buy it !!! A Super Funny movie to make us Laugh....
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on January 21, 2014
The movie was for my mother, she was excited and has so far watched the movie 8 times since she has had it. It arrived sooner than I had expected and in great condition. thank you .
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on July 27, 2015
The years erode our memories sometimes and although I was keen to see this again, it was a huge let down as the humour and acting really highlighted the (B-Grade) production. I suppose I was fairly young and got a kick out of the novelty factor and some amusing Mickey Rooney slapstick comedy, but it was very weak and not much of movie at all. The memory of Rooney stumbling into a desert homestead and finding dummies and the pending doom of an Atomic test blast, was once a vivid recollection. However it shall now remain as just a fleeting revisit to a place that once was and although Mickey Rooney was a star in his own right and memorable in so many old movies like " Boystown" for example; this one should be left to rest in peace.
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on June 13, 2009
The Atomic Kid is a wonderful, period-piece film.In true, 1950's naive film verite, it has Non-Restricted Atomic Testing Sites,regularly clothed soldiers stationed in trenches, one mile from the blast; and, the piece de resistance, Mickey Rooney as a guy who survives the blast while eating a peanut butter sandwich.It's got Greedy Capitalists, trying to commercialize the brand of peanut butter, Swarmy Communists, trying to discover Mickey Rooney's secret: and, best of all, a stunning Co-Star,Elaine Davis. What's not to like ???
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on January 17, 2013
As announced on "HTF", The Atomic Kid (1954), will be released on 03-26-2013, and published by Olive Films, with an SRP of $19.99. This Sci-Fi/Comedy, stars Mickey Rooney and Robert Strauss, as survivors of an atomic bomb test and it's aftermath. Radioactive 1950's fun ensues ala "Martin & Lewis" (w/o the singing). I've waited since 1995 for this film...and I can't wait for Amazon to make pre-ordering available(better sooner than later) please !!!
Have fun in 2013 :) :) :)
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