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on June 8, 2014
Even though I returned this watch, l must give it 4 stars. It paired with my phone very easily and gave me a QR code to download the phone side software. My problem was I only need a watch that's an extension of my phones display to monitor incoming calls, emails, messages and social media post. I'm an industrial electronic tech and don't have time to constantly check my phone. I look at my watch to see who's calling and answer the call by Bluetooth. I was really impressed with the ability to talk directly to the watch. The only problem I found was the inability to use my Bluetooth and the watch's talk feature at the same time. It's either or but not both. Non the less I was highly impressed. I tried to give it to my wife but she preferred her Bluetooth headset because she listens to lots of music. The design is beautiful and fits great.
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on August 6, 2014
The Berowatch Air W2 is a really nice looking smart watch. The digital interface is nicely displayed. The watch does what the description states, but the programming needs serious work. The following were my experience with the Berowatch Air W2 Smart Watch: (I have a Samsung Note 3, running Kit Kat 4.4.2)

What worked:
1. It came with a User's Guide, but the print is very, very small. Hard to read, even with 20/20 vision.
2. Downloading the APK app was simple, providing you have a bar code/QR reader on your smart phone.
3. Paring the Smart Watch with my Note 3 was confusing. On my phone, it asked to "confirm a 6 digit code". On the watch, there is no dialog box or field to confirm the 6 digit code. So I just pressed "ok" and my Note 3 and Smart Watch paired.
4. Setting up the time/date, SMS service, find phone, notification, email, weather location, social media was simple. All of this is done via APK app on your phone. It all worked as stated in the description, but not as well as I thought they could.
5. The display on the watch is small, but email, SMS, and notifications are readable (if your vision is good).
6. I tested taking pictures remotely using the watch as the camera button. It worked. There was a moderate lag before the camera shutter on my phone activated. The distance tested was at 6 ft.
7. I remotely controlled the music player on my Note 3 from the smart watch. Again, there was a slight lag before the song advanced or paused, but it worked.
8. You can answer phone calls and converse from your Smart Watch. The volume is robust and the caller can hear my voice adequately. It is similar to your BT headset, but on your wrist. I would recommend using the smart watch for taking calls in a private area. If you don't, everyone can hear and listen to your conversation.
9. The Berowatch Air W2 has fair battery life. Last a little under 72 hrs on a single charge.

What needs improvement:
1. The Berowatch Air W2 did not consistently hold the current time accurately. The current time needed to be reset every time I disconnected the Smart Watch from BT. On two occasions, the smart watch lost the current time and weather location when connected to BT. It was reset in it's default time and location somewhere in Europe. Very irritating.
2. The weather app DOES NOT update to the current temp. All it does is displays your location and the "highs and Lows" of the temperature for the current day for your selected location. Having the weather app sync with Accuweather, Weather Bug or Yahoo weather would be nice. That way, current temp can be displayed. That is more functional in my opinion.
3. The touch screen in inconsistent. It works well with some interfacing apps, and unresponsive with others. For example, deleting notifications on the Smart Watch is responsive. But trying to set the current time by touching the interface where the "check mark icon" is did not respond. I had to touch the interface in other positions around the check mark icon for it to work.
4. The "Sport" app is not accurate. The pedometer was not even close to the pedometer value on my Note 3, and belt pedometer. There is no way to set and convert weight and height from metric to imperial units. Trying to get out of the app was difficult. I had to swipe several times before I got out of the Sport app.
5. There is no way to turn down the volume of the alerts when you receive a phone call, SMS, or a notification. The volume is quite loud and it will startle you and everyone around you if you have the audible alert selected for any of these functions. I had to just set all alerts to vibrate. The vibration is lightly felt. No adjustment for vibration intensity.
6. Synching contacts is not clearly written accurately. In the user's guide, it states, "Sync contacts --> Confirm the request in the smart watch". Normally, synching is done automatically, or a dialog box states what you need to do. With this Smart Watch, you have to figure out what you need to do in order to sync your contacts. I discovered that you have to slide the displayed green arrow to the right in order for syncing to start. I thought the movement of the green arrow on the Smart Watch interface was an indication that my contacts was syncing. During the syncing process, for some reason, I received a error stating, "Synching Contacts Rejected". Only about 120 contacts were synched.
7. When setting the current time, you can choose 12h or 24h mode. I chose the 12 hr mode. But when you go to set the time, only 24 hr mode is available(doesn't change to 12 hr mode if 12 hr mode is selected). There is not a day light savings mode to select.
8. The "clock" app on the Smart Watch interface is mislabeled. It should actually read, "alarms".
9. There is only one alternative clock face for this model. More different clock faces would be nice and is needed.
10. I called the contact numbers on the website for troubleshooting some of the above concerns several times. I left a voice message one time, and spoke to a service rep the other times. I was promised a call back twice because the service rep didn't have a Berowatch Air W2 on hand to look at. The service rep did not know the Smart Watch as well as I expected him to. And I did not receive a call back.

