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on February 9, 2007
There is an opinion that a not so good translation of the New Testament comes from a failure edition of the Greek. Indirectly, it seems to aim to Moffatt's. But I do not agree to this opinion.
First; It belongs to a different situation between the skill of translation and a failure edition. Second; So far as the Moffatt's New Testament, his translation is the most refined English among the other English translations except great Tyndale's.

For instance, in Greek [ STRAPHEISA ], he has translated "(She) started round" --John 20:16. Tyndale shows "(She) turned herself" is exactly correct, but Moffatt is very delicate and more dramatic at that scene. Also he has used "Logos" for the Word, --John 1:1, "Nations" for Gentiles, --1 Timothy 3:16. An interpolation of "Enoch" is quite right, --1 Peter 3:19. Undoubtedly, his translation has a poesy, and is elegantly rhythmical (an example --Hebrews 1:1~5); and also is familiar but not so simplified like as Phillips'; is vivid but not so strong like as Goodspeed's; and is more delicate than Lattimore's.

Even if he has fallen into some unavoidable pits by H.F.von Soden's Greek edition, we should not be detracted his contributions for our faith. He deserves to be honored to this splendid and dignified translation of the New Testament which has been giving the Truth to many people on our earth.

I recommend this book sincerely.
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on December 8, 2011
Seriously, I picked this translation up on the recommendation of none other than C.S. Lewis. In the epilogue of his book "Miracles" he suggests the Moffat translation as the best from the Greek and a good place to start a study of the Bible and in particular the New Testament. Daily I read a chapter from the Old T, a chapter from Proverbs and two or three chapters from the Gospels. So far, I am in agreement with Mr. Lewis. While I'm here, may I heartily recommend the complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics to you. He is an amazing thinker and writer and though I do not "get" some of his thoughts because they are so complex to me, I get enough.
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on March 10, 2012
Just a few days ago I listened to an hour long discussion with Eugene Peterson, the pastor who spent 12 years translating the entire Bible from the original languages into contemporary English (The Message). In the discussion he referenced two other translations that he suggested also took a similar approach to his ... The New Testament in Modern English translated by J.B. Phillips and this book, The Bible, James Moffatt Translation. I have all three of these books in front of me now as I write this review. I have read the entire J.B. Phillips translation and I think he did a marvelous job in the translation ... it flows and is indeed "poetic" as some people refer to it. I also have read quite a bit of The Message and find that Mr. Peterson had a knack for translating passages with a flair! It may not be a "study Bible", but is very worthwhile to have on your shelf along with your ESV, HCSB, NASB, etc Study Bible! So, when Mr. Peterson referred to the Moffatt translation he caught my interest. I had heard of it, but had never seen nor read it. So I quickly looked on Amazon to see if I could still buy it (looking at the copyright page, it appears that it was written beginning in the year 1922 (actually that was the first copyright, so it likely had been in the process of being written for several years prior to that). That was 90 years ago! I am very pleased that Amazon still is a source for us to find good books that have been around for decades (nearly a century in this case ... the back cover of the book sums it up like this: "Moffatt is best remembered, however, for single-handedly translating the Bible. His New Testament was printed in 1913, followed by the Old Testament in 1924. Both translations were revised and reprinted together in 1935 and popularly know as Moffatt's Bible"). But reading the reviews I was concerned that comments seemed to imply that perhaps the current edition being sold on Amazon was mis-printed in some way, with some chapters or verses out of order. But I bought it anyway, since it was kindly referred to by Eugene Peterson. Any reviewer that speaks about printing the various books of the Bible out of sequence, etc should also make it clear that the publisher is not to "blame" for this! The book appears to be correctly printed and published ... and indeed, there is a two page "Publisher's Preface" at the very front of the book (the first thing you will read!) It reminds us that this translation was written decades ago using manuscripts available at that time! Here is what is included in those first two pages:

"Also noted by critics of the translation is Moffatt's tendency to rearrange the order of verses or chapters where the Hebrew (at that time) seemed less than clear. Again, subsequent discoveries have validated the previous readings and left Moffatt's rendering inadequate."

