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on December 11, 2010
There are 4 16-minute walks on this DVD, and a short, standard cooldown session. The DVD comes with a tracking card where you can record your workouts and how many miles you have walked so far.

Walk 1: Bob - The standard basic steps, no sweating. Feels like an easy aerobics session.
Walk 2: Sione - Walk with weights, some upper body workout involved.
Walk 3: Bob - Higher cardio workout with jumping jacks and skater movements.
Walk 4: Tara - Light upper body workout with a medicine ball.
Cooldown: Tara and Sione - Leg and arm stretching.

I tried all 4 walks and the cooldown on my first try, overall I found it quite enjoyable, with low impact for the knees. This is really a beginner DVD, but it is easy to bring it to an intermediate level by adding jumps and crouches with the steps, moving your arms around at the same time, and using heavier weights or even weights you can attach to your legs or wrists. My favourite sessions were Walk 2 and 3, because of the upper body workout, and the high cardio with Bob.

If you do not own a medicine ball you can use a heavier weight instead which you can hold with both hands. If you do not own weights, you can still go through the workouts, as they show how to do the moves without them, but I recommend having a pair to have a much better, useful workout.

I wear a BodyMedia FIT (aka the BodyBugg) and it recorded a total of ~6,500 steps for all 4 walks, and a calorie spend of ~425 calories (if you do the "intermediate" level moves).

Note: This DVD also comes with a few rebates and special offers inside, such as a code to download for free the Biggest Loser Workout Mix Top 40 Hits Vol. 1 (a 1h mp3 compilation to drive you through any workout), a rebate for the Biggest Loser Meal Plan and Know Your Number Health Score subscriptions.
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on December 3, 2010
I ordered Power Walking because I wanted to supplement my workout. I thought it would be easy. There was no "taking it easy" with this DVD. I thought I did power walking but this was a whole new level of walking. I tried it out yesterday and I will say it is an excellent DVD for Beginners. If you don't finish the whole mile then do what you can and gradually build up.

The current season people are in this and several others from earlier seasons. Tara and Simone (from a previous season) do the cool down.

It has a three week program to follow in which by the end of 3 weeks you will have walked a marathon (27 miles). There are four 1 mile walks about 20 minutes long and a 5 minute cool down. Somedays you do 1 mile gradually working up to 2 miles.

If you want to supplement your current workout than I would say purchase it. If you are a beginner to exercise this is the DVD for you.
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on February 22, 2011
Sure. If you are a frequent runner or workout daily already, this may not be the workout system for you. But if you are (were) like me and need a low impact workout because of a knee injury and obesity, then this is the PERFECT way to get started. My husband (who is also overweight) & I do this everyday and every night and we have seen AMAZING results! You cannot cheat yourself by doing it half way. You must do the exercises properly and be committed to a better you, and you WILL see results. It shows you how to do the workout in a modified form as well as "full out". After doing this CONSISTENTLY for 4-5 weeks, I have been able to do a fast run in place for the first time in 10 years. Bob Harper is GREAT & he makes the workout tons of fun. They also selected great music for the workout so it doesnt get boring. I am thrilled with my results and my co-workers are noticing my progress. I have lost 25lbs & 2 dress sizes since Jan 3rd & I have no intentions of looking back. Do yourself a favor & get with the program.

