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on November 12, 2010
I enjoyed the biggest loser on the wii, but found it frustrating. If the controller was low on batteries or if you didn't pass it in front of the sensor just the right way, or if you punched too hard it wouldn't register and no matter how hard you actually worked, you'd get a low score for your work out. It was also hard when they wanted you to put the controller in your pocket for certian work outs, and I didn't have pockets in the pants I wore to work out.

So when they came up with the game for the kinect... I was excited. I like that you can see yourself in the corner and see how you're doing the move, and what you can do to improve on the move, I liked the body scan thing. Someone reviewed that they're 5'7 but was told they were 4 foot something, and their neck size was 200 some "... that reviewer probaby did something wrong.

I'm right at about 5'7". (in fact, my doctor last said I came in at just under 5'7" but he rounded it up.) and the game registered me at 5'6". no matter my actual height, that's nearly right one. The scan also got my neck and hip inches right on the mark. (I measured myself and yes, they were right on.) So the scan does work. At least it did for me.

The game itself is pretty good too. Push yourself and you can work up a really good sweat. I also like the fact that every so often they ask you to record a video diary. It helps you keep tabs on how you're doing. Seeing yourself on camera, being as honest as possible puts things into perspective for you.

In game it will ask you how you're feeling and will give you usually three options. you don't have to stop what you're doing to use the controller to answer, you just need to say one of the options out loud as you continue what you're doing. if things are too hard, it adjusts accordingly.

this is not to say it doesn't have it's glitches.

When it asks you to jog in place... it's nearly impossible to do it in the exact rythem as the trainer, so you get a low score... same with the punch jab steps. It will always tell you to extend your punches even though you've gone as far as you can go...

but the glitches themselves are relatively minor compared to the glitches I always got playing Biggest Loser on the Wii.

I give this game an A-/B+

I get a good workout, I love the motivational tips, I love the video tips, I love the fact I can see myself actually doing the workouts in the corner so I can keep an eye on my own movements, I love the video diary function, and hands free gives you a much better workout than when you have to worry about not letting the controller fly out of your hand.
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on December 6, 2010
So far, I've used EA EA Sports Active 2, Ubisoft Your Shape Fitness Evolved and Biggest Loser.

I think this is my almost-first choice.

It might be because my bias starting with Ubisoft. I think the tracking is better with Ubisoft, and correction of posture is better with Ubisoft... but...

This seems more like a weight-loss program + trainer + exercise program.

The interface is relatively kinect-friendly, although it's obvious that some of the menuing was designed for cross-platform support.

*Quick Start and Beginner friendly*
It's pretty easy and quick to get started. A few questions, and you can be off and running. I think there is considerable more sensitivity to those that might not work out that often. There is a testing/analysis section where you and the program can figure out what your current fitness level, and adjust accordingly. During this testing, the design and comments are decently encouraging and low-level that the beginner shouldn't feel too intimidated, but just happy to be moving their body. As it progresses, it can be more challenging to keep the more active interested.

*Ease of use*
Menuing is decent. Not the best I've seen on kinect, but definitely in the top 25%, but for a product that is cross platform, works well.

Voice commands. During your workout, there are voice prompts where the "trainer" asks you questions about your fatigue and need for water, etc. I thought it would be gimmicky, but it's really convenient being able to respond verbally. So much better than having to pick up a controller to answer a question.

*Body Analysis*
There is a section where the program scans your body to get some estimates of your measurements. I think it could be very humbling, but if you're trying to be honest about your weight loss, it'll be a good benchmark for your progress. I don't believe it to be absolutely accurate as it claimed I had a 200" neck. Oh, and you can enter your weight by the 0.1 of a lb. So I guess we're pretty serious about charting your proress.

*Exercise plans*
So far, I've just breezed through a few of them, but find them varied enough and not terribly silly (I liked them better than pretending to be riding a mountain bike [EA]). I find them decently challenging and I LOVE that you can choose when you begin a session, how much time you have available. It's nice to be able to choose a quickie 10 minute session, or a longer 40 minute session instead of having a fixed time

*Calorie counts, health knowledge*
Feel that this is a more rounded approach than ubisoft's workout-centric version. There are calorie goals, fitness tips, and an overall idea that you are entering a whole plan than having to figure it out on your own. But it doesn't seem to dumb it down too much for you. Considering their wide audience, I think was well handled.

