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CALORIE BURN: I'll begin with this, considering that's typically why we all buy the dvd, is it not? (Well, you do get a health boost as well...)and I own all the Biggest Loser dvds for a good comparison. I wear a bodybugg (the black arm band you see on the contestants of the Biggest Loser with a monitor attached) to measure my daily caloric expenditure with the most accuracy. Because of this, I am also able to monitor how many calories I burn during a specific workout and how many calories I burn per minute of a workout and how much my calorie burn increases after the workout. I mention this only so you know what I say is based upon scientific measurement, rather than perceived exertion. And this dvd is a high calorie burner! I have quite an extensive library of dvds to compare it to since I use fitness dvds exclusively to get my workout in 6 days a week. This is a new favorite and truly, offered great strength, toning, and calorie burn. You won't help but get results here. While some of her dvds have more cardio to burn more calories DURING the workout, because of the good strength training, and "HIIT" training, you will burn more overall with this one. (see my notes under "effectiveness" as to why) It did, however, burn less than her "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" and "No More Trouble Zones" dvd.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: one set of 1 to 10 lb hand weights, based upon your level, if you have a hard floor you may also want a mat for pushups etc. on the floor

EFFECTIVENESS: The beauty of this dvd is that it's not just cardio but, instead, a full circuit workout. Actually it's a "HIIT" workout which is a model for highest calorie burn. Studies have shown that when you increase your heart rate with cardio then keep it elevated while combining toning and strength exercises and utilize some core floor work in modules, you get double the results. Cardio burns calories during the workout but you recover quickly and your heart rate recovers and lowers. However, when you add strength training with cardio, you continue to burn more calories long after the workout is over and also add muscle which increases your metabolism and allows your body to burn more calories even while at rest--although strength burns less calories during the workout. So, combining the two is always going to give you better results and faster results which is the entire premise of the workouts you see on the Biggest Loser. An expert had the best analogy as to why you don't feel wiped out in a workout like this compared to an all cardio workout, but yet burn more calories: If you go 90 miles an hour in your car for an entire trip, you will use less fuel than if you go 90 then lower your speed, then rev it up for awhile, then lower it again...keeping your heart rate elevated but not at "top speed" and alternating it during a workout will actually burn more calories and, just like a car, use more fuel (calories) in the long run. Old school thinking was that you had to keep your heart rate at max level for best results. The most recent studies showed that the 30 second interval alternation will actually burn more calories. This is what's done in the workout and Jillian mentions the calorie-burn effectiveness of this.

SAFETY: Great instruction not just of how to do the moves, but of how to do them safely if you are a beginner.

LEVEL: Although you'll be well instructed if you are just starting out as to how to get your weight off, this workout will push you if you do the more advanced moves regardless of what level you currently are. You'll sweat. You'll get results. And several of the backup contestants are doing the "beginner level" moves so you can follow them until you get up to speed with the more advanced moves.

CAST: Jillian and past contestants. The beauty of the Biggest Loser workouts is that anyone doing them can identify with someone who is on screen because they don't just utilize their skinniest contestants. When you see someone far larger than you pushing themselves you do think "I can do this." and I like that.

CUEING: Excellent and easy to follow.

MUSIC: Upbeat and coincides with pace of the moves to keep you revved.

SET: Either it is the Biggest Loser set where they weigh in, or it's made to look like it.

CONTAINS: 3 workouts, warm up and cool down 55 minutes total

COMPARISON TO OTHER BIGGEST LOSER DVDS SPECIFICALLY. I own all of the Biggest Loser dvds as well as the ones individually by Bob and Jillian. This is one of the tops for calorie burning, second only to Jillian's "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism"

