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on February 14, 2008
So what was the first thing I thought when I listened to "The Big Dirty," ETID's latest record? "Hmmm sounds like a heavier version of 'Gutter Phenomenon' just not as catchy or memorable." Thankfully though, like many good cds that I have been listening to lately, my first few initial listens weren't any indication of the album itself.

"The Big Dirty" sounds like a natural progression from where Every Time I Die left off with the last record. A lot more southern influence is creeping into their sound (and it's funny that as soon as these guys ditch the sound the majority of the scene is copying, a whole new crop of bands begin to rip off the new style they're developing) but there is still a healthy dosage of the hardcore and metal the band is known for.

Ripping and loud guitars dominate most of the songs, and while their not as mathematical or chaotic as they've been in the past, just try dismissing tracks like "Pigs is Pigs" and "Immitation is the Sincerest Form of Battery." Keith is still one of the more intelligent vocalists and lyricists in this style of music, and it seems like he's just getting better with every record the band releases. His vocals are top-notch and unlike "Gutter Phenomenon" which featured a heavy use of clean vocals, most of the time Keith chooses to scream rather than sing. The drums and bass aren't anything to write home about, but they're performed well and on point.

The complaints aren't anything that big, but they're enough to keep this from getting anything higher than a 4. First off "The Big Dirty" is simply lacking the catchiness and vocal melody that made "Gutter Phenomenon" so unexpected and appealing. There's not many memorable hooks or parts that I could immediately if I didn't think it over for a bit. Some songs seem to blend together, especially towards the end of the record, and that's kind of a drag. And while the guitars are still a great aspect of the band's sound, some parts feel pretty dry and generic and there aren't many riffs on here that I would rate among the best that the band has written over their four album career.

All in all though, "The Big Dirty" eventually turned out to be a lot better than I initially thought. It will probably take time for the songs to grow on you, but it seems that records like this offer much more replay value than records that you immediately like (and often times grow tired of fairly quickly). Sad to say though, I'm growing tired of this southern-rock/hardcore thing that ETID is experimenting with and I'd like to see them take their in a completley new direction next time around, at least in an attempt to keep it fresh.

Highlights : "Pigs Is Pigs," "Cities and Years," "Immitation is the Sincerest Form of Battery"
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on September 11, 2007
These guys like to stick a round peg in a square hole, and make it work.That's why there music is so cool and crazy.They just keep on pounding the music at you til your ears fall in the deep fryer.Buy this and find out for yourself.This Cd rules!!!
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on September 4, 2007
(4.5 Stars)

The Big Dirty is the fourth studio album by the band 'Every Time I Die'. The album, like most of their work, is a collection of hard-hitting riffs, pounding drums, and enough screaming to satisfy anyone who has a hint of interest in the genre. Their last album, "Gutter Phenomenon" suffered from what could be described as a sound of revisiting in the later tracks. Since every song was so fast paced and hard hitting the songs tended to blend together aside from a few standout tracks.

While this may be a reoccurring issue in The Big Dirty, most of the tracks have enough stand-out features to identify themselves from the mix. The album picks up immediately with the title track 'No Son of Mine' and visits a familiar territory for most rock bands in the form of a no-good dad who doesn't care.

Other stand-out titles include the lightning-paced 'Werewolf', the humorously titled 'Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Battery', and a rare glimpse into a rockers mentality on the only non-screaming track 'INRIhab'.

From start to finish this album is an explosion of intensity. (Singer) Buckley and crew have outdone themselves both lyrically and musically. From a band who is progressively getting more refined with every album, this album is a huge step over their previous. While a few tracks suffer the monotonous rinse and repeat sound, the greater part of the album visits uncharted waters that if the band follows could lead to even more amazing things.