I thought i would mock the video-diary, but when it came on (actually first two times, the microphone didn't work), I decided to look at the image, and as Charles Barkley said [...] "Just stand in front of the mirror naked and you can't lie to yourself." So I decided to make an entry to my future-more-in-shape-me with humility and sincerity and encouragement. I realize a journal is a very good motivator, and a video one for someone trying to see their body change would be even stronger.

*Show tie-ins*
I don't watch the show. Not that it's important, I just think if I knew the personalities and some of their catch phrases, it would appeal to me even more. I think the avatars for each of the hosts aren't horrible, but I think they look better in real life.

I'm sure that if I were a big fan of the show, the quotes from previous show participants would be inspiring, and feeling that "the same trainer" that is on tv is "training me" would be fun/exciting.

I like that there's a blobby silhouette, similar to Ubisoft. It moves and bobs like I do, making me feel more like an active participant rather than a marionette for some avatar.
There were more corrective comments than I expected, "dip lower" "hands higher", given both audibly (I like that) and visually (some bars change color and warn you), but I find that I like ubisoft's skeletal tracking a little bit easier for me to understand the feedback.

There were sections of the program that either because of my sensor's position, my body position, or somewhere lost in the software, some movements weren't being tracked correctly. Even when just standing there making menu choices. I'm very glad that I know I have some pretty solid programs that track well, so I can tell it has to do with the software.

*Bottom Line*
Wow, after all this praise, I think I should highly recommend and promote this product. But truthfully, it's not taking advantage of the kinect tracking as much as I think it should/could. But I like the exercise "program" (not the software) overall. I think it's comprehensive, personal and motivating.

I like that Biggest Loser emphasizes a "community feel" with other avatars working out with you (and their body shapes aren't quite hardbody as well), how they take advantage of the cooperative friend workout so you can encourage your friends. (you can do that with the other products, it's just seems a little stronger emphasis on here)

I just like the Ubisoft program's use of the tracking better. It seems more accurate, more responsive. Ubisoft's workout programs have appealed to me, and maybe I just need more time with this one.

If there were a dead heat, I think ubisoft would win by a hair in my eyes, but I think the best idea is to buy both and rotate them. You'll have more variation, and appreciate their differences, but your calorie burn and tracking won't be consolidated automatically
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on November 10, 2010
I think the problem people are experiencing with the controls is due to the sensitivity required for this game. It senses your form and provides feedback while you work out. This required sensitivity may make the menu controls a touch sensitive. The controls are not that confusing.

I just bought it, ran through a workout and it was more personalized then I expected. Instead of just running through the routine, it waited until you got the form right then it balanced the workout on the other side. I was asked how I was doing durring the workout and was able to respond with my voice if I needed a water break or to turn up the heat. The water breaks were short if you didn't need them. It counted your calories and let you know how you did after. This is a much better product then I was expecting. It truly felt like I almost had my own personal trainer.

The only improvement could be the support of 2 people working out at the same time. I dont see this happening based on the body position sensing possibly getting confused as the workouts cover more area.

