Customer Reviews: The Better Brain Book: The Best Tool for Improving Memory and Sharpness and Preventing Aging of the Brain
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 21, 2013
Even though this book was written 8 years ago, the information in it still holds true. Much of the research done on dementia, Alzheimer's disease, etc. had been done as early as the 90's, but it was never released to the public. In addition, information on the internet was not as readily available at that time. In September of 2012, I removed my 93 year old mother from a nursing home where she had been deteriorating until I could get legal guardianship for her. During a period of 8 years that she lived with my aunt and then another 9 months in the nursing home, she had lost her ability to speak, could no longer walk with assistance, and her brain function had been greatly reduced. When she came to live with us, she was completely incontinent (couldn't control bodily functions) and was on 10 medications that included 3 for high blood pressure, 1 for high cholesterol, 1 for low thyroid, 1 for water retention, in addition to a few others.

When she came here, I immediately started research on her medications and why they were needed, and also the causes of dementia and what may halt or improve the condition. Through diet and supplements, we gradually eliminated the need for medications, and also started a regiment of supplements to improve brain function. At this point in time, 10 months later, she is not taking any medications at all, and is completely continent. I do caution anyone that might try this, that you need work closely with a physician that does periodic complete blood tests and physicals to monitor results. With supplements I found in my research, we have also increased her ability to speak, but it is not yet 100%. My theory is that once the brain is given what it needs to start reproducing cells, the cells that have been destroyed, and hence the memories and cognitive abilities, must be rebuilt. If given the necessary tools, the brain never stops growing. So destroyed synaptic connections must be rebuilt. In addition to diet and supplements, I have been using iPad applications for speech and memory therapy to rebuild synaptic connections.

This book includes and supports the research I have done to support and improve brain function, and does it in a way that the layman can understand. It is very easy to read. Even though medical terms are included, everything is explained in a way that anyone can understand, and with supporting evidence. More recently release research has unveiled more supplements that may be necessary, such as PQQ to rebuild mitochondria, but the information is this book is still solid. So far, this is one of the best books on this subject that I have seen. The only change to information in it is that dosages for severely demented patients may need to be increased in order to see improvement. Since some things can be toxic if overdosed, you really need to do your research.

Even so, I think this book is a great starting point. It can give you so many ideas and clues as to what you should research further. Even without further research, this book supplies a sound regiment to improve or maintain your own brain health, or to improve the brain function of one that you love. Dementia is definitely not an end-all. There are measures that you can take to stop the progression of dementia and even improve brain function. I have seen improvement in my mother, and am protecting my own brain with the knowledge that I have to do so. At age 66, I have recently completed an AS degree with a 4.0 GPA. I don't think that too bad for my age!
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on July 16, 2013
Very interesting book written by a neurologist in Florida. Practice seems to specialize in dementias. Very good bibliography.
Dr. P outlines a program that is comprehensive in terms of taking care of ourselves at any age. His section on supplements is very good, as he tells why he believes each supplement to be worthwhile, and actually mentions dosages. Also stresses the role of lifestyle, nutrition and exercise in taking care of our brains. He also has specific "exercises" we can do to maintain, or improve our cognition.

I am always a little skeptical when this type of information is put forward by an individual vs. a group of clinicians. However there is a lot of crossover here with other things I have read, and journal articles as well. Dr. Gary Small's book "The Alzheimer's Prevention Program" complements this book. There is crossover with supplements and other areas. Dr. Small is at UCLA.
I think the combination of the two books provide a lot of useful practical information for all of us who want to preserve our brains as long as possible.
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on June 5, 2013
My doctor prescribed this for me - said he rest of me was in such good shape at 64 that I better start taking care of my brain since my body was going to last for a while. It's an easy read, and the programs he has put together seem to make sense and are relatively easy to follow.
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on April 1, 2005
Dr. Perlmutter does what only a small percentage of physicians today are doing. He goes beyond simply swallowing the "proprietary data" that pharmaceutical companies present to doctors every day at their offices and at every medical conference they attend until the vast majority believe it is the best we can do for our patients....give them prescription drugs to delay symptoms, and tell them that what can't be treated that way must be accepted as the normal pitfalls of aging. Some physicians can't accept that. They study nutrition, they study physiology, they search the medical literature for alternative treatments...research from all over the world that is available to any physician if he or she looks for it, but isn't promoted as the newest product by a pharmaceutical company. This is the kind of physician who wants to see his or her patients get well, or not become unwell in the first place. This kind of physician will continue to seach for answers always to the questions of what restores health safely, what prevents disease effectively, what causes a rapid decline in health in the first place. This book is an excellent and more thorough follow-up to Dr. Perlmutter's Brain and goes into more depth, and gives more practical advice to YOU, so that you can take action now to protect your brain from aging much more rapidly than it should. There are other physicians who have learned similiar things in other areas of health, and some are brave enough and generous enough to share them in this way. The American Medical System is designed to assist you in being unaware of how sick you are until you suddenly die, by simply treating your symptoms as they arise without teaching you the cause and helping you to regain your health and vitality. Most prescription medications relieve your symptoms only temporarily or mask the symptom but do not rejuvenate your body. Read Dr. Perlmutter's book if you are concerned about the health of your brain. If you enjoy thinking and want to keep doing it well as you age, you owe it to yourself!

