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This is one of those movies that you walk away from feeling just plain good all over. Timothy Dalton plays a magnificient President, widowed father of 3 children, full of pride and just ready to be shown the way by our lovely cosmetology teacher played by Fran Drescher.

In the same flair as the Nanny, which Fran played an outstanding part of a Nanny, this movie takes you into the hearts of the children,Mr. President and Fran herself. Mistaken as a 'regular' teacher she is brought to another country to teach Mr. President's children. What will happen when they find out she is only a beauty teacher, the fun begins.

Lighthearted, yet not totally without some good lessons, this movie will make you laugh out loud, orrt for the good guys and say 'ah' at the end. Want to feel good? See this movie, it is a winner.
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on November 2, 1999
Timothy Dalton and Fran Drescher give viewers precious, intimate moments as well as plenty of laughs. They are a great comedy team and belong together on the screen for many more movies. This is one of the best movies that I have seen in years. "Talking to the Hand" is a classic comedy device that will be remembered and imitated for years to come. Dalton continuously proves he is perhaps the best actor today, though greatly underrated. His flair for comedy that was magnificiently demonstrated earlier in HAWKS should not be overlooked by producers, directors, and audiences. I have seen 99% of Dalton's films and his superb, acting skills distinguish all his films. Certain reviewers' nasty remarks about Fran's accent and New York style are indicative of the prejudices of meanspirited turkeys.She remains a gifted actress worthy of challenging parts. Additionally, this is a family film that everyone can enjoy.
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on March 13, 2005
I know that alot people probably have seen this and thought it was ridiculous or have seen it on the movie store shelf and ignored it. This is such a funny movie-- Fran Drescher is the main draw, but Timothy Dalton as the angry, dictator/president father of three is hilarious as well. There's one scene where he tells one of his advisors to "Talk to the hand." It's funny because it's a rigid Timothy Dalton doing this. And also because NO ONE does this anymore.

Drescher stars as Joy Miller, an aspiring beautician. While she's teaching a beauty class, the classroom goes up in flames because a student was smoking and caught the mannequin head on fire. Another student attempts to put the fire out by using a can of hairspray. Oops. Joy saves the animals that are in the classroom and ends up on the front page, and because she's such a dedicated "teacher," is offered a job teaching the children of the Slovetzian president, Pochenko (Dalton). Joy has several meet-cutes with this seemingly cold, brutal president, who acts more like a dictator. We come to find that he's not as rigid as we think.

It's Beauty and the Beast meets The King and I. It's not executed as well as the previously mentioned, this movie stutters through their romance (remind me why she instantly likes him so much??) and there's an unnecessary story about a "rebel" boyfriend of the president's daughter, which turns into a giant rigamaroll. Though all in all, this movie is a good laugh. Recommended!!
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on December 15, 2003
As a lifelong Timothy Dalton fan (since 1968, sad isn't it?), I will watch absolutley anything he is in, though a lot of his stuff is a bit grim for my taste. In this delightfully frviolous romantic comedy he plays a stern Eastern European Dictator whose heart is softened by the feisty New York girl he engages as governess for his children. The plot is extremely silly but who cares, it's funny and romantic, a sort of whimsical updateing of 'The Sound of Music' (thankfully without any singing). The scene at the ball where Dalton suddenly sweeps the girl into his arms provoked an involuntary whimper of excitement and envy from me, causing my oldest son to exclaim "Oh honestly, Mum" in that disgusted tone teenagers are so good at. Even if you are not a Dalton fan you will enjoy this film if you are partial to romantic comedies that aren't too soppy.
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HALL OF FAMEon May 3, 2001
Riding high on the success of her hit TV show "The Nanny", Fran Dresher conquered the cinema with the 1997 hit THE BEAUTICIAN AND THE BEAST, an update of the classic fairytale with a modern twist.
Joy Miller (Fran Dresher) is a struggling makeup artist from Queens who is mistaken for a highly intelligent teacher and taken to the small European kingdom of Slovetzia to teach the three eldest children of dictator Boris Pochenko (Timothy Dalton).
The children blossom under her unethical guidance while the cold Boris slowly falls in love with the pert and perky Joy.
Featuring Lisa Jakub (MRS DOUBTFIRE), Heather deLoatch (A LITTLE PRINCESS), Phyllis Newman (MANNEQUIN) and Ian McNiece, THE BEAUTICIAN AND THE BEAST is a delightful comedy favorite.
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on October 17, 2006
"The Beautician and the Beast" is a warm and surprisingly touching romantic comedy/drama. It's a modern day cinderella story as well as a variation on the age-old "Beauty and the Beast" fable.

