Customer Reviews: The Baby-Sitters Club #5: Dawn and the Impossible Three
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on February 22, 2016
Posted originally on my blog: [...]
You know what I’ve realized I love the most about The Baby-sitters Club? It’s the fact you can curl up with a book and read it in an hour and a half. These past few weeks, when I’ve come across a book I’ve struggled to get through for whatever reason (work, working out, family life, slow plot line), having the option to turn to one of the books from my childhood has really helped me to just sit down and read for a few hours. This is quite possibly one of the many reasons I enjoyed the series so much as a little girl.

In Dawn and the Impossible Three, the newest member of the BSC, Dawn Schaffer finds herself struggling with two major (for a twelve year old) dilemmas. The first has to do with her position in the club and more specifically, her relationship with the club President, Kristy Thomas. After all, Dawn has just recently become Mary Anne Spier’s friend and in the wake of Kristy’s impending move across town and the revelation that Mary Anne and Dawn’s parents are dating, there’s a lot of jealousy clouding Kristy’s mind. I won’t go as far to claim she’s being bitchy as she has been in previous books, but I will not completely say her behavior towards Dawn is justifiable. Yes, things are changing for her and she eventually learns to accept Dawn, not only as Mary Anne’s friend, but her own. But by the same token, Dawn shouldn’t have taken it upon herself to offer an olive branch. After all, she never really does anything wrong towards Kristy. For example, when she’s helping Mary Anne decorate her room, it is Mary Anne’s fault, not Dawn’s, that Kristy wasn’t originally invited.

The other dilemma Dawn has to deal with comes in the form of a new family the club is babysitting for: The Barretts. In the process of getting divorced, Mrs. Barrett seems to be falling apart in every aspect of her life, with the exception of her own appearance. Though a few of the other girls babysit for the family throughout the course of the book, it is Dawn who primarily has to handle juggling neglected children and undertaking the task of reorganizing (and cleaning) up Mrs. Barrett’s life. As a child of divorce herself, she shares a special bond with the three children and with a disorganized mother, at times, she even sympathizes with Mrs. Barrett. But the truth is, Mrs. Barrett is neglectful to the point of inexcusable throughout this entire book. She rarely leaves Dawn with any information about where she’s going to be, she has no regard for the state of her house nor her children and she even neglects to warn Dawn that one of her children is allergic to chocolate. The allergy issue alone raises a lot of red flags, especially since normal parents would warn you of such a thing as you step in the door. But she also fails to warn Dawn that she and her husband are having a somewhat messy custody battle and it winds up putting the poor girl in a difficult spot when Mr. Barrett decides to just pick up his kids on his day, regardless if Mrs. Barrett remembered or not.

