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on September 11, 2011
For a good portion of the book, I was very entertained. But on like day 3 of reading out of maybe 5 days, I suddenly was bored with it. I realized that this guy is a pretty serious scum bag, and it was just no longer funny. His actions and thoughts are concepts that us men like to joke about, not actually do. I found myself very depressed by the end of it. No man thinks about sex as much as Chad Kultgen does. Women who find themselves reading this: I'm sorry. Do not associate this man as being the Average American Male. We're better than this.
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on April 15, 2011
It's worth your time to examine the quality of the spelling in the positive reviews of this book in order to form an opinion of what marketers like to call "the target demographic." Ask yourself: do I fit into this group? Do I want to? If you want to read something with a lot of unapologetic masculinity lying around for you to slip in, by all means read Chuck Palahniuk's "Fight Club" or "Choke." If you want to read something with a ton of sex, please treat yourself to Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom." If you want a good, old-fashioned story with great male and female characters and plenty of sex and violence, may I recommend George R. R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones?" Under no circumstances, however, should you read this book.
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on February 3, 2013
This is at least a very intriguing book, and at best a book that will be regarded in the future as a portrait of our culture. I see that some readers didn't get the whole point of the work: this is not a book to entertain you with an intricate plot or deep psychological descriptions of characters. Dostoievsky it is not, but this is not the XIX century.

The strength of the book is the way it reflects and depicts the emptiness and lack of direction of our times. The main character is empty because our time is superficial. In the whole story,, we basically follow him through two relationships, first with a marriage obsessed girl, Casey, and later with a "cool" girlfriend, Alyna, who ends up just as another version of Casey and all other women.

Our anti-hero is so detached and passionless that we don't even know what his work is. He doesn't care. He has no goals, no career, no talent, no need for personal development. No plan-B. He just goes with the flow. He spends all his time playing video games and masturbating. It seems that the lack of passion for life left his mind so void that he needs to fill it with sexual imagery and fantasies about having sex with any girl he sees on the street. We never see any mention of his family, like he was born of nothing, with no traditions. I cant even remember if the author gives us his name, but it really doesn't matter much, because he has no distinct personality.

I liked the plot, not because it is engaging, but because it fits perfectly the message of the book. The hero dates Casey because this way he can get easy sex. Casey takes the reigns of the relationship. He only follows her: to the mall, to the restaurant he doesn't like, etc. Eventually, she traps him into a promise of a marriage he doesn't want but can't find the strength to reject. He only reacts when he is about to explode. He finds another girlfriend based on the fact that her bottom is smaller than Casey's. Time goes by and the cool girlfriend stops being a sexual novelty and becomes boring as any women is, in his mind. The hero tragically fails, because sexual attraction can't be used as the only philosophy to guide a person in life. He is bound to a boring and directionless life. Many men today live with this kind of passive-agressive mentality, having lost the understanding of their own desires and the control of their plans and dreams for life. The story should be a warning for us, because hiding in a psychological cave is indeed a masculine temptation and weakness. Real men take control of life and pursue their dreams. Sex follows, it is a side dish.

