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on September 13, 2013
This slim volume states its basic thesis in its title and then takes approximately seventy-five pages to lay out its arguments. It's concise, cleanly written, and easy-to-read; for those embarking on a study of this issue for the first time this book makes an excellent place to start, along with Fr Daniel Helminiak's WHAT THE BIBLE REALLY SAYS ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY. The two together are likely to whet the appetite of amateur scholars for more in-depth writings on this subject.

My only complaint, and it's one I seem to be making a lot lately, is the sloppy editing. Ann Nyland is an Australian, and a self-described "grammar pedant," but one could be forgiven for thinking that English was not her first language. This is surely not the fault of the author, but publishing houses really need to tell their editorial staffs to actually PROOFREAD what they work on instead of relying on Spell Check.
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on February 13, 2011
the other review for this book exemplifes the exact reason a book like this is useful. your reccomendation to see a translated text of the bible is the ignorance this book is trying to complicate. maybe you should learn to think for yourself before spewing the hatred you have been taught. read this for an interesting critique on language, translation, and religion
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on May 15, 2012
The reasoning in this book gets absurd quickly. I noticed frequently that the main logical point doesn't ever really get made in each section. Her logic is unclear and unfinished, constantly. In fact, it's so undeveloped that, while enough Bible is used, often I would think the reasonable reader must be left to think, in each of the instances, that the Bible is anti-"Gay", anti-homosexuality. The author is quite brief is every section with her comments or explanations. And maybe there is some code language used that deceptively already makes the homosexual reader feel good in some prior false logic system.... who knows... it's just weird.

The author is said to know Classical Greek. But though it is similar and close to Koine Greek, Koine Greek (New Testament Greek) are very different for some words. And the word for homosexual is certainly one of them. Greek was a language in transition in the time of the New Testament. The author should know this. This leads me to conclude she is actively deceiving.

The author drastically misquotes Leviticus 20:13 in one or more sections. She says "ritually unclean". Astounding difference to the lengthy omission of the second half of the verse.
Lev.20:13 in the NASB:
"If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them."

And even though the author has a massive misunderstanding of the Law and Jesus' fulfilling work between the Old and New Covenants, she equates the punishment of being put to death in verse 13 with other amoral transgressions having no punishment. The gall. ...She must be either too ignorant to write anything about the Bible, or she is a deceiver, a false teacher.

One huge thing about God revealing truth for understanding in the Bible is that God is about distinguishing, over and over, more and more. Right from wrong. Holiness from sin. God's way from your way.

About the author being a scholar in the issue of homosexuality vis a vis Christianity or the Bible. Where is her interaction with legitimate Bible scholars? Her references are prejudicially selective of Classical Greek, outside of a reasonable New Testament literary range.

Studying the Koine, it is loudly blatant that 1 Corinthians 6:9 contains two words that have to do with homosexuals. Very oddly, the author's treatment even amplifies this. But then even more oddly, the author asserts explicitly that the word(s) do not mean "homosexual". Crazy absurd.

About the inevitable false accusation of hate. Yes, I hate sin. So I hate homosexuality. No, this is not the same as hating people who happen to be homosexuals. I love all people. And actually, because of that, I try to tell the truth to people, and correct people, because if you love someone you will correct them with the truth.
"He who hates correction is stupid."
"Love rejoices with the truth."
"The fear of the Lord is to hate sin."
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

Homosexuality is a sin. We know it is to God because homosexuality is a sin in the Bible. Homosexuality is an offense to God.
Purporting Christians that promulgate homosexuality are an offense also to Christianity, as the Bible says. So this author is an offense to Christianity. She is a false teacher, no doubt.

The Bible says that in the last days there will be false teachers teaching false doctrines that tickle ears. This book and this author is a prime example of this. Is your ear tickled?
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on September 7, 2011
Books like this are important to show God's true meaning, and that he loves all of us. It is immorality that causes sin, not sexual orientation. Let us remember that Jesus rebuked those who were judgmental, because we are all equal in God's eyes.
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on March 11, 2012
I am a gay man who has read the entire King James Bible. I have no problem with my homosexuality. However, I find it silly, and possibly dangerous, for gay men and lesbians to try to delude themselves into believing that the Bible does not condemn what is known today as "homosexuality." Admittedly, the concept of homosexuality is a 19th-century invention, and the Bible was written thousands of years ago by men whose understanding of same-sex behavior was quite different from the modern one. Thus, technically, no, the Bible does not condemn the modern concept. However, it condemns something that at least vaguely resembles homosexuality. To say that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality is rather like saying that the Bible does not condemn drunk driving. Of course you won't find anywhere in the Bible a passage that forbids drunk driving. The automobile wasn't invented until thousands of years later, and drunk driving simply didn't exist yet. So if the Bible doesn't condemn drunk driving, does that mean that Christians should tolerate drunk drivers?
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on April 19, 2011
its amazing how people constantly want to change the bible and its teachings and twist them so they can carry out acting a immoral lifestyle!,firstly i dont hate gays,but the bible in its true form teaches that God hates the sin ,not the sinner,a view i fully agree too,however,we must never change or mess around with the bible just so it says what our lustful ears want to hear!,in the begining was MAN and WOMAN.
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on March 1, 2014
Excellent book. Highly recommend for those Christians whom seriously desire to know God's truth towards mankind. God's love for ALL.
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