Dr. Tedde Rinker, Anti-Aging Physician, Redwood City, CA [...]
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on January 14, 2014
I am a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Registered Nurse and have been teaching wellness for over 25 years. I have read much of the research that Dr. David Permutter has proven in this book, not only the research but the clinical subjective work he has done and I am thrilled. I have also taught much of the information in my workshops and seminars.

His statement and his clinical work about Cholesterol and the Statin drugs MUST BE HEARD by the medical field. It is something that has alarmed me for many years. The research is out and too many of the MD's have not listened or have not read the results.

I feel that Dr. David Perlmutter is so brilliant and realistic in his practice that every one of his patients are very fortunate to have been his patient.

I would like to take this book and the grain brain book and write an outline to teach. This is wonderful information. Dr. SBC
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on May 16, 2014
David Perlmutter, M.D, author of "The Better Brain Book" gives practical advice on how to enhance brain function and avoid its dysfunction. The book is well written in a language that lay people can understand and be guided by a reputable neurologist. DR. Perlmutter provides the reader with tools how to boost the brain's performance. It takes you by the hand and guides you through daily and weekly menus best suited for your health.

His advice which vitamins to use or which drugs to avoid are very important and helpful. The reader is being introduced to scientific programs of natural therapies. The reader of this book becomes aware how the constant use of cell phone might affect the brain negatively; the brain could be absorbing a significant amount of electromagnetic energy.
"The Better Brain Book" is indeed a valuable reference resource; common things everybody can do to improve brain performance and how the recommended recipes may improve your health.

The Nazis, imbued with bigotry and hatred, had been determined to destroy me. In May 1945, The Russian Army liberated me from a Nazi concentration camp. I was 18 years old when the Russian doctors told me that it would be a miracle if a live another two years. When I was in thirties, I faced many health issues. Then, I changed my life style and adopted many of the same practical suggestions that Dr Perlmutter provides in "The Better Brain Book." I am now 88 years old and feel better than I was 27. Apparently, Dr. Perlmutter's advice should be considered. and his throve of medical information should be appreciated. I for one do. So should anybody who wishes to preserve a healthy brain and a healthy body. Take action now to protect your brain from aging much more rapidly than it should; you owe it to yourself!
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on March 23, 2015
Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter, for all your work and research regarding brain health. I first saw Dr. Perlmutter on PBS and what he said made sense to my. I was heartened to hear that one of his patients with what I have, Dystonia (mine is generalized, meaning throughout my body rather than one or two places), reported cessation of symptoms. Another, with Parkinson's, a related disorder, also enjoyed relief from symptoms after using the Grain Brain way of eating. I got my kitchen ready and plunged in. In less than a week, I had fewer "storms" where the brain sends mixed up messages to the muscles that causes jerking, twisting and contracture, and the episodes I did have were faar less harsh. I actually felt good!! That, in itself, is a miracle. Now, I goofed up by not getting and preparing a variety of foods. Within a few weeks were sick of fried eggs, deviled eggs and salad with tuna. We ended up going off the diet over the holidays, but I had lost about 12 pounds while on the diet quite easily. I heartily recommend Dr. Perlmutter's books and the diet he promotes. Just decide what recipes you'll be preparing and stock up. Try new herbs and spices. You can steal a few recipes from Atkins recipes,too, just substitute out soy, peanut, flour and a few other things. Otherwise, there's plenty to choose from. I am so grateful to Dr. Perlmutter for his work, which offers me an opportunity to reduce my pain, the degree of my disability and an opportunity to get back parts of my life I thought I had lost forever. Like they say, cost of Dr. Perlmutter's books- a few dollars, the cost of prepping your fridge and pantry-a few dollars more, getting your life back--now that's priceless.
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on October 19, 2010
Still good information from Perlmutter who is well-respected in the field of functional medicine. The five years since this book was published have seen some important new research which, while not conflicting with Perlmutter's recommendations for having a better brain, is a little more encouraging and specific. In general though, having a better brain is not about supplementation, but about your regular diet, daily exercise and physical activity for your body and your brain. This book is worth a read, but check out some newer books and science, too.
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on December 17, 2015
The science in this book is over 10 years old and completely contradicts what his newer book "Grain Brain" promote. In this book he says to avoid saturated fats and has recipes that include wheat and gluten. If Dr. Perilmutter had any conscience he would take this book off the market. Its such a shame for those who don't know any better who may buy this book today and start practicing some of the diet recommendations. I didn't realize the boom was this old until it came in the mail. I wasted my money and do not know what to believe anymore.

Just eat REAL food, meditate, get REAL sunshine every day, exercise and sleep 8 hours in complete darkmess and most of all enjoy and LOVE life and don't let bad science make you crazy.
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on January 16, 2016
I have heard and read a lot on David Perlmutter and always like his writings. Anything he writes is full of gold nuggets.

This book was a good read. I felt that it offered a good yet safe supplement and herb strategy that's easy to follow for improving brain function. The book isn't too long either but to the point.

Until reading this book, I never would have suspected how possibly helpful CoQ10 can be for the brain, no matter what age you are.

If you're into brain health, this is definitely worth reading. Even if you're younger, it's of incredible value to be aware that a good nutrition/supplement strategy exists which can be helpful to you as you get older so you can start YOUNG at keeping your brain healthier and preventing neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and dementia. Preventing diseases starts many years before it even develops.
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