Overall an awesome product.
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on November 13, 2010
I too hate to submit a negative review but I'm disappointed with the "game". In addition to the problems cited by previous reviewers (endless loops, difficult to navigate) the body scan measurements were a little off. Although the circumference measurements seemed pretty close it had me at 5'3 where I'm 5'9. Oh well, I can fix that with a manual height adjustment. There are certain exercises (pushups for instance) where it is difficult to see the screen, and for safety and proper body alignment you shouldn't look at the screen, but they don't provide you with enough voice cues to do the exercise with the necessary timing. Also, there seems to be a problem with voice recognition. It asks questions as you are working out (you doing ok?) but doesn't seem to hear my answers no matter how loudly and clearly I speak them. I did a video diary and found my voice was so static I couldn't hear it at all. I re-calibrated but still it's not working. Our other games seem to pick-up voice ok- so I'm supposing it's just this "game". I did a 50 minute workout- and it was a good workout- but I'm disappointed with the "fun" factor. I could put in a workout video and get the same thing- why pay $50 for a "game"? After my workout I went to the "burn extra calories" section to see if I could find something fun. There was a boxing option and I thought that would be fun. But the closest it came to boxing was that it was in a ring- I was still doing planks and butt-kickers. So, still looking for something fun- I went to the "Challenges" section. The challenge was to punch a bag faster than the other contestants. Unfortunately whether I punched fast, or in time with the trainer it was not picking up all my punches and I lost miserably- I'm afraid I might be eliminated... ;-)
I think the manufacturers of these fitness "games" are missing out on the real beauty of a gaming system platform- and that is to make working out FUN! I enjoy the Adventure game, but there are only about 4 activities. I can get lost in the fun and competition and forget I'm getting a workout, but I need more variety. Jillian's first game- Fitness Ultimatum was on the right track- but it had it's own set of issues.
In summary- if you are looking for a workout- this is a pretty good "game". You'll get a workout, and it will keep track of it on a calendar. I am still waiting for the holy grail- a game that gets me moving, is fun, and challenges me competitively.
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The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout Kinect lets you do a full body workout without balancing on boards or holding any controllers. You simply do the workout - and the camera knows how well you're doing.

We have the PS3, XBox 360 and Wii, and we have fitness games for all of them. I was a big fan of WiiFit when it first came out. I loved the activities and saw the potential. But holding the controllers or trying to balance on the board wasn't always the best way to do an exercise.

Now, with the Kinect, being active has become completely natural! You're not pushing buttons or keeping track of where your foot is. You simply follow the commands. Jumping jacks. Lunges. Yoga poses. Punching bags. You can choose Bob or Jillian to guide you, and you are in different locations for your activities.

It's fairly clear that this was their first try at a Kinect game. The controls are *awful*. You have to choose your weight one pound at a time. Multiple people here tried their auto-sizer and came up with 200 inch necks. Changing values is simply not up to par compared with any other game on the market. You shouldn't be moving a tenth of a pound at a time - give us a spinner for each digit!

When you input your "additional calories" you did (for example if you went for a 2 hour walk and want to add that into your account for tracking purposes) you have to scroll a digit at a time. So these issues aren't a one-time-only setup issue. You'll hit them every day as you try to keep your account up to date. Also, they seem to cap out at 2 hours of exercise! What if you go play golf for 4 hours? Or go hiking for an afternoon?

Many of the areas are laid out with empty mats. This is so, if you have online friends, you can play with them. However, if you're playing alone it just makes the area look barren and empty. They should reduce it to just the number of players' mats. Also, despite the fact that the camera could see our feet fine for the various exercises, when we did planks in the exact same area, it couldn't handle the plank visuals well and gave us not-perfect scores there. So there are some issues with the sensitivity.

My biggest issue, though, is with the gameplay when you choose Jillian. My boyfriend likes Bob and went through his workthroughs just fine, with Bob cheering him on and explaining the moves. Then it was my turn. I chose Jillian as my trainer - and Bob's voice started talking! The most I got out of Jillian was an occasional "good job" - but it was Bob doing all the commentary. If I had wanted Bob, I would have chosen him. If this was going to be a Bob-centric game, they should have let us know that. Would it really have been that hard to record some more dialogue?

Still, it's important to keep in mind that this is a release title for the new Kinect system. Undoubtedly there are all sorts of kinks for game makers to work out as they figure out how to best utilize this new camera software. They'll have to tweak the way sensors work, the way you manipulate the settings and so on. Once you get into an actual workout, it is fun, and they are good about offering you water breaks and asking for audio status updates. You yell out if you're doing well or need a break, so it doesn't interrupt the gameplay.

But that brings up another issue. With the Kinect, if you stand with your left hand down and out at a 45 degree angle, this is a sign to pause the Kinect. However, several of the exercises require you to put your hands into this position, and you have to wiggle to keep the Kinect from pausing! So again, a sign that this is a new-release game where they didn't think of some of those types of issues.

Still, if you mentally gear yourself up to deal with some annoyances in inputting numbers and handling on-the-floor poses, there's a great deal of potential with this game. I think when they come out with the second version that they'll have fixed many of these niggling issues and have a superb game that will be great fun for years!