NEGATIVES: I hate to have to say it, but I had hoped Jillian had mellowed out some...not in her instruction but, rather, in being condescending. Her last dvd offered I think her best ability to shine through as an instructor. She pushed you, but she didn't have that nervous laughter she'd had in her previous dvds and she wasn't condescending for no reason and silly-fake-tough. Well, what I thought she'd pushed aside is back. For me personally, I prefer Bob's tough but positive approach that seems more genuine. But I know others may feel greater results with this approach so you be the judge. I gotta agree with the other reviewer that calling someone her "bitch" in this dvd just seems unprofessional in several regards and I think if a personal trainer said that to me I would have to wonder what testosterone-filled power trip they were on...also when she said "You messed up! HA HA HA HA HA!" and the person working out seemed not fond of that's just odd to me. However, Jillian is no doubt still an instructor who uses that same pushing to often make you continue when you want to quit so this has a positive aspect to such "toughness". And she really knows how to explain the moves and cue well and ensure you do them RIGHT for optimal results as well as compile the highest calorie burning workouts. So I have every dvd she's made. It's an annoyance factor for me, but the good of the dvd outweighs this by far. Also, it doesn't appear as though the team practiced this routine all that much. They are out of sync many times...I personally am not thrown by this and almost feel as though I'm in a gym because this is the norm...but this may be important to others so I thought I would mention it. It is a bit of a shame they don't have it all down but as long as I can do it, I'm good. :-) And, finally, if you were in a fraternity and had to do a shot everytime she said "Last Chance Workout" in this dvd you'd be dead to the world within about 7 minutes. Heavey marketing that this is the "last chance workout" to the point it's kinda funny.

CONCLUSION: A great addition to any collection that offers great instruction and results. And you can turn off the voice of the trainer and just have the workout on with the music once you get the moves down if you gotta.

ALTERNATIVE good circuit training workouts:
If you like the high calorie burn coupled with strength training and great instruction in this dvd you may also like (in no certain order):
1.Body by Jake Total Body Workout
2.Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones
3.Kathy Smith Build Muscle Shrink Fat
4.Crunch Total Resculpt
5.Star Trainers: Strength
6.Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt with Violet Zaki

All of the above dvds are tops on my list for measuring high calorie burn but also offering strength so you keep burning the fat even at rest, great cueing, motivational, and just all around good results.
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on December 3, 2009
I'm a huge fan of Jillian's workouts so I was so excited to try this new one out. And as always, she did not disappoint. I was a little leery at first, because I've never found The Biggest Loser series of workouts to be as challenging as Jillian's other DVD's (BFBM, No More Trouble Zones, 30 Day Shred). I did the whole DVD (about 55 minutes) and my heart rate stayed up and she kicked my butt. The cardio portion was non-stop- 30 seconds of cardio (most of it plyometrics) followed by 30 seconds of a strength move for that entire 25 minutes. Of course there are the usual jump rope and jumping jacks, but she adds variations of these moves to keep it interesting. The plank jacks and the mountain climber/plank jack combo at the end were killer!
Upper body has lots of plank moves/pushups, along with weights- my shoulders and triceps were fried just using 5 lb. weights. It's only 10 minutes, but there is no rest and she really burns those muscles out.
Lower body, again (thankfully) is only 10 minutes. Every variation of lunges and squats that you can possibly do in 10 minutes, and I was really "feeling the burn" in my quads by the end of it. And just when you think your legs are DONE,she finishes it with jump squats.I know I will be feeling this one tomorrow.
As for her demeanor and language, c'mon people it's Jill!! I personally find her "bully" attitude to be motivating and inspiring. Just look at the results she gets on the show.
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I completed this entire DVD yesterday and I feel it today! Did I sweat?? Yes!! The workout is really tough and although there are beginner modifications, I would rate this DVD for an intermediate and up exerciser.

Here's what I liked:

1. I liked the ability to pick just one workout or complete the entire DVD. The workout starts with a Warm-up--the cover says 5 minutes, but I timed it with my HRM and it ended up being closer to 7 minutes.
The next section "The Last Chance Workout" consisted of 5 (five), 30 second circuits. The circuits switched between cardio and upper/lower body strentgh training moves. Even though the strentgh training moves we slower, my heartrate still stayed in the aerobic zone the entire time. The cardio moves were high and low impact--they included jumping jacks, jump rope, squats, kickboxing, etc. The strength moves included the regular upper/lower body moves with lots of push-ups and planks and variations of both thrown in for good measure...I found them to be the most difficult. This section timed out for me at 26 minutes while the cover says 25 minutes
The Upper/Lower Body sections (10 minutes each) were again the regular strength moves (lunges, squats, bicep,shoulder, triceps) with variations thrown in..all over a very good hard workout.

I wasn't really happy about not being able to program the DVD like the other Biggest Loser DVD's in the past. Usually, I can pick one or more sections, add them together and then have a specific perosnal workout. This DVD allows the user to pick one/all or a preprogrammed workout.

I also wasn't very happy with some of Julian's language. I am very far from a prude, but to me, calling a client "my bitch" is just unprofessional.