Fran Drescher as Joy Miller is a delight as the beautician from Queens who is stunning to look at but whose voice is a distinctive blend of nasal/New York. Believing that she is a public school teacher when in fact she is a beauty school teacher, Joy is mistakenly recruited by a representative of the dictator of a small eastern European country as a teacher for his children. The dictator is played by Timothy Dalton who somewhat resembles a youthful and very sexy Laurence Olivier. There is ferociousness tempered by a childlike vulnerability in Dalton's vigorous performance.

Joy may not have a university degree in education, but she has plenty of street smarts. She has a patient and understanding nature yet doesn't hesitate to speak her mind especially when a wrong is committed. Joy makes an enduring impression upon the dictator's children and especially upon the tyrannical father himself.

This movie improves with age because it reminds us that entertainment does not have to be profanity-laced, violent, or sexually explicit to hold your interest. Instead, its depiction of people and relationships is gentle and humane. Additionally, "The Beautician and the Beast" is a visual treat with impressive photography, sets, and costumes. It also has a lush and romantic musical score.

Amongst so many unimaginative, big-budget Hollywood movies and their equally unimaginative, big-budget sequels, "The Beautician and the Beast" shines like a diamond in the rough. It's a film that your whole family can watch and feel good about. What a rarity!
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on March 27, 2003
Loved the movie, hated what the European (Prague) weather looked like. Makes me glad I live in the USA instead of over there.

Location aside, I have to laugh at all the snippy internet reviewers of this movie in general, who want to hold up Fran's acting in comparison to the standards of a Carole Lombard or a Mae West.

Strange how these same reviewers have no problem agreeing that terrible actresses like Paltrow and Kidman should have Oscars shoved at them, with no comparison of them to real actresses like a Katherine Hepburn or a Bette Davis.

Anyway, it's just supposed to be a light comedy, so lighten up!

This flick, which is The King And I meets Beauty And The Beast, is all about Fran, so hang the rest. If you're not a fan, get over it and go watch something else, without raining on the parades of others.

But if you're a good little Nanny nosher, then there is nothing but enjoyment to be found in the lighthearted banter and cute outfits that our favorite Flushing girl offers.

Even the political slant of poking fun at dictators has taken on more relevance in recent years, if one wants to look closer at the plot. But who cares about dull things like script construction when there's so much of gorgeous Fran to see?

Naturally, though, all us Nannyholics have been waiting impatiently for the widescreen DVD release of this movie - so get on it, you lazy studio execs out there!


UPDATE: On June 24, 2003 this movie indeed WAS released on a wonderful widescreen DVD! Thank you, studio folks!

Oy, I know there's no original trailer, so it doesn't get five stars, but I've changed my earlier 3 star rating to a 4 since there IS audio commentary by the fabulous Fran herself! So enjoy!
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on February 28, 2015
Timothy Dalton fans: start your engines! The man just can't help himself. I don't know an actor alive who can top him. He can do anything, any genre, any period, any accent. I have yet to see him in any production where he isn't totally riveting, regardless of whether he's the hero, villain or in this case, a bit of both. And then add being drop dead gorgeous with that stunning vocal instrument. I envy all his female co-stars - I love the way he cradles their heads (a Timothy Dalton trademark!) while kissing them.
Truly a vastly underrated actor. Not to take away from Fran Drescher and her comedic skills - but this film belongs to Mr.Dalton.
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on January 12, 2015
Frankly, it was a lot more cornball and slapstick than I remembered, but with superb character portrayal by Fran Drescher I remembered how fun this movie was the first time I saw it and loved it, and I still do! Timothy Dalton's character is completely over the top and tv-sitcom unbelievable, he barks, shouts, and doesn't seem real at all; however Fran is so likeable, warm, and believable in her role that it is still enjoyable for light, funny, romantic fare including children. The contrast between her New York City apartment life and family (her mother is also well-portrayed and hilarious!), and the setting in the Eastern bloc ... castle... is great and Fran's character is spontaneous, outrageous, and make you laugh outloud. You'll identify with her easily. I love this theme, even in silly comedies.
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on May 24, 2015
If you liked "The Nanny" program humor, you'll like this. It's one of my favorite movies because it's funny and it's a love story. I've watched it many times because it gives me joy. It's amazing that Timothy Dalton (the Beast and the dictator of a Eastern Europe Country) cannot intimidate Joy Miller, the "teacher" for the his matter what he does or says because of her innocent honesty. I wish Fran Dresher had more movies out. AND it's a family movie, too!
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