Rating: 8/10

We purchased this game with our own money from a gaming store.
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on January 9, 2011
I wish I could give this more than 5 stars, because it actually deserves 7 stars. If you don't get your body in shape and lose weight with this game, you are doing something wrong.

I'm on week 4 and already my pants are loose, my muscles are toned and I have a lot more energy and better overall fitness.

I have read some really poor excuses for reviews on here and I don't know what their problem is.

This works and it's the best investment I've ever made on a weight loss product.

Cancel your gym membership and get this.
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on January 6, 2011
I'm actually shocked by the reviews. This work-out is like having a personnel trainer. I see a lot of complaints about the set-up, sensitivity of the game, in my experience it usually operator error. First off you have to have your kinect set-up right for it to work properly. If you experiencing errors you should probable check into where the kinect is located, do you have proper room etc. This is great work-out worth every penny, I felt the pain of it the next day and I didn't have to leave the house or drag the kiddeo's out. Most importantly you are being encouraged, corrected while working out and those are great ways to keep you coming back while making sure you are doing the exercises properly. It customizes it for you body type, weight, while giving you time for water breaks, and checking in to see if you may need to adjust to your speed etc. Helping you with healthy tips to change your life style and recipes to boot! Love this work-out is very nice and I have not had any problems with the sensitivity of the game. The set-up is fine it is just like anything else in life it takes time and nothing is perfect if you are looking for perfection you will be solely disappointed in life but this game is fantastic and you will see if done properly results. I had to add a review after reading the others because I didn't want someone to pass this by when it could possible be life changing.
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on November 6, 2010
I don't understand people's frustration with the navigation. I was able to get through the menus just fine. Not only that but I also got my second workout yesterday and it was great! I like their approach, it's a fitness game with great tracking (so far) not gimmicky or a game that tries to appear as a fitness experience when it's not. I just want everyone to know that I spent 2-3 minutes in the menus and 55 minutes working out.
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on January 31, 2011
My husband and I bought the Kinect for Christmas with the intention of playing Dance Central. While we love the Dance Central game, I have to admit that The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout is my favorite "game." I use the term "game" lightly as it really is a workout. I have the Wii and own Wii Fit (and Wii Fit Plus) & EA Sports, but The Biggest Loser for Kinect is the best workout game I have played. It is so wonderful to work out and not have to worry about any controller.

What I like:
*As I said before, I love that there is no controller to worry about. This makes it feel more like a workout routine and easier to focus on actually doing the moves rather than wondering where to put a controller.
*Workout Customization. The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout allows the user to take a fitness test before deciding on a routine. This helps place your workout in an appropriate level of difficulty. However, you are still able to change the difficulty, if you want an easier or harder workout. The system also lets the user chose what areas of the body they want to focus on. I will be honest, I am pretty out of shape and was worried that the game would be too difficult for me, and was surprised when I was placed in the "moderate" level. This was a challenge, but not crazy hard. I am happy to know that there are still several levels that are more difficult that I can progress into.
*So, it sounds crazy, but I like that the trainers provide feedback and encouragement. This helps motivate me to finish the workout or push through a difficult exercise. I have to admit, Bob says: "Perfect, just like a yoga master" so many times I hear it in my sleep, but it still helps. The trainer checks in and asks how you are holding up or if you need a break. The Kinect allows for you to respond verbally, which is awesome.
*Lifestyle tips. Although many of the lifestyle tips are common sense, I like that the game provides challenges to the user in their daily life. The game also has recipes and additional tips, but I have not really used these much. The few that I checked out seemed cool, though.
*Customization. The game lets you select how long your workouts are (from less than 15 minutes and up) and how often you work out. I like that I am able to create my schedule and feel awesome when I stick to it.