Other than the couple of negatives, this DVD is worth every single cent and if you have an MP3 player on your computer, you will even receive a free CD to's a fun workout music --about 125-128 beats per minute. Enough to get your heart pumping.
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on January 5, 2010
I almost didn't get this video because of some of the negative reviews. But A. Chandler's (incredibly helpful!!) review convinced me otherwise. She's burning more with her bodybugg? I'm in! That's what it's all about. Burn those calories, tone my body, feel and look great! But do the whole video with the toning sections, the workout is only 30 minutes. Do "Play All" for a great workout.

For starters, if you're looking to start a fitness program, I wouldn't start with this. Because of some of the negative reviews - not hard enough, contestants not doing moves correctly or in sync - I would recommend starting with the 30 Day Shred. You will learn most of the moves properly, and you will learn how to intensify moves when you're ready, therefore it will never be 'easy' unless you let it be.

To address some of the negatives:

It's not hard enough. Hmm. It's as hard as you want it to be. I intensify any where I can. Instead of holding the weights, I curl. Instead of just holding my knee up (I think it's circuit 4) I extend the leg with my curls. Still too easy? Get heavier weights. These are things you learn from 30 Day Shred. I also have Banish Fat and No More Trouble Zones.

Contestants aren't moving correctly or in sync. Well, maybe not. But, they're up there doing it. I really don't get a fitness video for entertainment, I get it to guide me. You shouldn't be doing that much watching, you should be focusing on your workout and the muscles you're working. Again, don't use this video for starters and you'll be ok. I love that the contestants are on the video. Whether they're right or wrong in their moves I don't care. They motivate me. Look at Danny in this video and look at him at the end of the show. It's amazing! And if I want to stop doing mountain climbers I keep it up because they are. All of these contestants had amazing results. That motivates me.

Jillian's language. Ok, mute it. I'm too busy concentrating on my moves and focusing on the muscles I'm working that I don't even hear most of what she says. The video is a guide. I'm getting results and I thank all of Jillian's videos for it. She can call me or anyone else anything she wants if it gets me moving.

No more excuses folks.

About me: I'm a 42 yr old female. I have a joint disease that affects all the joints in my body. I have had 5 surgeries, 3 of which are abdominal. My last abdominal surgery was just over 2 years ago and I let myself go a bit. I had plenty of excuses to use and I used them. I got lazy and out of shape. This past September I saw a picture of myself and I didn't like it. I bought the 30 Day Shred. My life started to change. I started to learn about fitness, learn about how to eat, learn about muscle groups. I used to be thin to the point my friend told me I looked like Nicole Richie. Well, I don't want to look like Nicole Richie (when she was looking anorexic). I want to see muscle and definition. I started to see that with these videos. I'm getting 'sexy arms'. I'm getting ab definition and those 'cool V muscles'. I have about 10 more pounds to lose to get to where I think I should be, although I focus more on how I look than my weight.

My advice if you're starting out: Start with the 30 Day Shred, you will learn a lot. Move to Banish Fat and the No More Trouble Zones videos. Use the TZ video for toning. Add in this video. Once you're comfortable with all of them, rotate them for different workouts, and ideally do this video or Banish Fat in the morning and do TZ at night or get on the treadmill. On those days where you just don't think you have time, AT LEAST do the 30 Day Shred - it only takes 30 minutes.

It's hard. I have days I don't want to workout. But once you see results it will motivate you. I NEVER thought I would be able to kick as high as I can. I NEVER thought I would be able to jog, and I've strengthened the muscles around my joints to the point that I can jog a mile and a half. If you knew me you would be amazed!