If you're a fan of ETID, or a fan of metal in general, there is no reason not to go out and purchase this album immediately.
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on October 1, 2007
This might be the strongest release from ETID, a band that has gone relatively unnoticed in the metalcore, grindcore, whatever their calling it today genre. The band's progression over the past few albums (Hot Damn! & Gutter Phenomenon) has made for memorable music in comparison to their counterparts in the genre, which have all seemed to go down hill with an emo sounding cry. The Big Dirty continues the evolution of the band, but keeps the main parts that made the other albums so great, thrashing guitars, great beats from "Ratboy", and every twisting turns that always keep their sound fresh. They call Emo the new punk, this is the sound that I picture when I hear "new punk". Tracks to check out if you haven't already: INRIhab, We'rewolf, Imitation is the Most Sincere Form of Battery and Depressionista.
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on August 9, 2008
One of my all time favorite albums. I can say that I am absolutely not a fan of punk rock (not calling this punk, at all) but it's roots can clearly be seen on this album along with a healthy twist of southern rock. But with all that they still manage to make it heavy as hell, its awesome. The song INRihab definately demonstrates this, even though a lot of people will bash this song, I find it too catchy to overlook, the lyrics are pretty cool, with clean vocals eventually giving way to his intense, passionate screams. This album is worth the money and I would tell anyone, whether your a fan of Burial Plot Bidding War or Gutter Phenomenon, to go out and give this album a scrutinizing listen, you won't be let down.
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on September 24, 2007
Okay so this is a pretty easy review. You know Every time I die? If you don't go pick up "Last night in Town" and listen to that then come back. This album rips in much the same way "Gutter Phenomenon" did. This album has the lyrics that have a humerous and frightening quality, it has the chaotic and constant riffing guitars of Jordan and Andy and Rat boy holds it down on drums. I love the songs "No Son of Mine" and "Leatherneck". Bootom line if you liked Gutter phenom. then you'll like this album.. if you liked the heavier parts of Hot Damn!, you'll like this album.. if you .. aaah forget it if you like Every time I Die.. you'll just like this friggin' album. It's Big.. it's Dirty.. It's good.
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on September 11, 2007
If you liked their previous work, do yourself a favor and get this album. It's hard hitting classic Every Time I Die. If you take the time to pay attention the lyrics they are as meaningful as always, but you can also take a break and just rock out (and it would be difficult to find a better CD this year to rock out to).
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on September 11, 2007
ETID returns with their fourth full length and I'm here to declare that it is ETID worthy. It's been a long time since I've seen an album name sum up the music inside as well as The Big Dirty does. Proceeding Gutter Phenomenon, many fans feared, myself included, that they were going to all but ditch their heavy roots and go for a poppy sound, but all those theories are thrown into the fire when the first crunching riff of "No Son Of Mine" hits. This is entirely a mix of Hot Damn! and Gutter Phenomenon with a bit more southern twist than usual. The only way for me to express the greatness of this release is to bore you with a track by track, as i shall.

1.No Son Of Mine 9.5/10...A quick kick in the teeth, making it one of if not THE heviest ETID opener. The first riff plays through and Keith belts "we've tried!.." The rest of the track follows nicely in suit with a heavy breakdown to end it.
2.Pigs Is Pigs 10/10...One of my current favorites. After No Son, one wonders if this album can get any heavier and their question is answered with this track. The chorus is, instead of your normal singing chorus witha hook, a huge breakdown that rips through the speakers making this an album highlight.
3.Leatherneck 9.5/10...A pretty unusual track for ETID. It mostly comes off as a Glassjaw song on steriods, with a huge southern twist. Surprisingly catchy and a great song, with a start stop riff playing through the verses.
4.We'rewolf 8.5/10...The first single and deservedly so. Begins with their patented cowbell and rocks hard through the verses, with Keith's drawling lyrics dragging behind. A great song, but almost too much going on even for a ETID song. The song around 2:40 shifts tempos and rocks your face off for the remaining 40 seconds.
5.Rebel Without Applause 9/10...A very Hot Damn!-esque song. Extremely quick drumming from Mike, with a chugging riff sped up playing. I think this is a great song, but a tough one to get into. The bridges feature one of the heavier guitars on the album, with Andy and Jordan dualing huge metal riffs at breakneck pace. A kind of punk feel throughout, but once it's over, it's one of the heaviest tracks on here.
6.Cities & Years 10/10...A tremendous song. The way it rips in almost reminds me of Norma Jean. The bridge in the middle is definitely a highlight and the ending breakdown is breathtaking.
7.Rendez-Voodoo 9/10...One of the weirdest ETID songs to date. Starts out with almost a Lyrnyrd Skynyrd type riff, and begins and Keith sings in a southern drawl. It's extremely catchy, then immediately goes into a breakdown with Keith screaming his brains out and alternates that very pattern. You just have to hear it.
8.A Gentelman's Sport 10/10...Typical 2:30 ETID song. But what a typical song it is. Extremely heavy, and when the bass and Keith's vocals alternate: "chewed off my very own head to get me out of this trap" makes me realize why i'm an ETID fan.
9.INRIhab 8/10...Probably the weakest song on the album imo, or maybe i just don't get it. Tons of singing which is fine with me, but it almost reminds me of an Atreyu song or even an Alexisonfire song (which isn't a stretch considering Dallas Green shares vocals on it.) I don't know, it's solid, but some parts are just huh?
10.Depressionista 9/10...Probably the heaviest song on the album. Through it's 2:30 runtime, it doesn't even come close to showing signs of slowing up, another Hot Damn!-esque song.
11.Buffalo Gals 8/10...The only other track on here that has taken a little longer to sink in with me. More singing and it's much in the same vein as INRIhab, but this song turns into just a dirty southern rocker, while INRIhab doesn't know where to go with itself.
12.Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery 10/10...Rivals Pretty Dirty as the best ETID closer around. A 2:29 song that plays as a 4 minute track. As soon as the first heavy riff crashes, you know the album is drawing to a close. The chorus is one of the catchiest on the album, and it would not be a stretch to make this song a single, and the last 15 seconds are priceless.

Apologize for the lackluster review, ETID is a tough band to categorize, write about, or even listen to sometimes, but i just wanted to get across how great this album is and is already becoming one of my favorites of the year and is climbing the ranks in my ETID discography. Highly recommended folks.
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on October 5, 2007
EITD have done it again. This album is an evolution of the band. The extra DvD that came with it was.. well it was them being them. It was great. Get it get it get it!! you won't regret it.
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on April 13, 2014
dirty as can be this band has great albums that everyone loves get outta here with all this shinfo dood
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