What I don't like so much:
*Controls. While working out, I have no issues with the Kinect sensing my movements. However, trying to select something off the main menu is difficult. I don't know why it is a problem in this game, as I have Dance Central and don't have this issue. I wish you could use the XBox controller to navigate through some of these menus. For example, creating your avatar is pretty painful and takes too long. I finally gave up and used the default avatar out of frustration. But again, once I was in the game working out, I didn't have a problem.
*Graphics. I realize that I didn't buy this game for the flashy graphics, but instead wanted an excellent workout. While the graphics aren't horrible, they are not the best. Trust me, though, you won't notice when you are working out. :)

Overall, I really love this game. In my opinion (as someone who didn't exercise a lot), it is an excellent workout. It's challenging, and although I was a bit sore after a few of the workouts, I feel better. I am only a few weeks into the program and have noticed that when I started, I had a hard time doing the amount of jumping jacks in the routine, now I am able to do double the amount. It's a small victory, but I am proud of it.
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on January 2, 2012
I'm not going to go over how hard the navigation is - it is a pain! But after 1 week and doing 5 sets of workouts, I have woke up sore EVERY single day! Not so sore that I can't move, but a "ouch". I know I used those butt, quad, arm...muscles all week.

Here are some tips for WEEK 1 (Setting Up) -

Suggestion: wear shoes since there is some jumping.

1. Get an accurate weight before you play. Remember, you'll be judged against this weight in a weigh in a week from this day. So if you get embarrassed, don't play the first time with anyone in the room. Don't fib your weight or you will loose your first weigh in!

2. I'm not confident, but your 1st weigh in will be one week from the 1st day you play. So if you don't like weighing in on a Sunday or Monday morning, pick your 1st day to play when you want to weigh in each week.

3. Get all pets and kids out of the room. My dog ran into the area while taking the fitness test and "Bob" must have thought I was passed out on the floor. My 30 minute test ended up being 20 minutes and I was feeling and performing just fine.

4. You may need a soft mat if you workout on hard floors. However, I'm convinced a green mat throws off the sensors. It has a really hard time picking up my body on the mat. Without a mat, I'm picked up by the kinect just fine. So if you use a mat, be ok with getting a poor score on floor stretches (LOL.

5. At the end of the test, determine if you like the level of intensity the game suggests. I decided to stick with 20 minutes of moderate so I could see how it goes. I'm glad I did, but once you set the time limit and intensity, you can't change it until the next weigh in. If you do 20 minutes and you decide you need MORE of a workout, then do a challenge or Yoga and gain extra points.

This is where you'll get your body scan. Wear something tight fitting. No shoes.
IMPT: Record the measurements it takes on a piece of paper. You'll never be able to see these numbers again. It will only give you an approx. graph after your next scan.


After your first weigh in, you can change intensity/time/frequency of workouts. I went up to 30 minutes and "hard" even though I was literally sore after every workout. Not sure this was my brightest idea!

I said I wasn't going to complain, but I was actually disappointed that after doing a week's worth of exercises that were performed perfectly (per the game)the game told me that I should drop down to less of a challenge so I could perform them better (less than moderate level). I'm not sure where that came from because I won every challenge and my form was good and almost never corrected.

So will I play for a 2nd week? Yes, despite all the problems, I really enjoy the workouts. I also really enjoy the Yoga. So for a good workout, you should try it. The body scan is enough motivation for the $20 of the cost of this game on sale.

I will update in future weeks...

Update: Week 2

Going from Moderate to Hard is impossible. With no way to change it, I ended up doing other activities until my next weigh in. The program didn't seem to mind that I skipped 4 workouts - I just didn't earn the points.

Found out that the levels go from Moderate ---> Challenging ---> then Hard. That would explain why my level I choose was impossible. Hard is ALOT of jumping!

Frustrated that after my weigh in - I reset my future workouts back to moderate and it asked me why since I was "doing so good?" LOL..whatever. Unfortunately, this time my workouts were accidentely saved at "LIGHT EASY". HOWEVER, this time I was able to go and modify my level. I don't know why it allowed me to this time. Maybe this is a week 3 bonus option. I swear I wasn't able to change it before.

Body Scan: I am doing a body scan every weigh in since measurements are more important than weight. I'm so glad I did! I gained 1 pound but lost approx. 6 inches in hips and waist. I do the body scan 2X to make sure it is accurate each time. So WOW! Now I do add lots of other activity into my week, approx. 5 hours now of weights, swim, hill walking and bike.

IMPORTANT: I noted this above, but have a piece of paper close by to record your measurements. The graph that is shown is so lame that you can't figure out how many exact inches you have lost. So if I want to brag that "I've lost 6 inches", you need to keep my own paper log. Frustrating, but oh well. The body scan is still the best part of this game!

Update after Week time.
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