Wow. Sorry this is long. I just think everyone can afford these videos and can be the healthy person they should be.
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on December 3, 2009
I love Jillian Michaels workout videos, but I have to say that this is not one of her best. I expected that with a title like "Last Chance Workout" that I would be panting and trying to keep up. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I completed the entire workout using 5 lb. weights and was not nearly as out of breath as I was doing her "30 Day Shred" or her two newest videos. I also found the Biggest Loser contestants to be a little distracting. They were not always in sync and doing the moves properly. I'll throw this into my routine, but will not be using it as one of the staples.
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on May 18, 2010
So there are 3 levels of workouts--weeks 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 (it's built as a 6-week weight loss program for those who are starting at beginner fitness levels). Thinking I was already a badass in tiptop shape, I immediately jumped to weeks 5-6 in the hopes that I would find a real butt-kicker of a workout. When the program started, I was DELIGHTED to see my girl-crush Jillian surrounded by some of my favorites from BL Season 8, including Sione, Alan, Liz, Amanda, Danny, Daniel, and Tara from Season 7 as an added bonus. We began with a 5 minute warm-up, which sufficiently got my blood pumping and my early-morning yawns to subside (I did this before work this morning). After the warm-up, we began a 25 minute workout that included 5 different circuits of cardio and strength training, alternating between the two (aside here: I just read an article in a fitness journal about how effective interval training of strength and cardio is for calorie burning and muscle toning--how you get your maximum workout by doing strength moves with weights and then in between, you do a minute or so of cardio...which is exactly what this workout is so I was thrilled!). What was instantly refreshing to me was that none of the participants knew the workout in advance, so they seemed as clueless as I was as a first-timer to this workout (another aside: I really dislike workout videos where everyone knows what's going on except for me, and then the first couple of times doing the DVD, I feel like a total idiot; but no one knew what was going on here, so it was really nice to have other clueless people with me). I was getting through the circuits just fine, sweating a bit, heart rate pumping, thinking to myself, "this really isn't so bad!'" and just as I uttered those words in my head, BAM! Jillian had us on the ground doing mountain climbers, plank-jacks, and I think even some pushups...and I felt like I was going to die! Fortunately, it was the last circuit in the 25 minute program so I toughed it out; but I do have to say that towards the end of the last circuit, I really did have to use the BL contestants as a motivator thinking, "If those fatsos can do it, what excuse do I have?!" (not that all of them were fatsos, mind you, but I tend to get a bit snarky when I'm being forced to do plank jacks and all I want to do is give offense, BL contestants--I love you all! You're an inspiration!). As soon as I thought I just couldn't do any more, the 25 minute circuit was over and Jillian was congratulating me on a job well done.

Note: the 5 minute warm up and 25 minute workout are absolutely fine as a stand-alone workout--if you only have 30 minutes to spare, it'll give you a good run for your money...strength training, cardio, lots of core work...totally fine workout on its own. HOWEVER, if you REALLY want your "Last Chance Workout", you let the DVD keep playing and then you find...

A 15 minute upper body workout that is great for sculpting and toning your back, arms, and shoulders. It, too, was pretty smooth sailing in the beginning; but just as I thought, "this really isn't so bad!", BAM! My shoulders were on fire and felt like my arms were going to fall off. It was awesome! I was using 5 pound weights, but you could easily lower or increase the weights based on your fitness level. If it's too easy, then increase the weights a couple of pounds and I guarantee that you'll get a great upper body workout. After I thought my shoulders were going to fall off, it was time to hit the deck and do plank rows and plank flies which again caused me to shout out "If Danny can do it, so can I", because I really didn't know how I was going to finish them. They were brutal (in a good way though)! And now that I think about it, I can't remember if these plank rows and flies were in the upper body portion or the lower body portion...I think they were upper body...I can't remember now. All I know is that they were super hard and made my core feel like it was on fire! It was great!

Note: you probably wouldn't want to do JUST this upper body workout as it's only 15 minutes and doesn't really have any cardio in it, but if you're looking for something to tone your upper body AFTER you do something else (like go for a run or a walk at the park), then you could absolutely do just this circuit and get a good upper body tone.

Once the upper body workout was finished, it was on to a 10 minute lower body workout, which mainly consisted of squats and lunges with weights (and a tiny bit of cardio). Again, I used my 5 pound weights and got a very nice lower body workout. I may increase my weights next time to 8 pounds just to get an even better workout, as I could have handled it on some of the squats and lunges; regardless though, it, too, was a great workout that wouldn't necessarily be adequate as a stand-alone but could easily be a "tack on" to other cardio you're doing.

Note: looking back, you could easily use the upper body and lower body circuits as a "tack on" to a run or walk at the park to get great toning into your workout. Together they would only take 25 minutes, but should be a nice addition to whatever cardio you're doing (if you prefer to mix up your cardio but still get in some strength training).

After the lower body workout, we moved to a 5 minute cool down, which I have to say I was very glad to do. By the end of the workout, I was sufficiently sweaty, with several aching muscles and a nicely elevated heart rate. 55 minutes total but with the circuits and moving through the different programs, it went by very quickly and didn't seem like 55 minutes at all.