Overall, this watch has potential. It has the foundation of usable apps, but the software needs to be improved a lot more for prime time. Hopefully, Berowatch can improve on this product in the near future and their service rep(s) need to be more responsive and knowledgeable with troubleshooting answers. I'm going to return the Berowatch Air W2, and looking forward to see if improvements are made to upcoming models of this Smart Watch.
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on April 27, 2014
I purchased the berowatch air through amazon to be paired with a samsung galaxy s3 version 4.1.2. The bluetooth pairing process indicates that it paired with the watch and I am able to receive calls through the watch and talk on the phone through the watch. I can make phone calls by dialing the numbers on the watch. However, the watch came with numerous contacts in the contact list, I suspect it was a returned item. I should be able to edit and replace the contact list with my own by syncing with my smartphone. So here is the weird part, although the phone and watch was paired, when I attempt to sync the contact list I get an error message on both the phone and watch indicating the watch is not connected by Bluetooth. This error is also preventing me from making any other customizations to the watch, such as adding the weather app or getting notification pushes.

I rate it 3 stars because it does do the primary function of allowing me to talk through the watch, but it is not fully syncing and allowing full use of the watch.

Extra details/comments.

Size: As a watch it is bulky. Case dimensions are 39mm x 53mm. Case thickness is 13mm. My wrists are about 16cm, the band fits comfortably on my left wrist at the 2nd to the last notch on the smallest range and 3rd notch if I wear on the right wrist. There are 10 notches on the wristband with 7 cm between the 1st and last notch. The band is made of rubber.

Looks: it doesn't fool anyone in thinking you are wearing a regular watch. First day I wore it to work I was immediately asked by coworkers if I was wearing new tech. I wear a watch every day, so they were noticing that this was not a watch as opposed to me wearing something on the wrist. The screen stays black until you wake it up, so in order to tell the time you would have to first push the side button. I am debating whether I should only wear this smartwatch or if I should also wear a conventional watch at the same time, the conventional watch on the left wrist and the smartwatch on the right wrist? My wife's opinion is that it looks like a toy on my wrist.

Instructions: did not come with an instruction manual, so I am learning how to use by trial and error and by researching on the internet. You will need a QR scanner on your phone to download the smartwatch app to your phone. There is a barcode on the phone, click on "application" then "about watch", then finally APP download. A different barcode can be found by going to and scrolling all the way down to the bottom of all the pics. The barcode on the watch downloads a Chinese app which appears to be a storefront. The barcode at brings up the English version app labeled "SmartWatch", which is the one you want.

More detailed explanation of bluetooth issue: go to settings on phone, turn bluetooth on and pair with smartwatch. On my phone it comes up with a random 6 digit pin which I should then verify the same pin on the smartwatch. The problem is that the pin is not showing on the smartwatch in order to verify that it is the same. If you cancel process on the phone and try again then you get a different 6 digit pin, but still unable to verify matching pins. If you accept then the watch will pair with the phone, but with limited capabilities as I outlined at the beginning of this review. Per the bluetooth pin of the watch should be 0000. Problem is that I cannot manually input 0000 as the pin on the phone while in the bluetooth pairing process. I have contacted the seller by email and awaiting a response. Seller was not berowatch by the way.

What can I do with watch now? The mic & speakers work, so able to talk on the phone through the watch. I haven't tested while driving yet, which is intended use. I have tested while in quiet room and my wife indicated she could barely hear me when my arm was outstretched and that it was clear enough when I brought the watch to my face to speak. I could hear her just fine either way. The speaker and mic is located on the left edge of the watch. The screen will not flip if you turn the watch screen upside down. There is also a calculator, calendar and pedometer working on the watch. When using the pedometer while working at my desk it will count steps as my hand works over the keyboard, so it is not usable in determining the total number of steps you take during the coarse of the day. There is no pulse-reader on the watch like the Gear2. Right now I don't have the weather app on the watch due to the sync issue.

