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on December 1, 2012
This is without a doubt the worst book I have purchased on my Kindle. I think I got it as a daily deal, which is weird because the price is always 99 cents. As far as I'm concerned that is 98 cents too much. I knew from the first page that it was going to be a bad read and I was right.

Let's start with the plot. Idiotic.

Dialogue. Painful to read.

Characters. Shallow and tedious.


It felt like I was reading something written by a junior high school student. I have no problem with love at first sight, but this story takes cliche to a whole new level. And why do authors think they need to create complications in love stories? This girl had a total jerk for a boyfriend but the author made sure we knew Paige loved him and was totally satisfied with their three year relationship. Then we find out he was a jerk who cheated on her the whole time and was using her for her money. She meets her true love and she's pregnant by the jerk? Give me a break. I cannot imagine how this book has a three-star rating. The author must have friends and relatives giving great reviews because this thing is overrated by at least two stars.

Save yourself the 99 cents and do not read this garbage.
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on November 24, 2012
I'm at about a fifth of a way in to the book as I write this review and I have nothing to praise. The writing is amateurish; there is hardly any sentence variety and the dialogue lacks any spark. The plot is dreadfully predictable and all the blushing and sporadic crying is not gaining any compassion or sympathy out of me.

I am going to continue to read this book and I promise to edit my review if it gets any better, but I don't have much hope at all for the novel.

For's really not worth the bother of turning your kindle on to read.
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on November 24, 2012
This was an okay read, and I liked the premise but the delivery was not so good. I felt the writing was amateurish, the dialogue was awkward at times, and the timeline was unbelievably fast. I believe in love at first sight, but she had just broken up with her boyfriend and fell in love again within 48-72 hours. It was also a stretch that all of Jonah's family fell in love with her instantly; it would have been more realistic if at least 1 of them thought she could be a gold digger, as was mentioned in the tabloid's. I liked the characters, especially Johan, though they were a bit flat and the conversations/thoughts didn't always seem to flow well. Also, having so many points of view was distracting to me at times. Additionally, it was awkward having Sara telling Jonas not to hurt Paige. The next, she was telling Paige not to hurt Jonas. It just didn't ring true, and it happened on more than one occasion in the book.

***SPOILER ALERT!***Seriously...not one of the characters in the book even suspected that Paige is pregnant??? WOW...that was very unbelievable. Another reviewer stated about what I was also thinking the whole time I was reading the pregnancy part of the storyline. I don't know of anyone who had mild vomiting, then became violently morning sick almost overnight, and was over that within 1-2 weeks! And a pregnant woman gaining six pounds in a week (especially in the first trimester) would be highly unusual. I just felt the pregnancy could've been handled a little better.
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on March 23, 2014
Overall I enjoyed the book - loved Jonas - but it will be a long time before I find out the rest of the story, if ever. I also have to say that I had a great deal of difficulty creating a picture in my mind of how Jonas and Paige look because the colors of their hair were not included with the rest of their descriptions at the beginning of the story. We don't learn that Jonas is a sandy blond until 27% in and that Paige is a brunette until 71%, and imagining the hero and heroine both without hair does not a pleasant fantasy make.

I do not mind if a story is spread over multiple volumes provided that the author is honest about it and makes it clear in the book description that a book is part of a series and this book is volume X of Y. I absolutely HATE investing the time and emotion in a story only to have it sprung on me at the end of the book that there is no resolution and I have to go get another book to find out how things end. Even worse is finding out that I have been reading book 2 or 3 of the series and have not read the preceding volumes. Based on my own reading experience and comments of the 1- and 2-star reviewers, Ms. Dayne has done an excellent job of concealing the fact that The Best Man is not a standalone novel. There is nothing in the book description to indicate the existence of a sequel, nor is there a note in the book itself, yet it is obvious from the story that the author intended to write a sequel; it could not have been a surprise to her because there is just so much left unresolved. The description for the Kindle edition is dated 11/16/12 and the first Kindle review is dated 11/21/12 so it would appear that the description has never been updated even though multiple reviewers have commented unfavorably about how the book "just ends" when there is so much more story to be told, and Tell Me Lies was published just three months later. (Incidentally, there is nothing in the description for Tell Me Lies to indicate that it is book 2 in a series either.)

