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on December 4, 2012
It comes brand new so that when you open the cover, it bends and makes that new book sound. It seems like a great book full of pictures and has way more current information than Dare to Dream, etc. Thats only because it came out recently and tells you all NEW stuff about the boys! It has a hard cover which is always better....and is very long! So not the best idea to get little children unless you are planning to read it to them! Great for teens! And if your sick of those lame 50 page books about them this is your best deal so far!
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on December 6, 2012
I bought this when there were no reviews hoping it met my expectations! AND IT DID! Just got it in the mail this morning! Brand new, BIG, and full of facts and pictures! Can't wait for my daughter to open it on Christmas morning! If you have or are a "Directioner", this is a must have! Very pleased!
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on December 12, 2012
love it with all my heart omg its so perfect it has 192 pages and so many pictures and its recent because it has pictures of zayn with his blonde streak! AHHH!!! its so perf i love it and it came earlier than expected by about 3 days!
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on January 23, 2013
This is a review that... probably only a Directioner would understand. Just a warning to all of the parents wanting to buy this book for their Directioner kid and scratching their heads at my fan babbling.
Sure, this book is long and all, but it's full of... junk. I like the boys - that's why I buy stuff like this! But I couldn't care less about their home town statistics, what other celebrities have to say about them, or the random articles about people I've never heard of before. I like Simon Cowell, don't get me wrong, but the first couple chapters were all Mr. Cowell and X Factor miscellany. Who cares?! Most of the book is fluff like this, and when you get right down to it, there isn't much in here at all.
If you're expecting new information, it dates itself quite a few times. They think Harry only has two or three tattoos. Ha! The boys twitter followers are half of what they are today, too. So this was new in like... July 2012?
There wasn't a single thing in here that I didn't know before. It was like... a review book of sorts. Nothing exciting or new. The quotes that were used were old and are obvious interview answers the boys have used dozens of times. There was nothing creative about this book. Most of it was written like a newspaper, so I can't even know what's true or not. Which brings me to my biggest peeve with this book. It's inaccurate.
They claimed that Liam's kidney was removed (he's still got two!), that Niall made Justin Bieber mad by flirting with Selena Gomez (a rumor that Niall disproved as he had never met her at the time), and they spelled Zayn's full name wrong. (I think - you'll have to ask the guy if it's 'Javaad' or 'Jawaad.' Pretty sure there is no 'w' involved in his name, but whatever...?)
Another issue with this book is... Zayn. He's barely in it! Of course, he gets his own promised chapter, but they almost never quote him (do they at all?) and it gets kind of frustrating. On page 186, they actually cut him out of the picture of the boys on stage so it's the four of them with Zayn's left sleeve. They did this again on pages 170 and 171 for this giant picture of the boys at the Olympics, but Zayn was cut out again. Why do they do that?! And you'll be reading along and come across a quote like this:
"Of course, giving often brings more joy than receiving, so the guys have been sure to share sage advice with others. Here are a few of their bits of wisdom, specifically intended for those thinking about auditioning for a show like The X Factor:" (176)
They listed Liam and a quote from him and then quotes from Louis, Niall, and Harry. Where's Zayn?! See, that's just one of the examples of why it really started to irk me.
Over all, the more I think of this book, the more I dislike it. Probably the best thing about it was on page 30 when they used a picture where Harry is being obnoxious on stage with Liam's crotch. I really hope they didn't notice that. Makes it funnier.
So if you're a Directioner, I'm going to just go out and say: don't buy this book. There are a million books on One Direction out there and this is not one of the ones you need. Honestly, it's the worst book in my 1D collection.
Disappointed all around!
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on December 30, 2012
This book is better than those other 1D books you'll find. It is full of more facts, pages, and pics! The cover is nice with glitter, and it's just a great buy.
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on July 28, 2013
This book is jam-packed with photos and stories about the One Direction guys. The fact that this is a hard-cover book at such a great price makes me even happier!
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on August 27, 2013
I love one direction and this book! Trust me you will learn things you didn't know about the boys after you read this book.
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on December 1, 2013
My girls love anything that has to do with One Direction. It was a hit with them and their friends.
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This is literally a 'big' book. I was expecting a soft cover, typical tween read, but was pleasently surprised when this book arrived in my mailbox. I purchased it for a young girl for her 13th birthday. She's a pretty big fan of One Direction and I always love finding creative ways to inspire kids to read. She gets to learn about her favorite band members- and she gets to read! Win win!

I, personally, did not sift through the book. It came in pristine condition. The hardcover had that new book 'crack' as it first opened. So I didn't want to mess with it too much before she opened it for her birthday. It is hardcover. And a quality hardcover. The pages are glossy with high resolution pictures and clear print. The quality of the book is worth well over it's asking price. The cover is glossy and has embossed writing (textured writing). There is a really fine shine to the front of the book. The pages are thick and high quality paper. Each page is packed with information and pictures- creatively laid out in a way that any tween girl would appreciate.

It's very age appropriate for girls ranging from 10 to 15. I think the reading level is a bit sophisticated for elementary kids- but even so they would probably really enjoy the pictures. The size of the book is fairly big. It's thick! Full of pages. But the actual size of the book is large too! I'd say it's about 10 inches wide- which is pretty big for a book. It's sized similar to a typical library encyclopedia (but not quite as thick).

All in all, I was very pleased with this book. And the girl who recieved it absolutely loves it!
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on December 28, 2012
My 9 yr old was ecstatic to receive this at Christmas. She has poured over the pages, reading about each one. She brought it to a family gathering and her older cousins enjoyed looking at it and discussing it. It is a very thick book and excellent quality. With the time my daughter has spent actually READING it, I think it is definitely worth the money spent.
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