If I solve the sync problem, or not, I will repost that info here.
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on September 4, 2014
Got this watch as a gift to my husband but after using it for a few hours he gave it back for me to return. The screen display stays black, probably to save the battery, so you are always walking around with a big black square on your wrist. It would have been nice if the display stayed on so you could just look at your watch! To get the display on you either press the button (a cumberson, not at all handy option) or you shake (snap) your arm strongly (violently) to get the display back on. My husband had to snap his arm a few times to get the display on, not an exercise he wants to continue. This doesn't mean a tilt of your arm or flip/twist of your wrist, this means shake/snap strongly to the point it is obvious to everyone you either have a nervous tic or your arm fell asleep and you're waking it up! The scroll on the screen is not user friendly either, sometimes you try to drag the screen to get to options and end up selecting something or can't get back to the screen you wanted without starting over. The sound quality is not there either, the cellular must be just steps away or be right by you for the sound quality on the blue-tooth watch to be clear. Even if you are close you have to strain abit to hear the watch, rarely are you going to want everyone around you to hear your conversation (plus it is annoying to everyone else) so since your phone has to be by you in the first place why not answer it and have a private conversation? Going back to a watch that he can see 24/7 without losing feeling in his arm from all that snapping.
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on July 10, 2014
Watch looks nice enough, and is fairly easy to sync with your Smartphone (I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3). But there are a few pretty annoying issues. First of all, despite what one answerer said, there is no volume control on the watch (at least not that I could find), and the default volume is really too loud for my taste. Next, the "Sport" application is pretty much useless. I tested it by taking 100 steps (pretty slowly), and the thing only registered 24 steps. Also, the timezone feature has a serious flaw - no daylight saving time. So, for it to keep proper time here in Charlotte NC in the middle of the Summer, I had to set it to Santiago (Chile) time. Finally, the weather widget doesn't seem to get updated correctly. Mine has been stuck on "71F/87F" days, when in actual fact the forecast has been more variable. More on the weather... it doesn't seem to actually show the current temperature, which would certainly be helpful.

Despite these quirks, I give the watch 3 stars becuase it does handle the "core" functions of app notification, phone calls and messaging pretty well, and the battery life seems to be okay.
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on March 4, 2015
This watch is simply useless !

It does nothing it is advertised to do and I am not the only one that feels this way. The scanning doesn't work so one cannot get emails, texts, etc. and now the alarm to let one know that they're ( their phone) is too far away from the watch to work now goes off when the phone is within even a foot or two of the watch.
My opinion is that this is a terrible product.
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on November 27, 2014
The watch itself does what it's supposed to do fairly well when you get used to it. The fitness aspect of it didn't seem to work well but that might have been me. And every time iI restarted the watch it it got disconnected from the Bluetooth the time and date would shoo forward an hour and day. No idea why. I'm returning it and getting a pebble steel instead and seeing how that goes
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on February 12, 2015
Watch does everything it claims. Weather synch was very easy although don't know how precise it is. The one neg was the push notifications with other watches it displays more info with this one just gives you the headline same with emails. Screen display is average.
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on March 4, 2015
I just received my watch today. I had no problem in setting it up everything worked fine. I was very skeptical after reading some of the reviews after I had ordered this watch. I am impressed with the phone features. The pedometer features not so much. I don't like the non US measurements. I had the Samsung gear and wasn't impressed when the screen kept going back to it's original background after I had changed it, and after the first day the phone part didn't work either. I don't think there is a perfect watch out there. Either the phone part works or the pedometer features work. I have a Timex ironman ladies watch and according to that one I have burned about 1366 cal. today. Wow at that rate I should be a size 2 (NOT) The weather is never right on it either. I find this watch to be simple as far as the display but that is okay as long as it keeps on working. The one thing that didn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling was the letter that came with it in big letters that said ALL SALES FINAL /NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Funny when I ordered it the description said satisfaction guaranteed. Who's satisfaction may I ask ? It also came with another that asks for a positive review to help their business. I am trying to be as positive as I can but please don't send me a negative letter and ask me to be positive about the product when if I have a problem I can't get it replaced. Not every product is perfect but don't knock yourself out of the box with a bad attitude that your not going to help your customer if there is a problem. I just hope it keeps on ticking because if it doesn't I'm screwed.
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on February 9, 2015
For the price its great. But the weather icon don't show sometimes, gotta turn watch off and on a lot. There's no volume button. Texting is off, you write one letter at a time and what you write is not always right, sometimes a Y forms a 4 and a T forms a +, S is a 5, and so on, so be careful. One other thing I dislike when Bluetooth is on, when you make a call from your phone it transfers to the watch. But all and all I like the watch, its nice looking and the screen is good. I am happy with the watch, I would buy it again.
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