Obviously, things get better at the Barret house as I do vaguely remember them being mentioned in future books. But truthfully, if I were their babysitter, I would have quit as it was clear the other girls in the club were. As with every BSC book, everything works out nice and neatly, just in time for the book to end.
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on January 29, 2002
I loved this book. Dawn is one of my favorite baby-sitters. In this book she is new to Stoneybrook. She just joined the BSC and made some new friends, including her best friend Mary Anne. But Mary Anne's long-time best friend Kristy is jealous and isn't very nice to Dawn. Dawn wanted to be friends with Kristy and take the big job at the Barretts. Dawn did a good job sitting for the Barretts. The house was a mess, the kids were sloppy and whiney, and Mrs. Barrett is disorganized who never leaves Dawn any directions. But she just went through a divorce and that's why her household is chaotic. I liked the part when she did the cleaning races and when she became friends with Kristy. Toward the end of the book, Buddy Barrett is missing. Dawn started a search party. But it turned out that he went off with his father. Dawn was very brave to speak up to Mrs. Barrett about her disorganized ways.
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on July 9, 1996
I thought that the formentioned book was excellent reading. The cross-over plot lines made good reading. This book gives great ideas on how to deal with a parent who is not "holding their part of the bargain". The baby sitters club is a great way to learn how to deal with dificult situations when one is baby-sitting
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on February 25, 2013
I love it. Yeah it is gross when Suzi throws up, and when she wets her pants, but it is still a good book. I would totally get it if i were you . The only thing I didn't like was the books pages wouldn't turn as easy as other books, but i still loved reading this book and you would like it too if you are a big fan of babysitters club books.
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on January 8, 2000
You will most def like this book. It's about an eighth-grader named Dawn Schafer that has to babysit for three kids: Buddy, Suzi, and Marnie. They are the Impossible Three to her. But it's not their fault; it's their mother's. She just suffered a divorce and is frazzled with a busy schedule and not to mention her three children. The house is messy, the children are sloppy, and Mrs. Barret still manages to pull herself together. Well, Dawn confronts her and says what needs to be done, but she says it without intruding on their family's matters. I liked the way that she did that. I also liked the way she became friends with Kristy, after all, she did sort of "steal" her best friend. But Kristy and Mary Anne are still best friends, and Dawn's Mary Anne's other best friend. It would've been better if they all became a circle of best friends, but that's okay. It could very well happen one day.
Read the book! It rulez!
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on July 5, 2014
This book features Dawn, the new babysitter, trying to teach club president Kristy that she deserves to be acknowledged as a member. In trying to take on a babysitting assignment to prove her skills, she ends up in over her head because she's sitting for a family that's headed by a scatterbrained single mom. Dawn tries to step in and help where she can, but finds that some of the things her babysitting charges' mother forgets to tell her spell danger. I really liked that the book covered the existence of a family that's in over its head, and how it acknowledged that the kids would develop an attachment to the sitter who's acting a lot more like a primary caregiver than sitters usually would. Not sure about the motivating-with-candy thing. Babysitters shouldn't feed kids things they haven't been approved to feed them, as Dawn found out when informed that one of the kids was allergic to chocolate. (I think she ate some chocolate earlier in the book, though, yes? And nothing happened?) I tend to think the "scary/dangerous-thing-happens-and-then-it's-all-okay" plot is overused in Baby-Sitters Club books, too, and here it is again when the single mom forgot to tell Dawn that her ex-husband had visiting rights and one of the kids she was watching disappeared with the ex. Yeah.
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on October 2, 2011
So the BSC is expanding, and it needs more members to keep up with its growing clientele. Enter Dawn, who has just moved from California due to her parent's divorce. Course, it doesn't hurt that some of the members of the BSC are fighting, and Mary Anne needs a new friend. The BSC are initially skeptical of her, so they decide to put her through the wringer by assigning her a trio of difficult kids, and boy howdy, they do give her a hard time, and this teaches us readers that when kids are poorly misbehaved, it is sometimes the parent's fault, since Mrs. Barrett does not control/discipline her kids. Bot Dawn deals with it, and in the end, proves her mettle. Fun book.
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on April 7, 2016
This is a really good book and it is about 11:30 at night right know but I couldn't stop reading. This book keeps you entertained throughout the whole story. I really reccomend it.

P.S. This is one of my favorite books in the series so far. It is tied with book #1.
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on May 20, 2014
Dawn is the newest member of the baby-sitters club and she's eager to prove herself. So when a big sitting job comes up, she's ready to take it on.
But, she finds out that Buddy, Suzie, and Marine Barrett are the impossible three! Buddy and Suzie fight, Marine goes off and plays by herself, and they're just, well, IMPOSSIBLE!!!
But, as Dawn uncovers things about their family, she finds out that the impossible one is actually Mrs. Barret.
What will Dawn do in this hard situation? Read the book to find out!
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on March 29, 2014
I would consider this to kids between 8 - 11 because they are in the typical age group to really,start babysitting. with their young sibling and if lucky, other REAL kids. and I'm sorta in that age group so I would consider it, it's short to me but sweet.
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