P.S. Get yourself some hand weights, because you will need them for the second exercise. I will also say, that I get kinda frustrated with Quiones, the guy who leads the second exercise because he is not good at telling you to transition to the next exercise before its time to actually transition. This is not really a huge deal, because I pretty much know the routine by heart now.
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on December 2, 2010
I love Biggest Loser Power Walk, It's great for days when i want to take it easy and just do low impact. It adds a burst of cardio in between walking the mile and light weight training. I definitly recommed this dvd for anyone who is starting out of just wants to take it easy every other day. But you still get a good workout.:)
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on April 26, 2011
I bought this DVD in order to have some variety from the Leslie Sansome videos- she's great, but after a while, she bores. I liked that the video has four separate 1 mile workouts, but I don't like that the people walking seem to get confused by the instructions. Further, the 2 former contestants (I guess that's who they are- I don't watch the show) who lead the 2nd workout also came across to me as semi-clueless. They appear to be students who have taken a number of classes, so they're just repeating the things they've heard their instructors say. To me, there is a real difference in the quality of instruction between the trainer (Bob, I guess is name is?)and the two contestants. On the plus side, I did enjoy the different upper body boxing-derived moves, and the sprints at the end of the miles were an interesting surprise (I hope my downstairs neighbor had already left for work before I started my "sprint in place"). I will continue to use the DVD for variety, but will probably look to use Leslie's walks most days of the week.
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on November 6, 2011
I almost didn't buy this based on the reviews. I have a Leslie Sansone walking DVD that has 4 walks on it. (1, 2, 3 and 4 mile walks) I'm able to do the one mile and I tried the 2 mile and got to a mile and a half. It's not that I'm out of breath but my calves burn so bad that I can't continue. She uses the same 4 or 5 steps over and over, for some reason it really hurts me, and it doesn't feel the same as going outside and walking a mile. I'm on the road to recovery after an extended illness with over 7 months in the hospital. Sometimes I don't realize how unfit I am, so the poor reviews about how this wasn't a good workout almost swayed me to skip it. Then I saw it was on Amazon instant video and it was only 7 dollars so I gave it a try and I'm really glad I did. Personally I don't care if some of the exercisers get confused or miss a step. I don't care that all 4 workouts aren't led by BOB, although I love him dearly. And I don't care about music, and if Bob does all the exercises. I care that the workout gets me fitter, and helps me build endurance. After 6 weeks with Leslie Sansone I've not gained any endurance and several times almost quit because of the pain in my calves. This walk has a variety of moves, as well as gentle bursts of cardio to get you fit. I'll still use the Sansone video and would recommend it for those trying to get in shape, but this one is my favorite of the two. I like the variety. I'm not sure if I would be able to do the whole one mile without my previous 6 weeks of walking, but I did complete the first mile and was breathing hard, and got a bit sweaty. If you are an advanced exerciser you probably won't get much good out of this, but if you are recovering or just starting, it's worth 7 dollars. It's worth 20. The only thing about buying on instant video is that you don't get the marathon workout schedule. I may but a hard copy just for that.
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on February 19, 2012
I bought this DVD about a month ago so I can loose some weight. I needed a low impact workout since my knees aren't the best. In 4 weeks I have lost over 10lbs and dropped a pant size. I couldn't be happier! IT'S GREAT!
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on September 26, 2011
"The Biggest Loser: Power Walk" contains 4 separate walk workouts which can be done separately or in any combination. There is also a separate cooldown composed of all stretches.

I did all four and the cool-down. The walks were actually challenging and I enjoyed them. Each of the four workouts is about 16 minutes.

Here's the breakdown.

Walk one: Bob Harper leads. Walk is brisk and fast paced. There are the usual variations like side to side and kicks. (All four walks have arm movements.) Mr. Harper also uses intervals, alternating slower and faster speeds.

Walk two: Sione Fa leads. Walk is moderately paced and two light weights are used.

Walk three: Bob Harper leads. This is the only walk that uses high impact aerobics. If you have knee/foot issues, instead of jogging or doing jumping jacks, you can just walk or go side to side. This is fairly intense.

Walk four: Tara Costa leads. Walk is moderately paced and a small, light weight medicine ball is used. Two of the ladies demonstrate the exercises without the ball.
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on March 2, 2012
I've been doing Leslie Sansone videos for years, so I found this to be similar to her routines, although not as enjoyable. But it is nice to have a change of instructors & casts, and I enjoyed the fact that you can customize your workout by choosing which and how many miles to do. However, there really is NO cooldown, you just stop and go right into stretches, which I do not like. The stretches were also very brief & somewhat awkward for me, so I am not a fan of that portion of the workout. I don't watch the show, so that doesn't affect me one way or the other. Overall, a decent workout DVD.
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on January 8, 2011
Due to bad knees and hip plus living in New England I love this dvd. My heart rate was up and I had a good sweat going on and I only started the first mile. One customer stated that she thought it was boring and no one was smiling, honestly who smiles when they work out and bored far from it. I also love the yoga and 30 day Jump Start. Keep them coming Bob!!!!!
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