You will get a bitter feeling in your gut after reading the book, because you will recognize much of it around yourself.
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on June 24, 2012
Spoiler alert: this review tells the whole story! Even the twist ending! If you don't want it ruined for you, stop reading!
Chad Kultgen's The Average American Male is a horrible book. That being said, it's is a rather entertaining read. How can that be? Let me put it this way, every man in the world should read this book as an example of what never to be, then it should be rounded up and burned Fahrenheit-451 style. Kultgen's book is a beautiful exaggeration of the worst thoughts a late-teens boy has ever had. As such, no women should ever be allowed the glimpse into the terrible mind of a young male exaggerated in such a fashion. This book is the reason for militant feminism and must be read with the greatest of care. It must be known, this is not how men really are. The protagonist is clearly an exaggeration of filthy ideas and crass humor that no just god would ever create in a real human being. However, it is sometimes amusing to read about someone doing the mean stuff that you would never do yourself. That being said, let me give you a basic summary of the plot.
The book begins with an "average" American male who is actually a little better off than average, has a college degree, and lives in Hollywood. The unnamed man is in a relationship with a girl that he is plainly bored with. He is overly judgmental of his girlfriend's looks and thus very disappointed with her appearance. He doesn't get sex as much as he wants and feels that his girl should spend more time doing fun things like playing video games and less time doing things like standing in line for a Marie Osmond book signing (which you could imagine would be a bad place for a loud-mouth, ass of a man like him). Finally, he realizes his dead-end relationship is headed for an unwanted marriage, dumps his girl, finds a "better" girl, and starts living the good life. His new girlfriend is kind of interested in video games, wants bigger breast, and sexes him up. In comes the crisis, he eventually realizes that his relationship normalizes into the same exact one he was in. At this point our unnamed hero (whom most would agree is actually a villain) reaches a major decision, which of course we don't get to know what it is. Thus the climax, he walks into the room where his new love/hate is, filling the reader with anticipation for the terrible way in which he is going to do the only thing an ass like him could, dump her. The suspense is ended with a huge twist, the resolution, he ask her to marry him. At the conclusion, we can only assume that the author intends for readers to "realize" what I would say is an untruth. That is, that every man will wind up in a relationship with a nagging girl that does not let him play enough video games, has too small of good parts and too big of the wrong parts, and ultimately, every man will wind up under-sexed and unhappy.
Needless to say, although the plot develops beautifully and the characters are less flat than some other reviews may have stated, this is a horrible book. I sincerely warn any reader not to think that men actually think like this, perhaps it is the worst attempt of satire there his and was intended to make fun of "the average American male" that society has in mind. All in all, if you want the relationship version of Steve-o from TV's Jack-Ass, this is it. If you want to maintain your faith in the human race, proceed with caution.
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on April 29, 2015
Ugh. I bought this after picking up My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me, because I was curious about the boyfriend's POV, since this work of "fiction" is actually based on the two authors' real-life relationship. And wow. I was stunned. This inside look into a male mind, with all its sex-obsessed idiotic thoughts, will make you become a card-carrying lesbian, just so you never have to deal with this type of shallow moron again. I never realized what utter Neanderthals men could be, until I read this book. It's not a so-bad-it's-good type book. It's just bad. It's badly written, the protagonist goes beyond unlikeable to unredeemable. If you think bathroom graffiti is an unappreciated art form, you'll love this book. If you suspect young men are idiots, this book will clear that right up for you with a resounding yes. And if you want your daughter to swear off ever having sex with guys and find herself a life partner instead, give this book to her as a gift as she leaves for college. Or skip it and buy her a copy of My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me, which is much better written and much funnier, and actually manages to make the guy not look like he's a huge flaming ass. Unlike this book.
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on March 5, 2011
This book offers little in terms of literary merit or entertainment value. A chore to read, a lack of humor, a bland plot, one-dimensional characters. If satire is the author's intended goal, he does a very poor job accomplishing said goal.
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on January 21, 2016
I really tried to get through the entire book. I just couldn't. I was wondering if this is really how men think. After being on a few dating sites, I realize that it is exactly how 95 percent of the men on them think. The first couple of chapters were very funny. But, the constant descriptions of blow jobs, hand jobs and sexual acts plus the author's constantly calling most women bitches really turned me off to the book. And, I am an open-minded woman who enjoys reading erotic novels and watching porn, but this book was a waste of the time I spent reading half of it. I would not recommend this book. And, if this is his attitude in his other books, I will gladly NOT read them.
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on September 10, 2012
While cheating on his lady friend, drinking too much, and wanking constantly, the protagonist does some superficial philosophizing on women and relationships that are stereotypes at best. However, the way he talks about mothers and marriage has a ring of truth to it. While his anecdotes can be funny, his musings are incredibly misogynistic (and frankly he's one of the most immoral and unkind protagonists I've encountered).

Underneath the antics and humor is a truly depressing story, where none of the characters undergo a significant transformation or do anything meaningful with their lives. The characters are archetypal and uninteresting: the average man, the gay friend, the crazy ex, and the cool girl.

(SPOILER) When the protagonist met Alyna, the cool girl, he showed signs of growing a heart (and I had a brief hope that this would turn into a male romance novel), but when she stopped being a nympho he lost interest and even became disgusted with her. At the end, he finds himself settling because he doesn't think there is anything better, so he casts his lot with a woman that he is rapidly losing respect for. How effing depressing is that? But honestly, he's a scumbag, so I was kind of glad that he wasn't happy in the end.

The Average American Male was written to shock, to appall, to be the real grit of the male psyche in all its lasciviousness and superiority (this is clearly sexist..I'm actually a little surprised that a male-bashing woman didn't write this book). While I think that men probably do think similarly, I can't bring myself to believe that ALL they think about is buttsecks, video games, and pooping. If it is, well, it's pretty obvious why women are on the rise.
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on April 25, 2015
Terrible and not worth the money or anyone's time. I forced myself to read half of it and I am not sure I will be able to finish the rest. I only bought it after reading the book "Casey" wrote, which gives her side of the break-up, as well as other break-ups/relationships she had. I wanted to see his point of view. I would not recommend this.
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on December 24, 2012
From reading reviews I can see that the reviews are pretty mixed about this book. Kultgen was brutally honest when writing this book, and to be honest, its pretty messed up. Although I am 18 and currently in college, I do not act like this at all, and I am sure that there are a good amount of students that do, but I do not think it is you "average" american male. The story is interesting for the most part (maybe just because I relate to a good few parts) but it is pretty repetitive and I can understand why it has bad reviews.

I would recommend this to a man friend if they have a lot of spare time and are not trying to learn anything. My advice is that if you do not like it in the first few chapters, stop reading because it doesn't get much different.
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