After several visits to The Best Man's product page I finally found a reference to a sequel to the book buried in the author's biography. Listen up, authors! With all due respect, generally speaking I don't care who you are. I don't care where you live, how many children you have, the name of your poodle or that you like to garden and bake Viennese sachertortes. In other words, I don't READ your biographies. I'm sure you don't care who I am or the names of my cats or how I neglect to prune my blackberry bushes every fall. I care about your writing. You care about my reading what you write. I'll give you a hint. I download free books every day and currently have approximately 1500 standalones and complete series in my reading queue and at least as many books that are part of a series for which I do not yet have the remaining volumes. If I *know* that a book is part of a series and I have Book 1 and *choose* to read it I will purchase the remaining books in the series if I like it well enough. With 1500 free books waiting for me I am *not* going to waste my time or money on the works of authors who deceive their readers through omission by failing to present an accurate product description.
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on December 15, 2012
Well, the book started off okay. The emotion at the beginning could have been portrayed in a more realistic manner but I got the gist of what the author was trying to get across. I liked the romance between Jonas and Paige but again, the emotion wasn't well presented and the characteristics of them both didn't come across well (apparently, Jonas is supposed to be shy?). But, overall it was a sweet story (albeit unrealistic in many aspects - would a mother really accept a woman in her son's life so readily, knowing the secret her future daughter-in-law carried? Would a mother really allow said woman to not tell her son immediately?) - until nearing the end.

I've always believed an ending can make or break a book. There are times I've been greatly disappointed in the ending of a book but the rest of the book made up for the lack of a good ending. And, I do believe, an ending is not an easy thing to write well - few authors can do the ending of a book justice. But this ending was terrible. So that brings me to my question - is there going to be a follow on?

I hope so - at least then it will justify how the story has been left hanging. But I do recommend to the author - look into improving your emotional and character descriptions. Don't be obvious but let your words feel. There could have been good sex and cammeraderie between Paige and Jonas, but there was no spark. As a reader, I need to feel the spark, and I didn't, not even in the bedroom. Two stars is generous - it's only one star if there is no sequel.
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on December 23, 2012
This book had the potential to be good. However the story line was all over the place! Plus like no one could figure out this girl was pregnant forever in the book. The ending was a drop off with the climax being lame.
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on January 5, 2013
I enjoy escapism and romantic novels that are not very probable. But this one is frankly ridiculous. The heroine (Paige) has a nasty breakup of a 3 year affair on day 1 . They meet on day 2 at the airport and sit next to each other on the plane. They realize within 24-48 hours that they are in love. They have hot steamy sex. Then she has a mystery illness which the average 10 year old would have figured out was pregnancy-- but this heroine thought it might be cancer like her mother had. Really? When she finally finds out the truth that she is pregnant with another man's child she worries about how to tell her new love. He knows something's wrong, and wants to figure out the mystery behind her throwing up in the morning, being fatigued, and sensitive to odors. REALLY?

I have read over half of this book and just don't think I can read another line. I gave it 2 stars instead of one as the sentence structure and grammar are passable and I have read worse.
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on November 25, 2012
It's obviously a beginning work since I can't find anything else out about the author, but it was a good story. I loved the characters and the whirlwind romance is believable. Like others have said, the whole... SPOILER ALERT.................... pregnancy thing is a little hard to get over, I figured it out too quickly, but the characters were a little slow. I did not like the ending. The epilogue occured later in the day as the previous chapter, so there was no happy ending in the future, all you know is what happens at the end of the day and there is so much that is left up in the air. I assume this is because she plans to write another book and there is plenty of material that can fill that book, but there is no mention of it anywhere. I really liked the characters and want to see where their story leads.
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on November 27, 2012
I'm not sure why I continued to read this book. Perhaps I thought there would be a satisfactory outcome to the heroine's romance and predicament. In any case, I did waste my time finishing the book, and she was just as whiny and annoying throughout.
A large portion of the book was explicit sex scenes. While I wasn't offended by the sex, I found myself ready to get back to the story already. It made me realize just how clever Janet Evanovich is when she leads up to a sex scene and then leaves the rest to the imagination. Of course, Evanovich's books actually have a plot, so that's an option.
Usually I give at least 3 stars for any book I finish. I can't in this situation because it was not OK, and I don't want to mislead future readers into believing it's a run-of-the-mill happily ever after book.
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on November 24, 2012
This was an okay read. I liked the premise and I think the author has a good story line. However, the events happened ridiculously fast (even though the genre is romantic escapism). Paige broke up with her boyfriend of three years and two days later she's in love with someone else...that's fast even by Hollywood standards. Paige was very concerned about her family and friends in Chicago but she never talked with them or informed them of the events in her life.

I liked the characters, though they were a bit flat and the conversations/thoughts didn't always seem to flow well. Also, having so many points of view was distracting to me at times.

Despite my issues with the book it did hold my interest enough to finish it. The ending seemed a bit superficial, but it worked with the story.
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