So ... anyone interested in reading the Moffatt translation can purchase this book with confidence ... the publisher not only presented the translation as written by James Moffatt, but even prefaced the book explaining what some people noticed ... things that appeared "out of order". In my first day's perusal I did notice this in Isaiah 53, for example.
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on March 25, 2007
This is a great bible translation and a solid alternative to the King James Bible since it uses similar Greek manuscripts in the New Testament. However, don't confuse this with a King James bible. Old Elizabethan English this is not! This one is written in plain English and is closer to modern English.

Apparently, this once was a very popular bible translation in the 1930's, 1940' and 1950's. It's ashame it still isn't.

This was just the thing I was looking for to help smooth out some of the harder reading passages in the King James bible.
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on May 6, 2015
This is a photo-offset reproduction (i.e. a photocopy) of an edition published in about 1935. Crucially, it is missing the 39-page Introduction in which James Moffatt explains a lot about his translation. To get the Introduction you have to find an earlier edition. Another thing that is missing is the suffixes to the verse numbers. For example, Genesis should start with chapter 2 verse 4a, and then verse 4b is in chapter 2 itself. Again, you have to find an earlier edition for those. There are other minor differences between this edition and the earlier edition. There are lots of places where the chapters and verses are reordered and that is quite intentional. There is at least one place where a verse is translated by a row of dots. The language throughout is good scholarly Scottish English of the early 20th century. I hope this Bible can get properly re-published so that more people can enjoy the wonderful language within it.
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on February 17, 2011
I have yet to find a Bible translation that I didn't like. God has brought me new revelation in most every translation I have ingested. Moffatt's Bible is certainly no exception! In fact, it is well worth the investment if you can find a good copy. I purchased this Bible as a replacement for one which I gifted to someone., and I was very much looking forward to receiving my new copy. However, the Kregel Classics printing of this fine Bible is not worth the paper it is printed on. In various sections, the chapter and verse numbers are mis-marked, reversed, and jump around. There are large sections of text that have been dropped in the middle of other chapters. The result is a Bible that has certainly not lost its Power, but has certainly lost its punch in many respects. The continuity and flow of His Word is choppy and interrupted in this printing. Unfortunately, Kregel Classics has taken "the original modern-language Bible", the great work in Moffat's translation, and rendered large portions of it a frustrating mess. If digesting the blissful truth could ever be rendered a painful experience, these publishers have come close to achieving that feat...
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on May 23, 2016
This was a great Birthday present for my husband. He had seen it advertised elsewhere for a lot more money. He was ecstatic when I gave this to him. Thank you so much for speedy service with a product in excellent condition!
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on November 2, 2010
While the service and packaging were good I'm extremely disappointed with the Bible as it is not 'in order'. Example: Isaiah 10:1-5 is followed by Isaiah 5:25-29 then Isaiah 10:5-34. After Iasiah 24:23 comes Isaiah 25:6-8 followed by Is. 26:20-21, followed by Is. 27:1-13, then Is. 25: 1-11. Isaiah 28:1-22 is followed by Is. 10:20-23, Is. 28:23-29. This just goes on and on but I'm sure you will get the drift and understand my disappointment. CJB
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on July 24, 2013
This Version of The Bible was the most popular, WorldWide during the great Depression years of the early 1900's. It is a must for all Christian Bible schollars. Moffat was also on the team that formed the New American Standard Bible, in the 1950's
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on January 11, 2014
When studying the King James version sometime You may run up against a verse or words that may be hard to understand the full meaning of . Many times after reading a verse or verses in the King James Version I will read the Moffatt Bible and It will confirm or make clearer the verses . It is an excellent supplement for studying the Bible for Clarity or opening up the subject for further study . I would recommend this Bible for an excellent supplement for anyone studying the Bible , especially in these days of so many versions . I feel very Comfortable with this version . As said earlier this is an excellent supplement . If You can acquire a Companion Bible and a Strong's Concordance of the Bible to go with the Moffatt You will truly enjoy the way the Bible starts to open up as never before .
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