Pros: (Lots of pros!)
Doesn't take up much space at all--was able to do it in my bedroom in front of my bed with plenty of room to move; easy for any sized house or apartment
All you need is a set of hand weights--you can use a yoga mat if you want, but the only time you get on the ground is to do plank work and pushups so you don't even really need a mat
Moves quickly and doesn't seem like 55 minutes at all!
Great combo of cardio, strength training, core work, and toning
Past contestants are very motivating and nice friendly faces

Cons: (Not many cons at all)
Jillian doesn't do the best job of explaining the moves before the contestants do them, so sometimes you're lost the first move or two--problem will correct itself with repeated uses
Background music is sucky but it always is

Overall review:
Great workout, nice addition to anyone's fitness DVD collection--even for those who are already fit!
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on January 10, 2011
i have been doing this workout 6-7 days a week for over 2 months and have lost 20lbs! i am extremely pleased with the results of this workout. it doesn't happen overnight, it takes time to lose the weight and there are times where its stagnant but then you start to lose again. i would recommend this video for anyone wanting to lose any weight and if you do it like she explains 6-7 days a week you WILL see results. all you need are 2 hand weights and you are ready to go! good luck!
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on August 16, 2010
Coming home from my freshman year at college, I was horrified to find that I had gained a whopping TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS! In a hot panic, and thinking there had to be a solution to my chubby cheeks, I went out looking for any workout DVDs that I could find.

In a streak of luck, I found myself in the "Biggest Loser" aisle of Target, surrounded by such DVDs as "The 30 Day Shred", "Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism", and "The Last-Chance Workout". Knowing I had nothing to lose (but the weight), I bought all three.

For the first month, I used the 30-day shred. The second, I used the Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, and for the third, I used the Last Chance Workout.

Through it all, I lost all 25 pounds and I owe it all to these easy-to-follow DVDs! I'm not going to sugar-coat it, you will be sweaty, you will be yelling profanities at the television, and you will be out of breath.

But you know what? You will also lose the weight.

I wish you all luck!
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on January 1, 2011
I read the reviews before buying this and if you do it EXACTLY like the DVD, it could be a tadbit of a let-down. But, the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is where it is at...especially if you know how to REALLY do it!! This DVD goes between 30 seconds of cardio and 30 seconds of cool-down (with weights). This is your biggest bang for buck in kicking out those calories. I just finished the workout about 20-25 minutes ago and my heart rate still has not returned to a full resting rate (read this as STILL burning calories)! The key here is to do the 30 second cardio parts to the MAX! The 30-second cardio moves toward the end of the 24 minute workout are already at the max, but the ones at the beginning of the workout seem a little weak. Here is what I did....during the beginning ones that seem weak, just double-triple time the moves (I closed my eyes while doing cross punches and such so as not to mess myself up with the slower timing of the people on the screen). Make sure you are working your ABSOLUTE HARDEST during each of those 30 second cardio segments. Then, use the weight time to work nice and slow and allow your heart rate to cool down. Most of the time, my heart rate was in the high 150s and during the cool-downs only came down to the high 130s or 140s. Pretty awesome! I use a calorie monitor (don't know how effective it is for sure), but I got a total of 544 calories burned in 39 minutes! But, remember, I pushed each of those 30-second cardio moves as hard as I could. I am 47 years old, fairly fit, lost about 15 pounds using Jillian's other DVDs, but put some back on during the holidays. Was also looking to incorporate HIIT glad Jillian had a 30/30 one that wasn't too hard! Because of the added holiday weight, I have another 10-15 pounds to lose to my goal! With the added "ooomph" to the beginning cardio moves, this was a great work-out! Can't wait to see how it works over time!! :)
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on August 31, 2010
Just tried out this workout and it is killer! I have been doing a rotation of several Jillian DVD's for about 4-months and was getting bored and decided to add a new one. One of things that I felt was missing from my other DVD's was solid lower body results. Most of them are always a lot of kickboxing and sculpting of the arms. But, I never once felt sore in my legs. After doing this dvd's lower body workout, my thighs felt ALIVE! The burn is no joke here. I used 5lb weights and the first time I did Last Chance + Upper body back to back I couldn't get through it all. Now, I am not sure if this is a massive calorie burner though. I felt the cardio circuits were very basic calisthenics, not super high intensity and not very interesting. You will sweat though, don't get me wrong. I just love the sculpting here.

Now, I also understand people taking issue with Jillian's lack of professionalism in some of this, especially when compared to my other DVDs from her (shred, BFBM, NMTZ). But, she still does a great job motivating, explaining the moves, and gives you a hardcore workout. If you are like me and use DVDs mostly for cues and background noise, then this is perfect. But, if you are the type who is glued to the screen and hangs on every word, then yes, you might get annoyed.

Overall, LOVE this workout! It is a great compliment to other Jillian DVDs.
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